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Chapter 1 A blood sacrifice that travels through time and space

“Farewell! The world!” Cao Xiaoqiang couldn’t help but smile lonely when he thought of this.

In the bathtub of the hotel, a young man is lying on his back. We are not uncommon to see people lying in the bathtub. What is strange is that this person is dressed—a full suit and tie, black shoes, and neatly dressed. Qi seems to be attending a banquet.

Bright red blood continuously poured out from the right wrist of this pale young man.

The three wounds were cut neatly. It can be seen that the suicide was a science monk, but the cut was a little shallow. You can’t blame him for this. Originally, suicides are rarely fatal to themselves. There have been few people since ancient times. People who can be cruel to themselves at the end of their lives, and who can be merciless to themselves, often do not seek death.

Soon, due to excessive blood loss, Cao Xiaoqiang, whose pulse gradually weakened, finally went into shock. At the moment before losing consciousness, Cao Xiaoqiang realized dimly that he seemed to have entered a time tunnel. All the memories that grew up to the present, like the movie that was screened upside down, all appeared in front of him, and the playback speed of the picture was getting faster and faster, one frame at a time. The frame of the picture flew past my eyes, and finally, with a pop, the tunnel in front of my eyes was filled with extremely white light.

At this time, only one voice was heard saying, “The blood sacrifice is successful!” Cao Xiaoqiang also fainted completely.

When he opened his eyes, the young man couldn’t help but muttered, “Is there a ceiling in heaven, too.”

A tactful female voice next to him saw him wake up, and suddenly yelled:

“The patient in bed 3 woke up, Doctor Zou~~Doctor Zou~~~Doctor Zou~~~~~~”. Taking advantage of the nurse’s time to call the doctor, the young man looked at the room carefully and felt at a loss. It seemed that he had been saved by cutting his wrist by committing suicide. He felt a little lonely and a little grateful.

Yes, this person is the protagonist of the book, Cao Xiaoqiang who committed suicide by cutting his wrist before.

But seeing that the ward in front of me is not big, two beds are arranged side by side, and there is a white painted wooden bedside table beside each bed. It looks simple and simple. The white wall painted with lime is spotless, but it is slightly faint. yellow. Cement floors painted with dark red paint are not common. This is a decoration method that few people have adopted in later generations and have disappeared.

Through the open wooden shutters, the sunshine outside the window was projected in, shining on a pot of autumn chrysanthemum on the window sill. The yellow golden color and the dense green color are really beautiful. The wooden green-lacquered hospital beds are in the style of the 1950s on the TV. The slogan on the wall is particularly eye-catching, “Warmly Celebrate the Founding of New China”, but the Chinese characters are written in traditional Chinese characters.

Seeing this, the young man who had lost too much blood felt another dizziness coming from his brain, and said to his heart: Did I pass through?

Dr. Zou, who was shouting from the nurse, walked into the ward. Dr. Zou looked over 40 years old with piercing eyes. He was very thin because he was used to working around for the health of others, but he was thin and straight. The spine and shoulders made him look very high spirited.

“You woke up, boy, you bleed too much and caused shock. Fortunately, the people in Shuijing Hutong found out early and sent you here because they saved their lives because they were rescued in time.” At this point, Dr. Zou had a pretty face.

“I observe the wound on your wrist… Young man, why did you commit suicide? I think you are dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and you have a foreign watch with a lot of value. You shouldn’t be a person shorter than money. Why do you want to find this short-sightedness.”

The young man said, “I put on my best suit and my FIYTA watch. That’s right, but these things are not worth money. I just want to commit suicide and wait for a hotel round. When the people found out, they were more decent, they used the hotel bathtub as a coffin.”

So I made up a reason and said, “My name is Cao Xiaoqiang. I quarreled and broke up with my lover. I committed suicide because I couldn’t think about it for a while. I regret it now. Dr. Zou, your life-saving grace, I dare not forget each other in this life. May I ask you, what am I? Can you leave the hospital at that time?”

“Although you are out of danger, you are still a little weak now. You should rest for a few days. If you feel that your body is fine, it is okay to go home and rest in bed, but you should not do vigorous exercise anymore in the near future.” Dr. Zou looked at Xiaoqiang. , A serious way.

“Thank you, doctor, I’ll go back to rest now. May I ask, how much is the medical bill? I don’t have any money with me now. I don’t know if I can mortgage the watch first, and I will send the money back later?” Xiaoqiang said hesitantly.

Doctor Zou smiled and said, “After you go home, you must be careful to rest, eat some blood-tonifying and nourishing food, buy an old hen stew, and you will raise a good life. The medical expenses for first aid are only 50,000 yuan (the currency reform at the time, 10,000 yuan) It’s equivalent to one yuan in the new renminbi, but only 1-2 yuan per catty for pork) Your foreign watch is really valuable, you don’t need to hold it down. I can trust Mr. Cao.

So after repeated thanks, Cao Xiaoqiang left the hospital. It was almost noon, and he was standing on the streets of Beijing, feeling at a loss.

At this time, the voice in Cao Xiaoqiang’s mind sounded again:

“If the blood sacrifice is successful, will the time and space beacon be activated?”

Cao Xiaoqiang asked quickly when he was surprised:

“What is a blood sacrifice?! What is a time and space beacon?! Who are you?!”

This extremely powerful male voice replied to Xiaoqiang: “Hello, master, I am the blood soul. I can take you freely in and out of the time and space where the time and space beacons exist. The price is your blood, the master. This is the blood sacrifice.

The space-time beacon is an extra-dimensional space-time coordinate. Once activated, it can evolve along with the space-time. For example, even if the owner leaves this space-time today, he will come back one year later. When he comes back, he will be on October 10, 1950, instead of staying on October 10, 1949. “

Cao Xiaoqiang is completely speechless, this is a magical thing, and it will keep up with the times! Such a high-tech, high-fantasy and unbelievable Dongdong actually appeared on one of his dicks.

This blood soul seemed to be able to read Cao Xiaoqiang’s thinking, and continued: “Master, the reason why the blood soul appears on you is because countless Chinese martyrs threw their heads and shed blood, and the accumulated heroic blood qi sublimated and became blood light. , The cascade of blood and light in multiple time and space becomes blood bonds, and countless blood bonds are organically combined to become blood peptides. Blood peptides are the primary life monomers that make up blood souls.

Blood peptides grow and merge with other blood peptides and swallow blood bonds. Growing into a wise life and blood soul, it has experienced countless time and space for thousands of years of evolution and evolution. The moment when the blood soul is formed, it will automatically parasitize on the descendants of Yan Huang who are the heaviest and the closest to death at that moment, and use this as the mother body , Once the mother dies, the blood soul will die with it.”

Cao Xiaoqiang said in surprise, “You are so logical!… Countless years of accumulation in time and space, but only have a life span as long as mine!?”

“Yes” the blood soul replied, “My life is as short as you, but I will give you the ability to travel freely through time and space at the cost of consuming one hundred milliliters of your blood. Anything smeared with your blood will be Carrying and crossing together, to the time and space beacon. Since the nearest natural beacon was on October 10, 1949, the owner came here.”

After a long silence, Cao Xiaoqiang, who was shocked, said:

“Start time and space beacon.”

“Yes, master, activate the time and space beacon………… the time and space beacon has been activated, please give instructions from the master.” The blood soul calmly responded with his extremely powerful voice.

“Let me ask you, Brother Blood Soul, how many time and space beacons are there, how did they build it, and can I build it on my own?” Xiaoqiang was still a little confused by this fantasy experience.

“When every Chinese blood peptide is born, it will automatically leave a natural beacon in the current time and space, like a silkworm cocoon left by a moth. Once activated by the Chinese blood soul, a contract will be formed at the same time. Once the Chinese blood soul dies, the road beacon It will disappear with it, without any impact on the time and space where it is.

There are currently three natural beacons that I can perceive, and here is the one closest to 2010. The owner can also specify any time and space to create a new time and space beacon, but One thousand milliliters of blood needs to be consumed. This consumption is too large and may cause extreme discomfort or even coma to the owner.” Blood Soul explained.

“I don’t want to die again. The thing about customizing the time and space beacon will also be mentioned later. If you can shuttle between the existing time and space beacon, it is already a big blessing in the world. Now that the time and space beacon has been activated. , Then I will just stroll around here and go back.” Xiaoqiang said to himself.

The northern capital of New China, the city’s scene at the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was a bit shabby. There was no jungle full of high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete in the time and space of the later generation Cao Xiaoqiang, and there was no street full of traffic. scene.

The northern capital was spared the baptism of war because of the peaceful adaptation of Pu Zuoyi. But after many vicissitudes of life here, it has long lost its magnificent appearance as the capital of the emperor. On the small streets, the alleys are full of rubbish and dust everywhere. There are low and gloomy bungalows and messy and crowded courtyards everywhere.

But, fortunately, there are still people, many people, these industrious Beidu people are busy cleaning the streets. It seems that they have not done construction or cleaning work for thousands of years before cleaning with a hundredfold enthusiasm. This drive is like that. Fiery, even with this Qiuyang warmer. Workers, porters, and vegetable farmers who carry goods, carry heavy objects on their shoulders, and chant rhythmically in their mouths, bringing endless vitality to the city.

After walking around and seeing flowers dizzy and tinnitus, Cao Xiaoqiang, who was excited by the past, found Shuijing Hutong according to the address that Dr. Zou told him. After going in and out, Cao Xiaoqiang found that the bathtub of the hotel was abruptly across a corner in the alley.

Cao Xiaoqiang said heartily, this thing can’t stay! Seeing that there was no one in the alley at this time, it was empty. Cao Xiaoqiang unwrapped the gauze on his wrist according to the guidance of the blood soul, squeezed some blood from the unhealed wound and wiped it on the bathtub, and then started the time travel and returned to 2010.

After a while of dizziness, Cao Xiaoqiang found that he had returned to the hotel where he was before the crossing. Although the bathtub is still in place, there are obviously gaps around it, and the broken water pipe is still puffing with tap water. Fortunately, the floor drain in the bathroom is smooth, otherwise the hotel will surely notice this abnormal situation after the water overflows into the Jinshan Mountains.

There is no blood on the bathtub after crossing, which saves cleaning. It seems that the blood was consumed in the blood sacrifice process.

Cao Xiaoqiang pondered, God-given opportunity, first use this extraordinary ability to get rid of the predicament for himself. The current situation of his own is… it is really horrible.

Xiaoqiang is twenty-six this year and graduated from Pujiang University’s Department of Industrial Automation. He committed suicide because of his savings of 100,000 yuan for many years and the 200,000 yuan sent by his parents to buy a house and get married. The down payment was rented by Cao Xiaoqiang. The house was stolen, and then his girlfriend broke up and broke up with him.

It has been three months now. Cao Xiaoqiang, who had been running the Theft Division of the Public Security Bureau almost every day to inquire about the progress, was completely discouraged, until he had the idea of ​​short-sightedness, and finally, he put it into action.

After making up his mind to live well in the future, Cao Xiaoqiang retired from the room. Since it was determined that the water pipe burst was not the guest’s responsibility, the hotel did not make things difficult for him. Xiaoqiang directly took a taxi back to the house he rented in Beidu, and started searching online to see what was suitable for the 1949 trade.

Although the head was dizzy due to continuous blood loss, the brain was in a highly excited state, as if knocked on the medicine, dizzy and excited. This is probably a common problem for first-time travelers.

For an obscure urban wage earner, being able to travel freely through time and space and become a unique time and space businessman can be said to be a radical change in destiny, and for an unlucky person who thought about committing suicide before, this is that. The elixir of life-saving, the red sun that dispels the dark fate…

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