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Chapter 3 Kneeling and Suicide Heart

Dust surrounded Xu Mubai frantically, she coughed a few times uncomfortably, tears in her eyes suddenly flowed down, and Xu Mubai wiped her nose while looking at the car ass as she was drifting away.

Who did you meet!

If you don’t know how to repay your kindness, it’s fine if you don’t know how to repay it!

Her waist!

Xu Mubai limped forward with his waist, cursing angrily: “Daily! Me! Ask! Wait! You! All! Home!”


Outside the car window is a scene that is retreating rapidly, forming a strong visual impact.

Yang Yu couldn’t bear to be depressed, and asked courageously: “Master, why did you suddenly change your mind to let go of the woman who confronted you just now?”

In his memory, women who dared to confront the young master usually ended up miserably, not to mention slandering the young master’s most cherished ring. You must know that the ring is…

“She?” Thinking of the woman just now, Jun Sinian frowned unpleasantly, just about to reply to Yang Yu, when the line of sight moved to the diamond ring in his palm, his face suddenly became gloomy, “Yang Yu, go back! “

Xu Mubai walked on that road for nearly ten minutes. For ten minutes, let alone the car, he didn’t even see a ghost.

However, what she never expected was that the car that had just walked back up again.

Pausing, she stared at the familiar car and license plate number, and she couldn’t help but become suspicious—

Had that man’s conscience discovered it?

Impossible, it is too unscientific to discover in such a short time!

The rear seat window slid down slowly, followed by a handsome face.


An icy voice reached her ears, Xu Mubai shrank her neck subconsciously and pulled her lips stiffly. She laughed more ugly than crying and said, “Can I choose to refuse?”

The car hurried away again.

Jun Sinian, President of EL Group, a well-known figure in China.

It is rumored that he is not only rich, but also a business genius. At the age of 22, he served as the president of EL Group. In two years, he made the EL Group the number one in the industry and also expanded the business of the EL Group in many ways.

Not only that, he is also the dream male god of thousands of young girls in China.

Of course, Xu Mubai never expected that she would meet this famous character, and what was even more unexpected was—

She actually broke his ring!

Xu Mubai looked at a small diamond from her pocket with a desperate heart, and immediately thought of the matter of putting the ring into her pocket and rubbing it with her hands before, and she even had the heart to kneel down and commit suicide.

The quality of the ring is actually inferior to that of a copycat!

The hall of Cangyun Jewelry Restoration Center.

Under Jun Si Nian’s cold gaze, Xu Mubai felt that he had been delayed by his eyes eight hundred times.

At least dozens of jewellery restorers were present at the scene, and Xu Mubai threw the broken diamonds onto the counter in a panic.

A middle-aged man who seems to be the most experienced. He wears white gloves on both hands. He skillfully picks up the broken diamonds and puts them together with the ring for a closer look. He looks cautiously like holding a priceless treasure, for fear of taking it. It broke.

Jun Sinian’s deep and soothing voice came: “Can it be repaired?”

“Jun Shao’s things, I must do my best to repair them completely.”

After speaking, Jun Sinian slightly chin his head, indicating that he can go down.

As soon as they left, Xu Mubai turned to his side and wittily seized the opportunity to apologize: “Mr. Jun, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect the ring to become like this, right?

I’m sorry…”

Anyway, as long as you don’t lose money, you can say anything.

Jun Sinian glanced at her and said blankly: “It’s too early to say I’m sorry, and wait for the result.”

In the end, if she can fix it well, she will be lucky. What if she doesn’t fix it well?

She secretly glanced at Jun Sinian, the other side’s face was so cold that it was almost like a hailstorm that would kill everyone at the scene.

It seems that if the repair is not good, it is still unknown whether he can go back alive.

At the moment when Xu Mubai was very nervous, Yang Yu didn’t know where he came back from, and handed Jun Sinian a report with both hands: “Master, this is the inspection report of the restoration center.”

He didn’t even look at it: “Give it to her.”

Yang Yu immediately changed direction and handed it to Xu Mubai.

Xu Mubai was afraid of losing money. Looking at the inspection report, he licked his lips nervously. After receiving it slowly, he turned the report over. The dense black font on it was automatically omitted, and his gaze automatically jumped to the bottom amount.

After seeing it clearly, she almost fainted.

“One hundred million, one hundred thousand, 680,000!” She stared at Yang Yu, her eyes widened in surprise.

Yang Yu nodded inconspicuously: “Yes, the total repair cost is 684,575, and the fraction can be erased, the total is 680,000.”

Damn it!

“Did you make a mistake? You just used glue to stick the diamonds on. You dare to ask for 680,000, why don’t you rob? Do you think I am brainless when I see my big breasts?!” Xu Mubai almost jumped up, blushing. Roared roughly.

The corner of Yang Yu’s mouth twitched: “Miss Xu, this is the fee charged by the jewelry center. It is stamped with an exclusive seal. You can take a closer look.”

Of course she knows that there is a seal on it, but…

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