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Chapter 4 We broke up

Qian Yuxi came out of the restaurant, whether Feng Qianxu planned all this revenge, she insisted on breaking up, or met Shao Huaiqian again in such an embarrassing situation, it evoked those hustle and bustle past, and it was undoubtedly the heaviest blow to her. .

She ran forward desperately, not knowing where to go, just trying to escape from the hotel that embarrassed her.


In the end, she chose to return to Feng Qianxu’s villa, and her things were still there.

The villa was very quiet, as if there was no one.

However, several pieces of clothes that did not belong to her were scattered on the ground in a mess, short skirts, stockings, underwear, high heels…

Qian Yuxi didn’t feel much about these things, and walked upstairs to her room step by step.

However, when she was standing at the door, she heard the cheerful voice of a woman in the room, like a wave of heat, which seemed to pierce people’s eardrums.

This is her room, the master bedroom of the entire villa. Feng Qianxu wanted to come in more than once, but was driven out by her. Now, is he finally going to get back his ownership?

She lowered her eyes and hesitated to open the door. She could hear that the stray woman inside was Du Wanzhen, and she heard that it was the fiancee assigned to Feng Qianxu by the Du family.

Good too! They are abandoning each other.

When she was thinking, the door was suddenly opened, and Feng Qianxu wore a pajamas casually on her body, with mottled and glaring hickeys on her sexy chest.

Similarly, Qian Yuxi was not much better. There were red marks left by Shao Huaiqian on his neck, as if a sharp blade plunged into his heart, dripping with blood.

This was all designed by him, but at this moment it was unprecedented regret.

He was pleased with her for three years and loved him in every way, but she never accepted him. She was filled with the only man who abandoned her. He waited for her to change her mind, but waited for her to break up.

How could he not hate such a woman!

Staring at the hickey on her neck, he clenched his fist angrily, “Why are you back?”

There was ridicule on her face, and the look in her eyes seemed to be what a disgusting woman.

Qian Yuxi didn’t care how many women Feng Qianxu had, but she couldn’t accept that he actually humiliated her in this way.

“The restaurant affairs…you arranged it…” She tried to suppress her anger.

Feng Qianxu shrugged indifferently: “Yes.”

“Just because I want to break up?” Qian Yuxi’s face was pale, she thought that even if it wasn’t love, after three years, they would have feelings together after all.

“I said, what you can’t get will be destroyed!” Feng Qianxu looked at her coldly and blurted out mercilessly, “Since you refuse to be my woman, there is no need for it.”

Qian Yuxi shouldn’t be shocked. In the past three years, Feng Qianxu has treated her well because he is sure that she will surrender to him. Now that she wants to quit this game, he certainly won’t let her feel better.

However, after three years of being together, a man she trusted so much drugged her and wanted someone to ruin her. Even if it didn’t matter if she consoled herself again, she couldn’t help feeling sad.

“Haha.” She chuckled. This is a man who can spoil you to the sky when you love, but if you don’t love, I want you to go to hell. She didn’t know if the heartache was because of the humiliation Feng Qianxu gave her or because of Shao Huaiqian’s abandonment back then, but she felt so painful…

Qian Yuxi didn’t realize how miserable she was smiling: “So, you are in collusion with him?”

he? Feng Qianxu only thought he was talking about Pei Huai, and smiled coldly, “What do you mean?”

Qian Yuxi looked at him so quietly. After a long time, she seemed to have finally recovered her calm, “We broke up.”

Feng Qianxu’s eyes sank, and the hand he was beating on his side became tighter and tighter.

Whether it was before or now, this woman is always so calm when facing him, like that, as if he had never existed in her heart.

This kind of recognition made him extremely disgusted!

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