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Chapter 2 214

(1) Kotao Takashi Narukota

HOH0~, the new semester soon came with a smile, and I finally entered the second semester of high school.

But, it’s so strange~, today is the very important first day of school. It is customary to hold the opening ceremony with great fanfare, but why are there only those boys who are like frosted eggplants in the class? Even a trace of girls I can’t smell the smell~, and this is the case in the whole school!

“Hey~, do you know where the girls have died? Isn’t the school changing its purpose and preparing to set up a monk temple (boys school)?” I asked a boy in the same class carelessly on the shoulder.

“Ah? Run a monk temple?? Don’t scare me! I will transfer to school as soon as he runs it!”

“Then why are all the girls in the school missing?”

“What’s missing? Don’t say it is so terrifying, OK! It was they who took leave of absence and went to the damn boy and aristocratic high school of the neighboring school to see a stinky boy who was transferred to the new school!”

Ah…no? There is such a thing? Although I have long heard that the handsome boy who has his name ringing outside the galaxy is like a cloud, and all of them are super rich, they are called by nympho “The hormonal paradise in dreams”, so every day at the entrance of Zitai Boys College, there are groups of female generations who crane their necks and look around like giraffes, forming a very magnificent landscape. However, there has never been such an exaggeration as today, right?!

“Quickly, who is the handsome guy with such a lethal power???”

I solemnly reiterate here that I am not a idiot. The reason why I suddenly became so concerned about that handsome guy is because I suddenly thought that maybe… maybe he is my Tianyuan~!

Think about it, haha, only my perfect prince Shengtianyuan can have such a lethal power~, haha! So, did he come back from France? He didn’t notify me in advance because he wanted to surprise me Was it? Wow, if that’s the case, then…oh my god~, my god~…

“Xiaoyang, what’s the matter with you, Xiaoyang~? Why are your eyes drifting away suddenly and blushing like a ripe apple that is about to rot~? It’s not getting angry, right?”

“You just got angry!” I quickly recovered from the reverie of my prince Tianyuan, “Hurry up and speak~!”

“I heard that he is handsome and angry, and wherever he goes, Shen Yuluoyan, moonlight and shameless flowers (isn’t that a term used to describe beautiful women?), he is called an angel among angels!” Ah~? Angel among angels? My Tian Yuan is the angel among angels~! Besides, he is also the prince among princes~!!

“I heard that he flew to this city on the snowy Valentine’s Day this year!”

Ah~?? Snowy Valentine’s Day this year?? It was the day when I and Tian Yuan agreed to meet ten years later! So it is very likely that my Tian Yuan came to this city by plane on this day~!

“I heard that he has been living in Paris, France, and the school he attended is the MJ school which is very famous in the world!”

Ah~? Paris, France?! MJ school?!! That’s not Tian Yuan who is it?!!!


“His name is Cheng Zitai, and his father is the president of a multinational company with trillions of assets. The Zitai Boys Noble High School was built for him by his father, so he is named after him!”

I’m so happy…it’s too early, haha, woooo~, woooo~…

Tianyuan~, why didn’t you come back, Tianyuan~? Did you forget our agreement? Do you know? I really miss you, I really miss you, I really think about it, and my stomach is about to bleed… Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No! Tianyuan will definitely not forget our agreement! How could I doubt him so much, I really damn it! He must have something happened to be unable to come! Yes~!! It must be like this~!!

But… but what happened to him??? I’m so worried~! He wasn’t in a plane crash on the way here, right? He wasn’t robbed and injured by gangsters? He wouldn’t be. Suddenly got a serious illness and was rescued in the hospital? Or, even or he had left this beautiful world forever because of an accident a few years ago? No~, no…

Bah, baah~!!! Chi Xiaoyang, you really damn it!!! How can you curse him like that? He must be fine! He must be fine!!! But… But it’s really scary to think about it Oh~, the more you think about it, the more terrible…

No! I can’t wait any longer, I must go to him, I must know his condition!!!

But~…but France is so far away, I can only barely maintain my tuition and living expenses with the money I earn from working hard with all my spare time. How can I have extra money to buy air tickets~? And looking in France 、You also need to spend money to stay, it must cost a lot of money! What’s more, the new semester has just begun, and I have finally paid the tuition fees. Do I have to skip classes for a long time and go to work soon? If Tianyuan knows it, I will definitely Won’t be happy!

Oh oh oh… what should I do? What should I do??? Ah~! There is! Although I don’t know if it will work, there is only this way.

Okay~, just give it a try~!

(2) Hmph~, I have to catch up with death

As soon as school was over in the afternoon, I drove to Zi Tai Nan Gao on my baby bike like flying.

Although Su Wenzi is too handsome and handsome, but it is the first time to go there officially today. In the past, I just passed by by chance, smiling at the magnificent scenery formed by those nymphs who look through the autumn water at the school gate.

HOHO~, it should be because of what became a son Tai. Today’s nymphomaniac scenery at the entrance of the son Tai Nan college has become the most magnificent one in years! People who don’t know think there is a superstar singing there. Yes! Cut~, I really don’t know what is so good about that Chengzi!

Oh~, why are you squeezed in front of the school to wait, so if you want to see him, just run to their classroom to see it? Really! Anyway, I don’t have time to wait here. I will have to go to work later. .

So, I exhausted my milk-feeding energy and used my skinny figure like sugarcane to squeeze to the front of the school gate. I wanted to rush in, only to realize that the school door was locked tighter than the bank safe! My god, is this a school or a prison?

“Hehe~, grandpa, would you please open the school door? I have something urgent and want to go in to find the classmates inside. Thank you first.” I knocked on the glass window of the reception room and smiled and said to the administrator who was eating inside.

“Are you dreaming?” The administrator grandfather slammed these words at me coldly, and then continued to concentrate on his meal.

I’m faint~…

“Want to go in? Your dead girl is really dreaming! Didn’t you come to this city until today? You don’t know that Zitai Men’s High never allows girls to go in?” When I was about to comment with the grandfather the administrator, a tall girl next to me said to me with contempt.

“Ah~? Why??” I really only know now~.

“You’re such an idiot~, how can a high school for girls be called a boy’s high school~, let alone a high school for the children of the nobles who are pure and unblemished!”

“I’m dizzy…what’s the bad reason for you? Are boys and high school girls not allowed to go in? What if others are really in a hurry? As long as they don’t run in to study, it’s fine. Also, why do you call me an idiot Ah? I don’t think you are any smarter than me! Humph~!”

“You damn stinky girl, are you deliberately looking for death?” She raised her fist in anger and was about to punch me. I was about to take it beautifully, and by the way, I would throw her over the shoulder. Suddenly –

“Dingling bell…dingling bell…dingling bell…” The school bell of the son’s high school sang loudly, and the school door opened slowly, and the nymphs began to scream excitedly: “Ah!! ! Zi too is out of school!!! Zi too is coming out!!!”

Suddenly, I was squeezed into some ghost corner by the crazy crowd.

Oh~, I didn’t know who stepped on both feet just now, and it hurt me to death. Fortunately, I didn’t fall, or it would have been a meatloaf a long time ago. Phoo~, this kind of damn ghost place, I won’t come to be killed in the future.

“Wow, wow~!!! The son is too out~!!! God…, he is so handsome~, really handsome~, so handsome~!!!”

“Really~!!! It’s perfect!! 10h, MyGod~, how could there be such a handsome boy in the world, I’m not dreaming~? Oh~, can~ see his style today, I Even if I die immediately, I have no regrets!!!”

“Wow~!!! That car he drove is so cool~!!! It costs hundreds of millions of won? Ah——!!! He wears sunglasses to change C00l!!! Oh~, Zitai, You are so charming!!!”

“Zi Tai, Zi Tai, I love you, just like a cat loves a goldfish!!!”

“Ziu Tai, Zi Tai, I love you, just like the moon loves the sun!!!”

I still love the stars and the earth. This group of nymphos are too crazy to be too irrational, right? But where is the name of Zitai? There are so many people, I can’t see it at all~!

I had to step on the seat of my bicycle.

Ah~! I finally saw it! Isn’t it the white-gold limousine that is surrounded by nymphomaniacs, driving very slowly on the third and third floors? But the people sitting inside still can’t see it.

Ah~! That car has already started to get rid of the nymphomaniac and drove forward faster! No way, no way, I have to hurry up.

I quickly jumped off the bicycle seat, and when I got on the bicycle, I started to step on it quickly.

“Hey~, stop! What’s that called… What is Cheng Zitai? I have a question to ask you!” I yelled while chasing behind the car on a bicycle. Damn, the other party didn’t react at all. Didn’t you hear it? Be louder!

“Hey, stop!! Stop, stop, stop~!!!” It’s impossible to hear you? Pretend to be deaf~?

“Hey hey hey~, the one called Cheng Zitai, I really have a very important question to ask you! I will die if I don’t ask this question. Will you stop the car? Cheng Zitai!!! Cheng Zi Mr. Tai——!!!” Oh my god, why are you opening faster and faster? I rushed to commit suicide? I’m going crazy!

“You damn guy, will you die if you stop the car?” I pattered and stepped harder. Humph~! Smelly guy, I don’t believe I can’t catch you!!! My bicycle skills are so perfect!!!

Ah~! The hard work pays off, and it is finally close to the rear of the white gold car! Chi Xiaoyang, concentrate, get enough energy, one, two, three-take off!!!

Haha, I succeeded~, I successfully jumped from the bicycle to the roof of the car. Yeah~, Chi Xiaoyang, you are so handsome!

Then I rolled to the front of the car a few times, and then I lowered my head to the front glass window of the car, knocking on the window glass desperately, yelling: “Stop!!! Stop!!!”

The handsome guy who drove was obviously taken aback by the inverted head suddenly stretched out in front of my car, and stopped the car with a “cack”. I couldn’t withstand this strong dive, and I rolled from the car to the ground.

Phoo~, but it’s okay, it’s nothing serious, huh~.

“You’re looking for death~? Want to commit suicide and find another car!” The handsome guy walked out of the car and smashed me these two cold words blankly.

“You just want to commit suicide~! I have been chasing for so long, who told you not to stop?!” I also slammed him these two nasty words without showing any weakness, and then I got up from the ground. Woo~, although it doesn’t matter, it still hurts~.

So, this guy who is as cold as a walking corpse is the legendary adult too~? No? Although he is very handsome, tall and perfect. , According to my shrewd eyes, the altitude should be 1.87 meters, but compared to Yang Xu and Tianyuan, it is still a little bit worse~. Is there a problem with the level of those nymphs~??

Regardless of whether there is a problem, anyway, regardless of my business, I just need to find the answer I want.

“Haha~, Mr. Cheng Zitai, I’m sorry just now~, I didn’t mean to do that on purpose, I just wanted to ask you a little question in a hurry. Is it possible~?” I want to ask him~, of course the tone It should be better~.


“What~? Why can’t you…” Huh~? Wait, those three words just didn’t seem to be what he said~! But there is no one else next to him, the supernatural incident~?!

Ah——!!! Why is there a person in the back seat of the car??? What the hell is the hummingbird look in me, why did I find out now?

I saw him wearing sunglasses and a black leather suit that was darker than coal. It was like a ghost that suddenly emerged from the eighteenth floor of the ground.

Obviously, he said those three words just now.

“Hey~, I asked Mr. Cheng Zitai and not you, why are you answering for him?” Why do you wear such a gloomy dress in broad daylight? Humph~, even if you are a vampire Miss Ben, you are not afraid of you!

There was a smile that made me feel a little gloomy at the corner of his mouth: “Okay, I won’t answer.”

Then, the Cheng Zitai sternly said something that made me crazy: “Blind, your eyesight is 0.00000…how many?”

“What are you talking about? You bastard, how dare you scold someone?! You are blind~! I still respectfully call you Mr., and sincerely ask you for advice…”

“He didn’t say anything wrong~, because, because–” the “sunglasses” said with a grin, and took off the sunglasses with his slender hand, “I’m Cheng Zitai~!!!”

(3) Encountered the Valentine’s Day Monster for the second time

“Ah~!!!” I looked at the face behind the sunglasses and yelled in shock.

Not because I was shocked to find that I had made the wrong person, or because he was so handsome, but because he was shocked, but because—

It turned out to be him!!!! It turned out that this legendary Cheng Zitai was actually the super perverted sex monster who took my first kiss at the last minute of Valentine’s Day!!!!

“So it’s you!!! You guy who kills a thousand knives!!! I’m looking for you!!! You come down to me!!!” I angrily pulled him out of the car.

He looked pretty indifferent. He smiled cynically and said to me: “Don’t be so angry, girls will get old when they get angry.”

“You care about me getting older! I ask you, why did you treat me like that that day???? I never knew you, no grievances, why did you harm me??? Do you know you treated me It’s so miserable, I’ve never been so miserable–!!!”

It’s so miserable that I have lost the first kiss I was going to give to Tian Yuan on Valentine’s Day for 16 years. It’s so miserable that I have no face to see my Tian Yuan again, oh oh oh…

“Oh~? Really?” He suddenly approached me and said with a faint smile, “Then, apart from feeling miserable, you don’t have any other feelings?”

“What other feeling? No!!” I stepped back and stared at him and said loudly.

“But, how do I remember that you felt so good at the time?”

Disgusting~! He was approaching again, and I had to step back again.

“Wh…Where is it??!” Damn~! You actually said that to me! You feel so good, right?!

“Cheng Zitai, tell you, don’t talk nonsense and break the subject!! Anyway, you have to make it clear to me today, why did you do that???”

“What do you say? You said why should I do that?”

Damn it! Why do you look so ambiguous, does he think this is very ecstatic? This person is really annoying the more I look at it~!

“Hey! You asked this question very inexplicably~! It is you who did not what I did, how could I know???” Idiot!

“Oh~, you don’t know, then I’ll let you know. Because…” When he finished saying the last two words, he had already forced me to cover the front of the car, oh~, I have nothing The road can go back.

Damn it! Why is he bringing his stinky face closer and closer, what the hell is he doing?? Does he want to attack me once? Oh my god, why is this person so rubbish? Uuuu…Help, it’s impolite …

I rolled my eyes and looked at the handsome driver with a cry for help, but he looked ahead like a cold zombie and didn’t react at all. Oh my God~, what kind of shit did I step on today~? I met such two demons who kill a thousand swords??

Humph~! Want to take advantage of me again? I’m not so bullied! See my invincible life-threatening throbbing-

But just when I was trying to make a move, his mouth stopped at a distance of 1 cm from my mouth, and then he smiled and said, “Because I want to! I want to K: ISS you! It’s so simple Don’t you know the reason?”

Oh my god, oh my god, it turns out that he really kissed a strange girl suddenly because of his lust? I saw the pool of blood and thought there was some other lasting reason. It turns out that I was too kind to beautify that guy, he is simply a wicked bastard big pig head!!!!

“You damn one who kills a thousand knives, hurry up and apologize to me!!! Apologize to me for what you did to me that day!!!”

“Apologize? Haha~, are you telling a joke~?” As he said, he retracted his body and approached me, lazily leaning against the car door, “The girls who want to be too kiss with me are full of the whole earth. ~, I kissed a girl like you who wanted to look, not to look, to be in figure, and I kissed it, but you still can’t cultivate for eight years, so you should say thank you to me in tears, ah, ah Hahahaha…”

Oh my god, oh my god, is this really what people say? I’m really going to get angry, I’m going crazy…

“You damn bastard, rubbish, bug, pig-headed demon, you go to death as soon as possible, you——!!!” I quickly got up from the front cover of the car, slammed at him with my fist, but he was very relaxed. He took the move and grabbed my hand: “Hey, the girl is so rude, be careful no one wants it~”

“You care about me! Hurry up and let go!”

“What if I don’t let go~?” He leaned close to me and said with a grimace.

Oh my god, how can there be such trash people in the world? I doubt that I will really be pissed off by this guy in this beautiful and romantic 16-year-old flower season.

“Hurry up and let go!!” I yelled as I struggled.

Oh my god, how could his strength be bigger than a 380-jin big buffalo~, my struggle is useless at all!

“Hey~, you can just let go, unless-you apologize to me!” He smiled even more proudly, but I was really vomiting blood with anger.

“Have you made a mistake? You, a shameless guy with a thicker face than the city wall, should be you who apologized to me!!”

“Then do you apologize?” His hippy smiley rotten egg face moved closer. Wow…, no, I can’t stand it anymore~, I’m really going crazy…

Uuuuuu~…Who will save me? Who will save me? Tianyuan, Tianyuan…

Tianyuan? Ah~! Why did I lose my head for a while, but forgot the purpose of coming to him today. No, no, you must calm down! Calm down!! Because Tianyuan is the most important thing!!! (Mengyuan Book City)

“Okay, Cheng Zitai, hold on to me hard, if you have the ability, just hold on to me like this and don’t let go~!”

“Haha, hahaha…” Is there anything wrong? Is this person ill? He is not angry at all, but suddenly burst into laughter inexplicably~.

“Haha, your words made me happy, so, as a reward, I let go of you!” He really let go of me when he said. wack!

At this time, the handsome driver who had been dumb by the side spoke with a poker face like a robot: “Master…”

It seems that this “robot” is the inseparable personal life assistant called “Shangbin” in the legend? Tsk tusk tusk~, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect a little male babysitter to be too. So handsome and so expensive! It seems that the famous Cheng family is really extraordinary~!

“According to your schedule today, you have to complete your homework before 7:00 in the evening, and accompany your master to the celebration party reached by the CSP cooperation plan at 7:30 on time, so…”

“So you have to go back now, right?” Cheng Zitai took Shangbin’s words in an annoying way.


“Then GO!”

Seeing that the two of them were about to get into the car and drive away, I hurriedly stretched out my hands to stop them: “Hold on! Cheng Zitai, I have a question to ask you!”

“Ask me a question? Hey~, didn’t you tell me not to answer at the beginning? So, no matter what questions you ask later, I will obediently refuse to answer! How? Am I very obedient~?” I am faint…

“How can those words count? When I started, I didn’t know that the damn adult bastard turned out to be you!”

“Hey~, who told you to be so stupid?”

“What is’stupid’? That’s called’wise’!! I am not interested in knowing you because I am not a idiot, so of course I won’t know! Anyway, I care so much about you, you have to answer if you want to answer today, don’t The answer must be answered! I ask you, I heard that you have been living in Paris, France, and the school is MJ school, right? Then you must know Shengtianyuan, right?”

I stared at him vigorously and found that when he heard Tian Yuan’s name, his expression was a bit wrong~. Attention! It is so abnormal, there is a situation! There must be a situation!!

“You really know Tianyuan, don’t you?” I exclaimed in surprise, “Then you tell me his contact information, OK? If not, just tell me about his situation. As long as I know him I’m relieved of the situation. Please, please!”

Haha, I didn’t expect that this indirect search for Tianyuan would really work~. Yeah~, great!

However, at this time, he closed his mouth and became silent, and he had to get into the car to drive away.

“Hey~, you are not allowed to go! Answer me quickly!” I stopped him again.

But he smiled and swiftly flashed my obstruction, and got on the car smoothly: “I said that I will listen to you very much and will not answer! Byebye~!”

After that, the car drove away quickly, and it sprayed my face with unpleasant exhaust fumes. I was so angry… Wow, yeah, I can’t describe it——!!!!

Woo~, not only was I irritated, but also because of this incident, I was late to work in a western restaurant, and was scolded badly by the boss, woo…

This damn Chengzi is too bastard, he must know Tianyuan’s situation, but he just refuses to tell me! Hmph~, Chengzitai, wait, I will let you spit out Tianyuan’s situation one day sooner or later, I I have to make you look good!!! Let’s walk and see!!! Humhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!!!

(4) Yang Xu wants to live with me

Huh~, when I finished the work in the western restaurant and rode a bicycle home with exhaustion, it was already past 12 o’clock in the evening, and I saw the sparkling crystals that Yang Xu gave me a long way away. Wall of roses.

Haha, it feels so warm~, but it’s strange, I obviously turned off the light on the flower wall, so it shouldn’t shine (except for the silver light of the crystal itself), and the flower wall is obviously light. Why did the rose-red light become orange today? Damn it?

When I walked quickly to the door of my house, I was dumbfounded as if I was punctuated by someone.

A super-pulling sun-red Ferrari new sports car Yushu parked in the wind, shining like a noble and most charming prince, and its owner? Its owner, Yang Xu, was sitting on the steps in front of my house. Leaning against the courtyard door, hugging her knees, she was asleep, her soft and shiny blond hair dancing in the cold March wind.

My heart trembled suddenly. How long did he wait for this fool?

“Hey, Yang Xu, Yang Xu, wake up quickly, you are sleeping here, it is easy to catch a cold!” I walked up to him and said loudly to him. In the end, it took more than ten minutes for such a call, because the guy really slept more than a dead pig! Phoo~, I think if you want to wake him up successfully in the future, it is the easiest thing to use a bomb.

“Yang Xu, how long have you been waiting here?” I asked him as soon as he woke up.

“Soon, maybe more than 6 hours.” He habitually stood on my left and said to my left ear.

“Ah~? More than 6 hours??” It’s not too long now??

“Hehe, yeah, I didn’t pick you up at your school after school. I think you must have gone home early, so I just ran here~”

“Then why don’t you call my cell phone?”

“I called, I called N times, but every time it was the annoying voice:’Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please call again later.”

“Oh~, by the way, I just remember now, my phone is out of power, so I turned it off, I only have an electric board, and I forgot to charge it last night.”

“Then I will give you a piece.”

“Thank you, no need! Yang Xu, I told you not to come to me at night. I work outside every night, and I won’t be able to come back until late. Why don’t you listen~?”

“I also said that you don’t want to work outside anymore, I will support you, why don’t you listen?” I dizzy~…

“Jin Yangxu! I have already told you very clearly, I am not your child bride, please don’t interfere with my life!”

“I just want you to be my daughter-in-law~!”

“Jin! Yang! Xu! Are you going to end it? If you say this again, I’m going to be angry!”

“Okay, I won’t say anything, I’m sorry~ Xiao Yang, please don’t be angry, okay? Don’t be angry~. When you get angry, I will be very unhappy.”

“Well, I’m not angry, then you have to promise me not to say this again in the future.”

“Okay!” As he said, he raised his slender and white left hand with five fingers together, “I, Jin Yangxu, swear to the sky, I promise never to say such things that make Xiaoyang angry again, if I do. , I will thunder and strike…”

“Okay, OK!” I interrupted him quickly, “Aren’t you going back at this late? Your family will be very worried.”

“Haha~, don’t worry, no, because—” he walked to his Ferrari car and opened the front cover of the car as he said, “Look, all my luggage is here! I have told them that I want to live with you to take care of you. They are very supportive.”

“What???” I really took a breath of air, and shouted at him, “Is there any mistake? I??? Who said he wants to live with you???” Who did he think he was? Make such a huge and terrifying decision?

“Oh~, don’t be so excited, it’s not as scary as you think. Don’t get me wrong~, what I mean by cohabitation is not what you mean, but just a more elegant, more western-style and more innocent way of saying That’s it, what it actually means is—to move to your house and live under the same roof with you, haha~, of course we sleep in separate rooms~, we don’t share the same bed, so don’t be so scared. ~.”

“That’s not okay!!” Just kidding, do I still need my pure reputation?! Besides, I like living by myself the most. It would be uncomfortable to share the small space with others~. Also, what should Tianyuan do if he comes back? He will misunderstand! Never let him misunderstand!!

“Haha~, Xiaoyang, don’t worry. I will never treat you badly in terms of rent. How about 50 million won a month? If you think it’s not enough, you can add it~, anyway, you just ask for it, you want It doesn’t matter how much you open. Haha~.”

“What—?! The monthly rent is 50 million won?!! Where do you get so much money~? Are the banks all over the world run by your family?”

“Huh~? How did you know? I have tried my best not to let others know~! Oh~, so you agreed, yeah~, yeah~, great~!!” I fainted~… Is he here for real?

(5) Let me take care of you

“Jin Yangxu, don’t be kidding, no matter how much rent you pay, I won’t let you move to my house! You should go back quickly! Goodbye! No delivery!”

I was about to open the door and enter the house when I finished talking, but he suddenly hugged me tightly from behind and said to my left ear: “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Pathetic.”

“Where am I?! Quickly let me go! Let go of me!!” But this guy’s strength is almost the same as that of the damn adult. My struggle is completely futile, I have to let him hold his arms tightly. I continued:

“Don’t lie to me~, I know all about it, because I have already asked others about your situation.

“Uuuuu~…Xiaoyang, how come you are so pitiful?? Why do God treat you so badly?? It turns out that your parents both lived in heaven when you were very young. Go, it turns out that you have been growing up with your only grandfather, but poor grandfather also lived in heaven the year before last, leaving only this dilapidated two-story building for you, so you have been living alone all the time. , Relying on non-stop part-time job and part-time job to maintain my tuition and living expenses, oooooooo…you are so pitiful, oooooooo…”

Haha~, that’s right~, what everyone knows and the public facts are indeed like this. But I am not pitiful at all, I am really not pitiful at all, because I have a Caucasus to accompany me, and I still have Tianyuan’s love for me…

“Xiao Yang, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that loves you forever!! Let me take care of you, okay? Let me stay by your side and stay with you all the time. Staying with you in seconds, sharing everything for you, okay? In this way, you will never be so hard, you will never be so scared, and you will never be such a lonely one again. There are people. That’s why I don’t want to think about moving in today.”

What kind of mess~? Why is it so numb? Where did he recite his lines~? But, why do my eyes suddenly sore so much that I want to cry… Why do I think so? Ah~, I don’t know when the tears are flooding my eyes…

But I tried desperately to retrieve them again, and then tried my best to free myself from his arms. “Look at how you are in normal times, you can’t even take care of yourself, how can you take care of me~?”

“I can learn~, washing, cooking, sanitation, I can learn, and everything! Don’t worry, although I don’t know anything now, I am very smart~, so I learn Learn everything quickly!”

“Cut~, I don’t believe it!” I smiled and said with a blank look.

“It’s true! You have to believe it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it now, anyway, I will prove it to you soon, then…haha, see what you say! By the way, I sent it yesterday People have enrolled me in a lot of cooking classes~, hum.”

“Okay! I wish you success in your studies! Come in quickly, it’s so cold outside.”

“Ah~! Xiaoyang, did you promise me to move to your house?” Yang Xu said, looking at me excitedly with wide eyes.

“Stop talking nonsense, do you want to come in? Just forget it if you don’t.”

“Yeah~Yeah~Yeah~, great~, great, great, great!!! HOHOHO~, Xiao Yang promised to live with me~! Xiao Yang promised to follow I live together~!! Xiaoyang promised to live with me~!!!” The guy Jin Yangxu was so happy that he forgot about it, and yelled as he jumped and jumped.

I quickly drank him: “You shut up for me~! Don’t say the word cohabitation!”

“Oh~, that’s—Xiaoyang promised to follow me! Xiaoyang promised to follow me!! Xiaoyang promised to follow me!!!” My mother, it’s just getting more and more ridiculous, this The understanding ability of the guy is a little too bad, right?

That’s not a big deal. Then, he fucked with me his everlasting 214℃ love vow: “Xiao Yang, although I only have a body temperature of 37℃, I burn a 214℃ love you forever. Heart~!! Although I really only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that will always love you forever~!!!! “Crazy dizzy…

In the end, he even stretched out his arms and kept spinning around me like a monkey~, his mouth was still repeating three words that made me numb in a loud and loud voice:

“Xiaoyang, I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you! !!I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you…”

Oh my God, it’s really okay to take this guy, but his brilliant smile is really warm and contagious~, looking at him like this, I really can’t be unhappy~, huh.

“By the way, Yang Xu, you turned on the lights on the Crystal Rose Flower Wall?” After moving the luggage to the house with him, I suddenly remembered this question.

“Yeah~. I was afraid you found the wrong house when you came home, so I opened it.” What? What is the bad reason? How could I even find my own home wrong? I think he will find the wrong house.

“Huh~?? How did you turn it on? Wasn’t the light switch on the roof? You couldn’t get in at that time. And it’s strange~, the light on the crystal rose wall was originally not rose red? Today? How come it turns orange~?”

“What is this~? Isn’t it a newly invented game console~?”

“It’s the light remote control for the crystal rosette wall. You see, it’s like a TV remote control principle. Just use it to face the crystal rosette wall and press this button to turn off the light, and press this button to turn on the light. In this way, you can turn on the lights wherever you stand near this house, and you don’t have to run to the rooftops so much.

“Also, I forgot to tell you last Valentine’s Day. The crystal rose wall has more than one color of light. This light remote control can make it emit a total of 16 colors of light. Which color button is pressed? What color lights will be emitted when I go down~, you see, you see—” He said, he took me to the window and opened the window and started pressing the button to demonstrate.

“Well~, this is a pink light.” He first pressed the pink button, and instantly, the original orange crystal rose wall turned into pink pink, so beautiful and amazing~, really Like a dream. No wonder the crystal rose wall was orange just now~.

“This is lemon silk color.” Wow~! So beautiful!

“This is violet.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is a chocolate color.” Wow! So beautiful~!

“This is royal blue.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is golden unicorn color.” Wow~! So beautiful!

“This is gem green.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is bright sea blue.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is spring green.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is seashell color.” Wow! So beautiful~!

“This is Indian red.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is Ellis Blue.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is mint color.” Wow! So beautiful!

“This is flower white.” Wow! So beautiful!

Oh my God~, I can’t believe it, my house originally still has so many colors of crystal princess clothes, it has really become the most beautiful and shiny little princess in the fairy tale~ HOHO~, I like it so much~, I really like it!

“Thank you Yang Xu, thank you so much.”

“Oh~, thank you, the relationship between the two of us is even more mature than roast duck! You are not allowed to mention these two words to me in the future~, hehe! Xiaoyang, you know, although I only have a body temperature of 37℃ , But burning a heart that loves you forever at 214℃!! So, whatever I do anyway, as long as you are happy, haha! In the future, you can hold this light remote control like changing clothes for the house every day Change the color of the light~, you can also change the color according to your mood that day, how about it, is it fun? Haha~.”

“Yeah, it’s so funny~, it’s really wonderful, I like it! So, I’m going to take a bath now~, you go to bed early, and you have to go to school tomorrow. You sleep in my bed, and I sleep in the living room sofa.”

“Why? I should be the one who slept on the sofa in the living room and you slept on the bed! How can I sleep in your bed as a macho?”

“Oh~, you are really okay~, this lady tells you to sleep and you sleep! Look at your delicate skin and tender flesh, you have not suffered anything since you were a child, how can you sleep on such a hard and broken sofa? , Of course it is the most suitable for me to sleep!”

“Uuuuuu~…you look down on me!” Is there anything wrong? Why do you suddenly become such a dead face? I really can’t remember where he has been offended~?

“I am a magnificent nine-foot man with a meter 81, how can he not even have the ability to conquer a sofa?!” Oh, that’s the case. However, is LM 81 a nine-foot?

In any case, we both rubbed our lips together, and in the end he was rubbed into him to sleep on the sofa. Before he went to bed, he didn’t forget his 214℃ mantra as a good night to me. I couldn’t stand him.

(6) Broken magical colored mud ring

But when I went to the bathroom to undress and prepare to take a bath, I suddenly discovered a very, very, very scary fact-my magic color mud ring is gone! I have been wearing a red thread on the baby magic color mud ring that I wear on my neck is gone. !!!

Oh my god…, this is something more precious than my life~, how can it be said to disappear and disappear?! No way!! I have to find it quickly!!!

So, I began to search like crazy (Yang Xu had already fallen asleep at this time).

Floor? No! Stairs? No!! Living room? No!!! Doorway? Not even no no!!!! Nothing at all, nothing!!!! Oh my god~, where did it go~ ? I’m really going crazy…

I took a flashlight and ignored the slippery dark road. I kept looking for it along the road to go home outside my house. I found the 24-hour western restaurant where I worked in the evening and climbed over the school wall to go to me. I found my classroom, anyway, I have searched all the places I can think of that day, but it’s still damn no no no…

When it dawned in the morning, I was so disappointed that I finally knelt down sadly on the side of the road where I had a confrontation with Cheng Zitai yesterday and burst into tears…


My little ancestor’s magic colored mud ring~, I beg you to come out quickly~! You damn nasty guy, why do you want to hide and seek with me? Am I not good enough for you? Are you serious? Are you scaring me? Come out quickly!!!

Hum~! Hide it, hide it, you hide it hard, anyway, no matter where you go, I will definitely find you! My Chi Xiaoyang swears to the sky that even if I dig 18 feet and dive 800,000 miles under the sea , I must also find you out!!! Humhhh~!

I wiped away my tears and started looking.

Huh~? What is the red one in front? Ah~! I found it! I found my magic colored mud ring! No, why do I only see the red line of the magic colored mud ring? Ring~??

“Yes! Son! Too!” I called out the name with gnashing teeth.

It must be him! It must be him!! This place is the road I crossed with him yesterday, and when I chased the car yesterday, I rolled off his car and rolled to the ground. The ring must have fallen at that time!

But now I only see the red line. This kind of kid’s magic colored mud ring is worthless and no one would pick it up. Who else is there besides him, a big sex monster who likes to harm people?! And there are words on the ring, which he recognizes. That word, I must know that the ring is mine…

Oh my god, the more I think about it, the more I think it is him! But the more I think about it, the more terrible it is. I really don’t know what the cute and weak ring will be like in the hands of his kind of big sex monster…

No! I must hurry to rescue it!!!

But it doesn’t work~, class time is coming soon. In our Sanhe High School, the cost of being late and skipping class is very heavy!

I can’t control that much anymore. Without Tianyuan’s magic colored mud ring, it would be hard for me to survive, so I don’t care if he goes to class or not~?

HOHO~, my dearest magic colored clay ring, I’m here to save you~!!!

I rushed directly to Zi Tai Nan Gao at the speed of the rocket launch.

“No entry!” The guard at the gate of Zitai Boys College stopped me expressionlessly.

You stop me. ?You stopped me just looking for death! I kicked his vitals and broke in.

Hey~, I’m sorry~, I’m really in a hurry today, maybe my precious magic colored mud ring will fly to heaven alone, so I don’t have the time to grind with people in a good temper!

It’s class time now, and the whole campus of Zitai Nan’s High School is so quiet that you can hear the sound of a needle falling on the ground~.

Isn’t it a mistake~? Those big, young, and young, noble and noble brothers will also be so obedient and have a good class? Wouldn’t it be that they all lie down on the desk in the early morning to sleep together~?

Regardless of it, business matters!

But… But as soon as I rushed to Cheng Zitai’s classroom, I couldn’t help but freeze.

Oh my god, oh my god, what is he doing now? I actually ignored the four-eyed frog teacher who was spitting in the previous lecture, lying on his desk without anyone else, and cruelly torturing his hands with a knife. That little Dongdong on?

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if a guy like him kills people in the classroom with a machete, but the poor little Dongdong in his hand is nothing else, it’s what I searched for, and I was so worried. The insomniac heart is about to explode-magic, magic, color, mud, ring, finger!!!!

“Stop it!!!!” I rushed to him madly, and grabbed the ring from his knife as quickly as possible. But it’s too late, it’s too late, it’s shattered and shattered horribly!

Tears welled up in my eyes. …

“Xiao Yang, let’s make a pair of rings, okay? Make a pair of rings that can hold the two of us together and keep us together forever.” Seven-year-old Tian Yuan sat with me in the magic color clay sculpture free class in the kindergarten class. He smiled and said to me.

“Wow, okay, okay~!” I excitedly clapped my hands and said loudly.

“Come, Xiaoyang, you will make the ring I want to wear, and I will make the ring you want to wear.” He gently placed a large piece of beautiful magic colored clay in front of me.

“Ah? Why do you want it like this? Your clay sculpture is so great and you make it so fast. Can’t you make it by yourself? I must make it very ugly, and I will definitely not see anyone if I wear it on my hand.”

“No matter how ugly, I like it, because you made it! Moreover, if you make a ring by yourself, I feel warm and happy when I wear it, and I think of you whenever I see it.”

“Oh~, it turns out to be like this, then I will do it! Hey, I want you to wear it every day and think of me every day! But if I make it, you must not laugh at me if it is ugly~!”

“Okay.” He smiled softly and beautifully, just like the perfect little angel in heaven.

Phoo~, it took a lot of effort, and with the help of Tian Yuan, I finished my magical colored mud ring. But his one has already been made, wow, the one he made is so beautiful~, it’s so beautiful, so beautiful, I really want to put it on my hand right away.

Immediately afterwards, Tian Yuan engraved his own name on the ring he made, and the characters he engraved are so beautiful~, just like the calligraphy in the textbook, in this way, the whole ring is perfect. An extremely exquisite work of art, HOH0~, I really like it~, I really like it so much.

Of course I also engraved my name on the ring I made, but…hehe, the handwriting is really not flattering. But Tian Yuan held it like he was holding the most precious baby in the world.

When the magic colored mud ring was dry, I couldn’t wait to yell that I wanted to wear the one made by Tian Yuan on my finger, but Tian Yuan smiled lightly at me and shook his head, and then circled them into two beautiful and delicate rings. In the red line.

Then, he hung his own magical colored mud ring on my neck gently, staring at me deeply and saying seriously:

“Xiao Yang, can you wear it on your neck now? Because the temperature on your neck represents the longing and liking every minute and every second of 365 days a year. After ten years, we have grown up. , And then put each other’s fingers on each other, at that time, it will never be separated in the true sense!”

As a six-year-old me, what I said to the precocious Tian Yuan was really ignorant. I only felt so profound and profound~, ​​but I have a firm belief in my heart: Tian Yuan is always right!!!

HOHO~! So, just listen to his words and keep hanging the magic color mud ring around my neck~.

But it was only a week later that I learned that Tian Yuan was going to France soon, so he said that to me that day.

That’s right, this is the ring that my prince Shengtianyuan gave me. This is our ten-year agreement. When we meet each other, we will wear each other’s fingers on the day we meet, and we will never be true in the true sense. Will be separated!

Therefore, it is our unique and uncopyable love testimony!!! However, such a precious thing…

Wow yeah yeah-I’m really angry to the extreme, I’m really going crazy!!!

How can there be such a scum and trash bastard in the world?!! I have never hated so strongly as I am today_personal!!!

Huhuhu~, I thought he was just very lustful, arrogant, and self-righteous, but now I know that this person is completely incurably bad!!!! I really can’t believe such a bastard guy You will have such a perfect and unparalleled angel face, Creator~, you are really blind! Blind!!!

Thinking of our first meeting, he took my first kiss so domineeringly, thinking of our second meeting, he was so brazen and arrogant at me, look at this time again…

Oh my god, oh my god, if I have a knife in my hand now, I think I will stab it into the scum in front of me without hesitation! Immediately!!!

“Come! Son! Too-!!!!” I stared at him furiously, like a super bloodthirsty monster who had killed 900 people and had no humanity at all, mercilessly and mercilessly. Gave him a slap.

Then I rushed out of Zi Tai Nan Gao like crazy.

I, Chi Xiaoyang, swear to heaven today, I must take revenge! Revenge!! Revenge~!!!

You damn adult is too rubbish, bug, pighead, scumbag, I must turn my grief and anger into strength to make you look good!!!! I must let you return everything that owes me back!!!! I I must make you pay a heavy price that you regret for everything you have done to me!!!! Humhhh~~!!!!

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