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Chapter 2 The Magic of Happiness

  1. Busy Dreams

“Tian Yuan, give me your schoolbag. Your injury is not healed yet~.” On a bright and beautiful spring morning, as soon as I left home, I told Tian Yuan.

Wow “`!! In such a warm sun, Tian Yuan really seems to be an angel sent to me by God-with a beautiful and holy halo floating above his head, and wings that are almost transparent on the back.

“It’s not underestimating you, it’s the doctor who said it~, especially your left shoulder. Hurry up, hurry up and give me your schoolbag.”

“Then I don’t carry my schoolbag, but just carry it. Isn’t that okay?”

“Not even better! The doctor said you can’t carry heavy objects! Such a heavy bag~, absolutely heavy!”

Alas, that’s right,

I quickly took off my schoolbag from Tian Yuan’s shoulder and carried it on myself, but suddenly I felt my whole body lighter, and my feet were still off the ground.

“You help me carry my schoolbag, then I will hug you, you are not a heavy object!”

Ah!! Oh my god, Tian Yuan actually picked me up!

“Ah!!! No, no, let me go, I am the heaviest weight!” I tried hard to break away from Tian Yuan’s arms.

“Hehe““”I hate it, why just look at me and smile?

“Sheng Tian Yuan! This lady orders you to put me down!”

Me + his school bag + my school bag =?

“Hehe““`”Finally he tilted his body and gently touched my feet on the ground.

The moment my feet hit the ground, I immediately jumped up–

“My dear Shengtianyuan! You are too disobedient! How can you not listen to Aunt Xiaoyang like this?!” I deliberately pretended to be very angry, and said to him with my hands on my hips and pouting.

“I see, Master Xiaoyang~!”

Whoosh——!! Before I could react, Tian Yuan suddenly took a keen movement and took away the two schoolbags on my back. He also laughed at me and made a grimace, and ran to the front. .

“Shengtianyuan! Hurry up and return the schoolbag to me! Hurry up and return the schoolbag to me!!” I screamed and chased after him“”

La la la “`, that’s right~. We are going to school.

The winter vacation passed in a blink of an eye. The beautiful and feminine Chun girl flew to the world, and Tian Yuan’s injury was much better, so he wanted to go to Sanhe High School with me~!

And I want to take the bus with him to school and enjoy all the sweet and warm romantic things between couples~!

Wow, okay!! Hey~~Since the schoolbag can’t hold him back, then I’m going to put some effort on the bus.

The big bus drove over and drove up. I quickly suffocated my milk and rushed upwards, trying to get rid of the crowds and grabbing two seats in the first place.

Phoo~, rushed up! But, where is the seat?

Oh my god, even the armrest ring is full of people, and there is a steady flow of people behind. OH~MyGod! This is definitely the most densely populated place in the world~!

“Tian”, “””Yuan” was squeezed back into my stomach than others before the word could be exported. Where is Tian Yuan~, where is it~? Is it coming up? I’m almost squeezed into it. Meatloaf!

“Xiaoyang, Xiaoyang “” ” Tian Yuan just got in the car, called me near the door, and stretched his slender and beautiful arms in front of me, ” come here.”

“I’m here~!!” I yelled that this grabbed Tian Yuan’s hand and squeezed it hard, while squeezing all those lustful three aunts and six women aside. Because I saw those three aunts and six women. They are always rubbing against him with two eyes, peach hearts and skewers~!

“Xiao Yang, come, grab this lever.” Tian Yuan used his powerful hand to pull me in front of him at a rapid speed, let me hold the lever, and surrounded his tall body and arms in a ring. Separate me from the other passengers.

Yeah! Great, don’t worry about being squeezed now~, you can also see Tianyuan’s beautiful curved jaw.

“huha~.” dizzy~~~~, I’m really fateful and easy to be satisfied~, I just wanted to go to sleep when I felt a little more comfortable.

Oooh~ooh~, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, this is on the bus!

I~No way~, I can't open my eyes, I have already started to doze off, and my heads fall together and land on the ground, busying "fishing"

Uh~? Strange, when did a soft “pillow” pop up in front of me? It happened to catch my busy “fishing” head~.

Haha. That’s great~, great~, now my head is dependent~, I can lean on it and sleep comfortably~, Oh~Yeah~! Oh~, Yeah~!!

So, I closed my eyes and hugged the “pillow” with my hands, and put my head on it. I really enjoyed meeting Zhou Gong Hulu Hulu for a meeting.”


What kind of sound is this? Didn’t you see that I was sleeping? Mi Xiang? It made me scream. Although the sound feels a bit far away, it’s still very noisy~!

“Brother Xiaoyuan

In the clanging voice, it seems that there is a girl crying and calling Xiaoyuan brother “`

Such a sweet and greasy voice So familiarWhere have you heard it?

Why are you so familiar? It’s like It's likeYes! That’s right! It’s Dou Na! It’s Yin Dou Na’s voice!

The sound is getting closer, getting closer and closer!

“a——Brother Xiaoyuan——Chang——Where have you been~? Cang——Brother Xiaoyuan——”

Oops!! My Caucasus~!! Do you know what I saw? I actually saw a huge funeral procession!

At the front of the line was an extended luxury convertible, and behind it was a burly man standing neatly in black with a black headband.

Sitting at the forefront of the car is Yin Dou Na~! She is holding an exaggerated loudspeaker in her hand. Next to Dou Na is the housekeeper of Zi Tai’s house, holding a Chinese-style Da Luo in her hand~!

“a——!” This sound was made by the butler’s force on the side of Daluo!

After the butler knocked on Luo, Dou Na put the big horn to her mouth and screamed in tears——Brother Xiaoyuan!!!


Huh~? There is another man next to Dou Na. He is a handsome guy with his head down and holding a picture frame melancholy. His long eyelashes are drooping, leaving a moving shadow on the lower eyelid.

It hurts so much~~~, I really want to rush forward and run tightly to stop him so that he is no longer depressed.`

Uh~? Wait, isn’t that Young Master Zitai?! It’s Cheng Zitai!!!

When did he have such a temperament?

Ah-isn’t the person in the picture he is holding in his arms exactly me?! It is the picture of me disguised as a man!

What’s going on? Damn, is it cursing me to die? Such a magnificent funeral procession, even the “remains” fight is ready~!

“Wow~Brother Xiaoyuan

Yeah, “!!! I was scared to death! Dou Na suddenly threw down the loudspeaker and burst into tears. Please, I am not dead, okay?

“Hey~Hello~, please pay attention, please pay attention, now broadcast the missing person notice, now broadcast the missing person notice.”

The butler tepidly picked up the horn and continued to shout to the street:

“Children Chi Xiaoyuan, male, age 17 years old, height 164, although not tall, but will grow. On Valentine’s Day this year, he wore a blue coat and a white scarf on his top and black jeans when he ran away. .I don’t know if the kid Chi Xiaoyuan took money with him when he ran away, whether he brought enough clothes to keep warm, we are very worried. Please note, kid Chi Xiaoyuan, if you know that you are missing, please come back quickly, if anything else Those who know the whereabouts of Chi Xiaoyuan’s children, please come and report to us as soon as possible. There will be rewards ““““”

Fainted~, what kind of mess is this~.

  1. A person who is more magical than a magician

Just when I was in distress, suddenly, a warm and soft big hand held my arm, and the appropriate temperature was passed to my arm through the palm, and then to my heart, so light and gentle `

“Xiaoyang, Xiaoyang.”

I Who is calling me? Yeah “Such a gentle and beautiful voice, it must be Tian Yuan!

I snapped my eyes open.

Look up–

HOHOHOHO~~~, it really is my Tianyuan~, he is so beautiful that he is bubbling so that the handsome face of an angel is hanging over my head, blooming gorgeously and warmly and smiling at me with warmth. ““`

“Xiaoyang, school is here, we have to get off the bus~~.”

“Oh~.” So just now “` is a dream

Oh~, so real, so clear, so sad dream~~!! Touching the corner of the eye, it is clearly a wet piece of ““`

Hehe, tears must have spread from the dream.

It’s just that, how many liters, how many basins, and how many cylinders of tears are needed to change the meeting to make it spread so violently to the outside of the dream~~~?? It must be many, many, many ““`

Fortunately, this is just a dream, otherwise my tears will be flooded to only three-tenths of the land.

Oops~, Chi Xiaoyang, why are you so sad here~?! I’m so sour!!

What’s the big deal~~, it’s just a dream, just a dream! It’s a ridiculous and ridiculous idiot dream!!

Therefore, it does not represent any emotions or thoughts!!

Therefore, Tianyuan and I will continue to love each other happily and go on happily, and keep going all the time.““`

But~“`But Cheng Zitai is really looking for me desperately now, and the search is about to turn the earth over all day~~?

Dizzy~~~, Chi Xiaoyang, wake up! I said it was a meaningless idiot dream, what are you thinking about~?!

Yes, don’t think about it! Don’t think about it! How can Chi Xiaoyang be bothered by such trivial things~!

So, I patted my head sober, smiled and said to Tian Yuan as I walked: “Let’s get off the car.”


He smiled and nodded, so I immediately found that his left hand was wrong.`

“Tianyuan, what’s wrong with your left hand? Why is it that you can’t move as if you have been given a fixation technique? Oh~~, I understand! You must have just used your left arm as my temporary pillow, right?” ;

No wonder a soft pillow suddenly appeared at that time.

“I just want you to sleep more comfortably.““`”

“Really stupid~~~.” Although I am very touched in my heart~. But seeing this stupid Tian Yuan still can’t help but say a few words, “During my sleep for more than an hour, you Didn’t your’pillow’ hand ever move? So now it’s so numb that you can’t move it anymore?’

“Looking at you sleeping so hard, I don’t want to wake you up.”

“Fool fool! What a fool! Give me your hand and rub it and it will get better.”

I cautiously grabbed Tian Yuan’s left hand and was about to rub it, but the driver’s uncle started to squeak and press the horn and yelled at us irritably:”

Hey~, hello~~!! Are you two little kids getting off the bus~?? This is the terminal station~! The other passengers have already got off! If you want to be affectionate, hide in your parents’ big bed Go down and make friends, don’t delay my work! Really! Current students~, tut~““”

“What are you talking about~? Old bald donkey! Be careful that I even pluck out the few hairs left on the top of your head!” I muttered unconvincingly.

“Smelly girl, what are you talking about? Are you scolding me?” The driver’s uncle was very angry at first glance, and I can’t provoke him anymore.

So, I smiled and said to him:

“Hehe, of course I am not scolding you~, I’m just scolding an old bald donkey. 嚯嚯~, I wish you a safe journey and a smooth work, and get more into Mimi~! Byebye~.”

Before I finished my words, I took Tian Yuan and quickly ran out of the car.

A few seconds later, the driver’s uncle’s roaring voice rang out from behind: “You damn girl, you come back to me~! You said you didn’t scold me?! Do I look like an old bald donkey?? Don’t I just have less hair?? This is a sign of cleverness! Do you understand the sign of cleverness!???”

Haha, really funny!

However, such a rare Highhigh mood like me was rushed out of the clouds by Tian Yuan’s question in a blink of an eye.

“Xiaoyang` Were you dreaming when you slept just now? You were yelling’Zi Tai’ Zi Tai’, what is’Zi Tai’? Is it a person’s name? “


Zi Tai? Oh my God~, did I say two words like that when I was sleeping~? ?

No, we must never let him know about Zitai, let alone let him know my feelings for Zitai!

“Well, and more than once~. “

“Oh~, haha, you must have heard it wrong…I remember the dream I had just now…I’m… eating rice covered with seaweed~, yes, it’s eating rice covered with seaweed. ~, there are also seaweed egg rolls, seaweed vermicelli ball soup, etc. Anyway, it is a big table of delicious seaweed feast~, but it makes me greedy to death! Haha! Yeah, it’s delicious~. “

“Quack, now I’m drooling again when I talk about it! I really want to eat the seaweed feast I just dreamed of~, ha ha ha…”


Yeahyeahyeah, he believed it~! awesome! Hmm, it seems that my Chi Xiaoyang’s IQ is quite okay~, haha.

“Oh, it’s almost at the gate of the school~! “

Hurry up and change the subject, and then I’m afraid I’m going to show my stuff~, if you talk too much, you will lose!

“Xiao Yang, hurry up to enter the school now, and classes will start soon~. “At the gate of the school, Tian Yuan smiled and said to me.

“Don’t you go in? “

“Haha, I have something to do temporarily, but I will be back soon. “

“What are you going to do early in the morning~? Can’t I go with you? “Still a little worried about him, the injury is still not healed~.

“Haha, no, I don’t want to tire my little princess. Obedient, hurry in. “

“But, Tianyuan, you look at the ghostly weather. It was just fine and bright, and now it’s gloomy and it seems that it’s going to rain~, we didn’t bring Sang You’s injury and it’s still not healed, if you get wet What should I do when it rains? So, you still don’t go…”

“Haha, it’s okay, I will be back soon. Isn’t it okay to come back before it rains? Okay, don’t worry, your all-eugenic boyfriend will never let yourself be late! see you later. “

After he finished speaking, he pattered away like lightning.

What are you going to do early in the morning`?? Can’t I even talk about his most precious girlfriend? Really! God is mysterious! I hate it!

I frowned and pouted into the classroom.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Oops, it’s thundering, it’s going to rain…Wow, what else is “it’s going to drop”, the big raindrops of soybeans are crackling, crackling and falling down in a blink of an eye, rattling like firecrackers. It’s crunchy, and the whole world starts to live to death!

Ooooo~, depressed, I am really a crow’s mouth, I actually said that it would rain if I got it.

Hey~, what should I do? Tian Yuan is still doing things outside now~, he doesn’t have an umbrella, and he will definitely be drenched. The most important thing is that his injury hasn’t healed yet~, he definitely can’t get the slightest rain! !

Just take an umbrella and go out to find him, anyway, there is no class yet.

I borrowed an umbrella from my classmate and rushed out of the classroom, only to see Tian Yuan running in the heavy rain…

Of course he was running towards our classroom. Although he was soggy as if he had just taken a freestyle swim from the sea, he tightly guarded a big box in his arms like a baby, and made it with his school uniform jacket. Got its raincoat.

Then he finally saw me, with a beautiful smile on Jun’s face soaked in rain, and he ran into the corridor where I was.

“Xiaoyang, look at you! “He snapped open the big box in front of me.

The sky is short, it’s a seaweed feast~! The big box was originally filled with shining, bright and fragrant seaweed feast!

Just like the fake dreams I described to him with a lie just now: seaweed rice, seaweed egg rolls, seaweed vermicelli ball soup, etc., there are some in the fake dreams I lied, and everything in that big box…

My eyes are full of water…

This fool! What a fool! Just because of a word of mine, and it was just a casual lie, just…

“Awesome seaweed rice, Tian Yuan, are you a magician? Otherwise, how could such a big box of veryPP seaweed feast be turned into such a big box of veryPP seaweed banquet early in the morning and in such a short period of time~~? “I tried to restrain the tide from running out of my eyes, and I smiled desperately and said to him.

“I am not a magician, but for your sake, I will make myself more magical than him! ! “

I am not a magician, but for your sake, I will make myself more magical than him!

I am not a magician, but for your sake, I will make myself more magical than him! !

I am not a magician, but for your sake, I will make myself more magical than him! ! !

This sentence is really magical, right? There must be magic! !

Otherwise~…otherwise the tide in my eyes, which was about to be restrained, would suddenly rush out completely out of control, rushing out of control~~…

“Woo, Tianyuan, why are you so short to me, don’t be so good to me, if one day I don’t have you by my side, I will be so sad and so sad…”

“Hehe, little fool, I should be short for you, because I am your boyfriend~. My Xiaoyang wants to eat a seaweed feast, then I will look for it~, and this is a very simple thing~. Why am I not by your side? I will never leave You half a step again, I will always be by your side forever. “

Tianyuan gently and lovingly wiped away my tears and said:

“Hehe, Xiaoyang, tell you, it’s actually not difficult to change this magic~, because there is a 24-hour seaweed feast restaurant not far from the school~. Okay, Xiao Yang, hurry up and eat while it’s hot, taking advantage of the fact that there are still a few minutes before class. “

After he finished speaking, he carefully handed the big box to me, which was really heavy.

“Tianyuan~, a big box~, how can you tell me to finish eating? I was not possessed by a pig again. “

“No way! You have to finish it, because it has my heart, so you have to finish it, and you have to finish it even if you break your belly! “

“What? Shengtianyuan! You are so unreasonable~! “

“Hehehe, just kidding~. How could I treat my little princess Xiaoyang like this, aren’t there many dear classmates here? You can ask everyone to help~. “

“No way! ! “Now it’s my turn to say NO.” This is something you bought me specially under the heavy rain~! ! And you just said that there is your heart in it, how can you give it to others? ! Even I can’t bear to eat it myself~ How can I let others touch it? ! ! That’s absolutely impossible for a thousand, 10,000 can’t do it! ! ! “

I hugged the box of seaweed banquet tightly like a baby, lest I be snatched away by others.

“Hmm~,”Tianyuan gently obeyed me and said:”My Lord Xiaoyang, you can just enjoy it by yourself. “

“Heh~! ! “I smiled brightly and nodded.

That’s right~, I am really smiling at this moment~, smiling brightly and happily, because this box of seaweed banquet full of Tianyuan’s deep love…

It seems that for a long time, I haven’t laughed like this again, because that damn, always running around in my heart, no matter what the name of goaway~~…

  1. Warm Class

Humhhhhh~~~, it is another peaceful and beautiful day.

The sky is blue, blue and blue, and the white clouds are like a large group of PP cotton candy floating from above the windows of our classroom. The red, pink, white and yellow flowers on the campus are moving with the wind vigorously. Jumping Di.

The mischievous sunshine sneaked in from the classroom window and attacked our faces. All the students were struck by it and drowsy on the desk, but I was very energetic~, because love is magic~, Haha.

To be more specific, that is—Hula, Tian Yuan is sitting next to me, and Tian Yuan and I are at the same table~!

My heart has been singing, so happy that I can’t speak…

Moreover, Tian Yuan also bought me something I really wanted to eat~, that is—Piaopiaoxiang melon seeds! Hahaha!

Don’t think this is a very ordinary little stuff,

Wow, I really want to eat short, the English teacher’s class is really boring, if I have some melon seeds to make snacks, it should be a lot more wonderful, hee hee.

Ahhhhhh~~, melon seeds are so fragrant~, they are harassing me all the time, I can’t help it, I’m going to start eating melon seeds~!

The spatula face teacher, please, please, please turn around and write on the blackboard~!

Write a few more words on the blackboard so that I can eat more melon seeds.

Short, the spatula face is about to turn around!

Haha~, I have turned around~! Chi Xiaoyang, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and eat sunflower seeds!

Scared~~~~``Damn, why did you turn around? ! I haven't eaten melon seed meat yet~, I only used my teeth to open the melon seed shell

Woo~, Teacher Spatula, good job, please turn around again~, so that I can eat melon seeds~!

Turn around~~---

Haha~, it’s great, I turned it around, and finally got it, it’s so delicious~! It’s really fragrant~!

It’s a pity that such a small melon seed is not addictive at all~.

Just when the English teacher turned around again and I was about to use my teeth to open the melon seed shell again, Tian Yuan grabbed my hand holding the melon seed…

“Why? “I stared at Tian Yuan with my eyes, and questioned him with my eyes:”Why don’t you let me eat? ! ! You bought this for me~! ! This class is very boring, okay? Let me eat~ I really want to eat it! “

But Tian Yuanichi responded to me with his angelic smile, and I unconsciously retracted my staring eyes.

Khan~~~···Chi Xiaoyang, have you been bought by this handsome smile so easily~? ?

Then, Tian Yuan gently took the melon seeds in my hand to his own hand, turned his head and looked at the spatula to face the English teacher seriously.

Really serious~, he is a good student who listens carefully to class.


His hands were hiding under the desk, and he began to peel off the melon seeds secretly! ??????????????????????? ! !

Wow~~, I really didn’t expect that the stubborn melon seed shell in my mouth became surprisingly obedient as soon as it fell into the hands of Tian Yuan~.

Tian Yuan squeezed it lightly, and the melon seed shell obediently turned into two petals, revealing the white melon seed kernel inside.

He put the peeled melon seeds on the clean workbook, and soon, a small hill of PP was piled up.

Ahhhhh~~, why is Tianyuan so elegant and intoxicating even when peeling melon seeds? Even the sun couldn’t help but ran to kiss his slender finger peeling melon seeds~!

Suddenly, Tian Yuan gently held the whole Guaziren Hill in front of me with one hand while the teacher turned around to write on the blackboard.

Then, he gently held up my hand and gracefully dumped the entire Guaziren Hill in my palm…

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I finally reacted!

It turned out that Tian Yuan didn’t let me eat it, but he wanted to peel it to me~!

I just said why Tian Yuan wanted to grab my seeds, why did he want to peel so many benevolence and put it here~!


Haha~, great, this time, I won’t have to bite the shell of melon seeds with my teeth in fear~!

As long as Teacher Spade Face turns around, I can eat the whole hill in one bite, so cool~, hahahaha.

Oh yeah~, God is short, you can quickly let the teacher turn around with the spatula face! !

Looking at the tender flesh of the melon seeds, my saliva would fall off!

Hahaha~, God, grandpa really listened to me~ Teacher Pan Shovelian really started to turn around.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-” I immediately poured the entire Guazi Second Hill into my mouth at a lightning speed…

But~, who knew that Teacher Pan Shovel could turn around at a speed a little faster than lightning! !

Oops~! I am now wrapped in a mouthful of melon seeds, and my cheeks are bulging! ~I don’t rush to take the hand covering my mouth~

How to do? How to do?

Exposed! ~

“Student Chi Xiaoyang, what’s wrong with you, your stomach hurts?”

Please! , English teacher with spatula face~ I mean covering my mouth, not my stomach~ Can’t you even see this? If it hurts, it is also a pain in the mouth! ~

But, with melon seeds full of my mouth, how could I say something! ~

So, I can only vaguely·#%…………—·# After a few beeps, it is an answer

“What? 1 Spatula face English teacher’s spatula face slowly twists and grows like a teapot

Dizzy~~~~, when did I say fart smells so bad

I just murmured a few times, OK? Could it be that Joan of Arc just fart on the face of the spatula! ? ? And it smells bad

Sweat! !! ~

“Report to the teacher.” At this moment, Tian Yuan suddenly stood up from his seat gracefully

Wow~~~, more than two heads taller than Teacher Spatula Face! ~

“Just now, Chi Xiaoyang wanted to answer your question. Because she was too excited, she bit her tongue. If she didn’t like your tree very much, she wouldn’t be so excited.” Tian Yuan was full of expressions. sincerely

“Hehehe, it turned out to be like this~1

The spatula face teacher floated up suddenly, and his chin was raised by a full centimeter.

“Yes, report teacher, I have witnessed the whole process with my own eyes and I was sure that Yuan took the opportunity once in 1 day.


Hahaha~~~ It’s nice to have Tianyuan here~ Anything can turn bad into good fortune. He is my lucky one! ~


“But! ~What is this~~1

The teacher suddenly changed my face from the spatula, and asked my English book angrily

Ah~~~ It’s terrible

Because of his position in the English book at the moment

There is a cartoon image that I am boring on the tree secretly drawn for the teacher with spatula face! ~

The fertile and flat spatula face, there is a big peach blossom on the head! The ad on the side is

Spatula brand shampoo, absolutely lush after washing

Hahaha~, this is my masterpiece~~It’s rare that I can paint so wonderfully and beautifully~! Hahahaha… Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but smile happily and tilted my mouth aside

Phew~~ Fortunately, fortunately, I covered my mouth with a handkerchief, otherwise the teacher would definitely be even more angry.

“Chi Xiaoyang, youyou! You feel so insulted to the teacher~~?! I have such ugliness in my place~??! Huhuhu~ I am so angry! Damn me Now, immediately go and clean all the windows and glass of the English laboratory building for me!!! 1

what! ~? ? English laboratory building~~? ? Is not it! ! There are huge glass windows all over there! ! ~

“Report teacher, that comic is not drawn by classmate Chi Xiaoyang!~” At this time, Tian Yuan came to speak for me again

“Hala~Sheng Tianyuan, are you an idiot because of the teacher? This comic is clearly in Chi Xiaoyang’s English textbook, not who she painted it”

“I’m sorry, I painted it. I forgot to bring an English book when I went out today. The book I shared with her was the one I painted on her English book while she was not paying attention.”

what? Tianyuan actually said he painted it? ?

Not only me, but also my classmates and teachers were greatly taken aback. Because Tianyuan has always been regarded as the obedient image of the three good students in their minds

“Haha, doesn’t the teacher believe that I painted it? Okay, I will prove it to you now.” Tian Yuan said this sentence with a smile, and went straight to the podium, picked up the chalk and brushed it on the blackboard.

The result of his encouragement is:

I quickly drew a picture that resembled the cartoon of the spatula face in my textbook

OH, MYGOD~ I really didn’t expect Tian Yuan to have such a strong memory~~, I don’t think I can even draw the spatula face comics that I just drew exactly the same! ~

Wow wow wow~~~, my boyfriend is amazing~! ! !

In this way, the idiot Teacher Pan Shovel really thought that the painting was painted by Tian Yuan, and her whole face was green with anger, and she furiously frightened the podium and shouted:

“Sheng Tianyuan classmate! As a model student, you can’t take the lead, let alone, you have committed such a serious violation of classroom discipline and disrespect the teacher’s behavior. It is really a wife, wife, wife… ~! You can wipe the glass for me now! Hurry up!~”

“Report to the teacher! 1 I yelled at the spatula before Tianyuan was about to leave to wipe the glass.

Because I want to defend! ~, I can’t let Tianyuan get me hacked

“What else to report! ~ You can’t get rid of the relationship! ~ Your own English book for others to draw, why not stop” OUT~! OUT~~~~! ! !

Ah~! ! ? Okay~! Anyway, the comic was originally drawn by me, but… Tianyuan was too wrong~

HOHOHO~, actually cleaning the windows is quite happy~~, you don’t need to listen to the teacher’s spatula face babbling us on the stage, the weather outside is just right, the sun is just right~, with my dearest Tian Yuan. Me, why not do it? Hahahahaha

Thinking about it this way, I stood up smartly and went out with Tian Yuan.

  1. I like you more than my life

“Tianyuan, how can you say that the painting is painted by you~? Why are you giving me a scapegoat~? “Standing in front of the large glass windows of the English Laboratory Building, I said to Tian Yuan.

“Hehe, because You is my girlfriend short, I can’t let my Xiaoyang suffer any wrongdoing. “Tianyuan always faces me with a gentle smile like a moon.

“But I originally made the mistake~! Well, in this case, I can also use the reason of’You are my boyfriend’ to not allow you to clean the windows! Because your injury hasn’t healed yet~, you definitely can’t do heavy work! That’s it, I will clean all the windows here! ! “

As I said, I carried the bucket and the brush and started to dry.

“How about that? Xiao Yang! The teacher called me to wipe it~. You just have to look at me from the side. “

“No way! ! Shengtianyuan kids, you have to be obedient! “

But after Tian Yuan gave me a mischievous smile, he started the great project of cleaning the windows.

Humph, don’t listen to me, dare to grab it with me~! !

Who do you think I am, Chi Xiaoyang! Having lived alone for so many years, this kind of trivial housework will definitely not trouble me! I want to speed up, if Tianyuan wipes one piece, I will wipe five yuan! Yeah~Yeah~, come on!

“Hullah~Hullah~, the weather is really good, so you can get a little ass…”

I’m humming while wiping, and I look at Tianyuan from time to time, hoooooo~, it’s really seductive

Hahaha~, watching handsome people do things, it means that they are fast and in a good mood~~~.

La la la ~, la la la ~ la la la la la…

Ah~~~, why is it so high, it can’t be wiped! And it’s still on the back of the window, my hands can’t reach~…

Depressed~, climb outside the window to wipe…

Wow, even though it’s only the sixth floor, it’s still a bit tall. Woo, if I were a spiderman…

“Xiao Yang! ! ” Tianyuan suddenly called me loudly.

“Danger! ! Don’t climb outside the window to wipe it! ! ! ” Tian Yuan yelled at me while running towards me.

“No~, no~, I will pay attention, you see, you see, I won’t fall if I don’t hold it with my hands…” I said, I still use my right hand as a beckoning cat. Say hello to Tian Yuan.

Maybe it was because I was too confident and felt that it was impossible for me to fall. At this moment, I obviously felt my feet slip and my whole body began to lean back…

In an instant, I saw the blue sky… the dazzling sunlight… I also saw a man reaching out to me in the gap of the sun…

Zi Tai? It’s the son too! He is here, just like that time in the waste fireworks factory, he won’t leave me behind! ! Uuuuu… Zitai, I miss you so much! ! Are you coming? Are you really looking for me?

“Xiao Yang! ! Xiao Yang! ! ! “Huh~? This is not Zi Tai’s voice…

“Xiao Yang! ! Xiao Yang! Hold my hand! Don’t let go! “

I was shocked suddenly~ and woke up——

It’s Tian Yuan! The person who stretched out his hand to me in the crevice of the sun is clearly Tian Yuan! ! He is holding my right hand tightly with his left hand! !

I couldn’t help but lowered my head and looked at it-it was so impressive, it scared me to death~!

Oh my god, I’m hanging dangling in the air from a six-story building~! If Tian Yuan hadn’t caught me in time, I must have fallen and fell into mash with a bang now.

short! There is a long scratch on Tian Yuan’s left arm~, tiny red blood beads are rushing out, slowly converging into strands little by little, shocking~…oo~, it must have been just now When I grabbed me, I was hurt by a small stone protruding from the window sill…

And Tian Yuan’s frowning eyebrows were already covered with beads of sweat, shining in the sun, making my eyes sore~~…

Wow~~~, Tianyuan’s left arm must be very painful, his old left arm is still not healed~!

“Xiao Yang! look at me! Don’t look down! Give me your left hand! “Tian Yuan also stretched out his right hand to me…

“Well…” I stretched out my left hand and held Tian Yuan’s right hand…

Puff, puff, and finally I was pulled back to the window by Tian Yuan. I sat limply on the ground. Tian Yuan’s left hand was hanging weakly on the floor, and his right arm was tightly around me.

“Tianyuan, you are so stupid, why can’t you use your left hand to hold me tightly? ! “

The red blood stains on Tian Yuan’s left arm were still expanding violently, and my tears burst out of my eye sockets unconsciously.

“Hehe, little fool, of course I have to catch you anyway~. If something happens to you, I will die of heartache! ! “

“Woohoo…Tianyuan, let’s go to the infirmary! I will hold you…oooooooo~~~…”

Huhu~, finally arrived at the infirmary. The school doctor was shocked when he saw me crying and Tian Yuan, who was holding my left arm, and quickly let Tian Yuan sit down.

“Oh oh~, my goodness~! ! What did you do? The injury on your left shoulder is still not healed, why did you degummed your left arm again~? ? Did you lift any heavy objects? “The school doctor kept complaining while treating Tianyuan.

“Haha, it’s okay, the heavy object is not very heavy. ” Tian Yuan smiled and gave me a look.

Really, he can still laugh at this time, I’m going to die of sadness~! ! Just because of my indiscretion and ignorance, Tian Yuan’s old wounds did not heal and added new ones! Woo~~, Tianyuan, why do you always tolerate my waywardness and treat me so short~! !

“Okay, the bones are connected, remember what I told you, during this period of time, try to use your left hand as little as possible, especially not to lift heavy objects hard, otherwise it will really be a waste. I’ll get some medicine from the prescription, and you can go later. Take a break. “

The school doctor repeatedly urged Tian Yuan to leave the infirmary, and in a blink of an eye there were only two people left in the infirmary, Tian Yuan and I.

Huhu~, I breathed a sigh of relief, and finally healed my tears.

“The school doctor said you are a heavy object~, a heavy object! ! “. This is, Tian Yuan said to me with a smile.

“You are still joking…your left hand is about to be scrapped~ I blame me…”

“Isn’t there a good place here? ! “Speaking, Tian Yuan also held up his left hand with his right hand and shook it in front of me.

“You are so stupid~……”

“Hehe~, I’m happy, as long as my Xiaoyang is fine, what is a left hand, compared to my Xiaoyang, what is my life?”]

I was stunned, and suddenly remembered the words he said to me at the seaweed banquet he bought for me in the rain:

“I am not a magician, but for you, I will make myself more magical than him! 1

He really did this~~, he really kept changing magic for me, more magic than a magician…

Last time I used my left arm as a pillow on the bus. The last time I went to buy a seaweed feast in the rain for an unintentional lie. This time I magically rescued me who fell downstairs.

Thinking about it this way, tears that hadn’t dried yet ran out of my eyes without being obedient.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… ! ! !

Uuuuuu~~~~ Why should you be so good to me? ~ I’m not worthy of you being so good to me, not worthy of it!

“Bo–” Weeping, Tian Yuan suddenly pressed his lips to mine softly. A short kiss like a white feather and a half~~~, gentle and delicate~, clear and warm… completely different from the first kiss that was too robbed of the quilt…

I opened my eyes wide in shock, staring blankly at Tian Yuan, who was shining with angelic light in front of me.

“Xiaoyang, don’t cry, okay? Seeing you cry, my heart hurts… I don’t want you to cry for me, I just want you to smile happily and always smile happily.”

“If you cry, it must be because I did not do well enough. I will work harder in the future. I will let you not have any sorrow or sadness, and there will always be only joy and happiness…”

A trembling of my eardrums~, a trembling of happiness

Why do I not know how to cherish so much? Is this happiness in front of me not enough?

I have no looks, no body, no IQ, no family background, the genuine standard “Four No Women”, I can get more happiness than the water droplets in the sea, why do I still think about other people

“Xiaoyang, you have always been my little princess, the only little princess, the eternal little princess, the irreplaceable little princess! One Tianyuan gently held my hand and whispered Nan Dao

“I like you more than your own life! 1

There was a violent tremor in the eardrum~, this time, it was no longer a happy tremor~, but guilt~~, a deep guilt

Sorry~ Tianyuan, you like me so much, you like me with more weight than your own life, but now I can’t give you the same amount of love~, give you the same amount of love

But, please believe me, it won’t take long, my heart will belong to you completely… I will definitely forget that person, and I will! ! ~For you, I will forget him no matter what

Therefore, Tianyuan, waiting for me, you must wait for me patiently, my heart will walk in, walk in, walk in again…

The PP crystal shoes in the fairy tale have always been shining by my side…I am so happy, so happy, so happy~~! ! ! ! !

I can do it~! ! ! ! !

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