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Chapter 1 214 Liren’s Day

  1. OMG~~~~, another assassination

He smiled quietly and looked at me, looked at me, and then said to me infinitely tender and affectionate:

“Xiao Yang, I’m back.”

Sound like a dream, so unreal…

It whizzed and turned into a sizzling current flowing around the ears, and the blood in the whole body burst out~, my world trembled in an instant~

Tianyuan’s clear smile like snowflakes was sometimes clear and sometimes fuzzy in front of my eyes. I tried to hold the corner of my mouth to respond to him with a joyful smile, but~, tears flooded his face unscrupulously~~~~

“Hehe~, Tianyuan, welcome back!” I wanted to say something to Tianyuan with a bright smile, but the voice burst out of my throat, but it turned into a sentence that I didn’t expect:

“Why… why come back? Why come back now???”

Forgive me, Tian Yuan! I really laughed happily~, how can I lose to you when you smile so softly and so warmly~?!

But~, but why…I still can’t let go of your missed appointment a year ago~??

How do you make me believe that you, who never lied or lied, and who never let me down, released my pigeons like never before, and it lasted a whole year??!!

“I…” Tianyuan was just about to explain to me, as if he suddenly discovered something, he hurriedly threw me to the ground.

“Ah~, what’s wrong~, Tianyuan? What happened?”

I was caught off guard by his super abnormal behavior. For a while, I forgot to cry, and the question marks above my head began to splatter, and the fawn banged violently as he got close.

“Tianyuan, get up quickly! Get up quickly from me!! The two’big men’ hugging and lying on the street look like they are lying on the street, it will make people misunderstand it is abnormal…


“Tengen, Tengen!”


“Tengen! Tengen !! 圣 TENGEN ~ !!!”


“What’s wrong with you, Tianyuan~? Why didn’t you respond~? Why didn’t you speak~?” A trace of bad premonition rushed to the top of his head.

“…Uh~…Xiaoyang, I’m sorry, because I was so excited to see you, did I… scare you?” He finally spoke, getting up from me a little hard.

“Yeah~, it scared me!” I got up from the ground neatly, “Look, my face was so scared that my face was white as printing paper!! No, I have to rub some blood out quickly, or else it will take a while When a passerby saw it, he must have thought it was a hell of a ghost.”

As I spoke, I rubbed my cheeks with my hands desperately. Actually, I don’t need to rub a little blood~, after that moment, my face has already bloomed with a lot of red flowers~, now I want to use Bingbing’s palm to cool down my unsatisfied face.

“Hehe, isn’t it? I’m sorry!”

Tian Yuan didn’t seem to notice my blush at all~, his brows were slightly furrowed, and there was a layer of fine sweat on his forehead.

“Tianyuan, are you hurt by a fall?”

He looks a bit wrong~, is it because I was stunned by my bones when he fell on me just now?? Oh my God~, I didn’t lose weight like this??

“Hehe, Xiao Yang, I’m fine…”

What’s okay? Obviously he is struggling~! Look at his pale face like window paper and the sweat on his forehead that swells up to the size of soybeans!!!

“Tianyuan, don’t think that you can fool me with Chi Xiaoyang’s fire-eyed gold spirit~~, your current appearance, it must be impossible to be’okay’!! Let me see, where did you fall??”

I reached out to pull his arm, but he gently pushed me away:

“Hehe, Xiaoyang, I’m really fine…”

“You…really really okay??”

“En~~, I’m really fine!!”

“You…really didn’t lie to me??”

“Hehe, Xiao Yang, I didn’t lie to you, how could I lie to you…”

“Why don’t you lie to me~?!!”

Suddenly I raised my voice, almost roaring at Tian Yuan and shouting this sentence, and then, the tears that had been stopped for a while, rushed out of my eyes again~

“You obviously lied to me~~!! You lied to me so hard!! You said you would be back last Valentine’s Day, but you didn’t!! You only came back now!! What have you been doing this year? Go?? Why did you come back until now?? Don’t tell me your head is dizzy and forget about the time-thinking that the last Valentine’s Day was the ninth year and this year was only the tenth year! Humph~!”

Tianyuan stared at me in a daze, and I stared at him, the snowflakes silently stopped on our shoulders…

I don’t know how long it took to come here, Tian Yuan finally spoke again:

“Xiaoyang, I’m sorry, the reason why I came back one year late is because…

“I’m the invincible little ninja, yelling yelling~…”

Oops, this damn cell phone ringtone is really annoying, when does it not ring well, but this time~~? !

“Hello~.” I pressed the call button badly, and heard the other party’s voice sound like a shuttle gun:

“Hello~, Xiaoyuan, Assistant Xiaoyuan, I am the driver of Young Master Zitai. Have you bought flowers for Young Master Zitai and haven’t finished? Can you hurry up? Time is running out, we have to hurry up to pick up Zitai The young master is discharged from the hospital~ the old lady confessed that we must take the young master back to eat Chinese food.”

Uh~~~ Master Jiezi is discharged? ! !

OH, MYGOD~! ! Had it not been for this call, I would have almost forgotten this matter to Java! !

I glanced at Tian Yuan next to me, and hurriedly followed the driver to haha:

“Oh! I know, I know~. But… Hehe, Mr. Driver, I have something temporarily here, and I can’t leave for a while. Look… Can you rush to the hospital to meet the young master first, I We’ll arrive after the matter is processed, okay?”

“Uh… okay. Then you have to hurry up~, you must hurry up! Take a taxi, take the taxi faster, don’t be so distressed about the money, just keep the invoice, and give it to the young master at that time The reimbursement is enough. I am afraid that the young master will be upset if he waits for a long time, you know his character…”

“I know that I know how to pull it! I’m hanging up, BYEBYE~.” Huhu, the driver’s uncle is really annoying and haunting.

“Xiao Yang, since you have something to do now, please do it quickly, I can come to your house and wait for you first.” Tian Yuan said to me with his everlasting gentle smile.

Tsk tut~ It’s so cool~~~~! ! ! ! Except… the face is a little too pale…”

“But, Tianyuan, you seem to be really uncomfortable~ I’d better take you to the hospital for an examination first.”

“It’s okay, Xiao Yang, I just caught a cold on the plane and my head was a little dizzy. You don’t have to worry about me too much. Also, if I am really uncomfortable, I can go to the hospital by myself~”

“Oh~~, in that case, let me go first~ you go to my house and wait for me now, I will finish the matter back soon. The key is under the mat in front of the door, you can open the door yourself; catch a cold The medicine is in the desk drawer, you must not forget to eat short! Also, you are not allowed to be aggressive. If the medicine is useless, you must see a doctor…”

Phoo~, it seems that my life assistant has committed an occupational disease again, and when he talks about life precautions, he spits endlessly. If the target is Zitai, 80% of the left ear goes in and the right ear goes out, but Tian Yuan listens very seriously~ He smiled and nodded while listening:

“Yunenen~~~, I remember everything, Xiaoyang, go quickly.”

“Okay, then I’m leaving~~, BYEBYE! After I finished speaking, I turned around and stepped forward with a patter.

But~…but before I took a few steps, Jiu suddenly heard a muffled sound from behind, and my heart almost didn’t jump out~.

The footsteps stopped involuntarily, and the inexplicable huge panic filled my chest so that I couldn’t breathe~~~…

  1. I am so happy

Behind you~…what happened? Just now…that muffled sound…what’s going on~?

I could have turned my head gossiping as usual to see what happened, but this time…

Why, why do I suddenly become so timid~~?

Why am I suddenly so scared to turn around~~?

Why am I suddenly so scared to know that muffled sound is coming~~?

I stood where I was trembling like leaves in the wind, my teeth trembled up and down~, but I still couldn’t find the courage to look back…

“Ah~-is that person dead? Why did he fall suddenly?! 1

“Oh my god my god, his back was bleeding a lot~!! It’s so scary~, dark red blood~, it’s the first time I saw so much blood, it scared people to death. !1

“Wow! Look, you see, there is a hole in his back~. It seems to be a bullet hole, he must have been shot! He must have been shot! 1

“Murder~! Murder!!! It must be murder~!!! Call the police…”

In the early morning Tianyu Street, which was empty just now, not long after the muffled sound of “pumping” behind me, a large number of people poured out like magic, and they gathered behind me, chattering and discussing this way. The content made me almost fainted.

I finally turned around trembling, tears rushed out immediately, and the most painful and sad sea of ​​tears flooded out~~~~……

“Tian Yuan! Tian Yuan! 1 I cried bitterly and threw at the man lying on the snow.

Oh my god~~~, how could this be? How could this be? ? Didn’t he say it was just a little cold? ? ?

He lied to me! He is lying to me again! !

It seemed that all of a sudden, I understood everything:

He threw me to the ground suddenly and hastily just now, not because of excitement, but suddenly found that someone shot me with a silent gun in the dark, he wanted to protect me, let me avoid the shot, but unfortunately He was shot in the back, so he turned pale and sweated, but in order not to worry me, he endured the great pain and pretended to be okay…

Tianyuan, why are you doing this, Tianyuan, don’t you know it’s dangerous to do this?

Why do you keep telling me that you are injured, and keep saying that you are okay? ?

Why do you know that you may not be able to support the fall at any time, and you still smile and say those things that make me relieved, and lie to me to leave? ?

why? ? Tianyuan! ! Open your eyes! You answer me~! !

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu have not seen each other in eleven years, today is the first time we have met in over eleven! My eyes are lying motionless on the ground~???”

“Woo…Are you leaving me again? Just meet in a hurry, do we have to separate again? Tianyuan, I don’t want it!! I don’t want you to leave me like this~! 1 of mine Large drops of tears rolled down his face and hit Tian Yuan’s pale side face without a trace of blood.

Tianyuan, I’m sorry… I should have discovered that you were hurt so badly earlier, but I didn’t… I don’t deserve you to treat me like this! Not worth it~! !

Tianyuan, do you know? When Zitai’s driver called just now, I was anxious to leave you because I was worried that Zitai would be waiting…

You think of me everywhere, but I secretly think of others in my heart, even in the year when you missed the appointment, I fell in love with other boys, am I being so bothered… Why did you save me when I was so careless? What~? ?

Tianyuan, you are still as kind as before, always protecting me like an angel, but I have changed, I have changed…

I just cried and blamed myself. With the help of passers-by, I sent Tian Yuan to a nearby emergency center…

Huh~, fortunately, Tianyuan was shot with his back against his left shoulder. It didn’t hurt the vitals. It was just that he was in a coma due to excessive blood loss, and he was out of danger after he was operated on in the hospital.

Seeing Tian Yuan’s sleeping peaceful face, I took a long sigh of relief and began to calmly recall the whole thing.

Damn~, who actually shot that shot? ? ? Using a silent gun is undoubtedly an assassination! ! Just like the one on Valentine’s Day last year, except that the technique is more subtle and the methods are more advanced!

Moreover, what is even more frightening is that he actually discovered that Chi Xiaoyuan was me who pretended to be a man—Chi Xiaoyang~!

These two assassinations were definitely premeditated. The murderer should be the same person. Last time because Zi saved me too much, he did not succeed in the assassination. This time I was rescued by Tian Yuan again and caused him to miss twice. He will definitely not be reconciled. Right. Maybe he is hiding in some dark corner now planning his third assassination operation~!

Thinking of this, the hairs all over my body couldn’t help shaking~.

But for one thing, I turned upside down and turned my head around ninety-nine eighty-one times, but I couldn’t figure out why the murderer assassinated me~? Is it really related to my biological parents? ?

Hmph, no matter what his purpose is, I, Chi Xiaoyang, won’t be afraid~! ! ! Rather than panic all day long, I might as well live a happy life every day and piss off that nasty murderer! ! ! Hahaha…

“Are you a family member of the wounded?” I was sitting in the ward thinking wildly, Tianyuan’s attending doctor pushed the door and approached, and I hurried to greet me.

“When we examined the wounded just now, we found that he had suffered a very serious injury before this gunshot wound, and he has not healed yet. So this time it is a new injury plus an old injury. It will take a long time. To recover completely…”

“What? Doctor,” I stared in surprise, and grabbed the doctor’s hand nervously. “You just said he had suffered

Very serious injury~~? ? “

I suddenly had a very strong hunch that Tian Yuan’s injury was probably directly related to his failure to come back for the appointment last Valentine’s Day.

“Yes, the injured person’s respiratory system and brain nervous system have been severely damaged. The preliminary judgment may be caused by severe carbon monoxide poisoning. Although after a long period of treatment and conditioning, his body is no longer in serious trouble. It’s just that this time he was injured again, which had an impact on his previous rehabilitation treatment, so…”

The doctor explained to me patiently, and after some routine examinations for Tian Yuan, he went out.

Gently closing the glass door of the ward, I returned to Tian Yuan’s bed and carefully arranged the quilt for him.

“Tianyuan, why didn’t you tell me if you were injured~? You didn’t come back for the appointment last year, it must be for this reason… If it wasn’t for an accident, you would definitely not miss the appointment, right?

The effect of the anesthetic has not yet passed, Tian Yuan is still asleep, his long eyelashes are slightly closed, as if a faint smile of relief is floating.

The PP silk red pendant on his neck exudes a soft rosy light under the shower of light…

The handshake movement stopped involuntarily, and the line of sight was firmly nailed to the red pendant belt hidden under the neckline of the hospital gown…

There seems to be a little stuff falling there~. The colorful ones seem to be quite dazzling, what the hell is it? I leaned forward curiously…

Oh my god~ this is… it’s the magic color you ring! !

It was the vow ring that I exchanged with Tianyuan when I was six years old, and agreed to wear each other when we meet again ten years later~! ! !

“Xiao Yang, can you wear it on your neck now? Because the temperature on your neck represents the longing and liking every minute and every second of 365 days a year. After ten years, we will grow up. , And then put each other’s fingers on each other, at that time, it will never be separated in the true sense. 1

Whenever it is wrong, that’s what Hou Tianyuan said at that time.

It turns out that he really hasn’t forgotten, and he has always abided by our agreement! !

Woo~ I’m so happy! ! Moved! !

I stared at the enzyme ring excitedly, and smiled silly as I watched it…

But, smiling and laughing, I was suddenly stunned–

Huh~? Why does this ring seem to be deformed? ?

In order to prove that I am not dim-eyed, I simply reached out and pulled the ring out, and put it on the palm of my hand to examine it carefully…


Suddenly, my hand was grabbed by the other hand.

To be precise, my hand holding the ring, together with the ring in the palm of my hand, was held tightly by the palm that stretched out of thin air.

  1. The truth about the missed appointment

“…Ring…don’t touch…” The vague voice made my heart “pounding” violently.

It took a long time for me to calm my heartbeat and reflect that it was Tian Yuan’s hand.

“Heaven… Tianyuan… Are you awake~??”

no answer.

“Tian Yuan… Tian Yuan… Did I wake you up?” I shook his hand gently.

Still no response.

Phew~ So he hasn’t waken up yet~! So why did you make such a big move suddenly? Scared me to death~~! !

However, his action is not like sleepwalking~, it’s like some kind of conditioned reflex…

He didn’t want others to touch this ring casually, so he would instinctively prevent others from touching this ring even when he fell asleep…

Is it because this is the ring I gave him, because it represents me, so he doesn’t want others to touch it? ?

I gently opened Tianyuan’s hand and put the ring back carefully, but I couldn’t move my eyes away from it…

This time, I really saw it clearly. The ring has indeed changed its shape. Although it looked a bit crooked before, it is definitely not the way it is now! !

The way it looks now, it looks like… it has been roasted by fire…

Fire roast…Carbon monoxide poisoning…

I don’t know why, my brain quickly connected these two words together…

Could it be~…

“Ling Ling Ling–” A cell phone ringing broke the silence in the room and also interrupted my chaotic thoughts.

The phone on Tianyuan’s pillow is ringing!

I glanced at him while he was sleeping, and grabbed the phone.


“Hello~, hello… please let Tian Yuan answer the phone.”

There was a nice girl’s voice on the other end of the phone, probably because she didn’t expect that the person who answered the phone was not the deity, she hesitated a bit.

“Tian Yuan can’t answer the phone right now. May I ask if you have anything to do with him? I can convey it to him for you.”

“Uh…Excuse me, are you…”

“Oh~~, I’m Chi Xiangyang.”

Suddenly there was no sound on the other end of the phone, and I hurriedly repeated “Hey Hey Hey” a few times before hearing the words over there again:

“Oh~, haha, so you are Tianyuan’s girlfriend Xiaoyang, I am glad to meet you! I often hear Tianyuan mention you, he said that you are the kindest, most beautiful and cutest girl in the world~1

“Oh~~, by the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Tian Yuan’s classmate in France. My name is Shirley. Tian Yuan suddenly left the nursing home these days. We are all worried about him. Now we know that he has returned to China. Sigh, is he okay now?”

“Uh…” I subconsciously squeezed the phone, “Tian Yuan is… not very well right now, he was injured a little and went to the hospital…”

“What~? You said Tianyuan was injured? 1 The voice on the other end became obviously tense, “How did he get injured? ? “

“Don’t worry, his injury is not serious…”

“How could it not be serious~!! Tianyuan has been doing rehabilitation since the last fire~~~, it was hard to recover and it was almost the same as before. How could he be injured again!?”

“Shirley, you just talked about fire…” I suddenly became alert, “You said Tianyuan had ever experienced a fire?”

“Yes, it was about this time last year. There was a fire in Tian Yuan’s apartment. Tian Yuan originally escaped, but he turned back. Then the fire became stronger and Tian Yuan was trapped inside. …”

“By the time the rescuers rescued him, he was fainted by the smoke. Fortunately, he was not burned. The doctor said that he was severely poisoned by carbon monoxide, and he was suspended from school for nearly a year…”

Carbon monoxide poisoning~…Fire~…turned back again~…

These three words kept reverberating in my ears, amplifying the sound that finally turned into a thunderbolt and pressing down on the ground, shaking my heart with throbbing pains~~~.

The original soft light of the red pendant on Tianyuan’s neck became extremely dazzling in my sight…

Then I heard my trembling voice:

“Tian Yuan turned back later, was it to find a ring…”

There was no sound on the other end of the phone again.

“Shirley, tell me that Tian Yuan turned back later, was it to find a ring?! 1

I almost yelled at the phone frame. What kind of bad signal is this~! I swear to change the card after making this call! !

“Shirley! Shirley! 1 The hand holding the phone is already soaked with sweat.

“En… yes.”

Just when I was angry at Tian Yuan’s cell phone and wanted to kill me soon after I fell, I finally heard an affirmative answer on the other end of the phone.

Tears rushed out like a flood that opened the floodgate~~~…

Turns out, I guessed right, it turned out to be like this…

Why did Tian Yuan miss the appointment on Valentine’s Day last year? Why did Tian Yuan come back a full year late? Why did the magic colored mud ring worn on Tian Yuan’s neck show signs of fire…

Isn’t the answer already clear about all of this? !

Chi Xiaoyang, look at how happy you are~! !

Why have you reached this day, now, and now, at this moment, you finally realize this~~? /

In the 11 years since we were apart, Tianyuan has not forgotten you every moment~, even when he dreamed, he guarded the ring that symbolized the vows!

But what about you~? What did you do for him? You blamed him for missing the appointment, you almost forgot about him, you even fell in love with Cheng Zitai…

Chi Xiaoyang, tell yourself that you touched your chest and told yourself that in the face of such a Tianyuan, can you still like Cheng Zitai? Can it~? ? ? ?

Can you still—? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Can’t! ! ! ! Resolutely not! ! ! ! Absolutely not! ! ! ! I can’t die–! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No matter how tempted I am with Zitai, no matter how turbulent and irresistibly my love has spread to him, but after all, after all…

After all, I was wrong~~~~! ! ! !

Yes~~! It’s my fault! It’s my fault! ! I was so wrong! ! !

I completely withdrew from the bottom and shouldn’t like Shangzitai. The pair of Tianyuan who likes me deeply is really a wife, wife… unfair! ! ! !

He and I have had a relationship for more than ten years~, he has given me so much~, he is my first love~, he is so perfect and gentle, perfect and gentle, absolutely surpassing Zitai…

What’s more… Besides, I still don’t know Zitai’s heart at all. I don’t know whose love he puts on him, or it will never put his love on anyone at all…

Hmm~! I made a decision! I decided to resign with Zitai immediately! I decided to forget him! Forever and forever disappear from his life!

I want to cherish Tianyuan and love him forever! !

However, why at the moment of making a decision, I feel my heart smashed into a ball, like a mimosa that has been ruthlessly torn apart, so sad, so painful, so bloody~~~? ? ?

No, no, no, this is not true, this is not true feeling, it must not be~··

Chi Xiaoyang, sober! wide awake! ! wide awake! ! !

You must firmly believe, you must firmly believe—

The reason why you like Cheng Zitai is because of loneliness, just because of the long-term love. It is definitely not true love, definitely not~! !

You like Tian Yuan, and your favorite is Tian Yuan. As long as you have him by your side, as long as you are with him, you will be able to quickly forget Zi Tai~! !

Yes, you can forget it soon! Certainly~! !

Looking again at Tian Yuan who was still sleeping, I opened the door of the ward with a squeak, and rushed to the hospital where Zitai was staying firmly.

  1. I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to see you again

Only when I arrived at the hospital did I know that Zi had been discharged from the hospital with the driver too early. No wonder, it is already afternoon~!

That guy must be very angry, because I said I went to pick him up and didn’t go, oops~~, whether he was angry~, anyway, I’m going to resign with him, and I won’t see him anymore.

“Master~, I…I want to resign~~~…”

When I came to Zitai’s house, I saw Zitai with her back to me in the study.

Khan…Chi Laoyang, how did you pull it~? Are you really so reluctant to leave~?

I obviously saw his slender, slender figure trembling because of my words.

Then, he turned around, but he threw out a sentence that had nothing to do with my resignation: “Who is that boy~??”

His expression and voice are super upset, I know, he is really angry this time.

“Wh… which boy~?”

Scared~… He didn’t make sense to see the scene where Tian Yuan and I met in Tianyu Street, right? He has no clairvoyance!

“Hey~, it’s the one on Tianyu Street~, the super handsome guy who made you fascinated, so fascinated that he forgot his assistant status, unexpectedly absent from work~~! 1

“How did you know~? The driver told you~?”

Damn it, it must be the big tongue driver waiting for me to look for me impatiently, and when he saw the scene of my encounter with Tian Yuan, he reported it to Zi Tai.

Damn~~~! He doesn’t have so many mouths and tongues, the gossip of the cock will die~! !

“Oh~~~? So, you are admitting that you were fascinated by him~? Chi Xiaoyuan, it seems that I didn’t make a mistake at the beginning…” He said as he approached me, a layer of light appeared on his face. A weird smile.

My goose bumps suddenly exploded! , That smile~~…is it really human?

There is a trace of coldness in the naughty, and a little ambiguity in the evil atmosphere, no matter from which angle it is seen, it is braving the breath of threatening danger! !

“You…what do you mean~?” I involuntarily stepped back several steps.

“What do you mean!? Hey~, as the living assistant of my Cheng Zitai, don’t you even understand what I mean~? Tsk tsk tsk, Chi Xiaoyuan, are you too disappointed~??”

“Master, you often change and do not have a fixed number, how can I guess what you want to do! And, if I guess correctly every time, you will definitely get bored.”

“Haha, yes, yes!! As expected of my life assistant, I really understand my preferences~! 1

Dizzy~~, I started playing chameleon again. A second before he said he was disappointed with me, and then he said that I know him. Does he know what he is talking about~? !

“Chi Xiaoyuan, why didn’t you tell me honestly that you are actually GAY when you applied for the job~? If you tell me, I will think you are different and you don’t have to think about it for so long when you hire you~”

After finishing speaking, Cheng Zitai suddenly laughed wildly as if she had lost her mind and laughed, and I burned directly above my head with anger.

“Cheng Zitai, you are crazy, you~, you actually said that I am GAY! Also… still so perverted with a smile!! Huh~, huh, I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you, I am here to resign now ~! Resign!!! I want to resign~——!!! 1

“Hey~, I want to quit my job-also for the boy? What is he good about~~, so you are willing to give up such a cool job and such a high salary?? Hmm~? Chi Xiaoyuan~?? “

Fainted~, it seems that this guy has recognized that I am in love with a fake XX, and I will only explain it more and more darkly, and maybe I will slip my mouth and tell me about my disguise as a man. …

It’s decided, I’m going to shut my mouth tightly, and I won’t say a word even if I’m killed~!

However, it seems that the guy still didn’t plan to let me go~, he was so ambiguous that he put his face in front of my face, and said to me in the frivolous tone of the last time he picked up girls in the COX bar:

“Hey, Xiaoyuan, since you like boys, why don’t you try to be with me~? I don’t believe that the charm of my Cheng Zitai can be no match for the boy you met today~1

Han Hanhan~…This faceless and skinless Cheng Zitai, he really thinks that his charming men and women take it all! !

My Chi Xiaoyang was originally a woman, so what happened to my first love angel in a fair manner? ! ! Actually dare to say that to me, I want to fight back, fight back—

“Shengzitai, stop talking nonsense! How can boys like boys!! I said I am not GAY or GAY, and I am not resigning for any boys…”

But before I finished my generous statement, I was interrupted by a dull and gloomy voice:

“Why can’t boys like boys~?”

Huh~? What~? !

I thought that there was a serious auditory hallucination in my ears, and I quickly raised my eyes to look at the sound source, crackling, and in that moment, my eyes were in line with those of Zitai~~…

Zitai had a rare serious look on her face, and her expression solemnly matched the black and white portraits at the memorial service. There was a serious and persistent light in his eyes that shot straight at me.

Three thick black vertical lines suddenly appeared on my forehead, this kid~, he…he wouldn’t be serious~~~…

“Haha~, hahaha…” Cheng Zi laughed suddenly when he saw that I was at a loss, “Chi Xiaoyuan, you are still as idiot as before~ I haven’t been with this young master for so long. Contaminated with the aura of this young master, a small problem will stump you, which is terrible!

Let this young master tell you, how can boys like boys~? Of course not, absolutely not! ! Therefore, even if you accidentally fall in love with it, you must resolutely resist and struggle desperately, absolutely not allowing yourself to fall into this perverted relationship, no matter how painful or tortured, you must never fall into it! 1

Listening to Cheng Zi’s too hard tone, how do I feel that he seems to be talking about himself~…

So, who is the boy who made him accidentally fall in love~? It won’t be~…I pretend to be Xiaoyuan~~…

Khan~, I won’t, definitely won’t! ! Cheng Zitai just regarded Chi Xiaoyuan as a “special friend”, how could she like it~?

I must be worrying too much~~~……

But how did you explain that time~? It was the time when I came back from the amusement park, why did he suddenly grab me and stop talking, his expression is so abnormal, so deep and so inexplicable…

Not daring to think about it anymore, I deliberately raised my face and said to Cheng Zitai:

“Cheng Zitai, are you making enough trouble? I said I’m here to resign. Give me your salary as soon as possible so I can leave immediately! 1

“What if I don’t give it~?”

“You~…do you dare to give it!! If you don’t pay me, I will remove all the valuable things in your room! 1

“Okay, you go to move~, it’s better to move me out together~1

“You…” Oh my god, this guy’s face is really thick and hopeless.

“Xiaoyuan.” He was silent for a while, then suddenly lowered his expression and approached me and said, I was shocked, and instinctively took a big step back.

“Why~?” I glared at him in response.

“Why did you suddenly resign? Where did I treat you badly?”

His voice suddenly became sad, my heart throbbed, and my tone of voice involuntarily eased:

“No…no…you didn’t treat me badly. Indicator~, just because this job really affects my study…I think a student is still the most important study~, so…”

“Then I don’t want you to work anymore. You are free. You can spend all your time on studying, and I pay my salary, as long as you are nominally my assistant to the son, as long as I can watch it every day. To you! 1

“Master Zi, it’s very strange for you to say that~! I will neither die nor evaporate after I quit, you still have a chance to see me~1

“I’m just afraid that I will never have a chance to see you again…!!! I have a hunch! I have a strong bad hunch! 1 He suddenly yelled at me, his eyes full of dark sadness.

I blast the earthquake wish

He~, did he notice it?

Did he perceive that once I quit and leave here, Chi Xiaoyuan, this person will disappear from the world forever, disappearing like evaporating dewdrops, and there is only one genuine four mistress named Chi Xiaoyang left from then on ……”Oh~ Cheng Zitai, when did you become such a woman? I just quit my job, why are you so reluctant? I am not your wife! 0 I changed my strategy and started laughing with him. Just kidding. “You are my best friend, the only friend, the friend who truly lives in my heart! ! ! You are gone, I will be very lonely…”” But I also said~, I just quit my job, not to… Because~~…

Because Zitai suddenly hugged me: “Don’t resign! Don’t resign, okay? I really don’t want you to resign…”

The childish voice that was almost pleading, not the style of Cheng Zitai at all, but like a blazing fire, together with his hug, began to quickly melt the will in my heart~~~~…

  1. Resignation and break up

I hurriedly pushed him away in a panic, and left a sentence as I ran out:

“I don’t want a salary! I pack my bags and go!”

Although it is heartache to give up my salary, this is definitely Chi Xiaoyang who loves money and I have an unprecedented chic feat, but-really, absolutely absolutely can’t dawdle with him again, otherwise, otherwise I will really withdraw the idea of ​​resigning ““`


How could I think about it, how could I think that he suddenly grabbed me in front of me with lightning, shut the door to death, and I didn’t have time to run out.

“Chi Xiaoyuan, I won’t let you resign!!” He pressed his back against the door and said, “I was the only one who fired others, and no one fired me!!”

“How about I just dared to fire you? Humph~, and said I was your best and only friend~, did you treat a good friend like this?” I was angry.

“Hey, I’m following you~, who told you to be a good example-don’t you regard me as a good friend?”

“Where am I~~~~?”

“Haha, isn’t it? A good friend would lie so much to each other?”

Scared~~~““`Does he know the truth about my disguise as a man? impossible?

“You lied to me that the resignation was because of studying, but it wasn’t at all! Right? I don’t know you guy yet, when can you show such a big enthusiasm for studying~??”

Phoo~, I thought he knew a series of truths about my disguise as a man~~~, almost scared me into a cold sweat~.

“Can’t I make progress in my mind? Humph~ Don’t underestimate people 1

“No matter what, Chi Xiaoyuan, if you don’t give me a satisfactory reason for resignation today, I will never let you go! 1

“Well, this is what you forced me to say! I, resignation, job, true, truth, reason, reason, just, yes-I hate you very much, hate you violently, hate you violently, hate you madly, I don’t want to listen to you anymore, I don’t want to call you anymore!!! Did you hear me clearly?”

“Haha, it’s a bad reason, it’s worse than the one just now! Chi Xiaoyuan, even if you want to make it, you should make a higher grade~, so that it deserves the “Shengzi Tai’s assistant”. What a noble identity~~~!!! Come on, make a new one, maybe this master is happy and satisfied, and he will automatically let you go 1

“Cheng Zitai, you are boring!! Do you have to make trouble until I break your relationship with you?” I really don’t want to dare with him anymore, and slammed him these words coldly.

Unexpectedly, he laughed more vigorously, and clapped clapping.

“Haha~, not bad, you are finally smart! Yes, I just want to break my relationship, but it’s not that you broke my relationship with me, but-I broke my relationship with you! 1

Cut~, really is a super fickle bad guy~, just now, I was so tough to forbid me to resign, but in a blink of an eye he wanted to take the initiative to break up with me.

“So, you have agreed to my resignation and agreed to let me go??”

“Congratulations, I was smart again! However, Chi Xiaoyuan, you have to remember: I fired you, not you! 1

He finished with a sneer, threw a large stack of banknotes in front of me, then opened the door and walked out quickly.

My heart suddenly seemed to be cut back and forth slowly by thousands of sharp knives. It was so painful that I wanted to cry~, I really wanted to cry, I really wanted to think about it~~

However, I will not let myself cry. I hope~, I can use a smile as the end of my relationship with Zitai. In this way, at least it can represent-in the year that I got along with him, happiness was the most common color.

So, I started to laugh desperately~~~~

Laughing desperately, walking out of Zitai’s room, smiling desperately, facing everyone in Zitai’s house, smiling desperately, walking back to his room to pack his luggage, smiling desperately, and finally glanced at Zitai’s back , Desperately smiled desperately to leave Zitai’s house, leave forever~~~~

Farewell, my life assistant works~~~~! ! ! !

Farewell, my woman dressed as a man is Chi Xiaoyuan~~~~! ! ! !

Farewell, I shouldn’t like the son too young master~~~! ! ! !

We meet on Valentine’s Day, we say goodbye to Valentine’s Day, ha ha, what a dramatic 365 days

After leaving from Zitai’s house, I took the bus to drive home directly.

Tian Yuan shouldn’t wake up yet~, I want to go home and put my luggage first, and then go to the hospital to see him.

“Wow!!!! Look at it~!!! The cool, sun-red Ferrari sports car!!! 1

I was sitting by the window of the bus depressed, when someone on the bus suddenly pointed at the window and shouted.

The nerves were agitated suddenly, because I remember that Yang Xu’s car was a good-looking sun-red Ferrari sports car.

Yeah~, yes, I finally remembered Yang Xu, the sunshine boy.

However, the mood is not more sunny as usual, but more depressed~~~~

Because, that guy has never contacted me since he accidentally fell into an ice lake to send me to the hospital to send me a cold and transferred to another hospital, let alone come to see me in person.

And because I was busy taking care of my injured son, I didn’t have time to contact him, let alone see him in the hospital.

Isn’t this guy still recovering? Could it be that his frostbite was really serious, and he didn’t say it just to prevent me from worrying? ?

But, but today is Valentine’s Day anyway~! Yang Xu has no reason not to even call me! This is not his style! Think about the last Valentine’s Day, how many romantic and luxurious gifts he prepared for me ““`

I don’t know how to do it, the more I think about it, the more I feel cold~, I always feel that something bad is about to happen.

“Yangxu~, Yangxu, my dear, today is Valentine’s Day~, don’t you want to say something to me?” A rattling noise floated in from the car window like a chicken don’t choke his neck.

Yang Xu? ! !

I shook violently, and bounced from the backrest. It happened that the red light in front was on. The bus captain sighed and stopped, and I quickly pressed my entire face to the window of the car.

“Well~~, although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that loves you forever~~~~HOHO~, Xiaoyang, do you think this sentence is handsome~ ?”

This sentence, along with the familiar, sunny smiling face, plunged into my brain abruptly, screaming~, my thought circuit suddenly broke a few pieces~~”

This~~What is going on~~?!!

The owner of that voice, the guy sitting on the red Ferrari, waiting for the traffic light to change color, and smiling at another girl like a child, is indeed, absolutely correct, 100% the one I know Jin Yangxu! !

And the phrase “Although I only have a body temperature of 37°C, I am burning a heart of 214°C that loves you forever.” I am really familiar with it. He used to repeat in my ears like a jukebox every day. N +M times! !

However, this time, he didn’t seem to be saying this to me~! Because he didn’t even look at me in this direction, he was talking to the fat girl next to me with her back to me!

Is she Yang Xu’s new girlfriend? The tone of listening to her just now is so pretentious~, like a big greasy fat, I’m afraid it will cause indigestion after listening too much~.

Yang Xu wouldn’t have lost the ability to discern, and would he treat her as me? He seemed to call her “Xiao Yang” just now

Han~, no matter how easy my face looks to be copied, at least the size is still the same as the girl’s table tennis ball, so I can admit the mistake.

Dizzy ““, I have been completely dizzy by this weird scene in front of me ““`

At this time, the bus began to chuckle forward again, and Yang Xu’s red Ferrari, which was parked next to him, swiftly left at the moment the green light was on, and disappeared in a second. .

I fell back to my seat feebly, my God~, what happened today? Is this world crazy? Or is I Chi Xiaoyang crazy? ? No, I must confirm the following——

So, I tried to calm myself down and dialed Yang Xu’s cell phone.

“The number you dialed is empty, please check before dialing. “

No, I must have dialed the wrong number, please dial again~!

“The number you dialed is empty, please check before dialing. “

I hung up the phone in despair.

Oh my god, did Yang Xu change his mobile phone number? when did it happen? Why didn’t he tell me? Did he forget or he doesn’t plan to talk to me anymore?

He said he would come to me as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, but he has not come to me until now. If I happened to see him on the street today, I wouldn’t know that he was cured and discharged!

Ah~, it must be that his phone was lost not long ago, or was stolen by some bad guy, or the phone card was accidentally broken. He hasn’t had time to get a new number, so he hasn’t notified me yet. As for him He didn’t come to me, it must be because he had just been discharged from the hospital and he had not had time to inform me.

Correct! Is such that! It must be so!

However, after I walked off the bus that was as heavy as a big steel worm with my luggage very depressed, what happened next was far beyond my expectation.`~

  1. Ou “, what happened to Yang Xu?

“Wow, woof, ‘‘‘” dragging heavy steps to the door of the house, a silver mink figure suddenly jumped out from the side, yelling excitedly and leaped towards me.

“Caucasus~! ! “I yelled in surprise and hugged it tightly, almost before tears came.

It was only when I discovered that Yang Xu’s sun-red Ferrari was leaning on the gate of my house, looking at me silently with a look I had never seen before.

I suddenly felt cold for no reason. At this moment, Yang Xu was so strange, really strange~.

How did he pull~? ?

“Yang Xu, you brought Caucasus back to see me, right? Are all your frostbite healed? “

I rushed to him and said to him in the cheerful tone as always.

“Huh~, whether my injury is good or not, it seems that I don’t need you to take care of it~! “

Unexpectedly, Yang Xu turned his head and didn’t even look at me, so he popped such a sentence from his mouth.

“Why````````What? ? Yang Xu, we are friends~! You,Why do you say that? ? “

“Who is your friend? I don’t have a friend like you~! ! Liar, you are a big liar, you are a super big liar who can only lie all the time! ! “

Seeing Yang Xu pouting his mouth in anger, the round and cute little pear vortex on his left cheek was flattened into a crescent-shaped crescent shape, constantly exuding resentment, the question marks in my head rushed eagerly. Come out ““““““

“Yang Xu, how on earth are you pulling~? Did something happen during your hospitalization? How did I lie to you? “

Yang Xu didn’t seem to be listening to me at all, but instead asked me an irrelevant question:

“Why are you calling Chi Xiaoyang? ! ! ! “

“Why should I call Chi Xiaoyang? ? ? “Can’t laugh or cry ING~!

“Yes~, what is your bad name, why do you want to call Chi——Xiao——Yang——? ! ! You can call it another name, obviously! ! “

Yang Xu screamed frantically. As if affected by his emotions, Caucasus also barked.

“Yang Xu, it’s weird for you to say that~, why should I be called Chi Xiaoyang? Is this what I can decide? Why do you blame me~? If I could really have the right to name myself~, then I would definitely not call this terrible name! ! “

“Wow~! I don’t allow you to speak ill of this name~! “

Faint~~~~, did Yang Xu freeze his head last time? Why is it so contradictory to talk now? Talking to him is exhausting me~! ! Huhuhu~!

“This is my own name~, why can’t I say it? “

“Because ``Because''Anyway, it is not allowed! Just forbid! ! “

He rubbed his hair anxiously, then yelled at the Caucasian who didn’t know why he looked so excited:

“You big benign dog who gets in the way, all day long knows how to scream, screaming, stupidly~, go away! ! “

“Hey~, Yang Xu, where did the Caucasus provoke you~, do you want to treat it like this? No matter how unreasonable you make trouble, I will really be angry! “

Really, it would be fine if you want to lose your temper and rush to me directly~, why use my baby dog ​​to get angry~, it didn’t offend you! !

However, having said that, I didn’t offend him either~, how come he sees me now as if he saw his father and enemy? ! !

You must know that before that time, he was still turning around me like a buzzing bee all day long, pestering me more troublesomely than a child, wanting to say that to my left ear. Although only a body temperature of 37℃, it burns a heart of 214℃ that loves you forever”~! !

“Cut it all~, I hate dogs the most, especially this one you raised! ! Raise it yourself, I won’t help you raise it anymore! ! I used to help you raise it is a mistake! ! No, no, I made a mistake when I met you, a big mistake! ! You don’t want to show up in front of me again, I don’t want to see you again, never want to see you forever! ! “


I just feel that my post-alcove seems to have been hit hard by something, and I almost can’t hold it and fall to the ground~

Yang Xu~````He hates me so much~~~

Wasn’t he just at this time last year, suddenly and affectionately said “ILOVEYOU” to me, an ordinary woman who can no longer be ordinary?

He also said that he would give me more time to get to know him and then to like him?

Although I have never been able to like him, I really regard him as my best best friend, the only good friend in my 17 years of life, and I don’t want to lose it~! !

But now, he never wants to see me again

“Yang Xu~, my dearest Allen~, it’s already late~, when are you going to linger here? ? The Valentine’s Day True Love set menu at ROSE restaurant is almost sold out~! “

At this moment, a girl suddenly stepped down from Yang Xu’s Ferrari, and tremblingly ran to Yang Xu’s side and said to him sweetly.

Needless to think about it, this girl is of course the fat girl I saw when I was on the bus.

Although I was mentally prepared just by looking at her back, I was greatly shocked after seeing her front face up close! !

Because~, because~~~““““

Because she is actually the famous third year girl in our third and high school-Chi, Xiao, and Yang! !

That’s right, it’s “Chi Xiaoyang”, she is also called “Chi Xiaoyang”, she has the same name and surname as me!

When I heard Yang Xu’s name on the bus, I still didn’t react. Now that I think about it, it makes me feel so depressed that I want to hit the wall~!

Oh my god, I was already miserable enough, why should I share such a common name with others? ! And she is still the sharing object–

Over the past three years, I have been sitting firmly in Sanhe High School, “the first ugly girl” and “the first fat girl”. The two big dinosaurs who feel good about themselves and don’t scare people who will never give up are out of print dinosaurs ““`! !

It is said that she also has a super-image nickname——Pigmeatball, because watching her coming from a distance, it seems to see a round and meaty oversized meatball rolling around on the ground. Roll around~

I~, it seems that the Ferrari of Yang Xu is really not bad~, I was not slapped by the super-large pork ball in front of me.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, Xiao Yang, we can leave soon~” Yang Xu smiled and answered her left ear when he saw the pork balls coming.

Boom boom boom~~~~, this action stabbed my eyes like a burning needle, and my heart was trembling “““

It turned out that even this action that was originally exclusive to me has been transferred to someone else without mercy~?

It seems that he has really made up his mind to completely break off friendship with me““`

However, looking at the ugly face and fat body of the pork ball, I was still not reconciled: “Yang Xu, don’t tell me that she is your new girlfriend ““““”

Although it is said that the most important thing for a person is the soul, but according to my understanding of pork balls, her soul is not beautiful~!

“HOHO, yes, she is my new girlfriend Chi Xiaoyang~! how about it? Cuter than you, isn’t it~? ? “

He hugged the pork balls affectionately and said, and the pork balls rubbed him back and forth very cooperatively. I could only watch in horror as the horrible fat lump squeezed and squeezed on Yang Xu. “

Khan Khan Khan~“““`Student Yang Xu~, did you take the wrong medicine? ? ?

“You, you““““You, you, do you really like her? “I found that my voice was trembling so much that I couldn’t even make a sentence.

“Humph~! Of course I like her~! ! I don’t like her. Do I like you? ? “

Yang Xu looked at me condescendingly, his face full of ironic sneer expressions that I had never seen before~~~~“

I stood there in a daze, and couldn’t make a sound.

It’s so uncomfortable~, it’s really uncomfortable~~~“`

It’s not jealous, it’s not heartache, but just can’t adapt, can’t adapt to that Yang Xu that I know suddenly becomes such a cruel and cold stranger, and he doesn’t even want to give me a decent explanation.

Haha, Chi Xiaoyang, are you already used to it?

I have long been accustomed to Yang Xu being kind to you, I have long been used to enjoying all his love for you alone, I have long been used to his 214 degree love mantra and always only say to your left ear “

Habit is really a kind of terrifying and terrifying stuff. Once it is suddenly lost, the heart seems to be emptied alive, and the wind enters from all directions. ““““`

That’s why I feel so uncomfortable now, dizzy and dizzy~, I can’t breathe~“`

Finally, I couldn’t help but burst into tears~~~

If it was the old Yang Xu, if it was the Yang Xu I knew, he would be overwhelmed when he saw me crying, and then quickly mobilized the cells of his body to tell me jokes and make magic tricks to make me happy;

If all his “smile skills” are used up and it still doesn’t work, he will sit on the ground and cry with me wailing “”

But now, but now Yang Xu, he just glanced at me indifferently and mockingly for the last time, and then he hugged his pork ball girlfriend and left, as strange as we never knew each other~~~” “““

  1. Farewell, Chi Xiaoyuan

With my arms around the Caucasus, I didn’t know how long I cried, but when my tears were finally about to drain, the phone rang suddenly.

“I am the invincible little ninja, babble, babble~““”

At first glance, the TV shows that it is my little girlfriend Yin Douna of Chi Xiaoyuan.

Of course I won’t pick it up. I happily turned off the phone, then pulled out the phone card and swished it back to the country of Java.

Hehe~, now, she can’t even think of finding me again, too, too, because the two of them don’t know where I live anyway.

Oh~, I almost forgot, Zitai won’t come to me again, he has already taken the initiative to break my relationship with me~“`

Although this is the situation I created with my own hands, even though this is the result I am looking forward to, but the strong melancholy and loss still flooded my whole body in an instant~, mixed with indescribable bursts of heartache~~~` ““““

Damn, nasty tears are going to run out again ““““

I quickly distracted myself-went into the house and changed the men’s clothes, removed the men’s makeup, and restored my daughter’s body.

Staring at the thin, absolute version of the little girl in the mirror, I know that this time, that tomboy, Chi Xiaoyuan, really disappeared from the world. “““

“He” will not come back again, and I will not let “He” come back again`! Absolutely not! !

I found out the magic colored mud ring that Tian Yuan had given me, and put it on my neck again without hesitation.

Although she is no longer complete, although there are serious repair marks on it, although it is Zitai gave it a second life“““

Pooh, Pooh~, Chi Xiaoyang, why do you remember this name again, and you said you want to forget him!

I order you to forget Cheng Zitai from now on!

Now that Tianyuan has returned, all emotions that shouldn’t have started will end~, completely end~~~…

Seeing that the time is still early, I quickly settled my mood and returned to the hospital with relaxed and happy steps as if nothing had happened.

As soon as I entered the ward, I saw Tian Yuan sitting in the hospital and looking at me with a smile. I excitedly ran over and hugged him.

“Tianyuan, are you awake?! That’s great~!! You almost scared me to death!!”

“Sorry, Xiao Yang, I made you worry.”

“Really, Tianyuan, why are you so stupid~? Stop the bullet for me, and endure the pain and pretend to be okay~?”

“Hehe, Xiaoyang, I am your boyfriend. Of course I have the responsibility to protect your safety and protect you from fright. It’s a pity that it was too sudden and I didn’t see what the murderer looked like. Xiaoyang, why would anyone want to treat you? Killed? Did you offend anyone?”

“No~?!” I let go of his face and said innocently, “I know very few people~, I am busy working and going to school every day, so how can I offend people~~~! However, even I feel very puzzled~, someone assassinated me last Valentine’s Day, but my life was too big and I was saved…”

“What~? Someone assassinated you last Valentine’s Day~?” Tian Yuan, who has always been calm, showed nervousness and worry that he had never had before. “Xiao Yang, it seems that you are in a very dangerous situation now. Don’t give up~! But why does he choose Valentine’s Day every time he assassinates~?”

“Yeah~, why do the murderers choose Valentine’s Day every time they assassinate~??? Think about it~, if they were killed on such a romantic, beautiful, sweet and warm Valentine’s Day… It’s scary~!

“But…but it seems to be very beautiful~~~, the bloody romance of Valentine’s Day! The crystal clear blood dripped on the red roses, dripped on the white snow, and the snow all over the sky fell down like a quilt. Covered on my corpse…Thinking about it, it doesn’t seem to be a shame to be killed on Valentine’s Day~, hehe…”

“Xiao Yang, stop talking nonsense, I will never let you die! It seems that now I have two more important things to do: the first thing is to do my best to protect you, and the second thing The thing is to find out the murderer who wants to assassinate you as soon as possible.”

“Tianyuan, don’t you be so nervous? Since that damn villain only chooses to carry out assassinations on Valentine’s Day every time, then I will be safe before the next Valentine’s Day!”

“Xiaoyang, don’t be too blindly optimistic! Maybe the murderer will suddenly change his plan. Instead of starting on Valentine’s Day, he will start ahead of time. Even more, it’s just a coincidence that both times are on Valentine’s Day. this day……”

Cold, cold, cold~~~~…

“Tianyuan, what should I do? I don’t want to die so early~, I don’t want to leave you! My happy life has just begun, so I don’t want to die like this~!”

“Don’t worry, as long as I am here, you will definitely be fine!!”

Hmm~, yes! As long as my guardian angel Tianyuan is there, I will be fine!!

I absolutely trust my Tianyuan 200%~!! HOHOHOHO~~~~, wow kha kha ——!!

“Xiao Yang, do you still remember the vow that I told you when I was young?” Tian Yuan suddenly changed the subject and said to me very tenderly.

“Of course I remember~!!! I will never forget it in my whole life!!! That is-we put the magic colored clay ring with each other’s name on our neck, because the temperature on the neck represents a year I miss and like every second of every day for 365 days. After ten years, when we grow up, we will put our fingers on each other’s fingers. At that time, we will never be separated in the true sense. !!”

“But now, it’s been eleven years later…” Tianyuan’s beautiful eyes began to show a deep shame, “I’m sorry, Xiao Yang, I shouldn’t be back one year late without keeping the appointment, but I really… …”

“Smack~~!” I bet his mouth with my hand.

“No need to explain, you don’t use any explanation, I know it. Thank you, Tian Yuan, thank you for cherishing the magic color clay ring I gave you so much, thank you for cherishing our relationship so much, thank you for loving it so much I……”

“Xiao Yang, I also want to thank you for waiting for me so patiently.”

My eardrum trembles suddenly~~~……

No~! Tianyuan, you don’t have to thank me, you don’t have to thank me at all~! You should scold me~, you should scold me~……

Because, because I didn’t have the patience to wait for you at all, my heart was derailed, greatly derailed, and I fell in love with someone I shouldn’t like!!

Even now, even if he has escaped from his life forever, even in the face of you who loves me so perfectly and will never leave me again, I can’t deny——

I like him! I like him!!

Whether it is a secret love caused by loneliness or a love that grows due to a long time of love, after all, I still can’t deny this~~~, my heart can’t deceive myself!!

It’s just~, it takes a little time~~~……

“Tianyuan, let’s fulfill the vow now and put on the ring for each other.”

I looked at him affectionately and said.

“En~~.” He smiled and nodded, and gently removed the ring with his name engraved on it that he gave me from my neck.

I slowly passed my right hand to Tian Yuan. He gently held up my hand like the most perfect gentleman in the Middle Ages, and gently put the ring into my ring finger…

Like a slow motion on TV, I stared at the ring, staring at it little by little to entrap me, entrap the love between me and Tian Yuan…

However, Tian Yuan’s movements suddenly stopped, his brows were slightly frowned, and he looked up at me with a questioning look:

“Xiaoyang, has the ring been repaired? It seems a bit deformed and can’t be worn…”

Has it been patched~?

Of course… and the quilt is too patched…

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