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Chapter 7 Don’t you dare?

Su Tong opened his eyes wide, and his brain was like mud and chaos.

The indoor air also seemed to become ambiguous. After some time, he finally let go of her reluctantly, his eyes lingering deeply on her face.

Her taste is so good, if it weren’t for the wrong time, he would have liked to take her right away.

Fearing that she could not resist her, Zou Jimian stood up and walked out. Su Tong sat up in shock, and quickly put on the clothes he had worn.

There was a scent of food floating in the living room, and Su Tong’s stomach immediately screamed in despair.

She blushed and went to sit down in front of Zou Jimian.

And he ate the noodles slowly, gracefully and calmly, as if nothing happened just now.

“Hurry up, the noodles are already cold, and it won’t taste good later.”

As if he had noticed her gaze, Zou Jimian reminded it lightly.

Su Tong retracted his gaze like an electric shock, lowered his head and took a sip, his eyes widened in shock.

This noodle… how could it be the same as her own?

Although she is not a gourmet who specializes in reviews, she can still taste the noodles. The noodles made by this man clearly tasted exactly the same as hers!

Su Tong looked suspiciously at Zou Jimian, who was concentrating on eating noodles. Except for Fu Shaokun, she had never cooked noodles for anyone else. How did this man know?

At this moment, Zou Jimian didn’t know that he had become a mystery in Su Tong’s eyes.

Thinking of the series of events that happened today, Su Tong couldn’t help but take a closer look at Zou Jimian, and asked with some uncertainty, “Zou Jimian…you don’t like me?”

Zou Jimian put down the chopsticks in his hand and looked at her with a look like he heard a big joke. His deep eyes were full of ridicule: “Su Tong, feel good about yourself, so why bother to speak out for grandstanding?”

Then he made up

A full sentence: “There is only one situation where I have a crush on you, and that is in your dreams.”

Su Tong’s face went dark.

This man, why is his mouth so poisonous? She also put forward a reasonable guess, or why would Zou Jimian know her so much?

Su Tong became more and more angry when he thought about it. The man dared to say these things after eating up her tofu… Putting down his chopsticks “bang”, Su Tong said calmly: “You can roll after eating the noodles.”

Zou Jimian twitched her lips: “So ruthless?”

“Without further ado!”

After eating the noodles, Su Tong drove Zou Jimian out without saying a word.

It wasn’t until she got to bed that she realized that under Zou Jimian’s gag, she didn’t think of Fu Shaokun much, let alone any sadness.

Zou Jimian seems to have a kind of magic power that can make her forget all worries without knowing it.

Thinking about it, Su Tong slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep, and it was the next morning when he woke up again.

Looking in the mirror, she was very satisfied. She didn’t cry so much that her eyes were puffy, and she didn’t look haggard. At least she wouldn’t let Huang Shi read the joke.

After dressing up carefully, Su Tong walked out the door, but unexpectedly saw Zou Jimian, who was a sorrowful bag, and Lamborghini behind him downstairs.

He wore a dark blue suit today, and he couldn’t see the brand, but the clothes fit well, making him noble but also slightly alienated.

He seemed to have not noticed the gaze of the people around him. He heard the footsteps raising his head towards her, and smiled slightly: “Here.”

“Why are you here?” Su Tong frowned, still dressed like this, making it as if he was a groom.

“Of course I want to accompany you.” Zou Jimian’s deep and dark eyes looked at her directly, and there seemed to be a seeming smile in his faint tone, “Don’t you dare to go?”

“A joke!” Su Tong curled his lips, his tone was disdainful, and got into the car without saying anything.

Zou Jimian

He squinted his eyes, threw the car key in his hand into the air to form a beautiful arc, and opened his mouth with a brisk smile.

The sun just happened to spread a halo behind him, and his charming face looked more three-dimensional and deep.

Su Tong was a little dumbfounded. At this time, Zou Jimian drove the car and said nonchalantly: “Have you had breakfast?”

“Did it, what’s the matter?” Su Tong was inexplicable.

“Then why are you staring at me hungrily? People who don’t know thought you wanted to eat me alive.” Zou Jimian’s low voice was full of jokes.

Su Tong’s face is full of black lines, what is his metaphor?

Noisy all the way, the unconscious car arrived at the door of the hotel. Su Tong got out of the car and saw Zou Jimian roll down the car window and told her: “I’m going to park. You will wait for me at the door for a while.”

Su Tong looked at him with a serious look, as if an adult told a child, he couldn’t help but nodded and watched Lamborghini disappear into sight.

Looking at the big gilded characters of The Cloud Hotel at the entrance of the hotel, Su Tong still felt a little uncomfortable.

Suddenly there was a burst of violence behind her. When she turned her head, she saw Fu Shaokun and Huang Shi holding hands not far away, and a large group of people gathered around them to congratulate them.

Su Tongying pressed her lips, and saw a handsome Fu Shaokun through the gap of the crowd. I don’t know how he did it. I was beaten so badly by Zou Jimian yesterday afternoon, but today I can’t see any traces on his face.

It was just a moment of trance that Su Tong curled his lips back to her senses. She suddenly felt that Fu Shaokun was nothing more than that, not as good as Zou Jimian.

She felt dull and wanted to leave, but was still seen by the sharp-eyed Huang Shi.

Turning his head to see Fu Shaokun staring at Su Tong absently, Huang Shi squinted his eyes, and quickly stepped forward with Fu Shaokun’s arm: “Oh, isn’t this Su Tong? You really have the guts to show up.”

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