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Chapter 6 rushing for comfort

Zou Jimian stretched out her big cold hand to firmly grasp Su Tong’s hand, and asked in a steady voice as much as possible: “Are you okay?”

Su Tong was a little surprised, and was surprised to find that he did not reject Zou Jimian’s touch. His concern made her very useful, and the heart that was hanging just now fell unknowingly: “I’m fine.”

“Su Tong, Shishi said, you must come to our wedding, otherwise she will not get married.” Fu Shaokun said the purpose of coming here, and added, “Don’t be too busy to refuse, you have to dare If you don’t come, I’ll make everyone know what happened between you and this wild man, so that you can’t get along in Jinglan City!”

Su Tong was trembling with anger: “Asshole! You are shameless!”

“Shameless?” Fu Shaokun smiled contemptuously, “What about I am shameless? Don’t you have nothing to do with me?”

Hearing this, Zou Jimian couldn’t help it, strode over to grab him by the collar, and lifted him up. When Fu Shaokun thought he was going to suffer from flesh and blood again, Zou Jimian’s lips curled slightly. , A sneer flashed across his eyes: “Yes, I hope you won’t regret it then.”

The expression in his eyes was quite profound. Before Fu Shaokun could see through, he was thrown at the door by Zou Jimian. The condescending attitude of the opponent made him feel a chill: “Now, get out.”

After saying this, the door closed with a “bang” in front of him, and Fu Shaokun’s heart trembled. Everyone couldn’t help but wonder if he came to Su Tong today to be a mistake.

In the room, seeing Fu Shaokun finally disappeared, Su Tong heaved a sigh of relief, sitting on the sofa and couldn’t help asking, “Why did you agree to him?”

She really didn’t want to see those two people again.

Zou Jimian walked to her and squatted down, staring at her with deep eyes, with a serious expression: “Su Tong, you can’t escape for a lifetime.”

Su Tong’s heart was shocked. At this time, Zou Jimian covered her with a generous palm, determined to win: “Believe me, I will make them regret it.”

Somehow, it was the first time we met, but she just believed that he had this ability, without any doubt.

“Thank you.” Su Tong pulled out his hand and stood up tiredly, “I’m going to change clothes.”

Zou Jimian stood up, watched her disappear into the door, his eyes flashed over the scattered vegetables, and his heart moved.

Ten minutes later, Zou Jimian walked to the door carrying a bowl of fragrant noodles and knocked gently on the door.

However, there was no response from the door.

He frowned, bent over and pressed to the door of the room to listen, there was no movement.

Isn’t she…

Zou Jimian’s pupils tightened for a moment, and he quickly put the bowl aside and hit the door with his body.


The door opened, and at this moment, he met a surprised look.

As soon as Su Tong came out of the bathroom, she forgot her clothes on her, but she didn’t expect to see Zou Jimian.

Zou Jimian’s expression was astonished for a moment, and then a touch of astonishment flashed across his eyes.

She has a good figure.

“Ah!” Su Tong reacted at this moment, hurriedly trying to walk to the bed and put on his clothes.

She walked in a hurry, did not notice the carpet, tripped on her foot, and instantly fell forward.

Su Tong opened his eyes wide in horror, and closed them nervously, but there was no pain as expected.

, Only heard a muffled hum, she fell on a soft thing.

Su Tong opened her eyes in a puzzled manner, and saw that she was lying on Zou Jimian’s chest, and the other party was looking at her with a smile.

“I don’t see that you are quite heavy, you are going to crush me to death.”

Su Tong hurriedly wanted to get up. Suddenly, Zou Jimian turned against the guest and pressed her under her body.

Su Tong looked at him in surprise, looking at his face close at hand, a panic flashed in his heart for no reason, and reached out and pushed his chest: “Get up!”

Zou Jimian didn’t move, and smiled: “Although you just broke up in love, you don’t have to be so anxious for comfort, right?”

He sighed, deliberately biting the word comfort very hard.

Su Tong’s face turned red in an instant, and his face was full of grief and anger: “Dead hooligan! Shameless, let me go!”

She didn’t notice how vivid the expression on her face was. Zou Jimian’s eyes flashed nostalgia, covering the struggling little woman, and the warm and humid breath sprayed on Su Tong’s neck like a feather licking her. heart.

“So impatient?”

With a smile in Zou Jimian’s tone, Su Tong was speechless, calmed down, and looked at him blankly.

Those peach blossom eyes gleamed, with an unnatural blush on his face, panting slightly, just looking at him like this, it became a seduction in Zou Jimian’s eyes.

Zou Jimian’s sexy thin lips twitched, and his eyes were filled with evil smiles: “You have worked so hard, and if I don’t do something to you, I will be sorry for you, right?”

Zou Jimian’s black eyes flashed with light, and the lips of the two kissed intimately.

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