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Chapter 5 (108 style new wife)

As always, Fu Shaokun has a suit and leather shoes, well-dressed, and the first impression of a refined face is the Prince Charming in a fairy tale.

Knowing his true face, and looking at his face now, Su Tong just felt like vomiting.

“What are you doing here?” She really couldn’t understand. This person was obviously going to marry Huang Shi, so why did he come to pester her?

Fu Shaokun didn’t know anything, and a gentle smile was raised on the corners of his lips, and he took the initiative to help her carry the bag: “Why did you come back? I bought so many dishes today, did you miss me? Just because I haven’t Eat, go in first.”

Su Tong avoided his hand and said in a light tone, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Tongtong, what’s wrong with you?” Fu Shaokun stared at her suspiciously, with gentle eyebrows, “How do I decide that something is wrong with you today? Do you have a fever?”

Seeing him raising his hand to test her body temperature, Su Tong could no longer conceal the disgust in his heart, slapped him with a slap, and said in a mocking tone: “Fu Shaokun, don’t pretend, I know all your bad things! Make friends with Huang Shi, and now run to me to show your courtesy. Don’t you think you’re sick, I still feel sick!”

Fu Shaokun frowned when he heard the words, a panic flashed across his eyes.

She actually knew? He thought he was covering up well, how could she know?

“Tongtong,” Fu Shaokun lowered his posture, “Listen to my explanation, things are not what you think!”

“Not what I thought?” Su Tong sneered, “I saw it with my own eyes, what else can you explain?”

Fu Shaokun scratched his hair irritably, and his attitude changed instantly: “Well, since you know everything, then I have nothing to say, no way, you

It’s too feudal, I want to go further, but you keep pushing away, I can only find Huang Shi. At first I just wanted to have fun, who thought she was pregnant? I have no choice! “

Su Tong was so angry that she laughed back. Was she blind at first? He would actually like such a person, is he compelled? What a joke!

“Get out!” She felt sick when she saw Fu Shaokun and never wanted to get involved with him anymore.

Fu Shaokun looked at her in disbelief, “Su Tong, are you not so unfeeling? Even if we break up, we can still be friends!”

Su Tong turned around and took the key to open the door, and no longer looked at him: “I don’t want to tell you that, you get out of here!”

However, at this moment, a big palm suddenly stretched out from behind and covered her mouth fiercely. Su Tong’s eyes widened in horror, and the next second Fu Shaokun hijacked her into the house, “Bang “The door slammed shut.

Su Tong was thrown on the sofa with messy hair. Turning his head, he saw Fu Shaokun unbuttoning the top of his shirt and walking towards her slowly. Panic crawled into her heart. Su Tong backed away unconsciously and yelled: “Help!”

Fu Shaokun grinned: “Scream, no one will come to rescue you. I will take care of you here today and see who will say something!”

Su Tong hurriedly got up to run, but was pressed back by Fu Shaokun. When he was hopeless, the door trembled with a few loud bangs.

She opened her eyes wide, and there was surprise in her eyes.

It’s Zou Jimian, he’s back!

Fu Shaokun was taken aback, taking advantage of the moment he was stunned, Su Tong quickly hid aside. At this moment, the door fell down, Zou Jimian stood against the light, his gaze glanced over the scattered vegetables on the ground and Su Tong’s somewhat messy clothes.

, The whole body’s breath suddenly became furious, and without saying anything, he stepped forward and slammed his fist violently.

Fu Shaokun was caught off guard and almost fell to the ground. Zou Jimian didn’t give him any time to buffer. He rushed up and grabbed him by the collar and punched him. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression was ruthless, just like the Hell climbing up from hell.

Su Tong watched this scene in shock. Seeing that more and more people were watching when he heard the movement, she was afraid that Zou Jimian would kill someone like this. She hurriedly stepped forward to stop him: “Enough Zou Jimian! If you continue like this, you will kill him. Killed!”

She didn’t want Zou Jimian to take a life for her.

Hearing this, Zou Jimian stopped his hand movement, got up from him, and stared at him viciously.

Fu Shaokun spit out a mouthful of blood foam and smiled coldly at Su Tongyin, his facial expression was a bit hideous, and the gentle and elegant temperament of the past no longer exists.

“Oh, I thought how chaste you are, didn’t you hook up with other men in a blink of an eye? You are no cleaner than me, bitch, see how I made you unable to stay in Jinglan City!”

Zou Jimian’s fists creaked, and Fu Shaokun shrank his head, a little scared, remembering his desperate style of play just now.

Su Tong stood in front of Zou Jimian, lowered his head and said coldly: “You are here today. This is definitely not a simple recollection of the past. I will give you one last chance and say, what do you want this time?

Thinking that he had never been here before without asking her for money, Su Tong felt that he was extremely stupid, so he put his heart in the hands of a man and let him trample on him.

Zou Jimian looked at Su Tong Shan Zou’s body, looked at her pretending to be strong profile, a place in the bottom of his heart collapsed, glowing with distress.

How could this silly woman meet such a scumbag?

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