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Chapter 2 Return to Calm

(1) Lily Fairy

But so depressed~, why did Yang Xu still not wake up after three full days? He was obviously just hit by a small hole in his head by the damn street lamp post. The doctor said it was OK. Could it be that the guy played games day and night before he was injured and was severely lack of sleep, so he simply used this period of injury and coma to make up for his sleep at once?

Oops~, Chi Xiaoyang, guess what you are doing. Since the doctor says that Yang Xu is okay, he will be fine. Don’t worry~, even if you worry about stomach pain, he won’t wake him up. Hmm, wait patiently, he will wake up!

In addition, because of the postponement of the itinerary to Paris, Tian Yuan and I, who had already gone through the transfer procedures, returned to Sanhe High School to attend classes. Don’t want to delay their studies~, haha.

Today is the day of class——


Oh~, Yeah! It’s great. The bell for the fourth class in the morning finally sang a beautiful song. You can go to lunch~, HOHO.

“Hehe, Tianyuan, let’s not go to the school cafeteria to eat today. Would you like to eat outside?” I walked out of the classroom hand in hand with Tianyuan, and I said with a smile.

“Haha, it’s raining red in the sky~, Xiao Yang, who is known for his frugality, also starts to be extravagant~” Tian Yuan laughed and teased me.

“What, I don’t know how to be extravagant~! I did it just to be more frugal! Because, haha, it’s cheaper to eat a bowl of noodles in a small noodle restaurant outside than to make a meal in the school cafeteria, and it’s also It’s so much delicious~, how about it, I’m very economically savvy, right?” Well, I will be a competent housekeeper in the future. After we get married, Tian Yuan can safely hand over my salary to me, ha ha…

“…” Whoosh~, two black lines quickly appeared on Tian Yuan’s face. Although he tried to hide this expression, he was still seen by the sharp-eyed me.

“Hey~, Shengtianyuan, why are you so dead? Don’t you want to eat noodles? I invite you.”

“Of course not. As long as you can eat with Xiaoyang, drinking boiled water will be very fragrant. I just don’t think you really need to be so frugal. My money is yours. You can spend it whatever you want… “

“SHUTUP!!” Before he finished speaking, I interrupted him a little angrily, “Sheng Tianyuan, you are not allowed to say this again in the future, or I will really be angry! I, Chi Xiaoyang, don’t want to be a parasite Where’s the worm~!”

“Hehe, I know, my Xiaoyang is the most independent woman in the 21st century. However, no matter how independent women are, they must abide by one rule~, that is-when you eat, your boyfriend must pay for her. So , Of course I will pay for the noodles.” When Tian Yuan said this, we had already arrived at the nearest small noodle restaurant in the school. Tian Yuan went to the front desk and ordered two bowls of noodles and then paid the money (here is eat The kind of noodle shop that paid the bill before).

“Xiao Yang, you go pick a seat now, I’ll wait here, and bring it over when I’m ready.” Tian Yuan said to me with a gentle smile.

“Haha, great~”

I quickly aimed at an excellent position by the window, and before the student couple next to him sat down at a thundering speed, Yeah~, success! Xiaoyang is great! Haha~~!

It doesn’t matter how the stinky student couple stares at me with green faces~, who told you to just flirt and curse slowly? Your names are not written on this seat. Humph~!

“La la la, the weather is so sunny today…” I sat on my seat with my legs upright, humming an out-of-tune song intoxicatedly, and kept my eyes on the big street outside the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows (hehe, this is ten million I can’t let Tianyuan know the little erotic heart, just–want to see handsome GG~. Hahahaha.).

But~, do I really want to see handsome GG or look for…that…

“Zi Tai!” My eyes suddenly caught a handsome figure, I screamed in my heart, and jumped out of my seat.

Waves of fine and soft hair, slender and tall figure, noble temperament, cold and domineering atmosphere…

is it him? is it him? ? My breathing tightened suddenly, and then my body started to run out of the noodle restaurant, like a curse.

I want to be sure~, I want to be sure if it is him, I want to be sure, then I want to see him clearly…

However, he disappeared before I was sure everything, and disappeared so quickly, as if he had never appeared before…

“Pattern~…” A man standing alone in the middle of the street, standing in the crowd of people coming and going irrelevant to me, my tears fell in big drops, without warning…

“Excuse me… Are you okay? Why are you crying~? Is there anything I need help?” Suddenly, a gentle and pleasant voice came from beside me, and there was a faint sound coming from my side. Lily fragrance.

Then I saw a white and beautiful handkerchief stretched out in front of me gracefully and lightly. The handkerchief was embroidered with a delicate and beautiful white lily, and the handkerchief was holding a white, slender, tender hand, which I had never seen With such beautiful hands…

I stopped crying and looked up at the owner of Lily’s handkerchief.

Wow! As soon as my eyes touched the face of the owner of the lily handkerchief, it became as big and bright as a kilowatt of electricity. I just stared at her blankly and forgot to take the handkerchief.

I can’t help being like this~, because, because, because the owner of this lily handkerchief is really too—beautiful, it’s like the fairy lily descended from the earth and the heroine of Gone with the Wind, Vivien Li, is alive~! !

Oh~, MyGod! I have never seen such a PP girl. Although I am also a girl, I seem to be electrocuted too. Ah yeah, don’t doubt that I am GL~, but she is too PP~, everyone has a heart for beauty~, ha ha ha.

She was wearing a snow-white dress, and her waist-length black hair was fluttering in the breeze. People on the street stared at her with amazing gazes. The rate of turning back is almost 100%. N hundred! It looks so pure…no, it should be “holy”, it looks so holy and holy, it doesn’t look like fireworks in the world…

Tsk tsk~~, especially her smile~, like an open fragrant lily flower, it is so beautiful~, this is really not an exaggeration at all.

Oh my god, if Cheng Zi is too handsome, then the “lily fairy” in front of you is a well-deserved beauty!

Hahaha, I’m really blessed with Chi Xiaoyang~, all the beautiful ones were hit by me, hahahaha…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~! Because, because “Fairy Lily” actually wiped my tears with that lily handkerchief by himself~, of course I was flattered, you know, we are strangers who only met for the first time…

“I’m sorry, because you just stared at me and didn’t take the handkerchief. I’m afraid that the tears hanging on your cheeks will drip and wet your collar after such a long time, so I wiped it off for you with prestige… “

Ah, yeah~, it’s a sin to make such a superb beauty say sorry, no more~, the guilt has already swelled up, I hurriedly waved my hand and shook my head:

“Uh hehe~, it’s okay, no, no, no, it should be me who said’I’m sorry’~, it should be me who said’I’m sorry’, I didn’t even pick up the handkerchief you stretched out for so long. I’m really sorry. ,I am sorry……”

“You are so cute, can you tell me why you are crying~? Is there anything I need help?” “Fairy Lily” gently put the lily handkerchief in my hand and smiled. Wow, her smile is really charming and charming~~! !

“Ah~? Why are you crying~? Uh, hehe, nothing is nothing~, it’s nothing big, I’ve always been a crying ghost, I will cry for a long time when an ant dies, hehehe…” Touched her head and hit her haha.

“Hehe, you are really cute.” Wow, yeah~, it’s the second time in a row that I have been called cute by the best beauties~, I feel a little embarrassed.

“So, do you really need help?”

“No need, no need, really don’t need it!” Oh my god~, how could there be such a person in the world, not only looks very beautiful, but also has such a good heart, for a stranger who has only met for the first time So enthusiastic. Oh~, MyGod! She is simply my dream, I just want to be such a perfect girl, but unfortunately, alas~…I hope I will have the opportunity to realize this dream in the next life…

“Hehe, ah, so, then, I have something to go. I will give you this lily handkerchief. I wish you a happy life every day. If you can meet again, I don’t want to see you again. I saw you crying~, goodbye.” She gave me these words and then walked away lightly and gracefully, and the fragrance of her hair drifted in the wind, and the faint fragrance of lily was also super nice~, oh~~, I can’t help but get drunk…

Pooh Pooh, Chi Xiaoyang, when did you become so disgusting, what kind of idiot for a girl, really~.

“Xiao Yang.” When he was trying to spurn himself, a nice familiar voice suddenly heard behind him. There is no doubt that it is my angel boyfriend Tian Yuan~.

“This handkerchief…” It’s strange~, Tian Yuan didn’t ask me why I suddenly ran out of the noodle shop and came here, but stared at the lily handkerchief in my hand and said this with a little surprise.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Don’t you want him to know that I shed too much tears for my son? Or, still don’t want him to know that I just met a perfect angel girl who looks good with him?

“Haha, that’s it.” Tian Yuan still stared at the Lily handkerchief in my hand and said quietly.

“Tianyuan, what’s the matter? Is there anything special about this handkerchief? Or… Do you know the owner of this handkerchief?”

“Huh?? Oh, hehe, nothing, nothing, really nothing…” Tian Yuan said, shook his head slightly, as if he had just walked out of a world of memories.

Halo~…what’s wrong with Tianyuan? ?

Oops, no matter what, before he thought of asking me why I ran out of the noodle shop just now, just change the subject:

“Tianyuan, my stomach is so hungry~, the noodles must be cold soon, let’s go back to eat, hurry back to school after eating, there are still two classes in the afternoon.”

“But, aren’t you looking for the owner of the missing handkerchief?” Nasty, his gaze was still on the handkerchief and didn’t look away~. I was really upset, as if he was looking at other girls. Dizzy~, it’s just a handkerchief, Chi Xiaoyang, when did you become a big vinegar jar~? !

“Uh… I’m not looking for it, because I can’t find it, and there is no name on the handkerchief. Looking for it this way is like finding a needle in a haystack. Hehe, I think I’d better give it to the police uncle on the roadside.” I joked slightly.

“Okay…” Tian Yuan said, he actually took my hand and walked in the direction where the traffic policeman was standing on the other side of the road~. Fainted, he really took it seriously? ! But there was no way. I couldn’t get back the lies I told, so I reluctantly handed the PP lily handkerchief that exuded the scent of lilies to the traffic police with fat head and big ears and a piggy face, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uh…

“Haha, it’s great, great, you can take this handkerchief back and give it to my wife~, she will definitely reward me with a few deep and long bangs, Oh~, Yeah!” Tian Yuan and I turned around When I was not far away, I heard the disgusting traffic police say this smugly from behind. Crying~…

However, what makes me really want to cry to death is yet to come~, then? Is it?

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Yang Xu still did not wake up! Yang Xu still didn’t wake up~! ! I’m going crazy~! !

(2) Female Angel-Shirley

“Wow, doctor, doctor! Why did Yang Xu still not wake up for so long? What happened? Didn’t you say that he just broke his head and it was nothing serious?” Yang Xu’s attending doctor As soon as I arrived in Yangxu’s ward, I couldn’t help yelling at him.

“His diagnosis is very special. We have never encountered it before, and we are stepping up research. But please rest assured, the patient’s physical condition is normal, and the brain injury is slowly healing at a normal rate. He is like Just as healthy as falling asleep.”

“What’s just falling asleep?? Who can sleep for nine days and nine nights in one breath? He shouldn’t be~…could he become a vegetative person? Woo~…” This terrifying expectation took off. When I got out of my head, I couldn’t control myself and started crying.

“Please rest assured, I can assure you that he will never be a vegetable!”


“Of course it is true!” said the doctor with certainty.

“But…why can’t he wake up~? How can I explain this situation?” I looked at Yang Xu, who was ill, like a sleeping baby, really worried. It’s going to hurt.

“Maybe, he is just very tired~? His heart and body are very tired, so he needs a longer sleep to adjust and restore everything.” A gentle and nice female voice suddenly took me and scared me. Jump. Because this ward was originally only me, the attending doctor and Yang Xu who was in a coma.

Looking back–Ahhhh~, I was even more shocked.

“Why are you~——Fairy Lily??!” I opened my eyes wide and looked at her in disbelief. It’s Fairy Lily~, the superb beauty who gave me a handkerchief to wipe my tears on the street that day.

“Uh~~? Fairy Lily?” There was confusion in her big eyes with extremely beautiful long eyelashes.

“Oh…hehe,’Lily Fairy’ is the nickname I gave you, because the handkerchief you use is embroidered with lilies, and there is a scent of lilies floating on your body. It is so extraordinary and beautiful like a man Fairy Lily~, ha ha ha…”

“Oh~~, hehe, it turned out to be like this, thank you for your compliment. However, I have a name, and my name is Shirley, so you don’t need to call me that nickname in the future, hehe.”

“Ah? What? Your name is—Xue Li?? This name, this name is so familiar…Ah! I remembered, could it be…Is it the Valentine’s Day when Tian Yuan came back, he was injured after he was hospitalized? The girl who called him? “No? Was Tianyuan’s classmates so pretty? Bodhisattva bless you, don’t be, don’t be! but……

Woo~, the nasty Bodhisattva must have gone to take a nap, so I didn’t hear my prayer, so the beautiful Lily Fairy in front of me nodded in surprise and admitted:

“Yeah, I am Shirley who called Tianyuan that day. I am Tianyuan’s classmate and good friend. Are you?”

“I’m Tian Yuan’s girlfriend Chi Xiaoyang~, it was the call I answered that day, do you remember?”


“Hehe, I am also very happy to meet you~. Hey~, Shirley, why are you here? Didn’t you study in France? Ah~, I see, I must come to see Tianyuan, right?”

“Haha, I’m sorry, I didn’t come to see Tianyuan, but to see-Yang Xu.” Shirley said as she put the large basket of high-quality fruits in her hand next to Yang Xu’s bed, her eyes were gentle and concerned. He immediately enveloped Yang Xu who was in a coma.

“Huh? Come and see-Yang Xu’s? Do you know Yang Xu too?”

“Of course~. Because my family and his family are family friends, we grew up playing with them. Later, although our family moved to France, we still kept in touch. He often went to France to see me.”

Oh~~, that’s it, that’s a real rich daughter. Woo~, it really matches Tianyuan in every aspect~. Chi Xiaoyang, what kind of jealous are you eating again? Really, hate myself!

“Xiao Li??!!!” At this moment, a surprised voice suddenly sounded behind her. I didn’t need to look back to know that it was of course my prospective boyfriend Tian Yuan. He came back to help me buy snacks.

“Ah~, Tian Yuan?!!!” Shirley also saw Tian Yuan and said in surprise.

Oops~~, the two of their good friends were terrible as soon as they met, and they chatted endlessly. I never knew that Tian Yuan, who was so elegant and elegant, could say so many things at once, but Tian Yuan who used a smile as his eternal signature You can also laugh so many times at once, that kind of lively and cute childlike laughter…

Huhuhu~, a deep jealousy arose in my heart. Why, why wouldn’t it be like this with me? Why is it possible to be with her? Could it be that I made him unable to relax? Since it’s more relaxing to be with her, why not be with her?

“Xiao Yang, do you want to eat the packet of piaoxiang melon seeds I just bought for you? I’ll peel it for you.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to for me

“You want to eat, you want to eat! You peel it to me quickly.”

While talking, she couldn’t help but watch Shirley’s reaction. She felt like she was competing with her, but she didn’t seem to have a jealous look~ She always looked at us both tenderly and kindly, laughing. Like a pure and innocent angel, and smiled so beautifully and dazzlingly, it made me feel a little guilty, and it felt like I was “saving the belly of a gentleman with a villain.”

What was even more unexpected was that she then said sincerely:

“Xiao Yang, can I help you peel melon seeds, too?”

Woo~, such a good girl, if I were a boy, I would definitely like her. Is there any reason to compete with her? Really. Chi Xiaoyang, I hate you!

(3) Yang Xu finally woke up!

“HOHO~, Xiaoyang, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that loves you forever~!!!” At this moment, a High High sound suddenly sounded in the ward, and my eardrums throbbed. There was a violent tremor, and I jumped up with excitement and yelled at the hospital bed:

“Ah-Yang Xu, wake up!”

Wow wow~~, Yang Xu really woke up~, Yang Xu, who was in a coma for nine days and worried about my stomachache, really woke up. He jumped down from his illness like the ape Taishan. He hugged me tightly at lightning speed, and shouted at me ecstatically:

“Xiaoyang, Xiaoyang Xiaoyang, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that loves you forever!! Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C forever love. your heart……”

Oh, MyGod! What’s wrong with Yang Xu~? How come you keep repeating this 214℃ love mantra to me like a stuck record~? This sentence…Isn’t this sentence never said to me since he made that pork ball girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Isn’t the person he really likes Caixian’er, his girlfriend who has lived in heaven for more than two years? Last year I was just a substitute for Xian’er, but this year I was nothing, and said that I never wanted to see me again, but now he…

Now he is like… as if it’s no different from the year I first met Yang Xu~, but when he said this 214℃ love mantra to me, he no longer said to my left ear. , But yelled at me…

“Yang Xu, it’s great that you can wake up. However, your injury is still not healed, so you shouldn’t be more active, so you should still lie down in the sick** and take a good rest.” At this time, Tian Yuan smiled and spoke. , At the same time, he came over to pull Yang Xu away from holding me and help him until he was ill. But Yang Xu quickly hugged me like a monkey and walked away:

“Don’t don’t don’t! I don’t want to lie down in sick** and take a good rest~! I want to hold my most beloved Xiaoyang tightly like this, and will not let go until the end of the world!!” Yang Xu said. Hold me tighter.


“Yang Xu, don’t do this, just let me go! Tianyuan is here~, you are like this… how bad…”

“I don’t want him to be your boyfriend! You fire him and change me to be your boyfriend, okay, Xiao Yang?” Yang Xu let go of me, and grasped my hand tightly, opening so beautifully He looked at me with big eyes eagerly and expectantly.

I was stunned for a while.

What to do~? I really can’t bear to hurt him~, especially the injury he suffered for me is not healed now, but~…

“Yang Xu, you…Do you really like me?” I asked him this question in a very serious tone.

“Of course it’s true~, I really like you so much, like Xiaoyang so much~! You must believe me~, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a 214°C to love you forever My heart~! I pack the tickets, I’m very, very sure, absolutely sure to pack the tickets: absolutely no one in this world likes you more than me, even in the sky and underground, I can never find one. I like you more than me! I really like you…I like Xiaoyang so much~!!!”

“Then, you~… where is your beautiful girlfriend-Xian’er? Don’t you like her? Have you forgotten her?” I hesitated for a long time before plucking up the courage to take this question slowly Spit it out, I’m really worried that this will stimulate Yang Xu again…

But the facts have proved that my worry is completely unnecessary. Yang Xujun’s bright smile with the cute little pear vortex on his face has not disappeared because of my doubts, and there is no tendency to weaken a little bit~, handsome. The silly Yang Xu responded to me with the brightest and sunniest smile in the world:

“Haha~~, Xiaoyang, you are wrong~, Xian’er is not my girlfriend~, I have never had any girlfriend~, I have never seen Xian’er before, not at all Knowing her, then of course there is no such thing as “like” or “forget”.”

“Ah-what? No?” I was so shocked that I was about to shake the ceiling of this ward, “Is there anything wrong? How is it possible? How is it possible?! You obviously liked it before. Her, why don’t you even know her now?! “Crazy dizzy…

Then I suddenly reacted with an excitement and yelled at the outside of the ward:

“Doctor, doctor, come here soon! Come here soon!! Terrible~, terrible, Yang Xu has selective amnesia! Yang Xu has selective amnesia!!”

“Woo~~…Xiaoyang, don’t slander me like this~, I don’t have any selective amnesia~! I really don’t have any selective amnesia~!!! I~, me, I still I haven’t finished talking…” Yang Xu’s extremely sincere and infinitely wronged expression made me want to believe him again, okay, okay, then believe him again, he shouldn’t lie to me. , He said he would not lie to me.

“Oh~, I’m not finished, then you hurry up~, I will listen carefully.” Bodhisattva bless, I hope that after you have finished speaking, I can deny your judgment that you have selective amnesia.

“The reason why I said that just now is because: Haha, Yang Xu, who likes Xian’er and is Xian’er’s boyfriend, has already flown away~, he flew away from my body and flew to heaven to be reunited with Xian’er , The two of them are now living a very happy and happy life in heaven~ and the time he flew away was the time after I was injured and fainted to save you at the construction site of the new school…”

Ah~~! I remembered it, I remembered the scene that day, the scene that made me think Yang Xu was dead:

“Xian’er…” Maybe it was my ghost crying wolf howling that annoyed the sky. He finally woke up Yang Xu, but why did these two words come out faintly from his mouth? His favorite and only person is always the girlfriend Xian’er who has already lived in heaven, right?

But the person printed in his pupils is obviously me, and I clearly saw my crying panic face in his beautiful eyes so clearly and so clearly, so clearly and so deeply…

Does he… treat me as a fairy again?

“Woo…Yang Xu, Yang Xu, are you okay? You have to hold on, I will find someone to take you to the hospital immediately…”

“…Hehe, I’m finally going to see you… We… finally can be together again…” Oh my God, what did Yang Xu say? Why am I a little bit confused? Did you tell Xian’er?

what–! ! and many more! ! What “I’m going to see you finally” “We can finally be together again”, what he meant… Did he mean that he was going to reunite with Xian’er in heaven?

“No–! Don’t–! Yang Xu, Yang Xu, you can’t die! I don’t allow you to die! You don’t allow you to die!!” But he didn’t listen to me, he didn’t listen to me, now Yang Xu early It’s no longer the same Yang Xu, so he didn’t listen to me. His extremely beautiful pupils slowly darkened, darkened, darkened…


With a “pop”, I closed it, closed my eyelids, as if closing a living door…

At that time, when his eyelids were closed, it was when Yang Xu, who “Like Xian’er”, “Is Xian’er boyfriend”, and also “has been awkward with me since this Valentine’s Day”, was flying away. Right? He really flew to heaven and reunited with Xian’er, so the last sentence before he passed out was:

“…Hehe, I’m finally going to see you…we…finally can be together again…”

What about Yang Xu now~? Who is this Yang Xu who is standing in front of me, still holding my hand tightly and refusing to let go, who has the brightest and sunniest smile in the world? ?

“Haha~~, the current Yang Xu is Yang Xu who only likes Xiaoyang~!” Yang Xu quickly helped me out as if he could see through my mind, “All the past and memories that make me want to die are all depressing. They were all taken away by Yang Xu who flew to heaven to reunite with Xian’er. Therefore, the remaining Yang Xu is just—loving Xiaoyang wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly thinking about taking good care of Xiaoyang’s sunshine and protecting Xiaoyang. Angel’Yang Xu!! Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that loves Xiaoyang forever!! Oh~, Yeah!!! Haha!!!”

It turned out that Yang Xu had really completely walked out of the memory of sadness and tears. The nine-day fainting caused him to adjust and restore everything. He was lively, lovely, optimistic and simple. Yang Xu finally came back. Woo~~, I’m so happy~, I’m so happy that I burst into tears…

“Xiao Yang, promise me quickly, promise me to fire him and change me to be your boyfriend, okay? Okay~, Xiao Yang?” Yang Xu grabbed my hand and shook it vigorously. .

Oh my god, what should I do? Looking at Tian Yuan, he still has a gentle and calm smile on his face. He is confident that I will not agree to Yang Xu? Alas~, the fact is true, I can only say:

“I’m sorry~, Yang Xu, you will always be my best, best, and best friend!! I will cherish our friendship forever!!”

“Woo~——!!!” OH~, MYGOD! I expected it to be correct. After Yang Xu listened to my answer, tears really began to flow in his eyes… He was so wronged that he didn’t want me to see his eyes that were about to overflow with tears, and slowly squatted down, I Follow him obediently and squat down.

“Woo~~~…It’s okay, if you don’t promise me, it’s okay. I’ve been mentally prepared for a long time. I actually knew you would not promise me.” Yang Xu squatted on the ground, burying his head deeply. Between the arms, “Woo…I know it’s my fault. I haven’t done a good job this year, so I can’t beat him, so I still can’t get your heart. But it’s okay, I will continue to work hard, I don’t I will give up, as long as I still have a breath, I won’t give up on you!”

“Xiao Yang, I tell you, I will confess to you every Valentine’s Day every year from now on. It doesn’t matter if you refuse every time, it means that I am still not doing well enough. I will continue to work hard and continue to learn how to chase you. One day I will catch you and make you like me! There will be such a day! I firmly believe! So I will never give up! I will always be by your side to protect you, even though you have a man My friend, I will be by your side to guard you, even if you get married and give birth to a baby, I will continue to guard you by your side as always!!

“…Xiao Yang, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I burn a heart that loves you forever at 214°C!! Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I burn a heart that loves you forever at 214°C. !!!……”

Oh my God~, Yang Xu repeated this 214℃ love mantra with me N times in one breath~, and he said it pretending to be deep while squatting and holding my hand tightly. Well~, Tian Yuan and Shirley both stood silently beside them without saying a word. I don’t know if they were touched by him or whether they couldn’t laugh or cry.

Ahhhhh~, I’m so speechless…

In the end, Yang Xu himself asked me to take the initiative to take his hand out of his hand~, because he said:

“Xiao Yang, I will never let go of your hand first, because that means letting go and giving up, but I will never give up on you!! Never, ever, never stop loving you !!!”

Woo~~, Yang Xu, I am really touched, but when will you understand-I am not your 214℃ at all~? I really don’t deserve your liking…

(4) The son is too far away…

Haha~, great, Yang Xu’s injury healed very quickly~, before he knew it, it was the day when he was discharged from the hospital. But why can’t I be happy in my heart? Is it because Yang Xu has recovered, do I have to go to Paris with Tian Yuan again?

“Xiao Yang, the ticket to Paris has already been bought. It is the flight tomorrow afternoon.” At this time, Tian Yuan came back and said to me with a smile on the ticket.

“Oh~~, I’ll start packing now.” As I said I was going to the room, Tian Yuan suddenly grabbed my hand gently and drew me in front of him:

“Xiaoyang, what’s the matter? You seem a little unhappy?”

“Haha, no~, really no!” As soon as I heard him say this, I hurriedly hid the eggplant phase I had just now, laughed hard and shook my head and said.

“Don’t say no? Are you worried that you will be assassinated like the last time?”

“I~…” What assassination~, I’m not worried about that~, if you don’t say that I almost forgot, let alone I, Chi Xiaoyang, who is greedy for life and fear of death!

But I froze for a long time and finally nodded against my intentions: “Um~~! Haha, Tianyuan, you are really the roundworm in my stomach~, I don’t think I can hide anything from you, hahaha…”

“Xiao Yang, rest assured, I promise that there will be no assassinations again this time! I will protect you by your side, so that the murderer has no opportunity to take advantage of!” Tian Yuan grabbed my hand and solemnly promised.

“Hmm~~!!! I believe you!!!” I nodded my head like a chicken pecking rice, then plunged into his arms, “Tianyuan, do you know? As long as you are by my side, I will I will feel safe!! You are the one who makes me feel safe most!!!”

But Zitai will not, Zitai will never give me this feeling, he is too fickle, and his heart is too elusive…

Khan~…Chi Xiaoyang, how can you think of another boy in the arms of your quasi-boyfriend~? What a shame! Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it! ! I’m leaving tomorrow, what else are you thinking about~? !

“Xiao Yang…” Ah, won’t Tian Yuan be moved by what I just said again? ! So… so he lifted me up gently from his arms, looked at me affectionately, and couldn’t help but leaned over to kiss me…

Wow, no, no, I’m not ready yet~! I’m not ready yet…

“I’m the invincible little ninja, babble~; I’m the invincible little ninja, babble, babble~…” Yeah~, my phone is so cute, I was about to kiss me in Tianyuan It rang at the critical moment~, haha, it didn’t hurt me for nothing! Come on, keep your phone, and kiss-Boo~~! Hahaha!

“Hello~, hello, this is Chi Xiaoyang.” Thanks to my dear mobile phone, Tian Yuan released me, so my mood is infinitely relaxed and good now. Of course, the voice when I pick up my mobile phone is as gentle and incomparable as a bodhisattva. Oh~, HOHOHO~.

“Hehehe~, guess who I am.” A weird voice came from the machine. Obviously it was deliberately pretending to be that.

“Hehehe, of course I know who you are~, you are-smart, lovely, beautiful and lively, hot and unrestrained, charming and invincible billion people fan-silver? Dou? Na Ma ~.” I learned her always. The appearance line said.

“Oh~, Sister Xiaoyang, you have to pretend to guess a few rounds before you say it. It took me so hard to pretend such a unique and perfect voice. It’s really not fun, there is no tacit understanding with me~!” Restored her crisp original voice, said dissatisfied. I think her small mouth must be pouted enough to hang an oil pot, ha ha ha.

“Hey~, Douna, wouldn’t you just call me to guess who you are?”

“Of course not~, there is a very important, very important thing to tell you~~, haha.”

“What on earth is that important, important, and important thing~?”

“Haha, Sister Xiaoyang, guess!”

Dizzy~, guess again! This weird little girl!

“I surrender, I can’t guess, tell me quickly!”

“Hmmm…Well, it seems that my handsome and dumb cousin Cheng Tzu likes you so much, and you have a 99.9999999999…% chance that you may become my future cousin’s sake, so I will tell you with difficulty. Right, HOHOHOHO~~”

My heart shook because Dou Na mentioned the name that made me want to cry anytime, anywhere. Looking at Tian Yuan, who was quietly reading a book, I quickly ran into the room and closed the door and continued talking on the phone:

“Hey~, Dou Na! Don’t talk nonsense~~! I have lost contact with Cheng Zi too early. I am now Tian Yuan’s girlfriend. How could Cheng Zi Tai, a guy who is more fickle than a chameleon, still like me? !”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wrong~~, why did Dou Na start crying like a pig while talking~? ?

Her cry made my heart suddenly flustered. When I recalled what she said above, a terrifying conjecture suddenly jumped into my thinking: Could it be—could it be something unexpected?

“Hello~, Dou Na! Dou Na! What the hell is going on with you? Isn’t it the son of him…”

“Yeah~!” Before I finished speaking, Dou Na felt like she knew what I was going to say, sobbing on the other side of the phone, and replied.

Boom boom boom, my eardrums, my head, and my heart were all about to explode with this brief grief, and tears like a sea of ​​bitterness burst forth wildly:

“Dou Na, hurry up~…tell me, Zitai~~…what accident happened to Zitai~?”


gone? What do you mean~? ? It’s~, it’s~~, it’s~-are you dead? ?

“Bang Dong——!” The hand holding the phone shook violently, and the phone fell heavily to the ground, and then—

“Pump!” There was another sound, this time it was me, and I fell heavily to the ground…

“Hey~! Hey~~! Sister Xiaoyang! Sister Xiaoyang!! Sister Xiaoyang! What’s wrong with you, Sister Xiaoyang? Why are there such weird noises in the phone — first’bang dong’ and then’pu dong’ “” My old master phone lying on the ground continued to “play” Dou Na High High’s voice, but I couldn’t hear it, I couldn’t hear anything, until she said:

“HOHO~, Sister Xiaoyang Sister Xiaoyang, do you know where my cousin has gone? He has gone to Singapore~! Because his recent academic performance has dropped a lot, from the full correction. It fell to the bottom of the school in one fell swoop~, so my uncle… is my cousin and his father~, my cousin and his father were so angry that he rushed him to Singapore to study. And my cousin’s dad also said that before my cousin improves his grades, he will absolutely not allow him to go home! This is the very important, very important thing I want to tell you. .”

I’m fainted~…It turns out that this “go” is not “go”~, Dou Na’s dead girl almost scared me to death~! But the news is not much better…

Do not! This news is very good~, it is really good, haha~, because Chengzi ran so far away, it is impossible for us to meet by chance in the future, so I will forget him more easily, he also There will never be a chance to harass me again, hahaha~, hahahaha…

Damn~! I was laughing so hard, why couldn’t my tears stop? Why can’t my tears stop? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Cheng Zitai, you stinky orange, rotten orange, dead orange, should I go to Paris with Tian Yuan first~, why are you taking the first step~? Are you going to be a winner in this matter? Or is it… or is it still declaring a complete renunciation of me in this way? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So…Is there any meaning then? Does it make sense for me to go to Paris with Tian Yuan? ? I originally decided to go to Paris with Tian Yuan to escape him! But now he has gone to Singapore. He seems to have left first, so why should I go to Paris? !

No need, really no need~…

So, I told Tian Yuan, we are not going to Paris. He readily agreed, and he had no reason not to.

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