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Chapter 3 Repay Me With Yourself

Under the oppressive gaze of the man, Su Tong still bite the bullet and took it up.


“Where is the wedding dress I ordered?” The woman had a bad tone, with a faint sarcasm.

Su Tong’s body trembled slightly, and her mouth opened, but she couldn’t say anything.

At this time, the woman complained: “Why don’t you speak? I waited here for you all morning, and everything was delayed. This is your service attitude? I said that I won’t see anyone at nine?”

The women chattered endlessly, but Su Tong was absent-minded, and all the pictures of the previous sluggishness appeared before her eyes.

She took a deep breath, and just about to speak, there was a sudden burst of laughter on the phone.

“Oh, hate it, let me take a break, it’s going to be all morning…”

“Who told you that it tastes so delicious, little fairy, who do you call?”

Hearing Fu Shaokun’s voice, Su Tong frowned.

To be honest, after spending so long with Fu Shaokun and suddenly knowing that he was with other women, she was supposed to be angry, sad, and painful, but after the anger faded, she was relieved a lot, and now she feels weird. calm.

“Who else? It’s the wedding dress I ordered before, but it hasn’t been delivered yet. Do you think we still get married without a wedding dress?” the woman said a little.

Fu Shaokun’s vowed voice came from the other end: “Of course, I will only marry you in this life!”

Su Tong raised her lips when she heard the words, and smiled with a bit of bitterness and sarcasm.

Once upon a time, he said that he would only marry her. She half-jokingly said to get the marriage certificate immediately. He declined to say that his career had not yet started. He must lay down his own world in Jinglan City, and marry her in the future.

Why is she so stupid? He didn’t notice the dodge in his eyes.

All this is clearly a lie.

“Ms. Huang Shi,” Su Tong said in a formulaic tone, “

I’m sorry, I won’t sell the wedding dress anymore. “

“That won’t work,” Huang Shi seemed to have anticipated her behavior, and chuckled lightly, “Did you forget what we said before? If you say you don’t sell it, you won’t sell it. I don’t know if this happens. Will anyone visit your bridal shop?”

Su Tong’s pupils tightened: “What do you want?”

“That’s what I said, but I’m a very reasonable person. If you really don’t want to sell, I won’t force you. It’s very simple, pay the penalty.”

She spoke with certainty, apparently knowing that Su Tong could not pay such a large amount of liquidated damages.

Su Tong bit her lower lip, really embarrassed.

It’s not that she can’t get the money, but the funds in the store still have to be turned around, so she can’t rely on her for a moment.

But the wedding dress was designed by herself, and every stitch and thread contained her painstaking efforts. She didn’t want to see Huang Shi put it on to show her majesty.

When embarrassed, the man suddenly grabbed her mobile phone and said coldly: “Liquidated damages? Since you are so short of money, send it to you. She said, wedding dresses are not for sale!”

Su Tong looked at him in surprise, and hurriedly reached out to grab the phone: “What nonsense are you talking about!”

The man stretched out his arms, just not letting her get it. Su Tong’s forehead was sweaty, and he jumped up and rushed at him.

The corners of the man’s lips were slightly bent, and there was a hint of teasing in his eyes.

Suddenly she tripped under her feet, and the whole person fell forward and threw him on the ground.

The man’s eyes widened in surprise, Su Tong’s face flushed red, and he hurriedly thought of it, and his lips just crossed his cheeks.

She met the man’s eyes in shock, and the ward suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Immediately following her to stand up again, the man grabbed her hand, clasped her waist with a big palm, and chuckled, “So active, are you seduce me?”

“Who seduce you? Don’t you see yourself?

I am obviously not careful! “Su Tong flushed with shame, trying to break away, but he was tightly bound by him, unable to move.

“Really?” The man suddenly raised his hand to pin the strands of hair from her cheeks behind her ears, and gently kneaded her small earlobes, his voice was dumb, “Lying is not a good boy.”

Su Tong instantly felt his ears become hot and numb, and stared at him angrily: “I see, you and Huang Shi are here to cheat me for money!”

The man was stunned, his expression somewhat helplessly provoked her chin, and his scrutiny gaze lingered on her face for a while, before he said leisurely: “Well, you are just talking about what you have to cheat?”

Su Tong choked silently. Indeed, this man paid her 50,000 yuan without saying a word when she was in a coma, which confirmed her guess that he was a child of a rich family.

What kind of woman does he want, and what does she have that he can covet?

“By the way, you fainted there. If I didn’t kindly take you to the hospital, you wouldn’t know what would happen, don’t you think you should thank me?”

Su Tong was a little surprised at how quickly he jumped the topic, but still sincerely said, “Thank you.”

“It’s just a verbal expression, without any action?” The man slowly approached.

Su Tong suddenly had an ominous premonition, and subconsciously stepped back a few steps, with a hint of panic in his tone: “What do you want me to do?”

“Although your figure looks shriveled, I didn’t expect it to be quite predictable.” The man seemed to mean something, and smiled lowly, looking at her with a certain will.

Su Tong was stunned, his eyes widened in shock. What does he mean?

At this time, his big palm suddenly landed on her back waist, kneading it with no weight or weight, and his eyes drilled into her collar unscrupulously, and there was an inexplicable evil in his smile.

Su Tong took a deep breath, and the next second the man’s hand actually dropped…

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