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Chapter 2 The first pot of gold

After experiencing great sorrow, joy, and shock, Cao Xiaoqiang believes that there is no doubt that this crossing is a turning point in his life. Unless his head is broken, he must take this opportunity. He was thinking about it.

Finally, he said to himself that he should make good use of this opportunity to benefit himself and the parallel space of New China. Because that was an era of material poverty but extremely high spirits and forge ahead. It was an era when our grandparents faced the West’s cold eyes and ridicule, and never knelt down to beg for mercy after hardships. It was the era when the world’s factory was laid.

As an engineering student, Cao Xiaoqiang’s first thought of carrying goods across time and space is all kinds of equipment needed to build a modern industrial power.

But right now, there is only more than 5,000 yuan left in the diaosi salary card, which can be regarded as let Xiaoqiang once again understand that what is meant to be a penny to stump a hero. Let me ask, what is this space-time goods that can be bought at five thousand yuan and can be changed hands at different times and make great profits?

In the end, Cao Xiaoqiang chose the watch, thanks to the advanced experience shared by countless traversing predecessors on the Internet, so that this dull second product can find the most profitable and easiest thing to carry in the first time.

Thanks to the super industrial capability of time and space and the convenience of network informationization, on Taobao, old brands of manual mechanical watches like Puhai brand can be bought for only about 100 yuan, and in that era, a watch The value can be exchanged for one hundred to two hundred yuan, which is 1.2 million legal tender before the currency reform.

The price of foreign watches is more expensive, reaching three hundred yuan to five hundred yuan or even higher (for the sake of writing convenience later in this article All settlements are in RMB, please understand). In 1949, the People’s Bank of China purchased gold at a price of RMB 3 to RMB 4 per gram, and replacing it with gold brought back this time and space of more than 300 yuan, which was about a hundred times the profit. Thinking of this, Cao Xiaoqiang made up his mind and did it !

Early the next morning, Cao Xiaoqiang took sick leave from the company. On the phone, the pig-headed boss Wang Bin said in a deep tone as if Xiaoqiang owed him two thousand yuan, and repeatedly emphasized that Xiaoqiang’s salary this month would be sour. Cao Xiaoqiang remained unmoved and resolutely requested a week of vacation. He has long felt that living in a crowded metropolis is too depressing.

People seem to be farm animals raised by capital, busy all day in order to cater to their owners and get more feed. Even the realization of the right to reproduction requires that the first population be the same— -Right in the right place. Capital can be unconstrained and can indulge in carnivals. Xiaoqiang longs for freedom and desires a different life. He will never give up this opportunity to change his life and change the world.

Cao Xiaoqiang contacted a seller in Beidu that he found on Taobao and chose to trade face to face. At the price of 90 yuan each, he bought 40 yuan of domestic mechanical watches that are said to be of good quality. The name of the watch is a common foreign name nowadays— —Ollard. In Cao Xiaoqiang’s view, the English name is better than the Puhai card written on it, otherwise it would be troublesome to take the time and space to explain it, and that Chinese name doesn’t make sense.

Back at his residence, Cao Xiaoqiang took out all the evidence from this space and time in the watch packaging, such as the manual inspection certificate, etc., out box by box, leaving only the beautiful packaging box containing the watch. Then put them one by one into a medium-sized paper box with the text scraped off.

Everything is ready now, just after dark, find someone no one to cross. Xiaoqiang found the hotel where he committed suicide before and went to the nearby community. In my impression, this place before 1949 is not far from the place where Xiaoqiang Shuijing Hutong last crossed. It is a large open space.

Like everything else in the world, when you are really waiting for dark, time will pass extremely slowly. The two packs of cigarettes that Cao Xiaoqiang carried with him were completely smoked in half. During this period, countless possibilities of failure in the crossing flashed back in Xiaoqiang’s mind. The beauty of fantasy and the cruelty of reality were smashed. After that, his mind slowly started. Calm down, and gradually, Xiaoqiang calmed down and entered a drunk state, without thinking about anything.

It was dark, and it was time to set off.

According to the instructions of the blood soul, Xiao Qiang punctured his finger with a needle and put a drop of blood on the cardboard box. The red blood spotted the cardboard box a bit like a crime scene.

“Start the blood sacrifice, go to Road Sign No. 1,” Xiaoqiang muttered to himself like an idiot in a science fiction movie.

Immediately, I saw Cao Xiaoqiang who was holding the cardboard box whizzing in the dark night, and disappeared quietly. Originally, the place where the two goods stood seemed that no one had ever been there. Only cigarette butts on the floor testified that someone did exist here just now. .

Xiaoqiang in the space-time tunnel felt dizzy in his brain and suffocated in his chest. One hundred CC of blood disappeared from the body like evaporation, and this was Xiaoqiang’s third major hemorrhage recently. The medical conditions in 1949 did not have a blood transfusion process for Xiaoqiang, but he was hanged with saline, which made him weaker. Xiaoqiang couldn’t help thinking, if things go on like this, should he consider going to the gynecology department……….

Ten seconds later, the dizzy Xiaoqiang stood on the open space beside Shuijing Hutong holding the cardboard box. There was silence all around, big houses and small houses were asleep in the night, and shadows hung from the wells at the mouth of the alley, playing against the moonlight on the stone path. The northern capital of the autumn night was in the cold wind, sleeping quietly and sweetly.

You must know that it is cold early in the northern capital of autumn, at this moment, every family has been covered with thick quilts. Xiaoqiang poking in the open air looked around and saw that there was no movement, so he shrank his head and ran into Shuijing Hutong according to his previous assumptions, looked for a corner of the shelter from the wind, and squatted down to wait for the dawn.

When you fall asleep, time really flies. Xiaoqiang, who was awakened by the cock crow, rubbed the yellow dirt on the corner of his eyes, sucked a bit of his cold-blocked nose, and continued the cat in the shadow of the corner.

Just after dawn, there was the sound of residents pulling the door latch. Cao Xiaoqiang, who was still excited after freezing all night, became alert. He immediately stood on tiptoe, rushed out of the alley, excited and uneasy, and hurried to Qianmen Street. direction.

Although time and space have changed, the direction of the old northern capital in this era is easier to identify than the reinforced concrete jungle of later generations. Although it was not long after dawn, there were already pedestrians on the street, and Xiaoqiang’s dress was dazzling in it.

Xiaoqiang carefully observed all the way, and you can also see the People’s Liberation Army standing guard at every intersection to maintain social order. Xiaoqiang, who has always been friendly to the People’s Liberation Army, was not afraid. He walked along the way and came to the door of a store called Delong Commercial Bank. Cao Xiaoqiang stopped here and looked at the white lacquered wooden signboard hanging high at the door. A few large characters were neatly brushed out with eye-catching black paint, “Foreign watches, radios, phonographs, foreign goods of all colors”. He pondered: Okay, then this one.

In fact, along the way, Cao Xiaoqiang has attracted countless eyeballs. Dressed in a 21st century suit and leather shoes, walking on the street with a cardboard box in his arms is really eye-catching. The men and women who come and go on the street are full of happiness and happiness. Confident spirit. Most of the men and women who seem to be educated and from good backgrounds wear long robes, and a few in suits and windbreakers are sitting in a rickshaw, and the coachman hurriedly drove the car.

Those who drove big trucks and rickshaws were all wearing short coats and trousers made of blue-black or off-white homespun cloth. In the cold weather, they exposed the thin and powerful forearms and calves that are commonly seen by laborers in this era. In addition, the people seen on the street, except for the faded homespun cloth, were almost uniformly navy and black.

As soon as he entered the store, a young man of 16 or 17 came up to greet Cao Xiaoqiang:

“Hello, gentleman, please take a closer look at the products in our shop. They are all selected imported high-quality foreign goods, selected at will, and at reasonable prices.”

“Is your boss here? I have something to tell him when I call it out.” Cao Xiaoqiang asked without picking up his stubble.

The young man was slightly startled, feeling that this person was rude, but he looked at Cao Xiaoqiang’s “good clothes” for a moment, and said more respectfully:

“Sir, please wait a moment, I’ll ask Boss Chen to come out for you.”

Cao Xiaoqiang put the heavy cardboard boxes on the cement floor of the store, looked around the store, and felt that the 30-square-meter storefront was clean and bright, clean and shiny everywhere, and red paint on the walnut counter. On the wooden shelves, there are old-fashioned radios and phonographs. That old-fashioned tube radio looks like a big wooden box.

Those phonographs are more like antiques in the movies Xiaoqiang used to watch, with large open brass horns on them, and the horns are plugged in brightly. Outside the counter, there is a larger floor-standing radio and phonograph on the side of the store, which is the size of a small wooden cabinet.

The counter in the store has a three-stage structure. Why is it called a three-stage structure? Because the two sections on the two sides are wooden counters and the middle section is a glass counter, only the glass counter is covered with transparent flat glass in front and on top. When the guests enter the door, it is very eye-catching.

There were eight foreign watches neatly stacked on the glass counter, and they were shining brightly on the counter underlay of red flannel. However, in the eyes of Cao Xiaoqiang from the 21st century, there is only one word in his heart that can describe “no feeling”.

Those watches, in the eyes of Xiaoqiang, who is used to seeing Rolex Longines in a large commercial building, look not much different from the unearthed cultural relics.

At this moment, a person hurriedly greeted from the back of the shop. He looked at him, fifty or so, a navy blue bottomed silk-faced quilted robe with a dark pattern of copper coins, a short goatee, thin face, and tortoiseshell round eyes with black plastic feet. Hung in the middle of the bridge of the nose, the eyes behind the lens looked carefully at Cao Xiaoqiang, and said:

“This gentleman is looking for me. I don’t know which foreign product did you have a fancy for?”

“Hehe, old gentleman, please take the liberty. Actually, I came today to sell the watch I imported from overseas to your store. Please have a look at the old gentleman.”

With that said, Cao Xiaoqiang didn’t wait for the goatee to answer, opened the carton, took out the watch box and passed it directly. The goatee was a little surprised, and immediately looked as usual, took the watch box and opened it, took out the watch and played with it, and said, “Mr. Where did this watch come from?”

“United States”

Cao Xiaoqiang thought to himself, the one I specially picked did not have madeinchina written on it, and the only manual that stated the place of production had been taken away by me one by one, and now I say where it is made.

“what brand?”

“Ollard” Cao Xiaoqiang himself transliterated the name of the second-line brand mechanical watch produced by Cong Qing.

The goatee’s expression seems to be the more I look at this watch, the more I love it, the all-steel case, the glass surface, the steel strap, and all the visible parts are such fine workmanship (relative to this era).

“Sir, please come with me to the back hall to discuss in detail.” Goatee raised his hand and motioned.

So Cao Xiaoqiang came to the back hall with him and made tea. After introducing each other, he learned that the goatee was named Chen Weifang. Cao Xiaoqiang claimed that he was a foreign trade importer and exporter, because he did not dare to stock up in the war. Sell. So the two negotiated the price. This old fox deserves to have been in business for many years. The bargaining skill is really powerful.

With a combination of hard and soft, he just suppressed Cao Xiaoqiang’s price from 120 to 80, but he agreed to help Cao Xiaoqiang change the payment into According to his statement, the exchange rate for official purchase of gold is too cheap, and the private purchase price is about 4.5 yuan per gram. Therefore, Cao Xiaoqiang paid the price of 23 small yellow croaker (the average gold bar of the Republic of China is 31.25 grams each). All 40 watches were sold.

In Xiaoqiang’s view, this is simply a huge profit, and there is no reason not to agree.

Chen Weifang asked Xiaoqiang to stay in the store for a while. He went to fetch the gold. Xiaoqiang talked about business for a long time, and he was a little tired after calculating the price full of his head, so he took a sip of tea and waited slowly.

An hour later, Chen Wei returned to the store and slowly inspected all 40 watches, and even randomly opened the back covers of several watches for inspection. Chen Weifang exclaimed:

“This American Euler’s watch is exquisite in workmanship, and the packaging is exquisite. If Mr. Cao does import trade of this watch in the future, just get the goods and I will make it round!”

“Boss Chen, don’t worry, the quality of this watch is excellent, and the after-sales service is better. I will replace it with a new one if there is a quality problem within one year.”

“That’s the case! Please leave a contact information for Mr. Cao.” (You must know that the foreign watch is broken this year and you can only repair it by yourself. The repair price is very expensive. If you are not lucky, repair it twice. Block low-end new watch)

“I have just come to Beidu from Puhai and there is no store yet. When I find a suitable store, I will inform Boss Chen again.”

“Then it will work. It’s noon. Why not stay in the shop and have a casual meal before leaving?”

Cao Xiaoqiang rejected Chen Weifang’s invitation: “Thank you, Boss Chen, for his kindness. I really have other things to do. I’m rude and rude, so I’ll leave.”

So Chen Weifang sent Cao Xiaoqiang out of the door with a look of spring breeze and went back to the intersection.

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