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Chapter 2 Hold More Tighter

After dealing with the waste, the man returned to his wife, staring at the dizzy Qian Yuxi, and couldn’t help but stretch his hand across her delicate and beautiful face.

Suddenly, his movements stopped!

The sharp eagle eyes narrowed tightly, staring at her abnormal blushing face, and a strong killing intent burst out of her eyes.

Qian Yuxi was fainted by the medicine, and felt that his whole body was as hot as a fire.

“Don’t go…Don’t leave me, it’s so hot…” She whimpered sadly, and her delicate body threw herself into the man’s arms, lazily rubbing in his arms like a cat.

The man slid his throat unconsciously twice, his eyes squeezed out the water softly, “Kohan, Kohan… wake up…”

Such a tender look is different from the brutality just now.

He knew that he should push her away, but he couldn’t push her away anyway. His actions betrayed his reason and hugged her tighter.

After three years, he was finally able to hold her in his arms again.

“Xiao Yu…” The two of them clung to each other tightly.

Qian Yuxi smiled charmingly: “You finally came back, hug me… please, it’s so hot…”

She said that she was wronged, and two tears fell down her cheeks.

The man had a gloomy expression again, damn Feng Qianxu, he dared to find someone to give her medicine!

Qian Yuxi entangled him fiercely. The man knew how weak he was against her, but he didn’t want to take her like this.

Trying to restrain the turbulent urge in the body, he pushed her away at the last gritted teeth.

Qian Yuxi’s Yingying Jianshui eyes looked at her grievously: “You push me away again, how can you treat me like this…I hate you…I hate you…”

The tears fell, and the strings hit the man’s heart, causing pain. With a pitiful sigh, the man met her crying red eyes like a rabbit, and asked softly, “Is he good to you?”

“Leave me in the cold, abandon me, and have double sex with other women… I hate him, he is a scumbag, a badass… Uuuuu… big badass…” Qian Yuxi grabbed his clothes and wiped his nose. , One punch fell on him, like venting his own dissatisfaction.

That big bastard Shao Huaiqian, she loved him for so many years, but was kicked off by him in the end, she hated him to death!

The thought of that man made Qian Yuxi’s tears more turbulent.

The man thought these tears and sorrows were all because of Feng Qianxu’s eyes, with a gloomy and unclear light flashing up and down.

Qian Yuxi drank too much and swallowed the medicine again, and the shadow of Shao Huaiqian was vaguely in front of him. The yearnings of three years of suppressed eruption broke out in an instant, and directly rushed to kiss his lips.

Shao Huaiqian, you scumbag, my old lady wants to swallow you one bite at a time!

The man was attacked, and the sudden softness made him stunned. Soon, he suppressed the surging impulse in his body, tried to push her away carefully, and whispered in her ear,

“Hey, get up first…”

He has hurt her once, and absolutely can’t this time.

“No!” Qian Yuxi glared at him, “I knew, you want to abandon me and find another woman… Please, don’t leave me… I’m obedient, as long as you are good with me, I Just forget how hateful you are to me, we have been together…”

Shao Huaiqian, a man she loved to the bone in her life.

Similarly, hate to the bone.

The man stiffened, did she already love Feng Qianxu so much?

Love to…so humble…

His original enthusiasm was wiped out at once, and the whole person fell cold, picked her up and walked to the bathroom.

The cold water washed her lost reason, Qian Yuxi screamed and jumped, trying to escape. The man grabbed her and let her shower in the cold water. Although he didn’t give up, the anger in his heart couldn’t disappear.

I don’t know how long it took, Qian Yuxi seemed to gradually wake up, her temples were so painful, and her blurred eyes slowly focused.

A chest of red fruit!

She drew a sigh of relief, and slapped it in the next second without thinking about slaps, “You are shameless!”

The scumbag Feng Qianxu actually dared to take advantage of her when they agreed to break up peacefully.

However, her hand was caught, she suddenly raised her eyes, a familiar and stunning face appeared in front of her, making her forget to breathe.

“Shao… Huai Qian…”

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