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Chapter 6 don’t pretend to be here

Qian Yuxi couldn’t help it anymore. The hangover gave her a headache, and her stomach was turned upside down. She tilted her head and vomited all the food she ate. The unpleasant smell instantly filled the living room.

Unexpectedly, the elegant noble son she always thought would make her so disgusting.

Feng Qianxu finally let go of her, glanced at her in disgust, turned around and left.

Qian Yuxi was lying on the dirty sofa, as if all his nerves were torn. Her feet unconsciously walked out, and her heart seemed to be beaten so hard to breathe.

The road was noisy, and people kept passing by and pointing, her brain was blank, she didn’t know where she was going and what to do to forget these messy things.

The phone rang, and the familiar ring tone let her know who it was. After waiting a while, she answered, “Xia Xia.”

Zhang Xiaxia, her colleague and best friend.

“Xiaoyu, guess who did I see? Damn, I actually saw Feng Qianxu and Du Wanzhen’s couple of dogs! You didn’t see Du Wanzhen’s disgusting look, and you really want to lick Feng Qianxu’s feet. Come on, Let’s catch the rapist and catch the pair together.”

“I broke up with him.” Qian Yuxi faintly replied, frightening Zhang Xiaxia, but did not respond for a long time.

Earlier, when he knew that Shao Huaiqian had made a deal with Qian Yuxi, Zhang Xiaxia persuaded her to go far and high. They were best friends, and she couldn’t see Qian Yuxi being so wronged. But Qian Yuxi didn’t know what was awkward, but she had been with Feng Qianxu for three years. Sometimes Zhang Xiaxia is thinking, also

Xu Qian Yuxi is waiting for Shao Huaiqian to turn around, and it is very likely.

“It doesn’t matter if you are divided, your feelings… still depends on fate. Go, my sister will invite you to dinner today, let’s talk, what do you want to eat, I will pay the bill!”

“No, Xia Xia, I am now…”

“Why don’t you go to a seafood dinner? It’s been a long time and I’m so greedy. You know the location, hurry over and break your friendship if you don’t go.” Without giving Qian Yuxi a chance to refuse, Zhang Xiaxia cut off the call after she finished speaking.

Qian Yuxi was helpless, she had no friends, and Zhang Xiaxia was the only one.

Lowering her head, she glanced at her clothes, which were wet, torn, and dirty. No wonder people who passed by pointed to her. With a wry smile, she finds a hotel to take a shower first, and then asks the shopping mall that she often goes to to bring clothes over.

About an hour later, she appeared in the most famous seafood restaurant in S city. As soon as I walked in, I saw Zhang Xiaxia waving her long arms and calling her, “Here, here.”

She walked over, before sitting down, Miss Zhang was dissatisfied again, “I’ll go, let you come over to eat seafood dinner with me instead of attending the funeral. What does it mean to be black?”

Qian Yuxi didn’t laugh, but as soon as he took the menu from the waiter and was about to talk, he heard Zhang Xiaxia’s yin and yang loudly, “Oh, take a look at who I saw. Feng Qianxu, Master Feng, Tsk, if I remember correctly, Xiaoyu is your girlfriend.”

After yelling at Feng Qianxu, Zhang Xiaxia whispered Qian Yuxi again, “It’s too bad, and I was in the western restaurant just now, so why come here again in the blink of an eye.”

Qian Yuxi didn’t speak, but took a faint sip of juice.

The Feng family and the Zhang family are family friends, and Zhang Xiaxia and Feng Qianxu grew up playing in the mud and grew up with revolutionary feelings.

Feng Qianxu came over with Du Wanzhen in his arms, and sat in front of them chicly, “Zhang Xiaoxia, no one will treat you as dumb if you do not speak.”

Du Wanzhen sat next to Feng Qianxu, and she looked crooked.

“I and Xu are going to get engaged in two days, Xia Xia don’t talk nonsense.” Du Wan smiled happily.

Zhang Xiaxia snorted coldly: “It’s enough to stick with a cheeky face.”

Du Wanzhen’s face sank, but she soon raised a delicate smile again, “It’s enough for Xu to love me. Does it matter if I post it upside down?”

Zhang Xiaxia’s violent temper felt that Du Wan was really disgusting, “Which one of us doesn’t know who, what B is with me here.”

Before Du Wanzhen said anything, she heard Feng Qianxu say coldly, “Zhang Xiaoxia, was dumped by a man?”

Zhang Xiaxia glared at Feng Qianxu, and Feng Qianxu still stared back at him lukewarm, sparks splashing everywhere.

Qian Yuxi took her hand and said, “Well, they are all grown-ups, and they look like children.”

Zhang Xiaxia didn’t see Du Wan really pleasing to his eyes, and it wasn’t a day or two. Even if there were no things about Qian Yuxi and Feng Qianxu, she and Du Wanzhen were incompatible with each other.

With a cold snort, Zhang Xiaxia glanced at Du Wanzhen with an unkind look, “I want to get engaged, good thing, it’s better to congratulate and bless my sisters today, the old rules, compare the size, whoever loses, whoever drinks, let’s just two of us.”

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