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Chapter 5 The Scum

Qian Yuxi pushed Feng Qianxu aside, ignoring the provocative women in the room. Before she broke up with Feng Qianxu, Du Wanzhen had warned her more than once.

Congratulations, now I am finally going to marry the man I want.

Qian Yuxi didn’t have a lot of things, so he walked outside after packing. But Feng Qianxu became more and more angry as he watched, chased out and grabbed her arm, gritted his teeth, “Qian Yuxi, did you just leave?”

Qian Yuxi was pinched in pain, but still expressionless, she lightly raised her eyes to look at him, “Otherwise?”

Such indifference caused Feng Qianxu’s chest to feel hatred. He suddenly hugged her into his arms, a fierce flash of eyes flashed, and he pulled her to the sofa.

Qian Yuxi was frightened, struggling to shout, “Feng Qianxu, what are you doing? Let go of me…”

Feng Qianxu tore her clothes while suppressing her, fiercely as if wishing to swallow her up.

“Feng Qianxu, what are you going to do… let me go…” Qian Yuxi stammered, as if only these words were left in his mind.

“Fuck, you!”

The vulgar words made Qian Yuxi red eyes and struggled desperately, “Feng Qianxu, you scumbag, let me go, you let me go!”

Feng Qianxu turned a deaf ear to her curse. He pressed his whole body on her body and kept kissing her on the cheek and even her body. The strong smell of pungent perfume spread to her nose and made her sick.

This is the fragrance of Du Wanzhen’s body…

Qian Yuxi resisted desperately, biting his lip fiercely, a bloody breath came, making Feng Qianxu hurt, and the next second he became even more angry, and stretched out his hand to untie his belt.

Qian Yuxi avoided him, kicked him, bit him, and tried hard to resist. Seeing Feng Qianxu starting to tear her clothes again, she looked horrified, “Feng Qianxu, do you want to rape me?”

“Rape?” Feng Qianxu snorted coldly, “You are my woman. Isn’t this a normal life with boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“We broke up!” Qian Yuxi roared, “You are a crime!”

Even if he didn’t break up, he didn’t have the right to treat her this way.

“I’m going to commit a crime today. The police are here, so I will get on you!”

“You are dirty!”

“How holy are you? You have been playing with Shao Huaiqian for so many years, have you been played with? What do you pretend to be with me!”

Shao Huaiqian…

This name made Qian Yuxi stunned, and the next second she smiled stubbornly and miserably. It was not all they designed, but now it is in turn ridiculing him, why she didn’t realize Feng Qianxu was so shameless.

She knew that he had misunderstood that she had slept with Shao Huaiqian, so let’s continue the misunderstanding, she didn’t want to explain at all now.

Feng Qianxu showed a fierce look in his eyes, and he grasped her with greater force, as if he was deliberately trying to pinch her, “Qian Yuxi, you are a torn shoe that has been played with!” His actions became even more brutal when he spoke. , “Pretending to be like everywhere in front of me, did you seduce him when you were with Shao Huaiqian? You slut!”

“Shut up, you shut up!” Qian Yuxi hurts every time Shao Huaiqian is mentioned, especially when she met him in such an unbearable situation today. Feng Qianxu’s words undoubtedly reminded her of the past over and over again. Stupid.

What about giving everything? In the end, it was not abandoned by that man.

“I’m so angry? I’ll give everything for you, so I have to get it back today!” Feng Qianxu began to tear her clothes again. Especially seeing the red marks on her neck, it was crazy.

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