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Chapter 4 Self-defeating

(1) Nymphomaniac Army Siege Plan

After returning from school to get married, I posted this explosive news on Cheng Zitai’s nympho army website. Humph~! Cheng Zitai, you bastard, even if you are not angry and you die on the spot tomorrow, at least you can be angry and bleed from your seven orifices! Hahahaha…

HOHO~! The great day has finally come. Early in the morning, I planned how to get rid of Cheng Zitai:

Pretending to be sick? It’s not okay, it’s okay. People like me who go straight to you are determined to pretend not to look like you. If you wear a helper at that time, you won’t be self-defeating.

Pretend to be stupid? Just say that the Chinese teacher knocked it into a concussion yesterday? No, this kind of nonsense is about deceiving a three-year-old child. Maybe this is really going to be concussed by that guy’s anger* *!!!

Oops~, what exactly should I pretend to do?? It’s a headache…

I was biting the pen and thinking desperately~, Cheng Zi’s nasty voice suddenly sounded outside my room, “Smelly boy, what the hell are you doing, hurry up and go to class! Haha, you won’t be urinating in the middle of the night.” Bed, I dare not come out to meet people now~?! Haha~!”

This damn guy! What an annoyance!

Woo~, I had to open the door depressed and walked out of the room.

“Are you planning to swim naked to steal my spotlight? Don’t even wear swimming trunks.”

“I…I…I’m dizzy!” I said without a word.

“Dizziness? Haha~! Tell you a secret, in fact, I have a good way to cure dizziness!” Cheng Zi laughed at me badly.

No~, as soon as I saw that guy’s evil smile, I knew something was wrong. Okay~, it seems that I won’t be able to use the last killer trick! I… pretend to be dizzy!!

“Oh~, no more, my head is so dizzy…I…want to…faint…lah~!” I slowly and slowly fell towards the ground. (Of course you can’t faint quickly, or you have to faint really)

“Housekeeper, it seems that Chi Xiaoyuan is really dizzy. Hurry up and call the hospital and tell the people in the hospital that he must be operated on and checked, and all his problems will be cured for me at one time!” Cheng Zi Tai Kan I said to the ground.

What??? Surgery??? Woohoo~…no, I don’t want it!!!

I shouted and opened my eyes: “Hehe, master~, it’s so strange, why don’t I seem to be dizzy at all now?! I am really not dizzy at all! Hehe, then I don’t need to bother to go to the hospital. Right?”

“No~! You are my life assistant, and I should guarantee your health if you say anything!” Damn! I already knew that I was pretending to be dizzy, and I deliberately said it so nicely and wanted to punish me.

“Master~, I surrender!! I…I can’t swim!” I had to say so.

“Please, can you perform professionally next time, so that it will be stimulating and fun~! You are so dizzy so badly, it’s really a shame~! Ask the housekeeper to find some classic fainting shots for me~ Take a look, practice hard, wait until I come back to play again! Have you heard?”

Khan~, I’m afraid that only Cheng Zitai can tell this kind of thing?! It’s a typical Gemini personality, and I only know how to play all day long!!

Haha~, although the guy who pretended to be fainted was able to see through it at a glance, but, after all, I managed to get rid of that pesky guy for the reason of “not knowing how to swim”. Yeah~, Chi Xiaoyang, oh, no, my name is Chi Xiaoyuan now, huhu~, I almost forgot…you are not bad after all!~haha~!

HOHO~, Tianyuan, I’m here~, I’m here to find you~!

It’s really upset. It took me a whole morning to find no clue about Tian Yuan~! Could it be that I guessed wrong? Impossible, absolutely impossible! My instinct tells me that Cheng Zi must know Tian Yuan too, he must know him. !

Chi Xiaoyang, don’t be discouraged, absolutely don’t be discouraged!! Take your time, you will definitely find a clue.

Ah~, it’s already four o’clock in the afternoon~, that guy has been there for a long time, why hasn’t he returned yet. Could it be…Is it really so angry that I died on the spot?? Haha~, damn Chengzitai, you finally have today! Ahahahahahaha…

Huhuhu~, the pleasure after this rare revenge really made me so happy that I didn’t catch my breath for a long time.

“Master, you are back.” I heard the voices of the servants downstairs.

“Haha~…I’m back, give me some water, I’m going to take a good bath!” It was really that guy who came back. A bastard is a bastard, and even laughter is a hundred times worse than others!

Really, what kind of plane is he doing~, why is he so happy? Shouldn’t he be so angry that he died on the spot? How come he has his life back? Strange~!!

Regardless of that, let’s sneak out of his room quickly.

As soon as I got off the stairs, the oncoming Chengzi opened the chatterbox to me with a smile: “Haha~, brat~, it’s really a pity that you didn’t go today! You don’t know, today’s swimming pool is really good It’s hilarious, so many chirping women! I don’t know how they got mixed in. Anyway, it’s so funny, it makes me almost amused! You didn’t see, they walked in swimsuits and twisted and twisted, so weird and alive. Take off a group of disabled penguins; the swimming skills are even more flattering, like dead fish hulling and floating on the water; there is also the exaggerated posture of them jumping off the ten-meter platform… Haha, hahaha , I almost fainted with laughter! Hahahaha~, uhhahahahahaha…”

I collapsed~…

Wow wow wow wow ——!!!! Why did it happen like this?! How could he not be angry at all, but smile so happily as if he had won the first prize? woo woo woo~…why did I work so hard to get it out The revenge plan failed again??? ohhhhhhhh

Huhuhu~, I am mad! I am really mad!! Damn god, damn stinky pig head, damn big horny ghost, why only help handsome guys and not help me?! Wow, yeah~!!

“Hey~, Chi Xiaoyuan, why are you looking sooooo green? You change your face when you play!”

Humph~! It’s your shit, can’t I be angry? Bastard~!!

I ignored him, turned and walked towards my room.

(2) Wow wow… my phone

After this fiasco, I finally summed up a very important experience, and that is-never start blindly, so as not to always be self-defeating. A truly good opportunity, as long as I wait patiently, I will definitely be there! HOHO~!

“I’m the invincible little ninja, babble, babble~!” My phone rang suddenly. Oops~, I forgot to change the class time to vibration, haha~, fortunately, it is time for physical education class, otherwise I will definitely hear the sentence again-“Chi Xiaoyuan, get me out!!!”

“Haha~, what a bad ringtone? Don’t tell me that your ideal is to be a ninja~? Then I will despise you very much!” Cheng Zitai, the guy, said at me and put in a beautiful Three-pointers. hateful!

I glared at him and then pressed the answer button on the phone: “Hey~, this is Chi Xiaoyuan, who can I look for?”

“Xiaoyang~, it’s me-Yang Xu! How is it? How are you doing? How is the retaliation plan implemented? Ha ha, don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself, by the way, there is also Caucasus I have been fed into a giant panda! You are too fat to run! How about it? Happy?”

Halo…It’s a giant panda again!! I hate giant pandas!!!

“Jin Yangxu, I order you to help the Caucasus lose weight and lose weight from today! Have you heard?… That plan, I am slowly implementing it, don’t worry! Remember to take care of my Caucasian!” My voice Getting smaller and smaller, for fear of being heard by that bastard.

With a bang, a basketball slammed in front of me. “Wow!!” I was so frightened that I threw the most valuable mobile phone a few meters away.

“Wow~, my phone~! My phone~!!” I quickly ran over and picked up my phone with great pain. Oh my god, it turned out to be a black screen! Too much, too much!!

“Cheng Zitai! How can you be so excessive?! My phone was killed by you!! Wow wow wow wow…” I yelled at the guy in a rage.

“Hey~, it’s not better to die. Your master phone should have been replaced long ago. You should thank me for helping you make up your mind. If people all over the world are saving like you, then we are sure to pay it back now. I live poorly in the Stone Age! Fortunately, I have a young master and I promote consumption! Haha~! “What an arrogant guy, he is like a great savior!!

Oh, my phone, my phone! Oh~, MyGod~, is the baby phone that I spend day and night away from me forever? No, oh oh oh oh…

No, it must not be dead, it must have just fainted, I have to wake it up, so that it won’t be blacked out, and it will come back alive! Um”, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock…

“Knock you on your head~” Cheng Zitai, the dead fellow, grabbed my phone, “If the old one is not used, the new one will not come. I will pay you a new one that is a thousand times better than it. !” As he said, he threw my mobile phone far away, I only felt that my heart was shattering and shattering little by little…

Oh oh oh… my phone, my baby phone…

I rushed over and picked up my phone again: “Even if it doesn’t work, I will keep it!”

“Hehe~, I really don’t see that you are quite affectionate. Well, you can hold it in your arms and sleep with you every night, I don’t care. Alas, playing basketball is really boring, let’s cut it now. Hair, how about buying a cell phone for you by the way?”

Dizzy~…it’s still school time~! This guy always looks like this, he can do whatever he wants, I can never guess what he will be nervous about next!

“Hey~, Chi Xiaoyuan, don’t tell me that it’s class time so you can’t go. If you do this, I won’t lose the phone to you, hehe!”

What~? This damn guy! Use this kind of thing to threaten me?! Damn, damn, damn!!! But, but I want a mobile phone, it’s really inconvenient to not have a mobile phone~…Uh…Okay , I actually don’t want to go to class anyway, hey~hey~!

So, I skipped class with Cheng Zitai.

Wow~! What is the place he brought me here? Isn’t the haircutting place just a small store? But the one standing in front of my eyes is not like that at all~, I want to use the magnificent splendor. It shouldn’t be too much to describe~!

As soon as I entered the door, a refreshing fragrance entered my nose. It is really beautiful here~!

“Master Cheng!!” I suddenly found that the shop assistants were welcoming him! This extravagant guy must come here often, otherwise everyone would know him~!

“Um~, I just need to cut my hair today. As for my life assistant? See what he needs, you can satisfy him as much as possible! HI~, RURU, it’s been a long time since I saw you, it’s getting more and more beautiful!” ~! What a pervert, I like to soak in places where there are many MMs, huh~! It’s really boring!

“Oh~, Master Cheng~, really? I’m really getting more and more beautiful?” The tall and beautiful MM came over like a beautiful snake.

At first glance, tsk tsk~, they are really a pair of natural slut~!! Khan~! Evil~!

Cheng Zitai entered the VIP area and began to wash her hair.

“Chi Xiaoyuan, do you think the horse was upright just now~? Haha~!” The bastard’s evil look was really unbearable.

“Hehe, master~, you like it, how can my taste compare with the master? Right?” Hmph~! Of course not, because I am not as boring as you!

“Haha, you finally noticed your taste problem~? That’s great! Please look in the mirror more when you are okay, don’t make it so tasteless, okay?” The guy looked up and down at me. , Satirized me unceremoniously. hateful!!!

Immediately afterwards, the guy shouted and stretched: “I was exhausted from playing basketball just now. I have a rest and go to have a hair cut. Just go to the project you want to do, hehe~, no need to save me money. , I don’t want to go back to the Stone Age, haha~!”

Humph~! What do you mean~, do you laugh at me? You just have a good life, you are richer than me, and that money is not earned by yourself, what’s so great!

At this time, the guy had been huddled in front and back to the chair and washed his hair beautifully.

Seeing the gentle and skillful look of the shampoo lady, um~, I feel very comfortable thinking about it. Alright, okay, the flowers are spent, anyway, it’s not my money, since that guy is already spending the day, if I still worry so much, wouldn’t it be a fool!

“Miss, I also want to cut my hair, please help me find the most expensive hair stylist and shampoo lady, thank you!” Haha~, I work hard, I work hard, I work hard, and I am heartbroken that big bastard .

I sat next to Cheng Zitai and started to enjoy it. Haha~, shampooing is really comfortable~! This dead guy can really enjoy~!

“Mr. Assistant, what kind of hairstyle do you want to cut~?” The hair stylist asked me respectfully. Haha~, as expected, the treatment of rich people is different!

“Whatever you want~, you think it’s good!” I don’t know any trendy hairstyle~, I used to find a shop close to home and just cut it.

(3) Cheng Zitai’s ugly hairstyle

“That…that…” The hair stylist next to Cheng Zitai cast an embarrassed look at me for help.

“what’s up?”

“Um… what hairstyle does Master Cheng want to cut? He hasn’t told us yet!”

“Just ask him!”

“But Master Cheng seems to be asleep, we dare not disturb him!” The hair stylist looked scared, maybe he was scolded badly by that guy before~!

“Success…” When I was about to wake him up, an evil thought suddenly flashed into my mind. Hehe~, waiting for a chance is worse than hitting a chance. It seems that today is really a good opportunity to retaliate against him! Good~! It was so decided.

“That… listen to me, just cut a crayon new hairstyle for Master Cheng!” I held back a smile and said.

“Mr. Assistant~, what hairstyle is Crayon Shin-chan?”

Dizzy~…It’s really a silly idiot. He doesn’t even know Crayon Shin-chan, so how can I describe it to him?

“Oh~, this is it!” Regardless of it, what else to describe, I took a finger on an ugly hairstyle in the picture album and said, “Well~, it’s OK to update the hairstyle on the basis of a cooler trend. !”

“Oh, good!” said the stupid stylist, nodding his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

Haha~, there is a good show to watch now~!

La la la, la la la, I am a master of the whole person, master master, master master, screaming~ screaming~ screaming~…

Alas~, next time I will never suffer such a crime again. I cut my hair for three full hours. No wonder that guy would choose to sleep. If I knew this, I would sleep too.

Huh~, I stretched slowly!

“Punch—-” When I stretched out halfway, “haha, hahaha…” I finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Haha~! Strong! ! Really strong! ! The hair stylist who helped Cheng Zi Tai cut his hair is really a top talent~, he can cut such abstract, decadent, trendy, trendy and messy hairstyles! Haha~, haha~, this kind of place is really crouching! ! Hahaha, hahahaha, ahahahahahaha…

“Chi Xiaoyuan~, what the hell are you doing, you’re crazy with MM, laugh so abnormally!” Cheng Zitai finally opened his eyes.

Humph~! I’m a pervert, I think it’s you who are perverted now! Haha~!

“Asshole!!! Asshole!!! Who the hell cut my hair? I’m crazy, is it? I can cut such an ugly hairstyle!” The moment Cheng Zitai looked at the mirror, she almost looked like a ball. It exploded with anger.

Haha~, it seems that he is really angry, he is finally really angry~, la la la~, la la la…

Hold back~! ! Hold back! ! Chi Xiaoyang, you must hold back this time, you can’t laugh! Woo…what should I do? I can’t help it anymore. I blame the hair stylist for being so strong that he cut out such a classic hairstyle. Don’t laugh, don’t laugh! Hold it back, I start to pinch my thighs hard, woooo~…If this is not the case, I think I will fall to the floor with laughter and roll. Haha~~, hahaha~…

“Re-cut!! I heard no, immediately change my hair stylist to re-cut it——!!!” Cheng Zitai shouted wildly at the shop.

Everyone in the store was scared and at a loss. It seems that it’s time for me, Chi Xiaoyang, to go out~!

“Oh~, master, don’t be angry, you were born on June 1, right? Then I tell you, people who are usually born on this day, if not public figures, are also at the forefront of the times. No matter what you do Whatever you say and what you look like will become the focus of attention in society, and you can do it easily even without hard work.

“As far as your Gemini character is concerned, you have a very good talent for inspiration and imagination, and you have a typical artist character. To be honest, I think this hairstyle is very artist-like, and it is full of trends. Lonely, but the ever-changing style flashes in the loneliness! And what Gemini people like to pursue is trendy. For Gemini, the most favorable condition is constant change. Therefore, this new hairstyle is for you. It is the most suitable!

“Master Zi, you must believe what I said~, because what this hairstyle embodies is-fate!!! Your irresistible fate!!!” Finally, I pretended to be too mysteriously to Cheng Zi Said such a sentence.

“Haha~, according to what you said, I should not only blame the hairstylist, but also give him appropriate rewards? Haha, don’t you see that your kid is quite researched on constellations! Forget it~, forget it~, go home!”

Hahaha~, the fellow Cheng Zitai believed what I said! He really got the trick! Yoho~, great~~! ! !

It seems that my acting skills have really improved by leaps and bounds~! Hmm, after graduation, I can definitely go to “Hollywood” alone.

Haha~, it seems that my retaliation plan has finally succeeded. It is really hard work to pay off~, with all sincerity, Jinshi is the best! Hahahaha~…

Um~, not bad, not bad! Chi Xiaoyang, you have to keep working hard~! Humph~! Cheng Zitai, just wait for a good show when you go to school tomorrow. You will definitely become a superstar in the school, hehe~, but an ugly star~, because the hairstyle you cut is really ugly. Uh ha ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha ha ha…

The next day, Cheng Zitai became a superstar of the school of course. but! But what I didn’t expect was that he didn’t have the slightest sign of becoming an ugly star in the school. On the contrary, he became a cool focus that caused more people to scream crazy for him! ! !

Wow wow wow wow~~~~, why? What exactly is this? ? Why do those brats unanimously think that ugly hairstyle is cool? Is there a serious problem with my aesthetics? impossible! I do not believe! ! ! However, it’s too impossible for Cheng Zi to collude with everyone to fool me? Is this hairstyle really cool? ? ?

What makes me even more depressed is that in just three days, 99% of the stinky boys who are tall and tall have been cut into the hairstyle of Cheng Zitai! ! !

Oh~~~, God, earth, bodhisattva, ancestors, gods, who can tell me, who can tell me why this world has become so abnormal? ? ? Oooooo…

But, these are nothing. One of the most maddening things is that, amidst the applause of my classmates, I actually found that I seem to be more and more pleasing to the new hairstyle of Cheng Zitai. Now, the more I look at it, the more I feel so handsome and cool, as if he really fits him well.

“boom”! “boom”! ! “boom”! ! ! Crashing…

Chi Xiaoyang, Chi Xiaoyang, are you crazy? ! Oh oh… Maybe one day, I will be driven crazy by that horrible guy…

Wow! ! ! Cheng Zitai, I swear to God, I will turn my grief and indignation into strength, and fight again and again until you die! ! ! You wait for me, I don’t believe me Chi Xiaoyang can’t think of a good way to get you! ! ! Humhhhhh~…

(4) Magical Potion of Silence

When I returned to my family after school that day, I went straight into my room and locked the door, then slapped my butt down in front of the computer, and started searching for ways to fix people.

“If you want to retaliate against your classmates, just catch the animal he fears the most and throw it into his drawer?” Dizzy~…No way, no way, it’s too naive!

“If you hate that classmate very much, just spend money to ask the gangsters to kidnap him directly, and explain that they tortured him as much as possible during the kidnapping period, and tore the ticket directly after receiving the ransom, killing two birds with one stone!” It’s too scary, cruel, too abnormal, right? No, no, even though I hate that guy, but if I use such a vicious method, I can’t be beaten to death.

“Huh~, what is this? A potion that will make people lose their voices for three days after drinking? It is colorless and tasteless, not easy to detect?”

Hmm~, this looks very interesting! And it suits him very well!

Because, as far as I know, Gemini people have a big weakness, that is, being active and impatient. If everything around is like a pool of stagnant water, without life, renewal and change, the Gemini will be bored and even mad. Haha~, if that guy can’t speak, can’t communicate with others in words, wouldn’t he be mad with anger?

Haha~, Chi Xiaoyang, you are simply a genius~! This kind of difficult plan was thought of by you without any effort. Hahaha~…

I laughed wildly in the room like a devil and jumped up with my teeth and claws.

and many more! Don’t be better. If Cheng Zi is too silent and the old lady knows it, it’s terrible. In terms of the ability of a family, if it is investigated, I will definitely find out that I did it, sweat~, then I will die. Up! Huh~, that’s not right~ I heard from my wife yesterday that I will go to Paris with the master tomorrow, and I have to go there for a whole week~! In that case, hahahaha…

Hehe~, just add a little more chili to Cheng Zitai’s meals at that time… um~, even if he has doubts because of his loss of voice, he can find this reason to prevaricate. Anyway, if he eats too much chili, this happens. normal.

Okay, it’s decided, just choose this potion~!

Hmm~! If you place an order right away, it is estimated that you can get the potion tomorrow. Hehe~, Cheng Zitai, you super bastard, it’s your time to die! Hey Hey!

Before dinner, I went to the bank to transfer money, and then pretended to be innocent and went back to my family for dinner.

Haha~, after planning all this, I found that my sleep quality was N times higher than usual~, it turned out to be the next morning when I opened my eyes.

After everything was done, I drove to school with Cheng Zitai as usual, but as soon as I stepped into the gate of Zitai Nan’s High School, I was stopped by the old man guarding the door: “Chi Xiaoyuan, your courier, come and sign for it!”

Ah~, is online shopping so convenient? Hehe, I haven’t noticed it before! I signed it and opened it secretly, haha~, it really is a magic potion! Oh yeah~, oh yeah~!

“Do you know how you smile now~! Did you receive a love letter from Xiao MM?” Cheng Zitai said to me like this.

hateful! ! Really, I also said that I laughed ****, I look at him more than 100 times than I ****! Bah, baah~, where am I going to **** it! Really, it confuses me again!

Humph~! Scold me, okay~! Cheng Zitai, today this lady made you die miserably! ! I’m dumb to you~, look at what you say. Humhhhhh~~~!

While I was eating at noon, I secretly poured the magic potion into Cheng Zitai’s soup, and then added chili to that guy’s meal, haha~, in this case, it would be difficult for that guy to drink the soup. Up.

Haha~, I guessed it was right, the guy Cheng Zitai complained that it was so spicy and so spicy, and slurped up the soup. Hehe~, he is unlucky now.

Looking at the time, the effect of the drug should not be onset until half an hour later. Haha~, my happy mood is like a small fish swimming freely in the vast and boundless sea, la la la, la la la, la la la la la la la…

“Boy~, take out your love letter and have a look. It’s so stingy, you can’t take it out, be careful to endure the illness!” The guy laughed at me as he ate.

Humph~! Do whatever you want, hurry up if you like to say it, but you can’t say it later~! Hey~!

In the end, I finally chewed the food in my mouth while looking at his handsome face, and couldn’t help laughing out loud, because—my phone showed that it was only fifteen seconds before half an hour.

The countdown starts: fourteen seconds, thirteen seconds, twelve seconds, eleven seconds…

“Master Zi, I suddenly decided to show you the love letter I received in the morning, but in exchange, can you tell me a joke first?” I want to make him talk, I don’t think he can tell you well. Finish, hehe~.

“Speak…” Yoho~, after speaking, the arrogant fellow Cheng Zitai suddenly lost his voice like a turntable was powered off! Yeah~, great!

There was a burst of joy in my heart.

“Why? Master, you are acting a pantomime. I don’t understand. What are you trying to say?” Seeing Cheng Zitai clutching his throat in a frantic formation, I couldn’t help laughing wildly and dizzy. …Stop it! No way! If you laugh wildly at this time, isn’t it just showing up?

So, I turned to cover my face and started to cry and cry: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is the matter with you that are you unable to speak? Uuuuuuuuuuuuu

Humph~! Scared you bastard! I tell you to take away my first kiss, I tell you not to tell me about Tianyuan, I tell you to break my love token magic colored mud ring! I want you to taste the same pain!

Haha~, my Chi Xiaoyang finally got a bad breath today. Yoho~ that’s so cool! ! !

Hehe, that guy was really scared by me~, he grabbed me and rushed to the parking lot.

Dizzy~… Cheng Zitai’s Ferrari drove like an airplane on the road, and the speed was so fast that people were frightened. There was nothing that flashed by on both sides of the car window. Nothing can be seen clearly, in my stomach. Suddenly, as if boiling a pot, a dizziness rushed towards me. That guy is crazy, right, but think about it if it were me, I would definitely go crazy too.

Haha~, looking at him, my plan really succeeded. Yoho~——Yeah~Yeah~Yeah~! ! !

Suddenly, a sirens sounded from behind: “The yellow Porsche in front stops me, do you hear it!”

(5) Restless dumb

“Master~, hurry up and stop!” I grabbed Cheng Zitai’s hand, “hurry up, we won’t be able to explain it until we wait!” I thought that guy would definitely not stop, but Unexpectedly, he stopped, he was a fickle person! I really don’t know what he wants to do.

Oops~ Paparic (paparazzi) came over with the police. Cheng Zi saw it too, and quickly activated the accelerator to start the car. Phew, fortunately he reacted quickly, otherwise it would be miserable if he was caught by those Paparic and found out that he had lost his voice and went back to scribble on the news. However, his bitter melon look is really funny~.

Huh~? what’s happenin? Why didn’t he go to the hospital, but went home instead? When the guy looked at the rearview mirror frequently, I also found out that the reporter was still following us secretly. No wonder that kid didn’t go to the hospital, but went home. The guy’s super high IQ once again let me see.

As soon as he got home, the fellow Cheng Zitai rushed into the room in a rage, scared the housekeeper and servants one after another, haha~, if in normal times, that guy would definitely yell and curse, but now, hum~ , See how you scold it, hehe~!

After three minutes, the guy smashed a note to me, which read: “Call Dr. Park to come to my house immediately!!!”

“Master~, don’t worry, I will call Dr. Park to come over right now, you can go back to the room and rest now.”

The guy nodded at me and went back to the room, but my heart started to beat drums. You know, Dr. Park is the private doctor of the married family. He is very famous in Korea. If he finds out the cause of Cheng Zitai’s dumbness, then I will definitely die miserably.

No way! You have to think of something quickly! Ah~, there is it!

I immediately went out and started to wait for Doctor Park at the gate of the married family.

Wow, it’s great to have a private doctor. In less than 10 minutes, Dr. Park drove over in a black luxury car.

“Doctor Park, the young master is silent!” I told him calmly.

“Really? Are there any symptoms?”

“No, everything is normal, but the young master seems to have eaten a lot of peppers at noon~!

“And… Doctor Park, as the life assistant of Young Master Zitai, I think there is something I must remind you. This situation happened when Young Master ate too much pepper before, and Young Master Zitai has always been very Believe you, you must not say anything that makes the young master uneasy. The master and wife are not at home. If you attack the young master at this time, if something happens to the young master, it is all your responsibility~!

“Hee hee~, in this case, Master should have no problem after three days, because last time it was okay after three days. Also, you must not tell the young master what I said, because In the three days before the young master lost his voice, there was a lingering wound in his heart. If you ask, it will definitely stimulate him.”

“Okay, I understand! Hey~, has the young master ever lost his voice? Why don’t I know?” Doctor Park looked puzzled.

“Of course, why should I lie to you? At that time, the young master and the old lady were in France together, so of course you didn’t know, and only a close confidant like me could know about this kind of private matter.”

Hula la~, I finally finished telling a set of lies before Dr. Park enters Cheng Zi’s room, hehe~, because I know that even if Dr. Park’s medical skills are high and without advanced equipment, it’s impossible to get any results. of.

And I didn’t guess wrong. Dr. Park really just said that Cheng Zi had eaten too many irritating things. There was nothing serious, so he would rest assured and promised that he would be well after three days based on his authority. After some medicine, he left in a hurry.

Haha, one of my crisis has finally been resolved. After I simply told the housekeeper about the situation, Ji Fei Gou Tiao, who just got married, returned to calm again.

Um~, it seems that I can go online quietly and happy now~.

Four hours later, I found that Cheng Zitai, who had been nesting in my room, had not come out! What the hell is that guy doing? Isn’t he thinking about committing suicide? Just when I was about to knock on the door, he walked out by himself. Huh~, why is it completely different from what I imagined? That guy actually recovered completely.

“Master~, are you okay?”

That guy still smiled evilly at me as usual. Did you make a mistake? I’ve lost my voice, yet this kind of virtue?

At this time, Cheng Zitai gestured to me to eat. Hmm~, he must be so angry that he doesn’t want to eat. I yelled to the housekeeper: “Housekeeper, Master said that he will not eat tonight!”

With a bang, the guy banged me on the head.

Halo… doesn’t that mean?

“That’s—you want to eat?” The guy shook his head.

“Are you not going to eat?” The guy still shook his head.

“You want to take me out for dinner?” Dizzy~… That guy actually gave me a blank look~!

Humph~! Isn’t it right~, do you need such big eyes and small eyes? Cut~! The ghost knew what you were going to say, so I threw my pen and memo to him.

Dizzy… What the guy wanted to say turned out to be: “You are not allowed to speak during dinner tonight!”

He is crazy, how can I guess such a difficult idea, besides, his gestures are not standard! What a boring guy, he can’t talk by himself, and he won’t allow others to talk. Damn it~~!

After the silent dinner, I got into my room and got on the net happily. Haha~, it’s so cool without that guy chirping in front of me!

Just when I was able to get up and running, I suddenly heard a loud yell outside the door: “Master~, what’s the matter with you? What’s the matter with this?” Is something serious happened to that guy? Khan~…I’m so upset even when I lose my voice!

As soon as I walked out the door, I was frightened by that guy. He…he rushed out with just a towel around~! And the whole body was covered with foam, even on my hair, dizzy~… I almost got a nosebleed when I saw it!

I suppressed my strong heartbeat, pretending to be nonchalant, and walked over: “Master, what new tricks are you playing?” The reason I say this is because just last week that guy was trying to play me and The housekeeper, pretending that the shower in his room was broken, so that the housekeeper was sprayed with water when he went to check the shower. Speaking of this, I really admire the guy’s superb acting skills, even I cheated. Up.

Humph~! Now it’s exactly the same again. It’s too small to underestimate our IQ, the ghost will believe you, haha~, even the housekeeper doesn’t believe it anymore.

Cheng Zitai looked at me with an innocent expression, jogging around in front of me, dizzy~~…The ghost knows what he said!

“Master~, you don’t want to play us anymore, okay? You just used this method last week! And we won’t be fooled by you again!” I looked at him helplessly. The butler next to him also nodded.

What are you doing? That guy is simply an expression that wants to kill us all together, ha ha, it’s really funny~, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but in exchange for that guy’s eyes rolled even more ruthlessly.

Then, he grabbed me and dragged it into his room. Khan~, what does he want to do~?

Oh~, it turned out to be dragging me to the bathroom of his room and asking me to look at the faucet. He twisted the faucet away fiercely, but there was not a drop of water! Haha! Turns out it was real this time, not playing us!

Humph~! It’s really self-inflicted. If I knew that there was today, I wouldn’t play those stimulating and special tricks~, and it won’t make anyone believe you~, in the end, it’s not asking for trouble.

(6) South Korea’s chief love ambassador

I thought that he would learn a lesson from this, but he didn’t expect that–

In the middle of the night, everyone went to bed. Only me and Mrs. Cheng were watching TV enthusiastically by the TV wall in the lobby. Suddenly, an unfamiliar and gloomy voice rang in my ears: “Chi~Xiao~Yuan ~, I’ll go and wash an apple for Master Cheng to eat~~~~!”


“Who is it? Which damn guy is playing tricks on me?” If I would be the first to suspect Taizi Cheng, but now he has lost his voice, even if he wants to pretend to be another voice, he can’t pretend to be. .

Quiet, quiet~…There was no answer to my question. It’s weird~, could it be that I heard it wrong? I had to turn my head and ask Cheng Zitai, “Master, did you hear anything just now?”

He shook his head like a rattle, and his expression was so sincere that one could not doubt him at all.

Woo~…Is it haunted, don’t scare me, calm down! Calm down! ! Chi Xiaoyang, there are no ghosts in this world! There are no ghosts at all! ! But, but I heard it~, could it be that I heard the hallucinations? Hmm~, it must be because I was so tired after a busy day that I have hallucinations!

However, when I just recovered my calm, the gloomy voice appeared again: “Chi~ Xiao~ Yuan~, go and wash an apple for Master Cheng to eat~~~~!” Ju Han~…

“Master~, don’t you really hear any sound?” I looked at Cheng Zitai with a look of horror.

He still shook his head vigorously with the sincere expression on his face.

Fever~… Did I really hit a ghost? Oh, no! Uncle ghost, auntie ghost, sister ghost, grandmother, don’t you look for me, Chi Xiaoyuan has no money, no hue, and…anyway, I don’t have anything, please, please~, please don’t look for me. Me, woooo…

Do not! There are absolutely no ghosts in the world! It must have been auditory hallucinations just now! Auditory hallucinations auditory hallucinations! ! But I heard it clearly~! I heard, I didn’t hear, I heard, I didn’t hear, I heard, I didn’t hear…Wow, no more, I’m going crazy…

“Master~, I…I found that I seem to be a little confused! What should I do? By the way~, call, hurry up and call Dr. Park, woooo~…”

What the hell did that guy mean, he was rolling on the sofa with a smile! What’s so funny, huh! Have you never seen someone scared? Such an exaggeration, I laughed until tears came out! What a shame! ! Fortunately, he lost his voice, otherwise he wouldn’t know how to ridicule me.

I just picked up the phone and prepared to call Dr. Park. Suddenly, a black object flew towards me.

“Huh~, what the hell is it?” I took a quick look, dizzy~! It turned out to be a small tape recorder~.

“Cheng, son, too!!! You are actually making fun of me again??? You damn fellow, I curse you to never lose your voice and it’s okay!!!” Damn, wicked, wicked! ! ! It’s really hateful! It made me sweat, but I just took a shower! Woo…

This is quite a light prank. Not only did that hateful guy not be mad for his loss of voice, but instead relying on his loss of voice to tease each of us more and more strangely! My only wish now is: Dear God, please let these three days pass quickly, I am almost unable to bear it, I really feel like I am going crazy, oh oh oh…

Phoo~, the three difficult days have finally passed, and the potion of abandonment has completely expired, haha~, that guy’s weird behavior has finally come to an end, although he still goes his own way, but it is a little different from before. Let’s talk about yesterday. That guy didn’t know what was going on. He burst out of kindness, like a few schools for the deaf and dumb donating hundreds of millions of won in one breath, and he personally encouraged the deaf as if he had changed himself. Dumb children.

If it weren’t for watching the news, I couldn’t believe that this super fun guy actually did such a meaningful thing!

Hehe~, this is thanks to me. If it weren’t for me, that guy wouldn’t find that being unable to speak is a very painful thing, so surely he wouldn’t donate money to the school for the deaf, right? Hee hee, that’s great!

Ah~, today’s dinner is really a big appetite~ I even ate three bowls, which made me keep searching for laxatives, and I was tumbling through boxes and cabinets. The TV wall in the hall was opened by the housekeeper. , The loud voice shook my ears dizzy:

“According to the latest news from this station, this year’s top ten love ambassadors in South Korea have been released. Cheng Zitai, the son of the president of XXX Group, was elected as the top ten love ambassador this year. According to a follow-up report by our reporter Therefore, we can win the great honor of Chief Love Ambassador, mainly because the touching words he said when encouraging deaf and mute children have still caused many people to cry. It is undeniable that…”

what? ? South Korea’s chief love ambassador? ! ! Cheng Zitai? ! ! ! Did they make a mistake? Even that bastard can get such a high honor? He was just a conscientious discovery of his suffering! Huhuhu~, it’s so unreasonable! It’s so unreasonable! ! Well, then my painstaking revenge plan…Wow, yeah, yeah~~~, didn’t it add countless auras to him inadvertently? !

Thinking of this, I just felt dizzy in my head, and fell down with a “pump”…

(7) Rub back

Uhhhhhhhh~…I don’t want revenge anymore. Instead of being self-defeating, helping him become stronger, and making me dizzy with anger, it’s better to do nothing in peace, so at least I can live a few more years, he It won’t be such a big show. Cheng Zitai, you must repay me in your next life~, do you know that the reason why you are more beautiful and happy every time is because I, Chi Xiaoyang, worked silently behind you~, Oooooooooooo

As for looking for clues to Tianyuan…Ah~, don’t mention it, I found everything I could find, I found everything I could, and I asked everything I could ask, but I didn’t find anything, which made me doubt my original judgment a little bit now. ——Does Cheng Zitai really know Tianyuan? Are they really related? Maybe…maybe not at all…Oh yeah~, anyway, I’m so annoying, my life assistant has a lot of work to do every day, and I have to go to school to do my homework. I really don’t have so many heads and arms that I can’t take care of… …Oooooo…

Alas~, it seems that the plan to find clues to Tianyuan has to be shelved for a while. Don’t be anxious, wait patiently, and wait for it to come to light… um~, let’s just do it, wait quietly and wait for it to come out on its own! ????????????

On this day, hu~, I was finally busy with all the things that the life assistant should be busy with. It is rare for me to sit in front of the TV wall in the married hall and watch the Discovery Channel with relish. Haha~, pandas are really cute, so loving, I really want to raise one.

Oh~, when I mentioned the word panda, I remembered that guy Yang Xu again. I don’t know what he is doing recently, and he rarely calls. I don’t know how he takes care of my Caucasian That’s it. When I think of the last time he said that the Caucasus has become a panda fat, I feel so terrible! Humph, it’s all because of him, which made me inexplicably hate the giant panda for a long time.

Woo~…I really want to go back to see the Caucasus! Chi Xiaoyang, Chi Xiaoyang, I really don’t know why you came here as an assistant? Nothing in the revenge plan was done decently, and Tianyuan’s clues were not found. You are still content to watch the giant panda here. It’s really bad!

“Chi Xiaoyuan~, come to my room! Did you hear that!” Cheng Zi’s too arrogant voice came from his room.

“Tuk~Tuk~Tuk~!” I knocked gently on the door, “Master, I am coming!”

“come in!”

I opened the door, only to find that there was no one in the room. Dizzy~…Don’t scare me, that guy likes tricks the most, he only knows to make some excitement to play tricks all day long, I don’t want to be scared to death by him.

“Idiot~, you must be thinking about what tricks I will play with you, right? Please~, I am taking a bath now, I have no time to play with you!” That guy’s IQ is really super high, he guessed it all at once. My thoughts are gone.

what? Taking a bath? At this time, I suddenly reacted. Sweat~…Why do you call me in the bath?

I was about to flash people secretly, but just walked to the door…

“Boy, don’t want to secretly flash people! Come in and help me rub my back, otherwise, hehe~, you will deduct half of your salary and give me MM to use it!”

Khan~, no, what a joke~, I originally selected the assistant for a good plan with one stone and three birds (revenge, find clues to Tianyuan, and make money). I didn’t expect that not only was it unsuccessful, anyway, it was self-defeating. This bastard wants to not let go of my only remaining plan. You are too ruthless, no~, Chi Xiaoyang, you can’t let him succeed anyway! ! !

Humph~! Isn’t it just rubbing your back? What’s so great, I’m not afraid!

I dared to rush in. But as soon as I entered, I froze.

Oh my god, that guy is too sexy, right? ! Perfect body shape, flawless skin, deep and charming collarbone like a strait, coupled with the wet shiny hair, the evil smile blooming at the corner of the mouth with water drops…

Facing him like this, I just felt that my consciousness collapsed with a bang, and a huge dizziness rushed towards me crazy, and bursts of heat hit my brain…

Wow wow~! No more, no more, can’t watch anymore, can’t stand it, really can’t stand it~!

“Smelly boy~, what are you doing in a daze? You can’t help me rub my back! Is it because the air conditioner in my room is turned on too much? Why is your face so red as a monkey butt!” He said to me, and shook the wet hair on his forehead casually.

Wow, it’s so sexy and perfect, I’m going to have a nosebleed, I really can’t stand it——! ! !

I had to hurriedly clutched my nose and turned around.

No way! ! ! Calm! ! ! Chi Xiaoyang, what the hell did you do? ? ? Your reaction right now is very glamorous~, you are definitely not such a girl! ! !

Um~, I am definitely not a sex girl, definitely not! ! ! So, there is nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to hide!

Good~! Now take a deep breath, then relax the whole body, exhale~…

“Hey, brat, what are you doing? Do you have to practice qigong to accumulate energy if I want you to rub your back? Stop teasing, turn around and help me rub it!” Don’t urge, I haven’t done it yet. Calm down. Really, what an urgency, what an urgency, not to fight a fire! When I stabilize my mood, I will rub it for you right away! Huh~, huhu~…

“Hey~, I see, you are embarrassed? You are not a woman, why are you as embarrassed? So shy, how can you marry a wife in the future?”

You care about me, anyway, I don’t want to marry a wife!

“Chi Xiaoyuan, this young master orders you to turn around and help me rub my back!”

“Got it~!” I took a deep breath, one, two, three-turned around.

Fortunately, the nose is not so congested now because he has turned his back. I squatted in front of the bathtub and started rubbing his back.

Damn~, how could this guy’s skin be so good? ! It’s so good that even my girl is jealous! The figure is also so perfect, why? It will only trigger other people’s desire to commit crime… Stop it! ! ! Khan~~~, Chi Xiaoyang, are you crazy! It’s not even a minute, why do you think about it again? Rub your back intently! Rub your back intently! ! Rub your back, rub your back, rub your back and rub your back…

“Strong harder, idiot~, I want you to rub my back, not just watering my back like a flower. If it’s Shangbin, he will know what to do without me! “Cut~! It’s this sentence again, do you think that Chi Xiaoyang rarely helps you rub your back? I don’t want one hundred, and don’t want one thousand~!

Okay, you want me to work hard, huh~! Then I’ll be polite to you~! Hey~hey~, if you don’t rub your skin off, I won’t be surnamed Chi! !

“Alright~, it’s finished~” Just when I was about to accumulate all the energy in my whole body to explode on the hands that were about to rub his back, the guy suddenly stood up.

Hula~, due to excessive force and no support in front of me, I suddenly lost my center of gravity and plunged into the bathtub like a green onion.

Wow, you damned fellow Cheng Zitai, if you want to get up, you should let me know in advance! Ooh~…what should I do? The whole body was soaked, and almost choked on water…

(8) Oh-God, please give me a knife

When I adjusted my posture from “upside down onion” to “upright onion” and wiped off the foam on my face, the damn guy had already entered the shower room inside.

“Chi Xiaoyuan~, if you want to take a bath, just say it directly. There is no need to use this method? Haha~, hahaha!” He laughed at me in the shower room. Damn it, hate it!

This damn bastard must be on purpose! Wow, I’m going crazy!

When he was angry, he huffed, and the sound of water in the shower room suddenly stopped. Halo~…that guy is not going to come out naked, right? As the shower door was opened, I quickly covered my eyes without saying a word.

“Haha~, Chi Xiaoyuan, why are you covering your eyes for fear that seeing my figure may cause inferiority complex?”

Cut~! Forget it, you hateful narcissist.

“Yeah, master, hurry up and put on your clothes in the bedroom, and be careful of colds!” Damn annoyed guy, hurry up, hurry up!

After I was sure that Cheng Zitai had returned to the bedroom, I crawled out of the bathtub in a very depressed manner.

Dizzy~…After the blisters, the clothes are tightly attached to my body. Although I am wearing a chest protector that covers my chest~, I am still a little worried that I will be recognized by the guy with too high IQ. No, I have to go back to the room and change clothes right away.

I hugged my chest tightly with my hands, and pretended to be dying cold and shouted at Cheng Zitai’s bedroom: “Master~, I will go back to my room and change my clothes first!”

“Haha~, have you finished taking a shower? How is it? What’s the difference between my bathtub and the one in your room~?” Chengzi laughed so badly from the bedroom.

Humph~! I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you! The most urgent task is to go back to the room and change clothes first.

“Master~, I…I’m really cold, I’ll go back to my room and change clothes first!”

“Come here as soon as you finish changing your clothes!” That guy is really too much. If there is something so big, he has to look for me.

“Yes!” I rushed back to the room after I said it.

After changing my clothes, I waited for about ten minutes before going to Cheng Zitai’s room. Um~, that guy should have been dressed for such a long time.

“Tuk tuk~!” Knock on the door, knock on the door.

“Master, it’s me!”


Dizzy~…After pushing the door open, I realized that the guy actually only had a bath towel around his lower body. No, the nose is about to be congested again, I’d better not look at him as much as possible.

“Chi Xiaoyuan, are your clothes finally ready?”

“Ah~? Making clothes? Master, what kind of clothes? I didn’t make clothes~!” My confused look caused the guy to laugh wildly.

“Didn’t you make the clothes? Haha~, I thought your suit was made temporarily. After such a long time, what the hell did you do!” Khan~, it turned out to be taunting me again.

“Master~, do you have any instructions for me?”

“Hey~, the those 20 are for you! How about you looking?” Cheng Zitai said and smiled at me, “Don’t let my mother know that I have all given it to you, Otherwise she will definitely read me crazy.”

I am faint~…

Why do you give me ** for no reason? And it’s still men’s **! I can’t wear it. When I’m a rag, others will think I’m perverted. If I put it in my room, I feel perverted even more when I look at it! What tricks does this guy want to play?

“Hehe, young master son, thank you very much for your kindness. But…but I don’t lack ** to wear it~”

“Can you wear your sex? You can’t wear it at all!”

“What? What is it that my ** can’t be worn at all~? Isn’t my ** **~?” Wait! Stop it! Chi Xiaoyang, how can you argue so loudly about sex with a man~~~? !

“Haha, look at your excitement! I mean, your sex is too tasteless, it’s scumbag~, I don’t know which mess it came from, so I can’t wear it at all. Yesterday I saw it on the clothes pole, so I took them all down and threw them in the trash can.”

“What??? Did you make a mistake??? How can you throw away other people’s things without their consent???” Oh my god~, I’m really going crazy. If this continues, sooner or later, all my things will be thrown away by him.

“Oh~, why are you getting more excited as you talk~? You are my assistant to my son, how can you have no taste? This is a shame! So, I have the right to throw away your trash**! “

what? ? ? Is it reasonable for him to throw away other people’s things without authorization~? Oh my god, I’m really so angry… so angry… so angry that I can’t even speak a word~~~~.

“Okay! That’s the decision! You quickly take these ** away! Tell you, don’t wear it~, I want to check!”

“You, you…” Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

“You, you, you, what are you? Hey~, are you still protesting? I am going to change my clothes now and get ready to go out.” He said, and began to untie the towel that surrounded his lower body in front of me.

I quickly turned around and walked far away.

“Hey~, what? Don’t protest anymore? Then you take those ** and go out quickly.”

I’m fainted~…He is changing clothes by the bed now~, how can I get the fuck?

“Haha, Master, I still don’t hinder you from changing your clothes now, let’s go out first~, come and pick up those ***s later.” I said, hurriedly walked outside the door, but I didn’t take a few steps. It’s dark in front of the earth…

“Wow~, what the hell is covering my head~?” I panicked and quickly took off the things on my head. When I saw it, I almost vomited blood and died on the spot! Huhu~, because, because, because—

Because the thing that I just put on my head turned out to be, turned out to be the 20 items that Cheng Zitai threw over! ! ! !

Wow wow wow wow wow! ! ! ! I can’t stand it~, I’m really going crazy——! ! ! ! Oh~~~, God, please give me a knife! ! ! !

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