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Chapter 3 Xiaofu resigns


Cao Xiaoqiang held the 23 small yellow croakers wrapped in layers, so excited in his heart! It was so joyful that there were only tears of happiness in his eyes.

“I sent it out. According to the current market gold purchase price, it is more than 300 per gram, which is more than 200,000 yuan. If I do a few more pens, buying a house in Beijing is not a dream.” Xiaoqiang slapped his heart quickly. Abacus, quickly make up your mind, resign when you go back, I will be a full-time space-time businessman.

The most important thing now is to go back to 2010 and get the gold in my arms for money.

So the kid hurriedly hurried all the way, almost back to Shuijing Hutong by running.

Cao Xiaoqiang found the originally secluded corner of the wall. After looking around no one, he ignored his severely weakened body condition because of excessive blood loss. He once again instructed the blood soul to request to cross the blood sacrifice. Familiar dizzy, returned to 2010, standing in this place called Xiyuan District.

The continuous blood sacrifice crossing really overdrawn Cao Xiaoqiang’s puffy body to the limit. At that time, he only felt that his eyes were yellow, and the Venus in his eyes filled the line of sight. He could not see clearly in front of him, and his body couldn’t keep balance and stand firm. .

Cao Xiaoqiang saw that he couldn’t stand it anymore, he loosened his will, sat down on the cold ground of the community, opened his mouth and gasped hard, finally held it up and didn’t faint to death. After a while, when he finally eased the uncomfortable energy, Cao Xiaoqiang realized that his whole body was completely saturated with cold sweat.

Sitting on the icy ground, wrapped in sweat-drenched underwear on his body, Cao Xiaoqiang thought a lot: In these years, he has been in a sub-healthy state by struggling with food and clothing in Beijing. In order to save the down payment for a house, he has to upgrade. The girlfriend is his wife. Cao Xiaoqiang didn’t dare to eat or use it. Colleagues could push and push for dinners.

Even if others treat guests, they can’t give up. Think about it, someone invited you today, tomorrow. Would you please answer me? If you don’t respond, you’ll have to be pierced into the backbone. If you respond, there will be a lot of people. No matter how you save, you’ll have to spend at least seven to eight hundred to eat and sing.

So when he gets his salary every month, Cao Xiaoqiang scratches his head. He deducts seven and eight deductions on the pay slip, and he only gets a little more than three thousand dollars. The pig-headed boss never pays more than two thousand bonuses per month.

The previous one hundred thousand yuan. The savings are really a drop of blood and sweat from the gap between the teeth. The parents of Naitong’s hometown have been laid off for a long time. His father was at home serving his elderly grandmother who was paralyzed in bed. His mother was a good hand at knitting and knitting sweaters. It was the old couple who saved their life savings.

Except for him to go to university, the rest is here. Usually they don’t even want to eat meat and vegetables. I remember when I returned to my hometown during the Spring Festival last year, my parents cooked a table of hard dishes, and only waited for Xiaoqiang to finish eating. Every time I talked to my home on the phone, my mother kept asking Cao Xiaoqiang whether he was full, how he was eating, and whether he had lost weight.

His father just said the last sentence: “Go hard and listen to the leaders.” But I carelessly put the money under the quilt and prepared to pay the down payment the next day. When I got home from get off work, I found that the door was opened. I called the police and couldn’t solve the case in March. Short-sighted.

At this time, Cao Xiaoqiang retracted his long-distance thinking, feeling that his uncomfortable energy had been relieved, Xiaoqiang got up a little bit hard, and hugged the gold bar in his arms tighter and tighter. This is the guarantee for his future, even if he sacrifices his life, he can’t lose it anymore. It was already 12 o’clock at noon.

Cao Xiaoqiang, who was empty and dizzy, got out of the community and had a big meal at the nearby Northeast restaurant. He ordered a pot of chicken stewed with mushrooms and ate three times in a small bowl in the restaurant. The bowl of rice was wiped and settled. It cost 81 yuan, the chicken stewed with mushrooms was 78 yuan, and the bowl of rice was one yuan. This is an unprecedented luxury for Cao Xiaoqiang, a north drifter.

In the past, Cao Xiaoqiang never went to restaurants by himself. Even when he came into a restaurant under special circumstances, he would at most call a shredded pork with green pepper or simply a vegan hot and sour potato shreds, hard dishes like chicken stew with mushrooms. Xiaoqiang never looked at it in the past. Now, hey, this kid is enjoying it too, why did he just touch the way to make money?

Throughout the meal, Xiaoqiang didn’t dare to let the baggage wrapped in gold bars leave his sight, and he put the bag carefully between his two thighs-this was really scared of being stolen.

After eating and checking out, Xiaoqiang called a taxi and went straight to Pan’s home.

Xiaoqiang had previously inquired that this small yellow croaker sold in Panjiayuan in the Republic of China was sold for 16,000 pieces. The actual price of gold was actually only worth ten and a few hundred yuan, but this Republic of China object is not a big or small antique.

When he arrived at Panjiayuan, Xiaoqiang found a grand antique shop named Yushun Antiques. He walked in and explained his intentions, saying that it was the gold bars uploaded by his family’s ancestors. When he arrived in the hands of his unscrupulous children, he needed to replace them with cash to buy a house.

It happened that Hu Chunlai, the owner of this antique shop, was a specialist in antiques of the Republic of China. He looked at the samples in Xiaoqiang’s hand and was willing to round up the 23 small yellow croakers after bargaining with a pack of twelve thousand.

This broke Xiaoqiangle, so the money and the goods were cleared after some inspections. Xiaoqiang netted 276,000. Cao Xiaoqiang didn’t dare to accept the check and asked the boss to withdraw the cash. This amount of money was too drizzle for an antiques shop. Hu Chunlai opened the safe and paid the full amount.

Carrying so much money, Cao Xiaoqiang feels more unreliable than when he was carrying gold. No, he just ran all the way to the bank when he left the door of Yushun Antiques Store. In his opinion, he still had the money to deposit in the bank. Kari feels at ease.

You have to ask Cao Xiaoqiang why he didn’t swipe his card to pay the down payment for the house. It was a bad news: Xiaoqiang’s parents felt that it was cheaper to transfer money between different places, so the ICBC used the ICBC to transfer money. When he arrived at Cao Xiaoqiang’s place, After he received the money, he withdrew it and deposited it in his Beidu Bank account. Whoever thought the developer had to use the card of the four major banks to swipe the account, as a last resort, Xiaoqiang withdrew the money after get off work and hurryed.

When I ran to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, it was time for get off work. Looking at the closed bank, Cao Xiaoqiang had no choice but to put the money at home, thinking that he would go home and guard it after working for a day on Friday, and he would go to the developer to pay the down payment on Saturday. The so-called accident is not a book, who knows that the world is just so coincidental, let the black-hearted thief who kills a thousand swords stole it!

After Cao Xiaoqiang came out of the bank after depositing his money, he felt that his whole person was a lot easier, and the tense string in his mind could be regarded as loose. He took a few breaths while holding on to the telephone pole on the side of the road, and managed to get past the dizziness, and quickly went to a pharmacy to buy him Ejiao blood particles and American ginseng, and then went to the supermarket to buy some food. This time he is very wide.

Anyway, what you see is good to buy, what you see is expensive, and you don’t dare to eat or spend. Today I have all made up for it. The taxi is pulled to the door, and the big and small bags are brought to the residence. In the hut.

Cao Xiaoqiang put down the big and small bags, picked up the kettle and washed himself a cup of donkey-hide gelatin blood particles. While holding this cheap coarse porcelain teacup, Cao Xiaoqiang looked at this small bungalow with a monthly rent of 900 yuan for only 15 square meters.

In the squeezed room, a bulky old-fashioned office desk bought from the second-hand market and a second-hand semi-old double bed occupied most of the space. Cao Xiaoqiang secretly sighed and thought: Next, make another profit. Pen, I’ll change my residence. I have enough of this broken house, and I am really angry when I look at it.

Thinking of his own experience, he couldn’t help but get excited. “His grandmother, this thief didn’t steal anything, and he just strayed after turning over such a huge sum of money. You moved this broken bed and broken table together!” You said Isn’t Cao Xiaoqiang talking nonsense? This thief isn’t talking about cross talk. He is so inattentive.

Xiaoqiang felt annoyed when he thought of the stolen hard-earned money, frowned and drank the medicine slowly.

After taking the medicine, Xiaoqiang closed his eyes and squinted for a while. When his body was warm, he turned on the computer and went to Alibaba. Cao Xiaoqiang also agreed with the wholesaler for a batch of mechanical watches. This time he started to know what is cheap. The original Ollard, which was 91 yuan, starts at 50 for each model, and each only costs 55 yuan. Xiaoqiang scolded the former Taobao seller profiteers.

This time Xiaoqiang ordered fifteen styles, each with two hundred. Because some styles have different prices, and the final shipping cost is 190,000, the merchant is very excited and has repeatedly promised to give him the best after-sales service. Replacement within the year, three-year warranty. Cao Xiaoqiang asked that there should be no madeinchina box on the watch, no instructions in the box, and the box should have only the English watch name like the previous model, and the seller readily agreed.

The seller roughly estimated that the total weight is nearly 500 kilograms, but the merchant said that their factory has a contract with the courier and can be shipped directly by courier, so the two parties agreed that the goods will arrive in about three to five days. After discussing all this, Xiaoqiang was satisfied with the beer and ate the roast chicken bought in the supermarket. I went to bed and rested early.

According to the plan, Xiaoqiang got up early the next morning, drank a cup of donkey-hide gelatin blood particles, wiped his face with a wet towel, and went straight to the company. Seeing Cao Xiaoqiang who came to resign, Xiaoqiang’s immediate boss, and the boss Wang Bin, nicknamed “Pig Tou”, had an incredible expression, because in his eyes, Cao Xiaoqiang belongs to the kind of introverted and timid and conservative employee, a college student from the countryside. ,

Is destined to stay in class for a lifetime and be exploited for a lifetime. But nowadays, I didn’t expect this rustic kid to quit his job, saying why he wanted to start a business in the sea!

“Pighead” Wang Bin tilted Erlang’s legs and said with a mocking expression: “Cao Xiaoqiang, you have done something that I admire this time, but you think it over. There is no arrow back when you open the bow. Although the company is small, it is not easy to enter casually. If you are an employee like you holding a third-rate grass chicken university degree who does not work well and can succeed in starting a business, then our company must not become a General Electric!

Neither will I If you are embarrassed, the salary will be settled by the accounting, but this month’s bonus will definitely not be given to you… Hmph, when you lose your wealth, don’t cry and beg me to use you again.”

Cao Xiaoqiang didn’t talk to him. In his opinion, he was really sorry for the cup of donkey-hide gelatin blood particles that he drank in the morning. He turned around and went out to find the accountant to settle his salary. Although it is not much, more than one thousand yuan is enough for one month’s rent.

After resigning, Cao Xiaoqiang walked to the door of the company and heard someone shouting “Cao Xiaoqiang.”

Xiaoqiang turned his head and saw that it was Zhou Lan, the twenty-two-year-old girl with eyes sitting next to him in the company, with a few shallow freckles on her face. Because she was a newcomer who was new to the beginning of the year, she was unfamiliar with the business and was always caught by Wang Bin. Scolded, Cao Xiaoqiang helped him many times.

Zhou Lan walked over to talk to Xiaoqiang. She looked at Xiaoqiang calmly and said, “Cao Xiaoqiang, are you really quitting?”

“Well, I am going to do business by myself.”

“Really, congratulations. I wish you an early millionaire and buy a big house.” Zhou Lan said kindly and jokingly.

“Hehe, I hope.” Xiaoqiang’s pale face smiled brightly.

“When you get rich, you have to tell me that I will work for you. I can’t stay in this broken company. I have meetings all day long. Meetings are just listening to Mr. Wang’s curse.”

“Hehe, if I make a fortune thanks to you, I will definitely ask you to help me with a high salary.”

“Then it’s settled, remember to keep in touch in the future.” Zhou Lan also smiled brightly.

Watching Zhou Lan disappear in the door of the company, Cao Xiaoqiang was a little bit disappointed. Where he had worked for four years, only one friend came out to see him off. Is it really such a failure to be a man by himself? If you spend money generously to make friends, what is it like now? But which of the friends you make with money like that is sincere?

I am accustomed to thrift, anyway, now I can be sure that this girl Zhou Lan is a sincere friend, among those bystanders, who can be sure that anyone around him is a sincere friend? Isn’t this just what the ancients said, “See you in poor seasons”?

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