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Chapter 1 The Mysterious Man

Heaven, gray.

In Qingyuan District, Cangyun City, China, a winding road is connected to the sky.

Xu Mubai stood on the side of the road, lowered his head and pinched the time on his watch.

Thinking that half an hour had passed since the appointed time, and the other party hadn’t made the appointment on time, she couldn’t help feeling a little impatient.

She works part-time in a star-rated hotel in Cangyun City. When the guest room aunt was cleaning up this morning, she found that the guest in the presidential suite dropped a ring after checking out.

Xu is that this ring has a special meaning to the guest, and the other party actually contacted the manager and asked the manager to send it.

Unfortunately, Xu Mubai became the person who gave the ring.

From the center of Cangyun to Qingyuan District, it is less than a hundred kilometers.

The weather in autumn and winter was wet and cold. It took Xu Mubai nearly an hour to get here by taxi, but she was only wearing a white coat and light blue washed white jeans. The cold wind blew her nose red. , She took a couple of breaths and couldn’t help putting her hand in her pocket.

Suddenly, a cold wind hit her face mercilessly, and saw a luxurious black Maybach appear in front of her.

The car glass slowly slid down, and a young man in a gray suit appeared in her brown pupils.

The young man raised his eyebrows, and asked politely and politely: “Hello, are you a staff member of the Royal View Hotel?”

Dijing is the hotel where she works.

She was startled: “Oh…yes!”

“The ring.”

“May I ask the owner’s name…?”

“My name is Jun, what is missing is a diamond ring, and there is a circle of small diamonds around the diamond.”

The information is ingeniously matched with the manager’s.

The manager only told her that the other party’s surname is Jun, and warned her not to ask more, but judging from the manager’s cautious attitude, it is estimated that this man surnamed Jun is not small.

Xu Mubai hurriedly took the ring out of his pocket, then reached into the car window and handed it to the young man.

“Thank you, thank you.” The man said with a polite smile, his gaze stayed on the ring for a second before he took it, then tilted his body, holding the ring in both hands and handing it to the seat at the back of the car respectfully, “Master, yours Ring.”

Hearing this, Xu Mubai noticed that there was still a man in the car.

Perhaps the real owner, the driver’s boss.

However, through a heavy car glass, she couldn’t see his appearance clearly, but secretly wondered whether she could ask a man to send her to Cangyun City by the way.


A simple and cold word, like a thousand-year-old ice, made Xu Mubai shudder;

Seeing that the window of the car was about to close, Xu Mubai bit her lip, and got the courage to get his hands stuck on the car glass and said, “Sir, if you want to go to Cangyun City, can you take me for a ride? This place is too deserted and it is not convenient to take a taxi. .”

She took a taxi from hundreds of miles to give him a ring, and since they had a car to take her back by the way, it was a matter of course.

Clinkable material——

“Sorry, you have to ask him for instructions on our young master’s car.”

Following the man’s sight, Xu Mubai moved his face slightly.

The man faced her sideways, with a clear outline, looking far away from the distance——

Indifferent, mysterious, high above!

Even though he didn’t look directly at her, the corner of the eye was indifferent and arrogant, and the deep eyes seemed to hide thousands of emotions, but

It was so deep that people couldn’t see the true thoughts in his heart.

As if perceiving her gaze, he rolled his eyes faintly, his gaze paused on her face, and then he swept away.

When he only glanced at it, Xu Mubai felt stiff all over, and his coldness instantly jumped from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

This person’s aura is too strong… it gives people a danger that is indescribable.

He sits upright, with jet-black hair, black haute couture custom-made suits, and a very tall figure, but he doesn’t look at her anymore. He exudes a noble and domineering domineering all over his body.

It’s as if everything in the world is not enough to enter his eyes.

Xu Mubai was shocked by his aura; this man gave people a feeling that ordinary people could not get close. If he went back with him, he would have to be frozen for an hour. It is estimated that you will have to try your luck when you arrive at the car.

Thinking of this, Xu Mubai smiled flattery and dogleg, blinked frivolously and flattered and said, “Being so handsome, he must have a good heart. By the way, take a ride. Look at this wild country, you are so willing. Let a beautiful woman stay in this ghost place alone?”

“Go away.”

The man in the car still cherishes words like gold, and his expression has not changed at all, but he is contradictory to feel that he is extremely impatient at this time, and even his aura is terrifying.

The word’get away’ made Xu Mubai stunned for a moment, as if thinking of something unpleasant to sting her fragile nerves.

She has heard these two words many times, but it never seemed to make her angry this time!

Xu Mubai jumped up in flames, and she was so dazzled by anger that she didn’t feel scared anymore, bent over and pointed at the man’s nose and shouted:

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