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Chapter 7 A Stronger Man

Du Wanzhen looked like everyone was pretty, and frowned embarrassedly, “Well, I don’t like drinking very much…”

“Can you not pretend to be B? It’s really disappointing, Xiaoyu, let’s go!” With that, Zhang Xiaxia took Qian Yuxi and left.

“Wait, I’ll play with you.” Feng Qianxu said casually, “Play Truth or Dare, drink three cups in a row if you admit it.”


Zhang Xiaxia raised her eyebrows and raised her chin, “Your fiancee must also attend.”

“to make!”

Feng Qianxu asked the waiter to directly open four bottles of foreign wine, all of which were high in alcohol.

Zhang Xiaxia and Feng Qianxu are both veterans, and Feng Qianxu seems to have deliberately aimed at Qian Yuxi, but both are blocked by Zhang Xiaxia. In the end, Feng Qianxu was better at it and gave Qian Yuxi a big adventure, “Choose any man to tease, until the other party…hardens.”

Of the four people, only Feng Qianxu was a man, which was self-evident.

Zhang Xiaxia frowned, slapped the table and stood up, “Feng Qianxu, what do you mean?”

Feng Qianxu sneered: “You proposed the game. Don’t play if you don’t have a seed.”

Is co-authoring revenge for Du Wanzhen?

Zhang Xiaxia’s face was gloomy, and when she was about to go crazy, she was held back by Qian Yuxi. Because today I saw Shao Huaiqian’s relationship and I was in a mess. Just now, she drank a lot of alcohol unknowingly, and now she is a little drunk.

“Is any man okay?” She stood up swayingly, and at a glance, she saw the single man sitting in the position not far away from them.

The corner was dark and secluded. It was the place she and Shao Huaiqian liked before.

Can’t see the person’s appearance clearly, Qian Yuxi walked up to the man step by step dazedly, and finally stood in front of him with a small voice, “Sir, can I sit on your lap?”

Feng Qianxu was obviously shocked and his face was gloomy.

Without waiting for the man to respond, Qian Yuxi was already sitting on him, holding his head and kissing forcibly, a pair of restless little hands on him, without skill, but provoked the deepest fire hidden in his body.

The picture is very sexy, and the man didn’t push her away, even hugged her tightly to deepen the kiss.

Zhang Xiaxia was taken aback for a moment, thinking about whether to save this little girl. But suddenly his eyes rolled, and he clapped and whistled happily, just like celebrating Qian Yuxi.

Of course, she did not ignore Feng Qianxu’s reaction.

With a snap, as if there was a sound of glass breaking, Feng Qianxu stood up, his face gloomy and went over there.

“Xu.” Du Wanzhen took his arm and was gentle and generous. “I suddenly remembered that Grandpa had something to do with us today. It’s better to go back now, or Grandpa should be angry.”

Feng Qianxu narrowed his eyes and stared at Du Wanzhen.

Du Wanzhen still didn’t let go, and slowly stood up and took his arm, “Let’s go, don’t let Grandpa wait too long.”

Feng Qianxu turned his head and looked at Qian Yuxi who was sitting in the arms of the man, his eyes were full of haze.

Zhang Xiaxia, who was applauding to cheer on Qian Yuxi, smiled coldly when she looked at the direction the couple of dogs and men were leaving.

Over there, Qian Yuxi felt that she was really drunk, and everyone looked like Shao Huaiqian. If it wasn’t just dazzling, and seeing the man in front of her looks like him, she would not come over and make such a request.

But the more you kiss, the more it feels, especially when being held in the arms of a man, the feeling of pity and pity, there is no other person in this life who can give her except Shao Huaiqian.

She was stunned, trying to push him away. Unexpectedly, the man would hug her tightly instead, and the sweet and familiar taste filled each other’s lips and teeth, whirled and swayed…

Qian Yuxi’s strength seemed to be drained, and it was completely useless. Before her eyes, a face that resembled Shao Huaiqian appeared in her sight, with entanglement in her deep eyes.

But, is Shao Huaiqian really kissing her?

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