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Chapter 1 Romance 214 Degrees

(1) Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day

“Caucasus, I’m going, Byebye~.” I raised my heels after finishing the farewell ceremony at the ah oh ah oh silver ermine figure on the ground with a voice that couldn’t be too small, one or two , Three-rushed out of the courtyard like a rocket launch.

Haha, today is Valentine’s Day~! How could I forget~?!!!

I’m so happy~ I’m so happy that I’m going crazy. If I had a tail, I would have been so happy that I would wag the tail into sections of ham. Because, because I am finally about to see him, the person I have been waiting for for ten years, the name I have said thousands of times in my heart…

I couldn’t help but ran happily on the snow, running and running, running and running, squeaking~, huh~hu~hu~…

Ah~! HOHO~, finally arrived at Tianyu Street~, this is the place where I met him for the first time, and it is also our date place today! He shouldn’t be here yet, I’m here too early.

Huh~? What’s in front? Those trees in front are a bit weird~, how come they seem to be full of red flowers.

Isn’t it? I’m very familiar with this Tianyu Street. How can there be trees that bloom in winter and open so strangely? Is it my dizziness? Isn’t it the kind of eye fantasies mentioned on TV? Uh… don’t…

No~! In order to restore a healthy innocence to my eyes, I must step forward and scout carefully.

But as soon as I got to the front, I was about to faint.

Oh my god, that’s really a sight I have never seen before:

The trees on both sides of Tianyu Street, all the trees, all the trees that should have lost their leaves at this time, but they all seem to have been enchanted by fairies, and they are full of bright and beautiful red flowers without a half of green leaves as a foil. . I’m so familiar with that kind of flower. It’s a kind of flower that no one would dislike — a rose!!! But it’s the largest rose that no one has ever seen, because every rose on the tree is made of A big rose with five small roses perfectly assembled.

On this snowy Valentine’s Day, on both sides of Tianyu Street where my love is in full bloom, on the branches full of fluffy and shiny silver bars, they bloom brilliantly red, just like the most dazzling scenery between heaven and earth. , Captured all my breath.

However, they are not the protagonists. The protagonists are the characters on them. The stamen of each small rose has a white, delicate, shiny, and dreamlike character like a fairy tale. Five different characters nestle together sweetly. Together, they formed a big rose with pure white heart-shaped stamens, and also formed a sentence that suffocated me. And every big rose on the tree has that sentence.

I can’t count how many of those words, because it has occupied all my cells, filled all my heartbeats, and filled my whole soul.

It is-“Xiao” “Yang” “I” “Love” “You”!!!!

Xiaoyang, I love you!!!!

Xiaoyang, I love you!!!!

Xiaoyang, I love you!!!!

Xiaoyang, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…

I can’t make any sound in the long dizziness…

Oh my god, oh my god, am I not dreaming, am I? I don’t really have eye fantasies, am I?

I pinched myself severely, oh my god, it hurts, I’m really not dreaming, I really don’t have eye fantasies!

“Tian Yuan!!!!” I finally called out the name in tears, and then started running forward desperately.

I know that he must be waiting for me at the end of Tianyu Street. I will run over, run over as fast as possible, and tell him the same thing. He really waited for me at the end of Tianyu Street. Just like the most perfect angel, my prince Tianyuan stood white in the flying snowflakes and looked at me with a smile, his smile was as warm as the sun falling from the shade of a tree.

The eyebrows are still so black and handsome, the bridge of the nose is so beautiful and firm, the lip line is still so beautiful and delicate, and the eyes are still so soft and flowing, like the ocean along the equatorial beach, clear and warm. It’s just that compared with the seven-year-old him ten years ago, his facial contours have been removed from the immature, and he has become deeply mature and perfect.

My tears flowed overwhelmingly like I was going to compete with snowflakes…

He smiled and walked towards me with a distressed look, gently wiped away my tears, and then gently cupped my face…Ah~! What is he doing?? Plop, plop… …Wow~, no more, my heart is speeding up and I almost can’t breathe… His breathing is getting closer, thicker, heavier, and hotter…0.05 seconds, 0.04 seconds , 0.03 seconds, 0.02 seconds, 0.01 seconds… Hmm… His lips finally kissed mine…

Wait—! No! It doesn’t feel right!! I opened my eyes shhh.

(2) Crazy constellation fortune-telling results

“Wow!!!!” I screamed and pushed him away suddenly, no, it was “it”-Gao, Jia, Suo!

Oh my god, I’m going crazy, when did this damn dog ran to me and wanted to eat my tofu while I was dreaming?! See if I don’t stop its snacks today!

Hehe~, that’s right~, that was a dream just now! But it will come true soon~!

Because ah~, today is Valentine’s Day. I will soon see my first love prince Shengtianyuan, who I have been waiting for for ten years, and we have made an appointment to meet today.

However, haha~, maybe, our meeting scene will really look like the one in my dream. , Maybe it’s because God sees me pitifully and sends compassion to me and asks me to dream so that I can enjoy it sooner!

Oh, MyGod~, if it is really like that, then…Oh my God~, oh~, I will definitely be intoxicated~!

Ah~, I just found out that the computer is not turned off. I must have fallen asleep while playing with the computer last night. (I solemnly reiterate: My computer is connected to the bed. I usually play on the computer when I hide in the bed. It’s cool, isn’t it?! Haha!)

Looking at the time on the computer, it’s already over nine o’clock in the morning, but it’s okay. Today is a special day, so I don’t have to get up at five o’clock in the morning to work as usual. I give myself a full day off~, Haha~!

Oh~, by the way, I remember. Last night, I played constellation fortune-telling on a constellation fortune-telling website. I wanted to calculate the love development fortune between me and Tianyuan. After filling in a lot of messy fortune-telling information, I was waiting for fortune-telling. The result came out, but the broken website was super slow and slow, and it didn’t come out when I fell asleep. But it’s out now!

“Xiaoyang’s friend’s constellation fortune-telling result: Hello! Congratulations! You will meet your destined lover in the snowy Valentine’s Day, and he will bring you a superb love with a temperature of up to 214°C!”

“214℃?? The best love??? Is there any mistake??? I count the love development fortune between me and Tianyuan~! It’s really a bull’s head and a horse’s mouth! Besides, let’s talk about the encounter, Tianyuan and I I already met on the snowy Valentine’s Day ten years ago~, is this fortune-telling done ten years ago? It’s really inexplicable! This damn broken website is messy, messy!! Specially Kengmeng scams to earn click-through rates and user registration fees! I am mad~, mad, mad, I, ——!!!” I screamed and shut down this website viciously while gnawing my teeth.

Then I knelt down and raised my left hand very solemnly: “I, Chi Xiaoyang, swear to the ceiling, I will never go to this damn garbage website again! Never again…”

I got stuck abruptly before I finished speaking. Because, because—

Because a person suddenly appeared in front of him like magic, no, I still can’t be sure whether he is a man or a ghost.

He wore a Garfield mask with his head full of snowflakes and watched me freeze for about three seconds, and then he seemed to have finally reacted, rushing towards me at lightning speed and jumped onto mine. Bed, got into my bed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! The bed? You get down, give me… uh~? What is the noise downstairs? Why is it so noisy~? It’s not that the vegetable market moved to our house, right~?”

“No! But more terrifying than that!”

Ah~! “Garfield” finally speaks. But why does he want to talk to my left ear? It’s really annoying! How can anyone be so frivolous to girls the first time they meet?

Also, damn, how could his voice be so nice? It’s almost comparable to my Tianyuan’s voice~! It’s really uncomfortable~!

What made me even more uncomfortable was that he suddenly grabbed my hand and said to me in a pleading tone like a cat: “Please, save me, I will never forget your great kindness for the rest of my life. of!”

Wow, yeah, I can’t take it anymore, I shook off his hand hurriedly: “Okay, okay~, I’ll go down and see what’s going on before I decide whether to save you! You just hide in the blankets That’s it! Also, quickly take off my shoes. My quilt was washed yesterday!”

Then, I straightened my hair and adjusted my pajamas, and walked out of the room arrogantly like a heroine about to go on the battlefield. But as soon as my feet came out, I was dumbfounded.

Oh my god, is there anything wrong? How come all the people downstairs are suppressed? And all of them are girls? Do they engage in parades? Some people are crawling in through the windows one by one desperately (Did I last night Forgot to close the window again?!).

Without exception, they held beautifully packaged gifts in their hands and shouted the same name in unison: “Yangxu!! Yangxu!! Yangxu!!”

“Yang Xu~, I know it’s you. Even though you wear Garfield’s mask, I can recognize it at a glance. Because your beautiful hair, perfect figure, elegant temperament, and charming eyes are nothing like that~ Oh~, Yang Xu! Come out! Come out!!”

“Yang Xu~, I know you are hiding in this house, please come out, I have a Valentine’s Day gift for you!”

“Yang Xu, come out, come out, I have a gift for you too! Woo~, Yang Xu, my Yang Xu…” “Yang Xu~, Happy Valentine’s Day!” “Yang Xu~, I Love you like a mouse loves rice! I decided, I decided to solemnly confess to you today, I will never leave without telling you personally!”

“Ah~, Yang Xu~, my perfect dream lover, Yang Xu, please let me see you, oooooooo~…”

My god, these girls turned out to be fanatical nympho, they all seem to be very sick~, it’s no wonder that “Garfield” is avoiding them!

“Who are you??” When they saw me upstairs, they immediately stared and asked sourly.

“Heh~, who am I? I just want to ask who you are! Why break into my house? I can sue you for harassing the house!” I smiled and said to them without panic.

“Sue you for being so big~! Ugly! Say! Did you hide our Yang Xu? Hurry up and hand him over!”

What?? You dare to call me ugly? Wow, you damn women, you don’t even look at what you look like. You are so impatient to live one by one!!!

“Caucasus!” I yelled to the room in the Caucasus, and the giant Caucasus mountain dog with a height of 95cm at the shoulder and a weight of 72kg ran out awe-inspiringly like a male lion.

“Ah~!!” There was a scream of horror immediately downstairs.

“Hey~, whoever dares to stay here for a while, I’ll tell him to bite someone!” I looked at the girls downstairs with scared faces and smiled triumphantly.

“My god~, run away, I don’t want to die~, I haven’t even talked about a relationship yet!”

“Oh my God, I am most afraid of such a big dog like a tiger, let’s go quickly!”

“Yes, yes, withdraw quickly, it will be long in the future~. Look how scary the dog’s eyes are.”

“Yeah~, run fast, as long as your life is dead, you are not afraid that you will not have a chance!”

“Woo~, my dear Yang Xu, I’m leaving now, Byebye, I will miss you very much, I will love you forever…”

In a blink of an eye, there was no one downstairs.

Oh~, their love turned out to be so cheap~! Cut~, a group of cowards who are worse than mice!

Wow~——!!! What is the pile of hills downstairs? It’s a gift~, a gift! The gifts that nymphs left behind to escape!

Ahahaha, I really made it! It seems that the sudden visit of “Garfield” is not entirely harmful! Ahahahahaha…

Okay, now that “Garfield” has successfully escaped under my heroic rescue, I have to tell him to go.

“Hey, those nymphs are gone, you can go!” I walked into the room and shouted at him who was completely invisible under the covers.

What happened? Why is there no response? Didn’t you hear?

“Hey~, did you hear? Those nymphs are gone, you can go!!” I walked to the bed and increased the decibel.

What’s going on?? Why is there still no response?? Wow, I’m so angry!

“Hey, are you deaf? You damn fellow, do you still want to lie in my fucking? There are no doors!!!” I slammed off the quilt.

Ah~? Why is it still motionless like a zombie?? Is it blinded to death? No~?

No, then how can I sleep on this bed in the future? I bought it after spending a lot of money from my part-time job! No, you absolutely can’t die, and you can’t die in my **!!

Alright, okay, because your voice is as nice as my Tianyuan, I’d better use septum artificial respiration to save you. (Note for “interval tube artificial respiration”: just to avoid “kissing”, the method of artificial respiration after rooting a tube between the mouth and the mouth. Haha, this is my own creation~, very smart, haha Haha!)

I ripped off the Garfield mask from his face.

Oh my god, oh my god, no, why…why does he look so good? Why does he look as good as my Tian Yuan?? How can he look as good as my Tian Yuan? ?? Did the Creator make two handsome guys? How could he be so insensitive? Really deserve to fight!

It’s so annoying, this guy’s long eyelashes are trembling slightly, as if he is smiling~, his entire flawless face is smiling, which makes the delicate little pear vortex on his left cheek bloom mischievously. However, it’s so cute, I really love cute, just like the most favored little prince in the fairy kingdom.

Damn it, how can a boy look so cute? Unhappy, unhappy, so unhappy~!

However, it’s still a little bit refreshing, that is, his exquisite nostrils are breathing evenly. It turned out that this guy was just asleep, which made me startled. It should be tired of being chased by those fanatical nympho~? Well, for your looks so handsome, I will lend you the bed and let you sleep more. However, I don’t have time to accompany you. I have to get ready to go to the appointment as soon as possible.

(3) On February 14th Valentine’s Day, my first kiss was “robbed”

I found out that there was a lot of snow today when I walked out of the house. It was as exquisite and beautiful as the picture on a New Year’s card, as it appeared in my dream, full of fairytale poetry. Haha, the snowy Valentine’s Day is so romantic!

I walked on the white snow like cotton candy, listening to the “creak” singing under my feet, bathed in snowflakes flying like petals, and rushed happily to Tianyu Street.

I imagined the rose trees blooming all over the street, the five soulful and shining words, and imagined Tian Yuan who was standing in the flying snowflakes smiling and waiting for me, and couldn’t help laughing.

Tianyuan, my favorite and favorite perfect prince, I’m here~!!! This time we meet, we will never separate again!!! HOHO~!!!

However, I didn’t see everything in my fantasy, and Tianyu Street was as usual as before. Pedestrians come and go one by one, bright roses reflect their happy faces.

Woo~…It turns out that my perfect prince Tianyuan hasn’t arrived yet!

Oops~, I am so depressed, I came too early~! Maybe Tianyuan only came back from France today, and his plane can’t arrive so early, so I will patiently wait!

Tianyuan, don’t worry, I will always wait here, no matter how late you come today, it doesn’t matter, I won’t leave without waiting for you!

It’s 12 o’clock noon. Tianyuan~, come on, I want to have a romantic lunch with you~, I have already thought about the location of the restaurant, I have visited it several times, and even the specific location has been selected. If we are lucky, there is no place today. When people sit…

It’s 2 o’clock noon. Woo~, the romantic lunch plan is gone, but it doesn’t matter, there is dinner~, haha. Grumbling, my stomach is protesting…

It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Why didn’t Tianyuan come? Wow~ I was too hungry, because I was afraid that Tianyuan would have to wait too early, so I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch! Chi Xiaoyang, do you want to eat something first? If Tianyuan comes and can’t see me, I will be anxious. I don’t want my beloved to wait too much.

It’s 7 o’clock in the evening. The colorful lights flickered everywhere and the candlelight flickered. The snowflakes that were originally white as jade turned into brilliant colors. The European-style street lamp pillar beside me also joined the ranks of the snowflakes with its warm and bright light. It was so beautiful. Oh~. There are beautiful love songs floating in the video store, but my dear Tian Yuan, why haven’t you come yet?

It’s 11 o’clock late at night. It’s only an hour before the end of Valentine’s Day, but the streets are even more lively and sweet. There were two lovers who hugged each other openly in the middle of the street for a long time. The car behind them honked the horn desperately. It was really interesting. But I am the only one…

It’s 23:30. Tian Yuan will not fail to come, he has always been a very promise-keeping person! Oh my god~, what happened to him, right? Bodhisattva bless him, he must be safe~! But it’s so cold~ It’s really cold, the temperature keeps declining, and the north wind blows my face mercilessly. I feel like I’m going to freeze and my feet seem to be numb…

It’s 23:50. Ten minutes before the end of Valentine’s Day, Tianyuan has not come! The night movie has ended, and there are many couples on the street. Love and laughter come to my ears from time to time, and people pass me by from time to time. Even ran into me. Haha, it’s really lively~ It’s even more noisy and crowded than during the day, but in the bottom of my heart, why is it so deserted??

It’s 23:55. Tianyuan did not come! The huge hunger and cold ruthlessly attacked and twisted my internal organs, and I was dizzy and groggy~…

It’s 23:57. Tian Yuan still didn’t come!! Woo~, the swish cold wind cut my eyelids like a knife. It was so uncomfortable and uncomfortable, but it was definitely not just physical…

It’s 11:58. I suddenly wanted to cry, tears began to well into my eyes…

ll: 59. There is only one minute left until the end of Valentine’s Day. The beautiful snowflakes are still dancing tirelessly in the sky. The tears I desperately want to hold back are finally falling down…

However, at this moment, my two shoulders were suddenly held from behind, and the warm palm temperature passed through my clothes and skin into my heart. I was pleasantly surprised to call out the one who had been reading for ten years. The name, but I couldn’t say it, I can’t say it again, because—

Because the strength of the palms of both hands suddenly increased, they lifted me into the air and rotated them 180 degrees. At the same time, the owner of the palms blocked my mouth with his mouth. I stared at him with wide eyes in shock, the teardrop that could no longer be restrained from falling, and the teardrop that I wanted to take back but could not be taken back, “slapped” on his lips.

But, but, but…

But he is not Tianyuan, he is not the one I have been waiting for for ten years, he is a boy who is completely unfamiliar to me!!! But…but…but I don’t want to admit that he is me The most handsome and handsome guy I have seen in 16 years!!!!

My God, I can’t imagine that there will be such a face in the world. It is not “perfect”, but “extremely beautiful”, more perfect than “perfect”, more detached, more gorgeous and more thrilling “extremely beautiful”! !!

(Stop: When did I become such an idiot?)

Sorry, Creator, I wronged you. The moment I saw him, I finally knew that you weren’t unreasonable, because the real handsome guy is not Tianyuan, not “Garfield” Yang Xu, but is now kissing tenderly. My strange boy!!!!

(Stop: Go, go, what kind of real handsome guy is the best? How come I am so professional?)

My instinct told me to push him away. Push him away. It’s best to give him a slap, but… But why does my pulse jump so fast? Why is my cheek burning like a fire? Hot? Why does my blood pounce like a high tide? Why does my body feel like it is about to melt into magma? Consciousness starts to drift like a dream, like a butterfly, I am gone A little bit of struggling strength…

(Uuuuu…what to do? It’s like a broken brake, it can’t be stopped!)

The whole world seems to have suddenly fallen into a boundless silence. I can’t hear anything anymore, I can’t see anything, I don’t remember anything, I don’t know anything, I don’t care anymore. I am lost in this kind of kiss and I can’t help myself. Restrained and indulged, the world is spinning…

I don’t know when he left at all. When I reacted and realized that the lips had separated from me, the big clock in the opposite shop had already issued a “boom, boom, boom, boom” warning at 12 o’clock at midnight.

Oh my god, did everything just happen in the last minute of Valentine’s Day? Why is it so like a long and confused dream?

What about that boy? Looking around, looking forward and backward, where is he there? It’s like crystal clear drops of water dissipating in the air, leaving no trace…no! There are traces! Footprints, and…blood? Oh my God, it’s really blood. In the place where he just stood, a small pool of bright red blood was shocking, like a blooming rose!

Oh my god~, is that his blood? What happened to him? Was he injured? What happened?

Humph~! No matter what, he really deserves to die, no, that day was thundered and struck by thousands of knives, five horses divided the body!!!

How can there be such a rubbish big-eyed ghost in the world who just forcibly kiss other people casually, or someone I don’t know, or my first kiss, ohhhhhh, oh my god, I’m going crazy…

~ Hum hum …… how do how to do ?? My first kiss was to have left Tianyuan ah! My Tianyuan !!

Oh~, God~, what wrong did I make in my last life, how could this happen, how could this happen???

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I have no face to see Tianyuan, I don’t want to live anymore, I should die!

No, I can’t die right now, at least I have to get revenge to die, or it’s too cheap, the bastard who took my first kiss!

But, but I don’t know who he is at all, I don’t know anything about him~, and maybe I won’t see each other again in my life, then how can I get revenge~! God~, I’m going crazy Up!!!

I am true, too, why didn’t I resist just now??? I should react in time and push him away severely! If that is the case, there might be room for salvation in my first kiss.

Oh my God~, what did I do just now~??? Is it because I was too cold, too hungry, and waiting too anxiously, which caused a temporary nervous disorder? Yes! It must be like that!!

Uuuuu…Tianyuan, Tianyuan, what happened to you today, why didn’t you come to the appointment??? Why didn’t you come???? Do you know I’m so sad, I’m so sad, so sad …

However, hehe~, I am not angry with you at all, I know you will not come for no reason, you must have some lasting difficulties, right? I will wait for you and have been waiting for you!!!

Tianyuan, ten years ago, you personally promised me this agreement. You have never lied to me, so I know you will come back! I believe you will come back!! Will definitely come back!! Definitely will Come back!!! Will definitely come back!!!

Alright~, Valentine’s Day has passed, Tianyuan, I’m so hungry and cold~, I’m going back.

(4) Super large heart-shaped chocolate·Cool crystal rose flower wall

Haha~, it’s great, there is still a long way from the door, Caucasus has already wagged his tail and happily ran over to greet me.

I hugged it with excitement, “Uuuuuu…, old man, you are the best to me.!”

“Oh, my god, it’s no good, I’m hungry and cold, my limbs are weak, and my eyes are black. If you take one more step, you may vomit blood and die. Caucasus, if you do it, take me back, okay? Don’t say it. You can’t carry it on your back~, you have 144 catties and I only have 80 catties~!” After I finished speaking, I stepped on its back unceremoniously.

It really lifted up without saying a word, and then I started walking~! It also looked like an effortless look!

Wow, great, I have discovered a new kind of transportation, haha, it seems that the benefits of having a big dog are really good~, hahaha.

“La la la~, la la la~, whether it is sunny or raining, keep a good mood, raise your head, raise your smile, stride forward, you may encounter lions, tigers, leopards, There are still some surprises waiting for you, so what? Add a little episode to make the whole world happy. Don’t forget to look up at night to count the stars, make a wish, and maybe luck will come…”

I sat on the back of the Caucasian and sang happily, shaking my legs, and I arrived at the door of my house without knowing it.

“It’s so dark~, it seems that I have to use the light of my baby’s phone screen to prevent it from falling.” As I said, I got off Gao Jiasu and started to take out my phone.

At this moment, my house suddenly brightened like a light switch, and the dazzling light pierced my eyes.

When I was finally able to slowly open my eyes, I was frozen in place and unable to move as if I had been subjected to a fixation technique.

God~, God~, Buddha~, Bodhisattva~, Gao Jiasu~, is this really my house? This is really my old and shabby building with a broken courtyard. Is it a small dangerous building?

Why is its whole body as if it was casted by a fairy with a magic wand, and it is studded with crystal-clear, shining, brilliant rose red crystal roses? Thousands of brilliant and dazzling roses perfectly cover the original class bar. The uneven walls put a gorgeous princess costume on the house. Is there something wrong? The two of us just met at all, no, we still don’t know each other! Besides, let alone my charm???

What about Yuan that day? So Tian Yuan still didn’t come back~? Uuuuuuuuuuuuu

Also, why is this nasty guy speaking into my left ear like we first met? What a damn!

I jumped out of the distance and said to him loudly, “I tell you, you are not allowed to speak to my left ear anymore!!! Hear you?”

“Why~?” He asked me with his beautiful innocent eyes open and puzzled.

“Why? Is this still necessary? This is simply a very frivolous act of wanting to eat other people’s tofu!”

“No? Why do you say that? You should know, I have never liked to eat this slippery white food like tofu! You should have known it a long time ago, I’m just used to facing you It’s just talking in his left ear, because I’m afraid you can’t hear you clearly!”

What? What the hell is this guy talking about? He actually said so seriously? Did he hear what I said clearly? It seems that this guy is really not an ordinary idiot~! Hmm~, since I saw it When he started wearing a Garfield mask, I had this hunch.

Hey~, forget it, just a simple little brother~, maybe you don’t even know what tofu is all about!

Maybe he likes to talk to other people’s left ears, maybe it’s really just a quirk of him? Anyway, this guy doesn’t look like a normal person! It’s quite understandable to have such an unreasonable habit~.

As he was thinking, he spoke into my left ear again: “Can you accept my confession~?”

Halo…this guy is asking too directly, right?

“Hurry up~, do you accept me??” He stared at me brightly with his beautiful eyes open, like a primary school student desperately eager to be praised by the teacher.

“Uh~…this…this…this little brother~, are you sick today? You have a fever in your head, right?”

Don’t joke with me!!! Don’t worry, although I can’t say that my consciousness is very high, but I still have at least self-knowledge.

I know that Peach Blossom Luck will not come casually like me-looks like me (at most beautiful, the skin is the kind of cold white that I don’t like)-dry and flat (1 meter 64 height 40kg Weight)-from a super ordinary woman with a medium grade-no family background -!

As for Tian Yuan, my beloved perfect first love, Sheng Tian Yuan, that is an exception, an absolute exception, he is a special kindness of God to me, and is the most beautiful and precious gift that God has given me!

Oh~, I have him, Chi Xiaoyang is enough in this life~, I will never ask for anything anymore.

In the midst of a beautiful fantasy, the “Garfield” in front of me slammed his forehead against mine.

(5) Garfield’s Confession

“Ah…, what are you doing? Indecent~?” I hurriedly jumped away like an electric shock.

“Didn’t you ask me if I have a fever or not? I use the temperature of my forehead to compare with the temperature of your forehead to know if I have a fever~. But now the comparison result has come out, haha~, my forehead The temperature is about the same as the temperature of your forehead~, so, my head does not have a fever~, I am not sick, haha, not a little bit~! So you don’t have to worry about me. But thank you very much for worrying. Me, woooooo…I’m so touched.”

Crazy faint~…

Alas~, his ability to understand is not good enough, but immediately afterwards, he stared at me affectionately and said, “You know? Although I only have a body temperature of 37℃, I burn a 214℃ who loves you forever. heart!”

I am crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy faint ~…

This guy, does he think he’s making a love soap opera? Which movie did he learn from such a nasty story? It’s so sour~~!!

Wait! 214℃? Why is this number so familiar…

Ah~!!! I remembered, isn’t this number in the constellation fortune-telling results displayed on the computer in the morning? What else is it? “You will meet your destined lover on the snowy Valentine’s Day, and he will give it to you Bring a superb love with a temperature as high as 214℃!”??

Ahhh~, I saw this for the first time in the morning

Isn’t it the snowing Valentine’s Day when “Garfield”?

Could it be that… Oh my god, why is it so weird???

Impossible!!! It’s absolutely impossible to be him!!! It must be pure coincidence, yes, it is absolutely pure coincidence, pure coincidence…

“Have you heard? Although I only have a body temperature of 37℃, I am burning a heart of 214℃ to love you forever!! This is my vow of love for you forever~!!! HOH0~, you hear Right?”

Collapsing… How many times does he have to repeat this line like an endorsement?

“I can hear you! Please don’t recite this kind of lines to me in the future, okay?!”

“Then do you accept me or not???”

Collapse…he is really persevering!

“Garfield, are you sure you like me?? Are you sure you are not mistaken??”

“Yeah~, I’m sure I like you, I’m sure I didn’t make a mistake~! You must believe me~: Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I burn a heart that loves you forever at 214°C! ! Do you know? From the first glance I saw you on Valentine’s Day morning, my heart told me: Yes, this is the person I am looking for! You are like a piece…like a huge piece That’s right, it’s a magnet. You are like a huge magnet that deeply and deeply attracted me…”

“Garfield!!!” Oh my god, I can’t do it anymore, I’m going crazy if I don’t interrupt him.

Oh~, what should I tell him? Headache, headache! Of course I can’t accept him. My heart has long been occupied by Tianyuan. When I was six years ago, I decided that this life should be his. Yes, I am sure he is my destined Prince Charming!

But, but I don’t want to hurt people~, after all, there is nothing wrong with liking someone, not to mention that he is such a handsome person, because his liking allows me to start re-examining my charm…

“Hehe, Garfield~, hehe, look you look like this—so handsome, this—so tall, and this—so good, and you have this—so noble and elegant temperament. It looks very rich-it looks like rich and rich, it’s’perfect’, NO, it’s perfect in perfection, the best in the best!

(In fact, how can it be such an exaggeration, it’s just my ecstasy to get away! Hey!) With super high-quality products like you, girls all over the world will be fascinated by you and can’t find the North!!! So ah, You can definitely find something better than me!!!”

“But I think you are the best~!!! Haha~!!! Please don’t doubt me, I really am——Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I burn a love of 214°C forever your heart!!!!”

Oh~, MyGod~, who will help me???

No! It seems that you can’t be too kind to this kind of person! Well, come out with my usual cool girl style! Clang Clang Clang——, Chi Xiaoyang transformed——!!!

“To tell you the truth, I already have a boyfriend!”

“It’s okay, you just dump him~. Anyway, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I burn a heart that loves you forever at 214°C!!”

“What??? Do you say dump it? Why should I listen to you?”

Huhuhu~, I am so angry! How can he do this? How can he ask me to be a shameful betrayer of emotions? I will never agree! I will never agree!!

“Dead Garfield, let me tell you the truth. I like my boyfriend a lot, but I don’t like you a little bit -!!! Humph~!!!”

“Wow wow wow wow wow wow …!!!”

Oh my god~, is there any mistake~ he actually squatted on the ground and started crying desperately~.

Wow, yeah, I’m going crazy…

But, but he really cried so poorly~, the crystal clear teardrops fell down in large drops, and the long eyelashes were more shiny and charming because they were wet with tears. The delicate little pear vortex on the left cheek seemed to be Also crying yeah~, like a child who has suffered a great grievance.

Oh my God~, how can a person be so cute when crying?? oh oh oh… the Creator is really unfair!!!

It’s miserable, is it a sin to make such a cute hardcore handsome guy cry? I seem to feel that God is staring at me angrily~.

It’s over, I’m starting to feel guilty…

“Okay, okay~, don’t cry, you will wake up the neighbor.” I had to start to comfort him softly.

“Ooo, ooo hum ~ …… If you accept me, I will not cry! You must believe me ah, I though only a body temperature of 37 ℃, but the burning of a 214 ℃ always love your heart !! Oh oh oh oh oh…”

What??? How dare to threaten me with crying??? Humph~, I hate others threatening me the most in my life!

“Well, you cry, you cry for as long as you want, but please go to a farther place to cry, don’t disturb me to sleep!” I left this sentence at him with a stern face, and then went straight into the house. While sleeping, he grabbed my hand from behind and suddenly and softly called me “Xiao Yang.”

I was stunned.

This kind of tone, this kind of name, seems like Tianyuan, my Tianyuan…

My whole body softened, and the hands in his warm big hands began to tremble slightly. It took a long time to finally recover, and quickly drew out my hands: “How do you know my name?”

“Oh~. I saw it in the textbook in your room yesterday. Wow, your names are all written so big~, I don’t think it’s hard not to see it, haha. By the way, thank you for saving me , You are really my great benefactor~, I will definitely repay you! Your bed is so comfortable~, I really like it. I told you, I slept on it yesterday and had a beautiful dream. , I haven’t slept so well for a long time! Ah~, I really want to sleep again~…”

“Why did you stop crying suddenly? I thought you would keep crying if I didn’t accept you.”

“Hehe~, if you don’t like me crying, I won’t cry~. HOHO~, I finally figured it out~, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made you so urgent, I know I should give you more time. Know me. Anyway, I have time, and I will definitely make you like me!!! And, no matter what time it is, I will never change my heart, it will always be-although only a body temperature of 37~C, But it is burning with a heart of 214℃ that loves you forever!!!! Haha~, hahaha~…”

Crazy dizzy~…It seems that the 214~C love oath has really become his mantra!

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly stood upright at me with a solemn expression, leaned forward slightly with one hand on his chest, and gave me an elegant gentleman’s salute:

“Dear Miss Chi Xiaoyang, hello, please allow me to introduce myself to you very grandly and formally.” Oh~, he is now ready to let me know him.

“My name is Jin Yangxu, you can call me’Yangxu’, you can call me’Xiaoyang’, you can call me’Xiaoxu’, you can also call my English name’Allen’, and you can take any nickname. Call me, such as that “Garfield” or something. Oh~, in any case, you can call it whatever you want, as long as you call it, I like to listen to it.

“Male sex, 16 years old this year, height 181cm, weight 67kg, birthday is April 16th, birthday flower is wild tulip, constellation is Aries, hair color is cool and cool golden golden yellow, current occupation is a student , My current school is Class 056 of High School One, I like and be good at doing magic, sports, drag racing, constellation divination, etc…”

“Okay! How long do you want to introduce yourself? By the time you finish introducing, I guess I will already become a starving ghost.” I weakly interrupted him.

“Ah~, are you very hungry? Yes~, it is already more than two o’clock in the morning on February 15th, you must be hungry? If it is my usual, I have eaten a few supper. Then we are now Go to the living room quickly, haha~, I have prepared a large table of Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner long ago~.” He said and took me into the living room.

(6) 11111 “blue pregnant girl”

Wow, it’s true, he really put a large table in the middle of the living room with a candlelight dinner that I have never seen before, which is so rich and beautiful that I can’t describe it.

Oh~, my god, I’m dying, my saliva is only 0.0001 seconds away from the corner of my mouth. Sit down and eat quickly.

Ah~, I really have never eaten something so delicious…

“Jin Yangxu, really recruit, how many tricks have you played~?” I asked casually when my stomach was almost full.

“Wow Siyi, Xiao Yang, you are so amazing~, you guessed that I still prepared a gift. Haha, since you are so amazing, then guess again, what other gift I have prepared for you?”

“Yeah… It seems that there is a fragrance of roses, you don’t have the old-fashioned roses~?”

“Wow~! Xiaoyang, you are so amazing! I just prepared the old-fashioned roses~, HOHO~! There are 11,111 lake-blue fresh’Blue Enchantresses’, I will insert them It’s in the big bucket in your bedroom on the second floor. You can sleep with the fragrance of flowers tonight~, haha.”

“Wow~,’Blue Demon Girl’? I really like it! Thank you~, Yang Xu.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhh~! Although sending roses is a bit lacking in creativity, this is the first rose I have received in 16 years (the first time with chocolate), and there are so many at one time Duo, it seems that I have sent out the roses for every Valentine’s Day in the past 16 years, oooooooo~…

It seems that this year is the Peach Blossom Year for my transfer~. Oh my god, I really don’t know if I should thank you or…

“Haha~, do you like it? I’m so happy, so happy, I really want to sing a song right away!!!” Yang Xu was happy like a blooming red rose, “Um~, I just sang it myself This song is dedicated to you Xiaoyang-I ~ although ~ only ~ 37°C ~ body temperature, but ~ burning ~ a ~ 214°C ~ love you forever ~ heart…”

Oh my god, I really didn’t expect his 214℃ mantra line to have a singing version, dizzy…Lonely, exhausted, lost and depressed, I really can’t help but feel sad~ , Really can’t help but feel sad…

Oh oh oh… oh oh oh…

Tianyuan, my perfect prince Tianyuan, where are you now~???

Why didn’t you come back??? Why didn’t you?!! Uuuuuu~~…


I don’t know if it’s because of being too sad or something else. Anyway, today I don’t have any sleepiness at all, especially Yang Xu’s night owl.

and so–

After the candlelight dinner, instead of snoring and snoring to sleep, we ran to the rooftop and made N wishes to the wishing tree full of colorful lights, and then sat on the rooftop and looked at the night sky to find the stars of our own constellation, and then Yang Xu danced and told me about the mess of funny stories he made up by himself. Later, he changed me a lot of wonderful magic tricks~, I didn’t expect that stupid guy turned out to be a master of magic tricks. Haha~.

I spent the whole winter vacation working and getting along with Yang Xu. I found that he only habitually stood on my left and spoke to my left ear when talking to me~, when talking to other people It’s quite normal.

Maybe, this is a unique way of liking me that he invented himself. Isn’t it popular now that “Let girls walk on their right is love, walk on their left is friendship” or something? Maybe this is facing the left. The meaning of ear speech is similar to that, right? Or, because the heart is on the left, the left ear is a little bit closer, right? Haha~.

Anyway, no matter what the reason is, I have slowly got used to him talking to me like this, and I don’t think there is anything anymore.

One more thing I have to mention is that he said every day, “Although I only

“Okay, don’t sing!” Please! I want to eat too~!

“Okay, if you don’t want me to sing, I won’t sing. Haha, Xiaoyang, tell you~, there is one last gift for you~, you will never guess!”

“It’s a big potted tree, right? You put it on the roof of my house, right?”

“Wow~!!!” He exaggerated this time, “Xiao Yang, how did you know? How can you be so powerful continuously? Are you really a little witch alive?”

“Little witch, you are so big. Please, the tree is so big, and the branches are going to reach into the clouds. It’s okay if someone stands outside and looks up. But you are so good to give a tree that big. What am I doing? My house is not a botanical garden! Also, why do you put it on the roof of my house? What if my house is crushed?”

“It’s just crushed~!”

“what did you say??”

“I said it was just right, because then you can live in my house~, hehe~.”

“Jin! Yang! Xu! Are you looking for a fight???” I glared at him with the steel spoon in my hand.

“Uuuuu…, forgive me~, I’m just kidding~. Don’t worry, it won’t be overwhelmed! If it’s overwhelmed, I’ll help you build a new one! Also, that’s not a one!” “Ohhhh An ordinary tree~, it is an evergreen wishing tree, it is specially used to make wishes. It is very smart~, you can go down to the tree to make a wish at any time in the future, and then hang your wish on the branch. ? Oh~. Haha~, I have made a wish to hang on it~”

“Thank you, thank you so much! But these gifts are too expensive, I really can’t accept them!”

I dare not accept it, I know I cannot repay his affection, I don’t want to owe him…

“Do you want to kill me?” He closed his smile, pursed his lips, and threw out such a sentence that almost choked me to death.

“Cough cough cough…what~? What the hell are you talking about?? killing you?? Is there any mistake? I am not all right to do, I want to live a few more years!”

“Uuuh But you said that you can’t accept it. Don’t you mean to cruelly deprive me of my precious happiness and joy? Once they are gone, I will be very sad, and if I’m overwhelmed, I’ll vomit blood and die! You say What are you trying to kill me??”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I will accept it.”

Let’s be very good friends. Anyway, apart from the Caucasus, I have no other friends or relatives. I will try to give you all the feelings except love.

“Haha~, this is like a good baby~, haha~.”

He finally showed his innocent smile that was brighter than the sun, and he held his cheeks to watch me “straw” the candlelight dinner on this table with interest.

“Oh~, by the way, Xiao Yang, I always have a question I forgot to ask you, why are you alone except that dog in your family~? What about your parents~?”

Yang Xu’s sudden question made me horrified, and the soup bowl in my hand fell to the ground with a slap, and it smashed to pieces.

“Ah”! Xiaoyang, are you okay~??” Yang Xu jumped up in a panic.

“No…no…it’s okay~! It’s just…it’s just a sudden cramp in my hand, haha~”

“Then you still have cramps? Does it hurt? Do you want me to rub it for you?” As he said, he grabbed my hand to start rubbing.

I drew it out quickly: “It doesn’t hurt or it hurts. You can sit back in your seat. I’ll pick up the broken bowl and throw it away.”

When I said that, I squatted down to pick up the broken bowls, but he pushed me back on the stool: “I’ll pick it up! Haha~, enjoy the romantic candlelight dinner. Be sure to treat them like a soldier destroys the enemy. Destroy everything and clean it~”

I suddenly wanted to cry…

Why~? Why isn’t the perfect prince Tianyuan I missed day and night before my eyes?

Why is the person who accompanies me on this snowy Valentine’s Day and brings me countless warmth, romance, surprises and touches, this “Garfield” that I have not known for a day?

Tianyuan, why not you? Why not? Why not?!!

Do you know that I waited so hard for the day I was waiting for you to see you again, as if I had waited for a long century. I thought I finally waited until the clouds cleared, but you let me go so cruelly? Fell into the endless dark hell…

I believe, I believe you absolutely have hardships, but when faced with the ten years of waiting for the oath, it is so easily disillusioned into the sky, facing the single person with such a deep body temperature of 37℃, it burns a 214 ℃’s always love your heart!!” The mantra bombarded my poor ears to a strike.

However, hehe, I’m really amazing~, but afterwards, I started to get used to his words~, hehe.

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