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Chapter 3 You Give Me Medicine

She missed the man for three years, but now he appeared in front of her so grandly, not much different from the memory, but the look in her eyes seemed to be more and less.

“Wake up?” The deep and pleasant voice was not much different from the past.

“Pop!” A resounding slap fell on Shao Huaiqian’s face, Qian Yuxi’s eyes flushed all of a sudden and looked at him bitterly, “Why are you here? What did you do to me?”

Didn’t she “break up happy” with Feng Qianxu in the dining room? How could she appear in the room with the man she hated standing in front of her?


“You made another deal, did he give me to you again?” Qian Yuxi’s face suddenly paled, and she stared at Shao Huaiqian in shame, her beautiful eyes full of tears.

What do they think of her? He sold her to Feng Qianxu three years ago, and Feng Qianxu sold her to him three years later?

With her fists firmly clenched, Qian Yuxi glared at Shao Huaiqian, and suddenly laughed at herself. The more she laughed, the louder her voice, and tears welled up from her laughter. Finally, she squatted on the ground shiveringly, as if she was laughing, but It’s more like crying again.

Shao Huaiqian did not speak, but took a bath towel and put it on her body, “wipe it.”

Qian Yuxi suddenly became excited, pushed his kindness away rudely, and yelled at him, “You don’t need to be kind!” After speaking, she walked outside.

But as soon as she walked out of the bathroom, she discovered that her cotton clothes were completely affixed to her body after being soaked in water, the slender and soft curves were unobstructed, and the spring was hard to conceal.

She wanted to push the door to leave, and then she heard a voice behind her. Looking back, I saw Shao Huaiqian’s shirt half-open. Because of the wetness, his strong and perfect figure was looming.

This man had a very good figure before, with beautiful lines, a flat belly, and no fat on his body. After three years, it seems better.

Qian Yuxi was inexplicably dry and dry, and there was a faint rush of enthusiasm in his body that was surging upwards, making it difficult to hold on to himself. Even if she was coveting Shao Huaiqian’s figure, she knew it was not right.

“You drug me?”

Shao Huaiqian’s deep black eyes narrowed, and his indifferent tone couldn’t be heard clearly, “It’s time to ask your favorite good man.”

Qian Yuxi was stunned for a moment, her eyes widened suddenly…

Feng Qianxu!

She didn’t doubt his remarks, after all, Feng Qianxu had always resisted breaking up. She didn’t doubt at all about drugging her.


“Why are you here?” Qian Yuxi believed that he and Feng Qianxu were in the same group, gritted her teeth heartachely, “You are conspiring!”

It must be like this, it must be, it was like this three years ago, and the man she loved gave her to Feng Qianxu personally. Today, they repeat their old tricks.

Qian Yuxi trembled all over, grabbed the vase beside the bed and slammed it directly against Shao Huaiqian.

Shao Huaiqian didn’t expect that she would be so excited. She could dodge, but she stood there, letting her smash the vase on his forehead. The vase shattered, and his smooth head instantly swelled into a bag.

Qian Yuxi was frightened and dumbly watched the dazzling bright red pouring out of his head, “I, I…”

“Are you relieved?” Shao Huaiqian still had no expression, and took a tissue to wipe the blood from his forehead, staring at her with cold eyes.

Qian Yuxi couldn’t tell how complicated her heart was, distressed, sad, angry, and wronged. She gritted her teeth and glared at him, “All this is your fault, I hate you!” After roaring, she turned around. run.

Staring at the back of her leaving, Shao Huaiqian’s stern face flashed with a gloomy light, ups and downs that made people unable to see the emotions.

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