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Chapter 3 Women Disguised as Men

(1) Revenge revenge revenge…

Just do it, I told my only good friend Yang Xu about all the things that I wanted to take revenge on Cheng Zi. (That is, the first kiss was taken away. I was afraid that he could not bear it, so he would be so angry that he would have to take a machete. Go and chop him into mashed meat).

Yang Xu, who is so stubborn and obsessed with me, who loves me so much that he can’t add up to it, of course, is supporting me like a tortoise with his hands and feet up 200%~! HO~HO~HO~!

But, how should we get revenge? This is really a very brain-consuming problem~! After thinking and thinking, worrying, worrying, worrying, worrying…

Ah~, yes! Didn’t it mean “knowing yourself, knowing the enemy, a hundred battles will never end”? Then first collect his detailed personal information, and then plan a rigorous revenge plan in detail!

OK~, it’s so decided!

Yang Xu and I were divided into two groups. He was in charge of the investigation before the scene. The classmates of Cheng Zitai, who was also high in the same son, got together to capture his detailed first-hand information; I was behind the scenes and lay in front of the computer. Walk around on the personal website built by the nympho for Cheng Zitai~.

After investigating his personal information, I found out that he was more asshole, rubbish and lousy than I thought!

Cheng Zitai’s personal information is horribly revealed

First and last name: Narikota

English name: John

Sex: Male

Age: 16 years old

Height: 183cm

Weight: 68 kg

Birthday: June 1

Birthday Flower: Yellow Rose

Flower Language: Lucky

Roses have played a pivotal role in the gardening industry since ancient times. In other words, yellow roses can be regarded as the best among the flowers. Therefore, its flower language is lucky one by one. People born under the blessing of this kind of flowers are usually lucky, and do not need to spend too much effort to create a road to success for themselves.

Constellation: Gemini

Hair color: The whole chameleon is always changing

Occupation: Student

School: Class 611, Grade One of Zitai Noble Boys High School

Specialties and hobbies of picking up girls, fighting, playing, spending time and drinking, playing games (it’s really evil~, this man’s life is so extravagant and corrupt)

Achievements; super good, every time first! (Is there any mistake??? must be a cheating expert!!! No! Does he still need to cheat? You can get the first place by handing in a blank paper, because the school is theirs It’s home. Humph~! I despise this kind of guy the most!!!)

Favorite color: I like any color (huh~! Just like picking up a girl, all types are taken!)

Family background: the only son born with a golden spoon in the envy of everyone: his father is the president of a powerful and wealthy cross-painting group with trillions of assets, and his mother is a perfect strong woman and socialite, a well-known chain flagship in his hand There are so many shops, and the whole family has been in business for generations, so life is naturally nourished.

Personality: Evil, domineering, lustful, distracted, super fickle, like to make fun of people, often playing cards unreasonably, thoughts that come up at any time make people around him busy, no one knows what he will say next, no one can I can feel his sincerity.

Love history: Ha ha, I don’t have to say this, right? Naturally it is countless NNNNNNNN… Duan~!

The type of girl I like, carrot and cabbage, all love, no, it should be all “play”, this kind of person will not be sincere to others, he just treats women as toys, and the frequency of his girlfriend replacement is staggering!

After a few days passed, it was time for Yang Xu and I to exchange the results of our investigations. After dinner that day, he and I sat on the swing on the rooftop and started to communicate.

“Yang Xu, have you got any news about your son-in-law?” I asked him while gnawing on the sugar cane he bought for me.

“Of course there is~, Xiaoyang, let me tell you. According to the news I have heard, Cheng Zitai likes to go to PUB to make MM, how about we start with his girlfriend?” Yang Xu looked smug.

“No way.! You have to know that Cheng Zitai is a Gemini~! The boys of this zodiac are indifferent and ruthless in love. Their attitude towards love is cynicism, and they treat love~, they are sometimes crazy , Sometimes waving his sleeves away. To treat your lover, it is likely that you are still cuddling sweetly at the first moment, and then as cold as a stranger the next moment, so Cheng Zitai, a bastard guy, doesn’t care about women at all. You have to start from other aspects.”

“Wow~, it’s so scary~! Xiaoyang, don’t worry, I am definitely not a Gemini!” Yang Xu hissed for a long time, as if comforting himself, “Hehe~, fortunately I am Aries. !”

“Jin Yangxu, don’t tell me, you have been asking for so many days, there is only this~?” I gnawed a bite of sugar cane and stared at him.

“Hehe~, of course not. As far as I know, Cheng Zitai seems to be quite afraid of the principal who is too male, because the principal will regularly report Cheng Zitai’s situation to his dad~!” He confronted. My left ear said triumphantly.

“Haha~, really? That’s great! Ah~! Yes, Yang Xu, I have thought of a good way! Later I will write a ten of Cheng Zitai, no~! It is a hundred crimes! Then you find someone to send him to the office of the principal of Zitai Nan’s High School. How about?” I was so excited that I grabbed Yang Xu’s arm and shook it violently.

Haha! As long as I think about the way that bastard guy was killed, I can’t help but feel restless ecstasy, hahahaha!

“Wow~, great, Xiaoyang~, you are so great, I said you are the smartest girl in the world!” Yang Xu looked like he admired me.

Halo… I really can’t stand him.

Okay, just do it. I sprinted at a speed of 100 meters and spent an entire night to finish the 100 guilt books and hand them to Yang Xu.

Hehe~, I don’t believe that I can’t get revenge on that bastard this time.

After school, I couldn’t wait to rush home, ready to hear Yang Xu report the good news to me.

But…Wow, how did things turn out like that? The bastard boy who gave the guilt book actually sold Yang Xu~, it’s really no good. If this kind of person is a gangster, he would have been cut long ago. It’s ninety-nine-eighty-one! Humph~! What a damn!

But huh~, fortunately, fortunately, Cheng Zi didn’t know it was our ghost, otherwise Yang Xu and I would have to take off thirty-eight layers of skin if we didn’t die~!

After that, we spread a lot of rumors about Cheng Zitai on the Internet, but, wow~, the popularity of Cheng Zitai has not decreased, but has soared all the way~, there are even many fans who were not his before, passing by us After this trouble, they all empathized and rushed to his door!

Wow wow wow~, my god~, is there any mistake? God~, tell me, why is this world becoming more and more abnormal?

It’s not outrageous~, and even more outrageously—Yang Xu and I were even arrested by the police, saying that we were destroying the public environment! Fortunately, Dad Yang Xu came forward and released the two of us on bail soon. Up.

Cut~! What destroys the public environment? Isn’t it just that I wrote a few bad things about Cheng Zitai on the wall of Zitai Nan’s high? It’s too much!

But, no matter what, Yang Xu and I have to face a very painful fact, that is–

The N revenge plans that we worked so hard to design all ended in disastrous failures without exception. What is even more unacceptable is that many of them have achieved the counterproductive effect of self-defeating, wow wow wow wow~…

Oh my god~, earth~, why are so many revenge plans all useless to him? What kind of devil is he?

My god, I’m really going crazy! My God, you are so blind that you help him and not help me. You are lustful and only like handsome guys, don’t you? Humph~!

Don’t be afraid or afraid~, Chi Xiaoyang, you are a free and optimistic Sagittarius~! Hmm~, yes, nothing in this world can hit me Chi Xiaoyang!!!

(2) Extraordinary news: Cheng Zi is too expensive to recruit male helpers

Oh~, don’t think about the depressing things, go to bed! Go to bed! Wake up tomorrow morning, maybe the whole world will be different~! HOHOH0~!



“Um~…who? What annoying! Go! Didn’t you see me sleeping soundly? Don’t bother me!”

“Xiao Yang, it’s me.”

“Ah! Tianyuan? Is it you~? Really you?! Tianyuan!! Tianyuan!!! Woo~…Tianyuan, you are finally back, I miss you so much~, I really miss you… “I hugged him tightly.

“Xiao Yang, I miss you too. What about that magic colored mud ring? I promised you that I will wear it for you when I get back. In this way, we will never be separated again!”

“Ah~? That magic colored mud ring? This…hehe~, I’m sorry~, Tianyuan, I accidentally broke it, and now I don’t know where I left it…”

He heard what I said, the smile on his face solidified, and he turned away without saying a word.

I hurried to chase him: “Tianyuan! Tianyuan!! Tianyuan, don’t go away, I didn’t mean to break that ring, I really didn’t mean to do it, don’t go! I beg you not to go, woooo… “

“Pumping——!!!” Ouch, it hurts! It turned out to be falling asleep and accidentally turned over to the bottom of the bed.

Phoo~, it turned out that it was a dream just now! It scared me a lot! Let me just say, Tianyuan would definitely not be such a stingy person, he said that tens of millions of platinum and diamond rings are not as good as one of my little fingers. , Ha ha ~.

Okay~, get up~, the new day starts again~, HOHO~.

This guy Yang Xu disappeared early in the morning, he seemed to have gone to school. This guy, why don’t you wake me up? It’s annoying!

After washing, I took the watering can and prepared to water the flowers in the yard.

As soon as I walked to the door, I saw Yang Xu holding a huge poster in his hand and Le Dian leaping towards me: “Xiaoyang~, Xiaoyang~, there is good news~! There is good news~! !”

“Yang Xu, didn’t you just go to school? Why did you run back so well~? Also, why not drive a sports car?”

“Hehe~, I want to run to school to exercise today. You can drive my car to go to school later~. Also, because when I go out in the morning, I will wake you up when I see you sound asleep. Oh~, look at what this is? I just ran back for it.” Yang Xu handed the giant poster in my hand to my hand.

I opened it and read: “What? Cheng Zitai’s former life assistant took a long vacation for some reason, so Cheng Zitai recruited male ** assistants all over the country with a lot of money? When did this happen?”

“That’s what happened today~! When I first went to school, I saw this poster in major squares and downtown areas~!” Yang Xu reported to me while breathing, breathing on my left ear. . Woo~, it’s kind of cool.

“But, what does this have to do with me~?”

“Didn’t you say that as long as it is about Cheng Zitai, everything that can be collected must be collected to facilitate the study of the revenge plan? This is a major event about Cheng Zitai~, so I will report to you as soon as possible. Hello~. HOHO~.” He said seriously, standing on my left.

“Oh~, yes~, that’s what I said. Did you run back from school just for this poster?”

“Hehe~, yeah~! What’s wrong?”

“Fool~! Wouldn’t it be enough to make a phone call?” I looked at Yang Xu, who was running profusely, with an inexplicable move in my heart.

“How can it work? The phone line can’t pass this poster to you. Of course, it’s better to read it yourself~, haha.”

“Okay, now I’ve seen it myself, can you go to school?”

“Okay~! Haha~, Xiaoyang, let me tell you~, although I forgot to eat breakfast, but when I see your smile, I feel that my whole body is full of energy, more powerful than eating ten hamburgers Oh, hehe…! I’m leaving! Byebye~!”

“Byebye~, remember to have breakfast~!”

“Got it~!” The cute guy waved to me from a distance, then stopped as if suddenly remembering, and screamed at me like a horn with his hand: “Xiaoyang-although I only have A body temperature of 37℃, but burning a heart that loves you forever at 214℃——!!HOH0~, Byebye~!!”Halo…

After that, I went to school after breakfast. When school was over in the afternoon, I grabbed my schoolbag and rushed home.

Before I got home, I saw the beautiful coat of my house-the rose crystal flower wall from a distance.

Wow~, today is Indian red, so gorgeous~! Hehe, it seems that there is another surprise today, which is just in line with my mood today, so cool…!

As soon as I walked in, I was fascinated by the large amount of food on the table. Don’t guess, it must be Yang Xu who did it~, I really can’t see that he has two things!

Haha~. Um~, let Miss Ben check his cooking skills!

Thinking about this, I secretly picked up a pretty-looking dish with my hands while he was not there and put it into my mouth…

Mom~, why is it so unpalatable? Pooh, pooh~…… I vomited out the food that I had just delivered.

Halo~, this should be my dinner next time? Oh~…no!! I don’t want to live for a few more years, please don’t make this kind of international jokes with me. it is good?

Hmm~, for the sake of my precious life, I’ll hurry up and get upstairs~!

However, when I was about to run upstairs at a sprint speed of 100 meters, Yang Xu’s voice blew up behind me like a bomb: “Xiaoyang Xiaoyang~!! You are back!! I So happy~! Wash your hands and eat~, try the dishes I made!”

I am dizzy, he is still wearing a super cute Garfield apron~.

“Haha~, please! Don’t make me laugh, okay, take it off quickly! Is this… you did it all?” I pointed to the table.

“Of course~, because I want to take good care of you. How is it? It tastes good, I studied it all afternoon to make it~!”

Yang Xu looked elegantly proud, but I couldn’t help but exclaimed: “What? You skipped class again for a whole afternoon?”

“Haha~, it’s a small case, because-compared to you in class, my wife is so insignificant! Haha~!” He stood on my left side and spoke to my left ear again habitually.

Halo~…It turns out that this guy has been missing people recently, and he actually went to learn cooking. I thought he was just talking casually!

Chi Xiaoyang, Chi Xiaoyang, met Jin Yangxu, are you lucky or unlucky?!

Okay, eat and eat, I’m going to eat it tonight, anyway, at most it’s going to a hospital! Ahhh~, why is it okay to curse myself, I am crazy, I am!

But just biting my scalp and taking a bite, I can’t stand it.

Uuuuu…It seems that eating these dishes really requires a lot of patience~!

(3) Ultimate change

“Um… Yang Xu, I like to drink water while eating~, can you help me prepare a large glass of water?”

“I am very happy to serve you!” Yang Xu actually learned to bow to me with a 90-degree bow.

Halo~…I’m not a lady of honor!

“Yang Xu, why don’t you eat it~?” I said to him with a smile.

Woo~…you kid hurry up and try it, I…I can’t hold on anymore!

I picked up a piece of vegetable and swallowed it with a mouthful of water. Mom~, I only ate three minutes of rice, but to me, it’s like eating 300,000 light-years long…

“I like watching you eat~, Xiaoyang, I spent a whole afternoon just trying to make these for you~! Hehe~, I suddenly feel so happy now!” Yang Xu looked happy. I can’t bear to expose him…

Good! I will endure~!! I will endure~!!! I will endure~!!!!

Oh… I can’t help it! What should I do? What should I do?? By the way! Take a deep breath!! Take a deep breath!!!

Ah, let’s think of a topic, just think of a topic to distract my attention…

But, what topic do you want~? Oh~! That’s right!!!

“Yang Xu, to be honest, I really want to participate in the selection of Cheng Zitai’s life assistant, but…” I sighed while eating painfully, “I’m not a man, what should I do? “

“Then I will go for you, okay?” Yang Xu looked at me with a serious expression.

“No! You are the young master of a wealthy family, you can’t do those things! Alas~, it seems that my revenge plan can only be drenched~.” I am like a young seedling that has been knocked down by frost. , Bowed his head in surprise.

“Xiaoyang~, does your plan of revenge have anything to do with this matter?”

“Of course it’s related~!! It’s still a big relationship~!!”

I got energized all of a sudden, and started talking: “Yang Xu, think about it, if I become Cheng Zitai’s life assistant, I can stay by his side, so that I have more opportunities to get to know him. Then many of his things including “privacy” can’t escape my eyes.?! Haha, then, when I want to retaliate against him, I will retaliate against him! Hahaha! And, do you know? The remuneration is so high. High~, it’s a sky-high price I have never seen~, as long as I become his assistant, my living expenses and tuition will be all-‘Noproblem’! Isn’t this the best of two things with one stone?”

Haha~, in fact~, there is another very important and very important reason I haven’t said, and that is-I suspect that Cheng Zi knows Tian Yuan’s situation too, I want to take the opportunity to investigate! But I can’t tell Yang Xu, he Treating me so well, I can’t hurt him.

“Oh! It would be great if I knew magic. If I want to be a male, I will become a male. If I want to become a female, I will become a female…”

“Haha~, Xiaoyang, don’t be discouraged~, I have magic! I have already figured out a way for you!”

“Ah~? Really~?” I threw down the chopsticks in my hand and looked at Yang Xu with shining eyes.

“Haha, of course~! I never lie to people~, let alone lie to you!” Yang Xu said as he moved all the dishes in front of me, “Xiaoyang, eat quickly , I promise to give you a big surprise later!”

“Ah~? Still want to eat~?” I dizzy~…It seems that my nightmare will continue.

I will endure! I will endure!! I will endure to endure!!! Oh, if I still endure, I will really become a super invincible ninja!!

“What’s wrong? Xiaoyang, isn’t it delicious? Let me try it!” The kid finally picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of the dish!

“Bah~Bah~…Damn it! Which bastard made this, why is it so unpalatable!!”

Yang Xu’s angry look made me laugh: “Hehe~, isn’t that bastard you~?”

“Woo…Xiaoyang~, you are so kind to me, I did so terribly, you didn’t hit me, and even ate so much, woo…Xiaoyang, I can’t help it anymore. , I’m about to cry, I really want to cry… Wow wow wow… “The guy fell on my shoulder and started crying~.

I’m…how could I be moved so easily?!

But hehe, he is really a super cute guy~!

“Xiaoyang, don’t worry, I will definitely help you!” The guy Yang Xu suddenly stood up and wiped the tears on his face, grabbed my hand, and dragged me into his room, “What are you doing? No need to do it, just sit here obediently, and I will take care of the rest!”

I saw that guy Yang Xu took out a big box of stuff from his big bag, and started to smear my face in a mess…

“Yang Xu, what are you doing~??”

“Don’t move!! Just take it down, really just take it down!” The guy concentrated on my face and hair, drawing and pasting it, as if undergoing an operation, so terrifying. Oh…!

“Haha, okay~, Xiaoyang, let’s take a look in the mirror!” After a long period of time, he finally stopped, and the smug look on his face was even more refreshing than I picked up 100,000 won~ !

I walked to the mirror in confusion.

Oh~, MyGod~!!! Who is that handsome and cute little boy in the mirror?

Oh my God~! It’s not me, right? I pinched myself hard, not dreaming~!

“Wow! Xiaoyang, you are so cute like this~! Haha~, how is it? Surprise enough~?” Yang Xu opened his eyes and looked at me in the mirror, and was quite proud of my left ear. Speak loudly.

“Yeah~, super surprise, Yang Xu~, you are so awesome~! You are simply the noble person destined for my Chi Xiaoyang~! Haha, I really see that you still have such a hand!” I didn’t look into the mirror. Stopped and touched his face, trying to find out the certain truth.

Because, I really can’t believe it~ I can’t even recognize myself!

“Hehe, not bad~! This kind of makeup technique is just a small case~! My magic teacher is a master in this field. I just learned a little bit from him by the way. I was able to achieve this when I was ten years old. It works~. I didn’t expect it to finally come in handy today! Haha~!”

“But~, Yang Xu, what is going on with this hairstyle? Why is it so ugly?”

It seems…it wasn’t cut, but it was gnawed by the evil dog~, crookedly and unevenly covering my head like a pot lid…

“Haha~! That…that…because I have never learned to cut my hair~! I personally feel that I have surpassed my limit!”

Dizzy~…The guy Yang Xu is still very satisfied, he really convinced him!

Looking at my face in the mirror, it really seems to have completely turned into a little boy~ Except… except for the part below the neck…

“Yang Xu, then…what about mine?” I suddenly found that when I said “that”, my face was so hot that I could fry two eggs!

I lowered my head and pointed to my chest embarrassingly.

“Haha~, don’t be afraid, I have a way!”

Hula, Yang Xu pulled out a chest protector from his treasure chest.

Then, he walked out wittily, and I quickly put on the chest protector as quickly as possible.

Wow… After wearing a chest protector and putting on the boy clothes that Yang Xu brought to me, I really became a little boy! I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself repeatedly, um~, Suddenly I felt that my courage was greatly increased. Apart from having to go to the barber shop for my hair, it seems that everything else is already 0K!

Yeah~, great!!

(4) Promoting boys’ college training

“~HOHO~, Yang Xu, thank you~! Thank you so much!”

“Oh~, didn’t I say that our relationship is more mature than roast duck? If you say thank you again, I will get angry~! But~, Xiaoyang, being a boy is not as simple as you think, not just The appearance must be similar, and the inner things of the boys must also be similar, otherwise, it is easy to wear help~!” Yang Xu looked at me with a worried look.

“Yeah~! What to do~, what to do~? The deadline for the selection of life assistant of Cheng Zitai is one week later, so I only have seven days! How can the seven days make the inner person become like a boy? Well, it’s difficult to think about it…”

“Hehe, I’m not afraid or not, Xiao Yang. I’ll tell you oh~, for your smart mind, let alone seven days, seven hours, you are absolutely-‘Noproblem’!”

Halo… I seem to be more perfect than ham in this guy’s eyes! (Hehe~, because in my heart, as long as I can eat ham every day, it is perfect.)

“Xiao Yang~, look at what this is?” Yang Xu raised a pile of stuff in his hand towards me.

“The disc? What? Will this little Dongdong be useful for me to be promoted to a man~?” I looked at Yang Xu with a puzzled look. “Hehe~, Xiaoyang, don’t underestimate these CDs, they are all examples of classic men! As long as you can imitate them, I want to be a man, there will be no problem!”

“Really? Great! Great, let’s start watching now~!” I pulled Yang Xu up and sat down in front of the computer to watch the disc. Sizzle~Sizzle~…Several hours passed in a flash. Wow, I watched three movies in one day~! But my favorite is the “Brave Heart”.

“Um~, Yang Xu, then I will imitate this “Brave Heart” first.”

Haha, I finally know that heroes may not be omnipotent gods, but heroes must be fearless warriors, so you must have courage to be a man! Yes, you must have courage!!

Chi Xiaoyang, take out all your usual Barbarian Supergirl invincible courage one by one!!! One, two, three——

“Freedom one by one!!! Freedom——!!!” I imitated Mel Gibson’s hysterical roar while standing on the rooftop, and then fell to the ground with a thud.

Haha, I feel pretty MAN, but I didn’t expect that the dead guy Yang Xu kept shaking his head at me like a rattle: “Xiao Yang, it’s not right, it should look like this when he fell on the ground, not like you. Be natural and relax, understand~?”

“Woo~…Is that right?” I quickly got up and changed another way and fell straight…

“Oh~, it hurts me!” I couldn’t help yelling as soon as I fell to the ground.

“Stop~!! Stop, stop~!!! Xiaoyang, will the dead scream?”

Dizzy~…I’m not learning from men? Why should I learn from dead people?

“Hmph~! Let me show you something cruel!” I frowned and made a frivolous look. Chaoyang Xu pointed, “Give him a price he can’t refuse!”

“Haha~, haha~! How? How?? Yang Xu, am I super like the gang boss~?”

“Wow, Xiaoyang, you are great, your acting skills have completely surpassed the performance in “The Godfather”! But, Xiaoyang, you are going to learn from men, not the underworld! Otherwise, let’s go to the street Let’s go to school to be a normal person!”

“Okay…no! Yang Xu, do you want to die? How dare you say that I’m not normal! Humph~! Just leave, who is afraid of anyone~, I don’t believe that I can’t learn well!!!”

In this way, under Yang Xu’s meticulous training, I finally mastered some boys’ unique behaviors.

Seven days fizzed and flicked by…

The selection meeting for life assistant of Cheng Zitai was held in the luxurious top-floor meeting room of Zitai Nangao. Yang Xu accompanied me into the elevator to the 30th floor.

He looks so nervous~, as if he is going to participate in the selection.

“Ding—” The elevator stopped on the 28th floor, and Yang Xu grabbed me and rushed out.

Halo~… “Yang Xu, this is the 28th floor! Haha~, don’t be nervous~, it’s okay, relax!”

“No…I’m not nervous, don’t worry~, I have confidence! I will definitely choose it!” Yang Xu was so nervous that he didn’t even notice the sweat dripping from his cheeks!

“Oh~, Xiaoyang~, you made a mistake, it seems that you are not me who is going to participate in the selection! Really, you confused me!”

Hehe~, what a lovely guy, he finally realized that it was not him who went to participate in the selection.

“Ding—” The elevator finally stopped on the 30th floor.

I took a deep breath, Chi Xiaoyang~! Come on! You can definitely do it!!

“Hehe, Yang Xu, wait for my good news~!” After I said this with a smile at him, I straightened my back, vigorously, and strode towards the life assistant election hall.

(5) Cruel pk selection

Hey~, kidding! Can a little life assistant make Chi Xiaoyang hard for me?! I have been taking care of my own life since I was a child. Since the death of my only grandfather, I have been completely independent and watch me live alone. Doesn’t it tell me everything to be so healthy?!

But as soon as one foot stepped into the election hall, I couldn’t help taking a breath~.

My god~, this scene is a bit too spectacular, isn’t it? The hall of more than 10,000 square meters was actually crowded with water, and when you look around, it is crowded with people besides people!

The result of the visual inspection is that there are probably nearly 10,000 people, and all of them seem to be quite emboldened, wow~, they are really like clouds and seas!

My heart started to feel a little unconsciously…

No! You must be calm!! Calm!!! Chi Xiaoyang, believe in yourself, you must do it, you will be the best!

“Ahem… please listen to all friends who participated in the selection. Our selection rule is that every five people will be divided into a group, and the four levels of cooking, life details, intelligence and taste will be taken separately. If If you win, you can enter the fifth level of selection. As for the content of the fifth level, you will naturally know at that time.” The examiner sitting in front said solemnly into the tweeter microphone.

Cooking skills, details of life, intelligence and taste?

Haha~, it seems that God still takes good care of me~, these exams are not a big problem for me, especially the cooking skills, but I am good at it~, haha!

As for the fifth level, it’s not enough to adapt to the situation at that time, HOHO~!

Chi Xiaoyang~! Come on! You will surely succeed!! Yo ho one!!!

A group of people started a vigorous contest between you and me, haha~, as for me, fortunately, I finally broke into the fourth level-taste~, haha.

Seeing the number of people dwindling like edible beans, my heart is more and more excited~.

“Well, there is only one set in front of you that is the most popular style in Milan this year. You have to choose from these fifty clothes and pants. The time is ten minutes. Do you understand? OK, ready to start!” Speak solemnly to our candidates. (Attention Ni fans: pay attention to Xiao Nizi’s new works for the first time, please remember Mengyuan Book City)

Damn~, rich people are really boring! It’s okay if you have clothes to wear, why do so many things come out? It’s really troublesome!

Wow~, what should I do? Which set should I choose for so many clothes and pants~?

God~, God~, gods~, Bodhisattvas~, all the holy spirits who live in the heavenly palace, please, please, please help, please tell me, tell me how I should choose??

Call~. I took a deep breath.

Calm~! Calm~!! Chi Xiaoyang, you can! You can definitely!!

Haha, it’s weird~, when I finally calmed down, I suddenly found out that I was really possessed by the gods and demon. Pieces of clothes and pants were kicked out of my eyes effortlessly. Come out…

Yes, it’s this set~, my instinct tells me that this set is absolutely correct!!

So, I picked up this suit and walked towards the presiding judge.

As soon as the presiding judge saw the clothes I chose, he took off his glasses and began to look at me up and down carefully, which made me sigh and straighten my hair…

Oops~! Didn’t he see through it? I started to look a little panicked…

“Yeah~! Not bad, kid, good vision! You passed the level smoothly!”

Ah~? Really? Yeah~, Chi Xiaoyang, you are so awesome!!

When I was happily preparing to bow to the examiner to thank the examiner, I suddenly remembered the words and deeds of the classic men that Yang Xu taught me, so I pressed my throat hard and said loudly and loosely:

“Cut~! Old guy, what’s this! To me, it’s just a small case~!” By the way, he cleverly scratched it in front of him.

“Wow, it’s the type that the young master likes!” The chief examiner was so excited that he regarded me as a baby, and he personally led me into a small room that only qualified people can enter, fearing that I would run away.

Haha~, I didn’t expect the method that Yang Xu told me would actually work!

After half an hour, fewer than ten people entered the small room! Haha~, Chi Xiaoyang, your chances are much bigger again! HOHO~, come on!!!

But, what will the next question be? The unpredictable result is like a big stone, and I feel a little breathless.

“First of all, congratulations to all of you for being the last passer-by in this selection meeting. The next questions are personally asked by our young master. If one of you answers satisfies our young master, then he is the current selection. The final winner of the meeting will also become our young master’s new life assistant!”

As soon as the chief examiner finished speaking, an old aunt walked over and whispered a few words in his ear.

Dizzy~…Isn’t it just choosing a little life assistant? Does it need to be so mysterious?

“Now, please listen carefully. Master has three questions. The first question is: If you were to arrange a journey for Master, where would you choose?”

“Of course it’s Paris~, for a tasteful person like our young master, there must be nothing wrong with going to Paris!” a man dressed in gold said loudly.

“Okay! Ask this gentleman to stand one step to the left.” The chief examiner brought the man in gold to the opposite side of us.

“Cut”! What’s good about going to Paris, of course, is going to New York? That’s the most dazzling and most interesting place in the world!”

Tsk tsk~, I really can’t see that such tacky words were actually said from the mouth of a guy who seems to have a scholarly temperament and wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses~!

“Okay! Please this guy stand a step to the left too!”

“Haha~, did you see, I passed the level, I passed the level!”

The boy’s smug look makes people want to be flat at first sight!


Cheng Zi Tai obviously belongs to Gemini. According to Gemini’s personality, he likes to try new things and adventures, he likes everything that is exciting and fun and unique. Places like Paris and New York are obviously not exciting and unique.

Um~, Africa, it’s really exciting enough, ok~, let’s choose North Africa!

“That… I think only places like North Africa are more suitable for becoming a young master!” I plucked up the courage to say my answer loudly.

“Haha~! Hahaha~! North Africa?!! Is this stinky boy crazy? Isn’t his head full of cotton? Does he want the young master to go there to starve to death and experience the miserable life? Really? No common sense at all!”

I’m dizzy~… One of my words actually caused controversy in the audience.

Is there any mistake? Even if you say something wrong, you don’t have to cruelly hit me so shamelessly?!

“Um~! Boy, stand on the right!” The examiner said to me.

Ah? No? I’m not really eliminated, am I?

Uuuuuuuuuuu being of being able to have to stand down to the right side alone. Hey~, it’s really mad and depressed~!

After a few questions and answers, there were only three people on my side. Uuuuuuuuuuu…what to do? how to do what to do?? It seems that this time I really want to live up to Yang Xu’s expectations. Oh oh oh…

Alas~, Chi Xiaoyang, Chi Xiaoyang, why do you have to be smart and put on your constellation expert’s frame~? You fool!! fool!!!

“Alright~, now I announce the results of this round to everyone. First of all, I want to congratulate the guy on the left. Your answer is really great!”

What??! Swish~wish~wish~… I just felt a strong dizziness that swept me into the air like a typhoon, and the biting cold made it difficult for me to even breathe.

“But… none of your answers are what our young master wants! Therefore, I declare that the person on the left has been eliminated!”

What? What?? Yeah~! I stayed~! I stayed!! HOHO~, great!!!

It seems, God, grandpa, you really cover me~! Thank you! Haha! Hehe~, I feel like I start to float up and float up~, the feeling of joy really seems to be in the clouds It’s like a stroll in the middle, and it’s so wonderful that it makes people feel refreshed.

(6) Haha! I made it

“Good~! Congratulations to the three of you for entering our second level Q&A. Please listen carefully. If love, money, freedom, and life choose one, which one would you choose?”

“Life!” said the honest “Bean” boy slowly.

“No~, of course I choose money~!” Another “Skin Monkey” boy gave him a disdainful look and immediately retorted.

Haha~, another like-minded guy, it seems that we are from the same country~!

But~, Cheng Zitai was born on June 1st. The zodiac sign is about 3-13 degrees Gemini, which belongs to Gemini I type. People born on this day are afraid of being restrained. In order to fight for freedom, they are willing to pay almost any price. People who can’t stand the oppression or exploitation of their thoughts and actions at all.

Yes~, that’s it! So if it were him, he would definitely choose free!

“Um~, life is very precious, money is even more precious, but if I want to choose, haha~, of course I choose freedom!”

Seeing the light flashing in the examiner’s eyes, hee hee, needless to say, I must pass the test!

Papa~! I suddenly heard a clapping sound, and when I looked back, it turned out to be the bastard Cheng Zitai. It’s upset to see him!

“Hehe, your kid’s trick to deceive people is good~.” Cheng Zitai looked at me with a look of disdain!

Huh~, did he see that I was a woman pretending to be a man? Impossible!!

Cut~! I’m going to die!

“Yes~! How is it?”

The thought of that guy had broken my magical colored clay ring, I stopped getting angry, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Haha`, I guessed it, right? You must be a person who loves money like life, you can’t be a person who loves freedom at all!”

Huh~, it turns out he was talking about this! Phoo~, it’s okay, I didn’t say hello!

“Hehe~, Master’s Dharma eyes are really amazing~, I admire and admire it. Yes, I admit that I came to participate in the election mainly because of that generous sum of money! My life is no better than you, Master, I was born with it. Golden Spoon, if I didn’t make money, I would have starved to death on the street! But this doesn’t mean I don’t love freedom~!”

My remarks seemed to make Cheng Zitai that bastard speechless, hehe~, seeing him touched his gray nose, I felt refreshed, haha!

“Ahem~…The last question is personally asked by our young master, please listen carefully!” The examiner supported the silver-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose and said.

“Three of you, if anyone can make this young master laugh, then whoever can stay is fine!”

Seeing that Cheng Zitai looked arrogantly up to Pluto, I really couldn’t bear it. Cut~! What’s so great!

I was immersed in the contempt of Cheng Zitai, and the other two guys began to use all their skills–

“Next, please watch my animal show for Master Cheng.”

The honest “Bean” boy flew up to the table and learned how to cock, and then walked around the field to learn how to be a chimpanzee. He was beating his chest while running, and he learned a few classic words from time to time. Sounds to sound the music.

Haha~, I couldn’t help laughing.

Dizzy~…It seems that this trick is not feasible for me. According to his pounding method, I will have to peel off my skin if I die.

That fellow Cheng Zitai is too shameless, he doesn’t even have a smile on his face~, what a dead person!

After finishing the 30th lap, the poor boy finally got exhausted and fell down: “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu “, please hurry me to the hospital, I am going to vomit blood~!”

Halo~…Why are there so many stupid people in this world~?

“Oh~, let me perform the dynamic dance!” The boy with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks picked up a chair and danced wildly.

Damn~, what the hell is that pig head doing! He is jumping and shouting! He is a lunatic~!

Okay, I will endure~! Don’t go too far, dude!

After a while, the pig’s head turned out to be… and it took off while jumping!

Cut~! Who does he think he is~, Marilyn Monroe? It’s so perverted!

Cold~, evil~, evil and evil…·It’s no good, I can’t take it anymore, what should I do?

Forbearance! Forbearance again!! Forbearance again!!! I really can’t bear it anymore, I…will kill me!!!

This young lady cared about his three-seven-two-one, and flew over at a speed of 100 meters, just a kick at the pig’s head, kicking him a few meters away.

Haha~, go to hell you! The world is finally quiet again, Yeah~, great!!!

What to do? I don’t want to betray myself to make that dead man laugh!

Hey~, by the way, Cheng Zi is a Gemini, don’t Gemini guys like fresh and exciting? Don’t they like special enough? Well, let’s give you one special enough, hehe~!

After thinking about this, I walked up to Cheng Zitai and gave him a slap in the face.




Undoubtedly, with the incomparable sound, I instantly became the focus of the audience’s attention. Everyone stared at me in disbelief. I really have the kind of stuffing stinky eggs into their mouths. impulse……

Humph~, it’s okay, even if I wasn’t selected, at least I would take revenge!! Hahahaha!!!

“Boy~, don’t play personality in front of me, do you think I will want you in this way?” Cheng Zitai touched the corner of his mouth and said.

It’s strange~, he doesn’t seem to be very angry.

Huh, huhu, then I can breathe a sigh of relief, because I was still worried beforehand that he would at least slap for a slap.

“Cut…! What’s so great, the big deal is just going!”

The moment I thought of my magical colored mud ring and my precious first kiss, I was so angry that I forgot about the great event that came to participate in the election. The moment I turned around, I reacted violently. Come over and start regretting.

But it’s too late…uuuuu~…

Hey~, there is no way, what we say is like splashed water, it can’t be collected, so I had to bite the bullet and leave…uuuuuu~…

Ugh~, the clue to my perfect prince Shengtianyuan~…

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I have a rare opportunity for a revenge plan that is so pleasing to the heart…

Oh, my tuition and living expenses are a fascinating high salary from two sources~…

What to do? How to do?? Stop me! Bastard, stop me quickly!

I’m already walking very slowly, and if I’m slower, then I might as well crawl like a snail!

Uuuuu… It seems that that guy really doesn’t plan to look at me anymore!

Oh oh oh…Chi Xiaoyang, if you want to blame it, just blame yourself, it’s just self-inflicted~!

When I walked out of the door in complete disappointment, a disdainful voice suddenly stopped me: “Hey, the third-class disabled short guy in front of me, I decided to ask you! Did you hear? I will officially report tomorrow!! “

Ah~?? Really???

He…he actually stopped me at the last moment! Yeah~, that’s great! Yoho——!! Haha, hahahaha…

Why is this guy so outrageous, I really don’t understand him! Haha~, let him, in any case, he is willing to want me!

“Okay!!” I waved my back to him coolly, and then walked out of the gate of the election hall…

But wait, what did he call me just now? Third-class disabled short guy??

Wow yeah~, Cheng Zitai, this damn-eyed guy, is 1 meter 64 short? L meter 64 is already considered tall among girls, okay?

Wait! I don’t seem to be a girl now! Humph~, whether I’m a man or a woman, anyway, it’s not right for Cheng Zitai to look down on people like this!

Hum~, Cheng Zitai, wait, I will make you pretty sooner or later! And this day is not far away from you!!

Humph!! Haha!! Ahahahahahahahaha…

(7) The fickle bad guy

“Yangxu~, I have chosen! Yangxu~! I have chosen~!” As soon as I got home, I kicked the door open with excitement, and rushed in like a headless fly.

Hula~, the unknown object suddenly flashed in front of me scared me three steps backwards.

Wow, what kind of stuff is this? A panda? Two huge dark circles staring at me stupidly, his mouth is painted into a big red mouth. Khan~, what do you look at, don’t tell me you are an unknown alien object, huh, I don’t eat this set, Chi Xiaoyang, I watched a lot in old movies!

Damn, the more you look, the more you look like a panda. There is a red rose in your mouth. It’s ugly~! Whoosh, that guy actually pounced on me, wow, help… Huh~, wait! Isn’t this taste Caucasian?

Woo~…damn~, who is the jerk who has nothing to do with my beloved Caucasian disguised as a panda, so I didn’t even recognize it.

At this moment, there was a sudden “bang”, and countless pieces of colored gold paper fell into the air like snowflakes…

“Hello~! Xiaoyang, how~, do you like the celebration party held by Caucasus for you?”

Halo… It’s another giant panda jumping out of the room holding a bunch of roses. You can imagine whose masterpiece it is with your toes.

“Ouch~! Yang Xu, please~, don’t give me such a surprise next time, I don’t want to lose my life, Chi Xiaoyang!”

“Xiaoyang~, haha~, you are mistaken, I am not Jin Yangxu! La la la, la la la…I am a Chinese giant panda! Ha ha!”

“Giant panda? Haha~! Yang Xu, you guy is crazy, you want to be a panda by yourself, why do you bother my Caucasian!” What a pig, I dare to disguise my Caucasian as a giant panda! Damn it! !!hateful!!!

It took me a whole night to recover my Caucasian appearance. If Yang Xu hadn’t been treating me badly, I would have kicked him away…

Early the next morning, I went to Zitai Nan’s High School “tidy”.

Huh~, the old man at the door let me in without saying a word~!

Dizzy~…Chi Xiaoyang, you pighead, you are already a boy now, if the old man stops you, isn’t it a pervert? Stupid idiot, you are now a boy, a boy boy!! Remember!! You play as a boy The name I used was Chi Xiaoyuan!! Chi Xiaoyuan!!

Um~, I understand! I took a deep, pool-like breath, and then strode towards the conference hall…

“Um…I’m here to officially report!” I yelled too much at Cheng Zi.

Cut~! What kind of attitude~! After taking a glance at me, he stopped ignoring me. What’s so great, and he looks down on people. Humph~! You will know how good I am from now on! Let’s just go and see.

“That or something~, come here!”

“What? I have a name! My name is Chi Xiaoyuan!”

I said angrily and walked over, but the guy suddenly raised his hand at me…

Oops, he… he didn’t want to slap me to revenge yesterday, I instinctively closed my eyes quickly…

“Haha…” Suddenly a burst of wild laughter sounded, and I opened my eyes screamingly. Dizzy~! The guy Cheng Zitai put his hands away and smiled triumphantly, “Isn’t your kid not afraid of not being afraid of heaven? It turns out that there is no seed! Haha!”

“You didn’t plant it~!”

“Haha~, if you are not convinced, challenge me one-on-one.”

No, if I go heads-up, I will definitely suffer, then I…

“Please~, a little bit of humor, okay, you actually take my words seriously? Haha~! Even if you think, I’m not interested in choosing your bean sprouts menu!”

I’m so mad~, what a bad guy~, so fickle, what is he going to do! Also, if he dares to call me bean sprouts, then he is the Chinese cabbage that was bitten by bugs all over his body, huh~ !

“Okay, boy, in short, my housekeeper will help you arrange all matters. I will move to my house tomorrow. Have you heard?” Cheng Zitai arrogantly dropped these words at me and walked away arrogantly! Too much~! Too much~!

However, I really admire the efficiency of getting married. I have arranged my transfer procedures and all related matters in just one morning.

In the afternoon, of course I was going home to make preparations. In the evening, Yang Xu and Gao Jiasu held a farewell party for me. After the guy Yang Xu heard the news that I was going to move, hehe~, he cried so badly~! I really convinced him! Later I persuaded him for a long time before he agreed to move back. My Caucasus will also go with him, because I can’t bring Caucasus to a family, let alone take care of it, so the only person who can take care of it is Yang Xu. Um~, in this way, I can start a family with confidence, HOHO~.

Phoo~, I finally put that guy to sleep, but I was lying in ** but couldn’t fall asleep.

Tianyuan~, are you okay now? Haha~, maybe I can find you soon~! Hmm~! Come on, Chi Xiaoyang!!! Chi Xiaoyang, come on!!!

Early the next morning, after gobbled up breakfast, I hummed cheerfully and moved to the family.

After becoming Cheng Zitai’s life assistant, I realized that such a job is not as easy as I thought. Although I remember to be serious in the memo every day, with my carefree personality, I still forget some things.

The matching of clothes every day is my biggest headache. Really, I’m not a fashion designer. How can I know what colors, styles or matching styles are popular, ooh~! Besides, why is a big boy so particular~? I’m not so particular about a girl Yay! Really!!

The most unbearable thing is that the guy would only say “If it was Shangbin, it would not go wrong”, “If it were Shangbin, this thing would definitely be better”, “If it was For Shangbin, his brain will never be as stupid as you.” Wait, wait, I’m so annoying!

Humph~! What do you mean~? If Shangbin is so good, why not get him back, really!

Hehe~, no matter what, it’s okay~, although he often scolds him when doing wrong things, but I, Chi Xiaoyang, don’t care about that bastard’s words! Hehe, the left ear goes in and the right ear goes out. All right!

(Now this kind of kung fu has been practiced very well, hehe~.)

Slowly, I have begun to adapt to this kind of life. The guy Yang Xu will call from time to time to report to me the situation in the Caucasus. By the way, I still don’t forget to say a few numb words, such as the classic golden style. Love mantra-“Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I burn a heart of 214°C that loves you forever!!”

Hey~, I really can’t help him!

It’s been more than half a month in a blink of an eye, and I, who is already familiar with him, began to plot my revenge plan…

Cheng Zitai was born on June 1, which means he belongs to Gemini Type I, and the central image of Gemini Type I represents “freedom.” They hate all forms of dictatorship and restraint, and are very afraid of being restrained, in order to fight for freedom. , I’m willing to pay almost any price! Okay~, let’s start from this weakness, want to be free, huh~! I just let you not be free!! Hahahaha!!

Hehe~, Cheng Zitai’s nympho army can finally come in handy! Hehe, as long as I secretly reveal his whereabouts to them who are good at stalking, will he still be free? That bastard will definitely be. Bleeding with anger! Yeah, great! Haha~, that’s it!

Moreover, as long as the nympho stumbles on that bastard, then his room can be left to my disposal? Ahahahahaha~! I will definitely find clues about Tianyuan! Yeah~, Chi Xiaoyang, you really It’s so smart, it’s hard for me to admire you~!

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but laugh like a sudden loss of heart.

“Chi Xiaoyuan!! Chi Xiaoyuan!!!” With a bang, someone slammed my head.

“Damn! Who is it? Which bastard is knocking on my head?? Stand up for me!!!” I finally recovered from the fantasy world just now.

Mom~, I forgot that it’s still time for class! The Chinese teacher was staring at me with a frustrated expression: “Chi Xiaoyuan~! You give me out!!”

“Cut~! Just go out~, anyway, I don’t have a cold at all in Chinese language classes. Going out to enjoy the scenery is much cooler than listening to these lullabys.” I whispered like a mosquito.

But as soon as he stood up, he was grabbed by the fellow Cheng Zitai: “Your kid is too much, you plan to go out alone to enjoy the scenery?! Be careful I deduct your salary!!”

Dizzy~…The bastard can hear such a small voice, his ears are a little better, right?

“I’m not out to enjoy the scenery~! I’m the penalty station, don’t you understand? The penalty station! Do you want to go with you too?” I threw him angrily.

“Forget it~, whether it is to admire the scenery or just stand, I feel bored anyway, let’s go out to get some air!” Cheng Zitai stood up from his seat without anyone else, and walked out the door extremely arrogantly, “Smelly boy, Don’t leave yet? Haha~, I can’t bear the lullaby put on by the Chinese teacher? Then I’ll go, you can enjoy it! Bye!” Cheng Zitai smiled and waved to the Chinese teacher.

“Don’t~!” I was so courageous by Cheng Zi, I stood up, made a grimace at the helpless Chinese teacher, and followed him out in a stride. Haha! That feels super cool, it’s so cool!

“Suddenly want to swim~! Tomorrow is the weekend. Tell the teacher in the swimming pool to open the swimming pool tomorrow!” After walking out, the guy suddenly turned around and threw a sentence at me.

“Yes! Master!” I replied respectfully, but smirked in my heart.

Haha~! It’s a god to help me, this is really a great opportunity! Tomorrow~, tomorrow my revenge plan can finally be implemented! HOHO~, a great show is about to be staged~! Yeah~Yeah~Yeah~ ——!!

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