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Chapter 1 Assassination Continues

(1) Fate or accident?

Is his appearance at this moment fate or accident?

He stood in front of me with a dark face, his long, thin, soft hair glowing like waves, deep and shallow, wrapping him tightly.

And he stared at me vigorously in this elusive tide, stared at me vigorously, and then repeated that sentence again:

“I won’t bless you——!!!”

I was stunned and looked at him with tears open. For a while, I didn’t know how to respond to these eight words that were harder and heavier than a huge boulder. Then he reacted like an electric shock, and quickly turned his face back: Just kidding, how can I let him see me crying like a clown in embarrassment? ! ! Although maybe he had already seen it when I was shocked…

“You…How come you are here? How long have you been here? You won’t hear all what I said to the statue of Jesus just now, right?” I turned my back to him and wiped my tears vigorously. He stammered.

“Huh, what if I heard it? What if I didn’t hear it?” His voice was full of strange sneers.

“What? What if I heard it? What if I didn’t hear it? Did you hear it?”

“Hey, do you know why I say these eight words,’I won’t bless you’?” This dead orange is so annoying all the time. He likes to pretend to be deaf, always answering the wrong questions, no, this time Asking is not asking.


“Haha, because I am the prophet of the Unexpected Prophet~, I’m sure you can’t be with Shengtianyuan, you can’t go to Paris with him!”

“Nonsense! Ghosts will believe that you are the prophet of the unknown prophet!” After I was sure that the tears were wiped away, I turned around and said to him, “If you were really the prophet of the unknown prophet, you would still be like that. Stupid to be fooled by a woman disguised as a man for a whole year?”

“You lied to me, are you embarrassed to tell?!”

“Cheng Zitai, you have to figure out the situation, do you think I am willing?! You think I am willing to be a good girl improperly pretending to be a tomboy who is awkward to death? Isn’t it all because of you… , Forget it, I don’t want to quarrel with others the day before I go to Paris, not to mention that this may be our last meeting… “Although I can’t be together, I have had so much happiness and so much after all. Memories, so I still hope that I can leave with a smile like the day I quit my life assistant, and go to Paris with Tian Yuan with a smile…

“Chi Xiaoyang, you shut up! What is the last time we met? There is no last time, I will not let us meet for the last time, I will not allow us to meet for the last time, never allow it, never–!!! “Zitai suddenly yelled at me, shocking me.

“What do you mean? What do you mean? Do you want to stay?” I stared at him closely, and asked in a suppressed and trembling voice. Suddenly, I really want to know, I really want to know what he thinks, I really want to know his feelings for me, it is the feelings of men and women other than the best friends. Even though I knew it was impossible to be together, I still wanted to know so much, so desperate…

Such a Gemini boy who is so fickle and so emotional is unpredictable, in the end… Has he really liked me even a little bit?

“Haha, keep you?” Damn Cheng Zitai, disgusting Cheng Zitai, why do you sneer at me like this? My bones started to tremble with sizzling sizzle~.

“Chi Xiaoyang, why do I want to keep you? Why do you want me to stay? What qualifications do you have to let me become a young master to keep you? Are you—someone from me?”

“Didn’t you say it yourself? You said,’We are so good that we can’t wait to wear a pair of cosmic diamond buddies in the same pants.'”

“Ah?? Is there? Have I ever said this to you Chi Xiaoyang? Why am I not impressed at all? I’m sorry, I really don’t remember anything like this anymore~. I’m the only one All I remember is: I only said this to Xiaoyuan! Only Xiaoyuan is the cosmic diamond buddy that I want to wear with a pair of pants!!” When he said this, he felt that his eyes were so far away, as if Looking at a certain person in another time and space.

“But I am Chi Xiaoyuan!”

“No! Chi Xiaoyang is not Chi Xiaoyuan! Chi Xiaoyang is just Shengtianyuan’s girlfriend! And my Xiaoyuan, he is already dead, dead, dead…” Zitai suddenly showed grief and pain. My eyes, my god~, no, I don’t want to see them, they will cut my heart like a knife with blood and pain, but I still can’t see it, just now…

“But, hehe,” he changed back to his usual cynicism in a blink of an eye, “Chi Xiaoyang, I kindly advise you not to go to Paris with Shengtianyuan? You don’t know anything about English, let alone French. Speaking, think about how inconvenient it is for you to arrive in Paris like this. You can’t let Brother Tian Yuan accompany you as an interpreter 24 hours after you go to Paris, right?

“You don’t need to worry about this.” I said to him angrily, “I can learn French if I don’t know it. I’m learning it now~, Tianyuan taught me~, he taught well~. And, Haha~, it’s weird to say that a stupid person like me can learn very well as if drinking smart water under his teaching, and actually slowly fell in love with French…”

“Okay!!” Zitai seemed to be reluctant to hear me say things like Tianyuan is good, and interrupted me a little impatiently, “Hey, Chi Xiaoyang, let’s tell you the truth, I’m not for you I advised you not to go to Paris for this reason. Do you think I am so kind? I just think how can a woman like you fit in such a luxurious place? It will only greatly lose the face of our people. I am very patriotic, so I remind you with a patriotic enthusiasm, I hope you can also carry forward a little patriotism-don’t go to Paris to lose the face of our countrymen!”

“Cheng Zitai, you look down on people too much, right? You’re just a mess, you’re just ashamed of the country~! I want to go to Paris, I want to go to Paris, I want to go to Paris, can you control it? Huh? ——!” Huhuhu, this damn fellow, he really angered me, I stuck my waist and stared at him like a machine gun and spit out these words.

“Chi Xiaoyang, you stupid woman, I have said so much, can’t you still hear what I mean?” Zi too seemed to be angry, and yelled at me anxiously. words.

“Wow~, Cheng Zitai, you hateful dead orange, you call me a stupid stupid stupid stupid? You are a stupid stupid stupid stupid~! How do I know what you mean, you are always like a stupid The chameleon is like a chameleon. The last sentence and the next sentence are always awkward. It’s not a good idea to talk about it here. I talk about it here and there. I was still laughing when I said the previous sentence. , When I said this sentence, it suddenly felt like I had eaten gunpowder!!”

I seem to understand what he is saying, I want him to explain everything, but I am afraid that he will explain everything…

“…” Dizzy, why didn’t you speak suddenly? He is so scary like this, I would rather face him who yelled at me fiercely.

“I’m leaving, goodbye! I don’t want to spend a second with you here anymore, so I won’t be angry again for a few years!” Hey hey, it’s not a joke. If this continues, I’m really worried that my menopause will come sooner. .

So, I really turned around and prepared to drive away as I said it, but, it’s strange, why are my legs suddenly as heavy as lead? It was too heavy to take a step away. Chi Xiaoyang, are you still reluctant to bear him? Even if I entrust all my feelings for him to God, I still can’t let go? No, it’s impossible! but……

But why did Zitai still not react at all? I’m leaving now~, I said “goodbye”, why he still didn’t react at all? ? How could he still not react at all? No matter how stiff the two of us are now, we used to be good friends after all. I may never come back when I go to Paris. Maybe this is really the last time we two have met. Is he so stingy that he won’t even give me a “goodbye”?

I hate it, I really hate myself, because when I think of this, I want to sneak out to play with my tears.

“I really want to leave, goodbye!!” I raised my voice with my back to him. Damn Cheng Zitai, please give me a reaction anyway, give me a reaction quickly, even if it’s just an “um”, so that I can have enough courage to walk away immediately.

hateful! Damn it, hate it! ! Actually pretend to be dumb again! !

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I love and hate ituuuuuuuu~…what do you think in your heart? ? Didn’t you just say “What’s the last time we met? There is no last time, I won’t let us meet for the last time, I don’t allow us to meet for the last time, never allow, never—!!!”? But why did I seem to be indifferent to my departure in a flash of time~? Can you not change so much, how good you would be if you were not a Gemini, do you know that my heart hurts now?

“Goodbye… See you…” This is the last one. Even if you still don’t respond, I’m going to go. I really want to go, because I don’t want to make my heart sore again. , And staying away from you is the only way to redeem yourself.

I really started my steps, although my legs felt so heavy and painful…

Chi Xiaoyang, come on!

One step~, two steps~~, three steps~…

(2) You are mine! I want to order you!

“I like you!” Just when I took the third step, such a dreamlike voice suddenly came from behind. Hum~, there was a loud bang in my heart, I stayed where I was, almost fainted…

This~…this this…Is this really Zitai’s voice? This…this this~…Does this really mean “I like you”? God, God~, Bodhisattva~, Allah~, Satan~, there is nothing wrong with my ears, right?

“You…you you you…what are you talking about?” I turned around trembling, staring at the beautiful back, trembling lips, trembling voice and asking, tears trembling in my eyes. ~~……

“I like you. I love you so much that I can’t help myself. Even if the ashes are gone, I will never regret it!!

“You are the light in my life, the indispensable light, once I leave, my world will be a darkness!!

“and so–

I don’t want you to go to Paris, and I don’t want anyone to take you away from me! ! “He turned around and raised his tone and said to me, and then before I could react, he walked to me like lightning in three steps and two steps, grabbed my shoulders, and stared closely. Looking into my eyes, he said every word:

“Chi Xiaoyang, you are mine!! I want to order you——!!!”

With so domineering voice, so domineering eyes, so domineering hands, so domineering aura, so domineering emotion, I almost fell into it, unable to restrain myself…



But Tianyuan’s voice suddenly floated into my ears~——

“I am not a magician, but for you, I will make myself more magical than a magician…”

“Xiaoyang, you have always been my little princess, the only little princess, the eternal little princess, the irreplaceable little princess”…

“I like you more than my own life”…

“I can always recognize you at a glance, because – there is only you in my eyes, I can only see you, forever!!!”…

“I love you forever!”…

No, no, no! I can’t betray Tianyuan! Absolutely not! It must not!

So~… So…

Therefore, I could only endure the pain in my heart like a mountain, and I forcefully broke away and grabbed the hand of my shoulders, and slammed him the following sentence coldly:

“You’re wrong, I’m not yours, I’m Tianyuan’s! Goodbye!” Oh, I’m sorry, Zitai, I’m sorry, but I really have no choice, really no choice…

Only in this way can you be completely resolute; only in this way can you be less heartache…

I’m really not worthy of you to like, really not worthy…

I want to go quickly, I want to leave here quickly, otherwise, I’m really afraid that I will not be able to go…

Bah, baah~, I really want to suck my crow’s mouth to death, because I really can’t go. Cheng Zi is too bad, he doesn’t want me to go, he just like the first time we met, he turned around and planned to flash me away He picked it up and rotated it 180 degrees, and at the same time, he blocked my mouth with his mouth…

Wow, yeah~, this bad guy, bad guy! If I KISS for the first time to save me, then this time I absolutely want to eat my tofu! This bad guy, bad guy, the super invincible big bad guy in the universe–! !

I struggled hard, but it didn’t work~, he got harder and harder, he hugged me so tightly, he kissed me so deeply, as if he had exhausted all his emotions and all his life, I couldn’t stand it~, I Can’t stand it, really can’t stand it, woooooo~…

Zitai, Zitai, do you want to keep me in this way? I want to stay, I really want to stay, my heart tells me it wants to stay…

God, grandpa, can you, can you let me Chi Xiaoyang just indulge this time, let me be close to my true love for the last time in my life, and treat it as a kiss goodbye? Treat it as a kiss goodbye…

So… slowly, slowly, I don’t struggle anymore, I don’t want to struggle anymore, I accept his kiss in tears…

Just this time, this time really…

on– let me……

At last…… Dream once…

Woo~, I’m so stupid, I forgot a little-dreams are the shortest and easiest thing to wake up, so, soon, I heard a huge “bang”, really a huge sound, it is a dream awakening Sound? So heavy and so painful~, and mixed with a lot of complex emotions rushing like a wave~~…

Yes! It’s the sound of waking up from a dream! But it is not. A more accurate statement should be-it is Tian Yuan’s fist!

That’s right, Tian Yuan is here, and he suddenly descended at such a fast speed and so absolutely, just when I was kissing with Zitai~.

Before we both noticed him, he rushed to grab Zitai and punched Zitai far away without the slightest defense. I was stunned in place~, staring at him with wide-eyed eyes, his mouth wide open. , But I can’t speak a word.

Before I could react, Tian Yuan grabbed my hand and left. He held my hands so tightly and tightly, so hard and hard, as if I was afraid that I would disappear if I loosen it a little bit; he walked in a hurry, fast and fast, as if he wanted to take me right away Take it to Paris…

But even if Tianyuan grabbed me and walked fast and fast, it was still blocked too quickly by the son who got up from the ground. He stood in front of us and wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth with a hard and irrefutable method. The voice said loudly to Tian Yuan: “No? Let’s go! I don’t allow you to take her away!!”

“Haha, I’m sorry, Mr. Cheng Zitai, forgive me!” Tian Yuan’s posture is still as elegant and noble as usual, but the “hardness and irrefutable” in his voice is not lost to Zitai at all.

“Well, Shengtianyuan, I will tell you frankly now: I like Chi Xiaoyang, and I do not like it less than you! I don’t allow anyone to take her away from me, including you, a cosmic diamond buddy!! “

“Haha, Zitai, it doesn’t seem that you can decide whether Xiaoyang can leave or not? We still have to listen to her own opinion?” Tianyuan said to Zitai tepidly, with a face Always smile calmly.

“Hehe, of course.” After Tian Yuan responded like this, Zi Tai turned her face and looked at me deeply and said, “Xiao Yang, let’s pick everything out today, and none of us should escape! The decision is up to you. You, me and him, who do you choose?”

“Me and him, who do you choose?” OH~, MYGOD! Why~, why should I do such a multiple-choice question~, this is the most difficult multiple-choice question in the world for me~…

However, no matter how difficult it is, Chi Xiaoyang, haven’t you already chosen it after all?

Haha, yes, I have chosen it a long time ago, so if there is no choice, I can only say helplessly like this:

“Zitai, don’t waste your effort, I just gave you the answer, didn’t you?!”

“Haha, gave me the answer? Chi Xiaoyang, which answer are you referring to? Is it the answer you said by crying crying in front of the statue of Jesus, or it was passed on by your body when you warmly took over my KISS? My answer?”

“Cheng Zitai, shut up! You know that I am not talking about these two answers, but the answer I gave you when you confessed to me!”

“Then you are alone in front of the statue of Jesus, crying and you said that the answer is false? Then the answer that your body passed to me when you took over my KISS enthusiastically just now is false? You touched it Your own chest tells me, is it fake?? Is it fake~?” Zitai suddenly came close to me, snarled at me so loudly and painfully, and the tears I just received started uncontrollably. Run outside the eye sockets~…

“Student Cheng Zitai, please have a little demeanor, you have no right to speak to Xiao Yang like this!” Tian Yuan intervened between me and Zi Tai, and protected me with his body to prevent Cheng Zi from facing me too much. But Zitai regarded Tianyuan as transparent and didn’t even look at him. He walked around him like lightning and talked to me again. This time it was unprecedented hysteria, like a hurricane and rain that would crash the entire church. What he said is:

“Chi Xiaoyang——, the person you obviously like is me——, why do you want to go with him——?”

Boom boom boom boom, my eardrum was shocked by these words.

I sneered at him with tears in my eyes:

“Hehe, you are too big, young master, when you really don’t forget to be narcissistic~! Did I say that I like you? I never said that, and I never liked you! I am to Jesus What the idol said is false. As for the…that behavior that you violated me just now, it was completely an allergic reaction to your own nonsense and narcissism! I will tell you clearly now, so that you will not be sentimental and crazy. You remembered it for me: The person I like is my quasi-boyfriend Sheng Tian Yuan, Tian Yuan, Tian Yuan! It can never be you, forever and ever——!!!”

Zitai shook his whole body violently as if hit by a huge boulder. This shaking made him almost stand unsteadily and fell to the ground. Fortunately, he quickly grabbed the arm of a chair next to him, and he was stunned. Looking at me steadily, there are waves of painful waves rolling in the deep and beautiful pupils. The waves are endless and endless, and they seem to burst through his eyes and run out at any time…

In fact, they have already ran out, really ran out, turned into the saddest teardrop in the world, and my heart fell into the darkest and painful hell…

OMG, Zitai cried again, Zitai cried again. This is the second time I saw him cry. I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy, I really would rather immediately become a delirious lunatic. Don’t be so painful, don’t, don’t–! Oh oh oh…

But, but the dignified face is too big, how can the young master let others see him crying so embarrassingly, so when his tears were about to fall from his eyes to his handsome face, he turned around shamelessly With his back to me and Tian Yuan, he even pretended to smile and said to me:

“Haha~, thank you Sister-in-law for telling me what you said, don’t worry, I will never bother you again!”

After he finished speaking, he quickly walked away without looking back. With such a speed of the absolute speed of the absolute figure and the last sentence of the absolute word just now, it was like… as if telling me-he To get out of my world forever and disappear from my life forever…

Pooh, Pooh, Chi Xiaoyang, what seems to be, yes, yes! That’s right, it’s certain, it’s really real and absolutely sure! He really gave up~, gave up~~, gave up completely~…

He and I, really…from now on, there will never be any intersection…Our story is that finally…It’s finally coming to an end…A period that will never have a later period~…

“Pump!” Without any warning, I suddenly collapsed to the ground. The accident was so fast that Tian Yuan didn’t even have time to support me.

Why is it like this~? Why is it like this~? ? Chi Xiaoyang, why are you doing this~? ? Is the heart hurt too much, too painful, too painful, so painful that it has been broken into tens of thousands of pieces that cannot be repaired~? ? Therefore, there is no way to support the body~…

Bah, baah, no, it must not be like this! Chi Xiaoyang, you have to believe and firmly believe: Your choice is right, and Tianyuan is your only happy paradise!

I’m really, sure, and definitely will be very happy and happy…

(3) Tianyuan with magic

Huh~, the next day finally came. I stayed up all night, flipping through the sesame seed cakes that I had been tossing over and over all night, I just couldn’t sleep, how could I not sleep! Still unconvinced secretly crying again…

Woke up early in the morning to look in the mirror—wow, my eyes were swollen and red like a punch. It was so ugly. How can I get it, how can I get it, this ugly look can’t be seen by Tian Yuan~! I hurriedly found a pair of sunglasses and put them on. If Tian Yuan asked, he would tell him that they are sun-proof sunglasses~, anyway, it is also very popular now to wear decorative glasses that are not nearsighted glasses~, haha.

Ah~, I don’t know if I don’t look at it. I put on sunglasses and I was akimbo in front of the mirror. It really feels like a big underworld sister. It’s a bit cool, HOHOHO~.

Haha~, now I’m going to wake up Tian Yuan who is sleeping next door, and we’re going to go to Paris today. It’s the morning flight~, but we can’t be late and miss the flight.

“Crack–!!!” Hey, the sound of the door opening. I looked back—wow, it was Tian Yuan who came back from outside. He used to get up early, earlier than me.

“Hehe, Xiaoyang, you are up. Good morning.”

“Haha, good morning and good morning. But, Tianyuan, why did you go out so early~?” I asked him while wearing sunglasses, raising my head. Wow, the world in the sunglasses is black, like a black gauze between them, my Tianyuan is also black, but it’s still so handsome, HOHO~~, so funny. However, there seems to be something wrong with his charming eyes. It seems a little different from before. Did he not sleep last night?

“Hehe, I bought breakfast for you, I bought your favorite breakfast.” Tian Yuanyang said to me with a gentle smile in the bag in his hand, “Because the flight to Paris is a bit early today and there is no time. I’m making breakfast.”

“What’s in the other bag?” I asked curiously.

“This…I bought ice cubes (I don’t have a refrigerator). If you put ice on your eyes with a towel for 5 to 10 minutes, you can reduce the swelling of your eyes.”

A certain corner of the heart was gently touched again, and Tian Yuan in front of him began to blur again…

Wow, no, no more crying!

“Xiaoyang, come, sit here and have breakfast first. After breakfast, I will help you ice your eyes to reduce the swelling.” Tian Yuan patted a chair next to the table and said to me gently.

“Haha, good…!!!” I happily jumped to the table, sat down with a slap, and started to eat a delicious breakfast.

Yes, I will forget Zitai soon; Yes, I will be very happy with Tianyuan, and…

YEAH——, finally everything is done, breakfast is done, luggage is done, my swollen peach eyes are really swollen under the ice of Tianyuan’s skillful hand. Now, the two of us are going out to the airport~, ha ha.

“Wow! Look at Tianyuan, there is a taxi with a red light parked in front of you~!!! A taxi with a red light is parked in front of me!!” As soon as I left the house, I suddenly Opened his eyes and pointed to Chao Tianyuan not far away and yelled excitedly. (Hehe, don’t be surprised that I scream like finding a diamond. It’s really a blessing that “my family lives in a remote place, this area is not very prosperous, and the road traffic is not very developed”. Every time we call Taxis have to wait for a long time to get a taxi far away from home, so ah~, haha…)

“Yeah~Yeah~Yeah~, great, this time you can pick up the bargain with ease, haha!” I said as I ran to the taxi at lightning speed, and slapped my butt down unceremoniously. In the passenger seat next to the driver, I was afraid that someone else would snatch the car away.

Huh~, it’s a bit strange to say, it looks like this car has been parked here for a long time. I saw it when I first got up this morning and opened the window~, I just didn’t pay much attention to whether this was a taxi or some other car, as if this car was waiting for us… Xiaoyang, you think too much, really, you even doubt your luck~.

At this moment, Tian Yuan had already walked up to the car gracefully with his luggage, and saw me occupying the secondary seat, and said with a chuckle: “Haha, Xiao Yang, your habit of sitting in the secondary seat is really deeply ingrained~”

I was suddenly excited~, the sub-seat position of the Zitai sports car suddenly appeared in my mind, including the shocking nine big red letters-“No one is sitting in this seat, please sit back”…

No~, I don’t want to think of him~~, don’t have even the slightest hesitation when you are about to leave~!

So, after slamming my head a few times, I hurriedly climbed to the back seat of the taxi, and then dragged Tian Yuan in next to him and said ghostly:

“Hehe~~, no matter how deeply ingrained habits are, they can still be changed for my Tianyuan~, because liking you is my most deep-rooted habit, hehehehe.”

“Xiao Yang…” Tian Yuan grabbed my hand a little emotionally. Seeing his bright eyes, he must have been moved by the affectionate words I just said, ha ha. However, he didn’t know, that sentence was actually not for him, it was for me, it was for me who must, absolutely, must, and forget Zitai anyway…

“Cough cough~.” Ah, the driver sitting in front must be annoyed by the flirting and cursing of us. I quickly reacted and handed him a grinning sentence:

“Hehe, uncle driver, I’m sorry~, you have been waiting for a long time. We two are going to the airport, please.”

“Yeah~, little girl, what are you embarrassed to say to me? It should be because I said to you two that I was embarrassed. I disturbed your young couple to cultivate relationships. But there is no way, I have to know quickly Where are you going, so I can take you there quickly~, otherwise, it won’t be good if your schedule is delayed or your important matters are missed…”

Wow, the uncle of the driver is so nice, his voice sounds so kind and kind, and his smile is kind and kind~, it really feels like a relative~, if you get older, just follow me Grandpa is almost there, I really like it. But how does he say that Tian Yuan and I are a young couple? ? Sweat~…

“This~…uncle driver~, don’t get me wrong, we two are not, it’s not what you said…little couple~~, we are still high school students~!” Of course, I am Chi Xiaoyang. It must be clear!

“Oh, little girl, why are you embarrassed~, anyway, sooner or later! My vision is always accurate~~, hahaha…” What?, this uncle driver is too…but, What he said is right~, I have already identified Tian Yuan, and I must marry him in the future~, ha ha.

Wow~~, this uncle driver must have been driving the car for many years, otherwise, how could he drive the car so well and steady? I sit in it so comfortable and safe~, ha ha ha. Hmph, unlike that dead orange, every time I drive as fast as I am about to commit suicide, it makes me feel like walking around a ghost gate every time I sit…Go go~, Chi Xiaoyang, you want to die Isn’t it, why think of him again~? Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it! !


“Haha, little girl, this road is to the airport~. I have been driving the car for so many years, and I have already felt the route of this city very well, and I can open it with my eyes closed~, how could I make a mistake? I took this road because it is the closest to the airport. Didn’t I want to send you to the airport earlier for fear of delaying your trip?”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my eyes were almost moved to tears, of course no objection was raised.

Before he knew it, the taxi drove to a construction site. Oh~, I know here, a new school is being built~.

(4) Xiao Yang! Run fast

“Brake–! Shit–!” Suddenly, the taxi slammed to a stop. It turned out that there was a middle-aged woman who looked like a flower field chicken was stopping the car, and she saw her face full of snot and tears, and she was screaming at us…No, to be precise, she was howling at the driver and Tianyuan ghost crying wolf:

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dun he ran into the two handsome men after they had eaten and they had eaten their food and they have eaten their food and they had been eating their food and they had been eating their food and they had been eating their food since they had had their mental illness had their mental illness have and has been in the end of their eating has been inflict. He is stronger than a bison and runs faster than a wild boar. I can’t catch him no matter what. Could you please help me catch him and send him to a psychiatric hospital, okay?”


But Tianyuan and the driver are so caring people. Seeing Huatianji begging so hard, is there any reason not to help? So of course I just rushed to patter~. Leave me alone in the car.

Woo~, depressed~! I want to go too! But it’s useless if I go, maybe it will hinder Tian Yuan and the driver uncle! Don’t go, don’t go! But staying in the car is really boring! Hehe~~, let’s go around here, at least you can sit less and avoid growing into a big butt~, ha ha ha.

I was going to the car door when I thought about it, but I didn’t expect…

“Wow~, is there any mistake~? Why can’t the door open?” I grabbed the doorknob and turned left and right, pushing and pulling back. That damn door was like trying to follow me on purpose. I don’t move as though I’m struggling~. Huhuhu~, I’m so angry.

“Wait~!!” I suddenly slapped my head and reacted. Dizzy~, Chi Xiaoyang, you are such an idiot. If the car door cannot be opened, it must be locked from the outside, yes, it is really locked from the outside~. When did it happen? I don’t know it at all. Um~, it must have been done before the driver’s uncle and Tian Yuan left.

But, it’s a bit strange~, why does the driver uncle want to do this? Is it because you see that I have ADHD and worry that I am running around and get lost and they can’t find me when they come back? Or is it a professional habit-I used to lock the door before leaving the car to prevent thieves, but neglected that there was still a person inside?

Oops~, Chi Xiaoyang, why do you think so much? Anyway, the uncle driver who is so kind and kind like my grandpa must not be a bad guy~, he may have accidentally locked the door of the car. I was locked in the car and won’t die. Tian Yuan and the uncle driver will soon Will be back~, ha ha ha.

But~…but why do I suddenly feel so cold~? It’s a chill that rises from the top of the head, and quickly fills the whole body~~…

And there is… I always feel that there are malicious eyes staring at me in the dark…

The two assassinations that took place on Valentine’s Day suddenly flashed in my mind, the pale snow, the red blood, in order to save my son Taihe Tianyuan who almost died…

Damn~, no~…it won’t be the third assassination again, right? Besides, and this time I will finally be doomed? Oh my god~, don’t~, don’t…

Bah, baah, you don’t need your size, it’s just-it won’t! There will be no third assassination! Today is not Valentine’s Day, it is still early to Valentine’s Day~, and Tianyuan is not far from me, I can feel his! As long as he is there, I will be fine! Well, nothing will happen! !

Sleep, sleep, stop thinking about it! It happened that I didn’t sleep last night, and I’m really sleepy now.

But it didn’t take long for my eyes to close, but when I was about to hold hands with Zhou Gong, a familiar sound from far and near suddenly popped into my ears, and this sound now looks extremely like the sound of killing a pig, that extremely looks like The anxious voice of the killing pig yelled at me:

“Xiaoyang! Xiaoyang!! Run!”

Uh~? Run? ? Why are you running? Is the car I am in about to explode? Cut ~, this is not making a gangster movie, how can there be so many explosions! You interrupted my sleep so I would be so angry that it would explode! Humph~!

Ignore him! Ignore him! ! Sleeping, snoring and snoring~…

“Tuk tuk~!!! Xiaoyang!! Happiness~!!! Xiaoyang!” Damn~, what an annoying voice~, now it’s actually a “tuk tuk” and a “happiness” tapping the car window glass. Also dragged the door. Whatever you do~, crazy! Sleep, sleep, snoring and snoring~~, snoring and snoring~…

“Wow, damn door, why can’t it be opened? Wow, Xiao Yang, I will not let you die! I will not let you die!”

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, wow…” Oh my god~, it’s so noisy~, what the hell is that sound? It’s a first-class noise, and it seems to be right next to my ears~. Wow~~, no, I want to sue, sue this nasty noisemaker! !

I couldn’t bear to open my sleepy eyes…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Because of~, because of~~…

Because I don’t know which ghost hole Yang Xu came out of, was dragging me out of the car window that had broken a huge hole~. Wait~, how come that window of the car that was intact just before I went to bed now has a ghost hole bigger than a washbasin?

“Ahhhhh~~, Yang Xu! You did a good thing, right? You smashed the window glass of the driver’s uncle! Just now, what was the first level of’bang, bang, bang, bang, wow…” The noise is the sound of you smashing the window glass, right? Wow, yeah—why are you doing this? You are sick, you…”

“Bang tom——!!!”

Before I finished speaking, I became a wooden chicken.

Oh my God~, how could I think of it, how could I think of the PP taxi that I just stayed in and slept in just now, after the devilish loud noise, “Bang Boom——!!!” Pile of horrible scraps~!

But the devil-like loud “bang bang——!!!” was not made by the devil, but a super-large reinforced concrete slab that was more evil than the devil. It did not know how many meters high it was flying from the construction building. “The one who came down, “flyed” heavily, and sat down on the PP taxi of the driver’s uncle without embarrassment, which directly led to the tragic death of the poor taxi…

Ugh, poor taxi, really pitiful, pitiful, what should the driver uncle do now? He must cry to death!

Phoo~, it’s so risky~, if I stay in that taxi now, then I will definitely become a meatloaf!

Ah~, it turns out that Yang Xu was saving me just now! He must have seen that super-large reinforced concrete board “flying” in the air a long time ago. He expected it would sit on the PP taxi of the driver’s uncle, so he ran over and tried to get me out. taxi.

“Woo~~, Yang Xu, I’m sorry, I blamed you. I was really damned just now. Not only did I bother you disturbing my sleep, but also said that you were’ill’, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

But it’s weird~, why is there no response? Where’s Yang Xu? Obviously, I just took me out of the car window and hugged me and rolled on the ground (Yang Xu’s intention to hug me and roll on the ground should be to escape the taxi as far as possible at the fastest speed), why blinked an eye Time is gone?

“Ah~! Yang Xu, what’s wrong with you Yang Xu~?” When my eyes finally searched for him, I couldn’t help but screamed. I can’t help screaming, because, because Yang Xu actually fell motionless beside a street lamp post, his forehead was gurgling with blood, a lot of blood, I have never seen so much blood… …

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, he must have been too eager or inertia to roll on the ground when he rescued me just now, so he accidentally hit his head on the street lamp post Bumped his head and fainted.

Oh my god, he won’t die, will he? Seeing him like this, it seems to be no different from a dead person~, it seems that even the heartbeat is gone. Pooh, Pooh, Chi Xiaoyang, you crow’s mouth, go to death, actually cursing such a lovely, so cute and stunned sunshine angel to die! Hmm, he won’t die, he must be fine, he must be fine…

But why am I so panic~, the huge panic and heartache that came suddenly made me unable to breathe~~…

I cried and rushed over, hugging him and shaking vigorously: “Yang Xu, wake up, wake up! You can’t die, you can’t die!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

“Xian’er…” Maybe it was my ghost crying wolf howling that annoyed the sky. He finally woke up Yang Xu, but why did these two words come out faintly from his mouth? His favorite and only person is always the girlfriend Xian’er who has already lived in heaven, right?

But the person printed in his pupils is obviously me, and I clearly saw my crying panic face in his beautiful eyes so clearly and so clearly, so clearly and so deeply…

He…Does he treat me as a fairy again?

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, are you okay? You have to hold on, I will find someone to take you to the hospital right away……”

“…Hehe, I’m finally going to see you… We… finally can be together again…” Oh my God~, what did Yang Xu say~? Why am I a little bit confused? Did you tell Xian’er?

what–! ! Wait~! ! What “I’m going to see you finally” “We can finally be together again”, what he meant~… Did he mean that he was going to reunite with Xian’er in heaven?

“No–! Don’t–! Yang Xu, Yang Xu, you can’t die! I don’t allow you to die! You don’t allow you to die!!” But he didn’t listen to me~, he didn’t listen to me, now Yang Xu It was no longer the same Yang Xu as before, so he didn’t listen to me. His extremely beautiful pupils slowly darkened~, darkened~~, darkened~…


With a “slap”, I closed it, closed my eyelids, as if closing a living door…

My heart also fell into the endless dark hell with a “pop”. “Yang Xu”

I can’t help but scream hysterically, I can’t help crying with grief, I can’t help the pain of splitting liver and gallbladder, I can’t help——

It’s pitch black in front of you~~…

I~… fainted? Because… Yang Xu?

But, Yang Xu, I really don’t want you to leave. I really don’t want to.

Don’t leave me, please, Yang Xu…


(5) Happy tailless snake

“Don’t leave me, please, Yang Xu…” I caught a hand and opened my eyes crying.

I thought it was Yang Xu’s hand, but I was wrong. It was Tian Yuan’s hand. My angel boyfriend Tian Yuan’s perfect handsome face was still blooming with his always fascinating and reckless angel smile, but I clearly obeyed his He read the worry and sorrow that he tried his best to hide.

“Xiao Yang, great, you finally woke up. Huh~, fortunately, you were fine, but you passed out because of excessive stimulation. You just kept calling Yang Xu’s name in a coma…”

Huh~? ? I kept calling Yang Xu’s name in a coma just now? ? No way? ? Oh my God~~, Chi Xiaoyang, you really damn it, how can you call other boys’ names except Tian Yuan in a coma~? And it happened to be heard by the prospective boyfriend Tian Yuan! Woo~, he must be so sad! Of course I can’t make him sad, so I have to explain to him quickly:

“I’m sorry, Tian Yuan, but I am because of…”

“I know.” He interrupted me with a tolerant smile, “I know you are too worried about Yang Xu, and I am also very worried about him. I am really a very righteous friend who can risk my life to save you. I am very Thank him, your savior is equivalent to my savior!”

“Wow-wow-” Hearing him say this, I suddenly couldn’t stop crying, “Yang Xu… Yang Xu, he is dead… Wow wow wow…”

“Ah~? Dead? Who said that?” Tian Yuan was surprised with a dumbfounding expression on his face.

“Woo~… I said. He is… dead. I closed his eyes when I saw his eyes pop. He said he went to heaven to reunite with his former girlfriend Xian’er. , Woo woo …” I couldn’t help crying, trembling desperately all over.

“Xiao Yang.” Tian Yuan hugged me into his arms with great distress, “Silly girl, Yang Xu is not dead, he just passed a coma after a violent blow to the head and lost blood. He just woke up and recuperated for a while. Okay. Believe it or not, you can visit him in person now~, he lives in the ward next to you now.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Damn, jumped to the ground excitedly.

“Um~, really, it’s true!!” Tian Yuan helped me gently wipe the tears on my cheeks while smiling and nodding.

“Wow, that’s great, great!!” I leaped ecstatically on the ground, “I’m going to see him now! I’m going to see him now!!”

I said that I was about to rush to Yang Xu’s ward, but Tian Yuan picked it up and put it in the ill.

“You~, you…what are you going to do~~?” My face turned flushed and stammered.

“Hehe, Xiao Yang, what do you think~? What do you think I am doing~?” Tian Yuan suddenly gave me an unexpected naughty smile. I couldn’t help being stunned for a while, because Tian Yuan’s naughty smile was so cute, it was even cuter than the smile of the lovely fairy Yang Xu~ I didn’t expect that my gentle angel would have such a lovely side, haha .

“I, I… how do I know what you are going to do…” Oh my god, he wouldn’t want to… this~, this is in the ward… if someone else sees it…

“Hehe, look at your blushing like this. Don’t be nervous, I just want to…” Tian Yuan said, suddenly approaching me, and I yelled in fright, covering my face and closing my eyes.

“Xiao Yang, what’s the matter with you? Why are you so scared? I just want to take the towel next to you.”


“Hehe, yeah~. Otherwise, what do you think I am doing?” Tian Yuan’s smile was as bright as moonlight.

“No~…no, I didn’t think what you were doing~, I really didn’t think what you were doing…” I hurriedly waved my hand and said. Dizzy~, Chi Xiaoyang, you are really not ashamed, how can there be so many thoughts of other colors in your mind? What a shame, I am ashamed and lost home!

But what is Tianyuan going to do? I’m going to see Yang Xu. He is holding a towel and holding me in the hospital? What are you doing~ What are you doing? I looked at him with a confused look.

Tian Yuan squatted down gracefully with a smile, grabbed my ankle with one hand, and started to wipe my dirty feet with a towel with the other hand! Ah~, it turns out that he was going to help me clean the dirty feet that I had just stepped on the ground with a towel! I couldn’t help but blush and my heart beat, and hurriedly struggled to grab the towel from his hand:

“Don’t don’t, let me do it myself, I do it myself…”

“Hey, sit down and don’t move.” Tian Yuan flashed past my snatch dexterously, and said softly. Ah, yeah~, no way, Tianyuan’s sound like a celestial voice is really lethal, especially coupled with the enchanting smile, I really can’t refuse, so I have to obediently surrender-let him At the mercy of me~, huh (blushing…).

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~h As if poured all his enthusiasm, all true feelings and all love in it…

Especially his movements are so handsome and elegant, tsk tsk~, it’s absolutely fascinating! Oh yeah~~, there is no way, who told my Tianyuan to look so handsome~, handsome is handsome in everything~, hehe, look at me, I’m a idiot again.

“Akira, Akira.”

“…Ah?! What’s the matter?” Tian Yuan called me several times before I walked out of the idiot state.

“Hehe, Xiao Yang, why do you keep looking at me in a daze~? The shoes have been put on for you. You can go to see Yang Xu now.”

“Oh…” I blushed and lowered my head and squeaked. Khan~, I was really embarrassed just now, staring at Tian Yuan and getting a nympho, he was discovered by him.

“Xiao Yang, do you want me to hug you?” Seeing that I didn’t mean to leave, Tian Yuan asked me with concern.

“Ah~? Hold me over? Of course not! Tianyuan, don’t you want to spoil me like this, okay? If you keep being so spoiled by you, sooner or later I will degenerate into a tailless snake.”

“What~? Degenerate into a tailless snake?” A black line sprang up on Tian Yuan’s face.

“It’s because you are pampering me~, you don’t let me do anything, don’t let me do anything, and don’t let me move my feet. My hands and feet are always useless without labor, and they will feel that they are useless. If it is a waste, I will get angry, frustrated, and retreat into my stomach to hibernate forever. In this way, my two hands and two feet will definitely be gone~, only my head and body are left outside. In addition, I am a human being without a tail. What do you think this is not like a tailless snake?”

“Hehe~.” Tian Yuan was amused by me, showing a mouthful of jade-white teeth, “rest assured, I will never let my little princess become a tailless snake! Even if I accidentally become a snake, it doesn’t matter. , I have become a tailless snake to accompany you.”

“What, I don’t want to become a tailed snake~, I don’t want to die! So, Shengtianyuan, I now have a red card to warn you, don’t spoil me like this anymore, I want to—’do it yourself, Feng Yi Foot…Ah~!!!” Before the word “Shi” was spoken, I couldn’t help but screamed out loudly, because Tian Yuan suddenly stopped and picked me up easily, just holding me tightly and standing in the ward. I whispered in a melancholy tone in my ear:

“Xiaoyang, do you know? Actually, I really want you to become a tailless snake, and then I immediately become a tailless snake to accompany you, so that we are no longer humans, we both have a world alone, There will only be the two of us in that world, and no one will bother us anymore. We can live peacefully and happily together forever…”

What~? Why did Tianyuan suddenly say these inexplicable things? Could it be~… Did he notice that I was still thinking of Zitai in my heart? Is he still worried that Zitai will continue to disrupt our lives? Or did he think I was also interesting to Yang Xu? Because I thought that Yang Xu was dead when the reinforced concrete board fell accidentally, and I was in a coma with heartache, and I kept calling Yang Xu’s name in the coma? Dizzy~…

“Fun Xiaoyang, don’t worry, I’m not worried that being a human rival is too much to deal with, but I’m worried-assassination?”

“Ah? Assassination?” I opened my eyes in shock, and suddenly mentioned these two terrifying words at such a romantic and tender moment, especially since I have unfortunately been assassinated twice.

“That’s right.” Tianyuan’s expression at the moment was as serious as a detective. “According to my speculation and analysis, this reinforced concrete board crash is definitely not an accident, but an assassination planned and forged, and the target of the assassination is you. !”


“Yes! It’s the third assassination!” Tian Yuan said with certainty.

After that, he paused and then continued: “Xiao Yang, do you remember that uncle driver who looks very kind and kind?”

“Remember. It feels a bit like my grandpa~, I like him so much. Oh~, he is so pitiful~~, the baby car was smashed by that damn reinforced concrete board. It must be sad now, right? We are Do you want to help him?”

“Help him?” Tian Yuan was surprised, “Xiao Yang, let’s help yourself first.”

“Ah~? Why?”

“Because that driver is one of the accomplices!”

“Impossible~~? He looks so nice. If he is a little older, I want to recognize him as a grandfather~, let alone a victim~, if he is an accomplice, then Wouldn’t you be so stupid to take your own car to bury you? So ah~, Tian Yuan, don’t talk nonsense until you figure out the situation~”

“Hehe, I wish I was talking nonsense.” Tian Yuan gave a meaningful smile, “Anyway, Xiao Yang, our trip to Paris must be postponed.”

“Of course. Because Yang Xu was injured for me, he is my savior~, I must take good care of him until he recovers and is discharged. Before that, I absolutely can’t leave him to Paris! “Hey~, it’s so strange, I actually seem to hear excitement from my own voice~, and there is an inexplicable secret joy in my heart. Halo, Chi Xiaoyang, why are you like this? Don’t you want to go to Paris at all?

Phoo~, fortunately, Tian Yuan didn’t seem to notice this thought of me, but just nodded quietly and said:

“Um~~, I think so too.”

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