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Chapter 005 Disaster for the country and the people!

After the phone call, Shen Letian sat with Erlang’s legs in a good mood, and saw a person coming here from a distance, but it was not Gu Xingshen.

“Yo! Tang Yu, your new look is good!”

“So average.” Tang Yu covered one eye and whispered to the waiter on the side, “Go and buy a pair of sunglasses.”

After speaking, he looked sadly cold.” Too cold to your sister…too bullying!”

“I run to the pole all day long to give someone a bully who is to blame?” Leng Too struck mercilessly.

“Tonight, everyone is pretty good. By coincidence, Xiao Qiao is here too.” Sheng Yu said to Tang Yu.

“Of course I know she is here, I followed all the way.” Tang Yu said while taking the sunglasses handed over by the waiter.

“Following here? What are you doing following the little fox? Don’t you want to hit the little fox if you can’t chase Ato’s sister?” Shen Letian asked with a look of horror.


care about me.” “I don’t care about you, I’m afraid you won’t even know how to die by then.”

“Boss, come soon! It’s the little fox’s turn soon.” Shen Letian saw Gu Xingshen coming. Busy up to greet.

When the waiter on the side saw Gu Xingshen, he was shaking like a ghost.

The CEO of Gu’s Group, the first of these monsters who are rampant and domineering in City A, who have been working in Meisei for so long, have finally seen a living person tonight.

Sure enough, it looks as terrible as in the legend, it is a disaster for the country and the people!

Gu Xingshen sat down, leaned back gently, narrowed a pair of phoenix eyes, and the slender corners of his eyes were hanging beautifully. It was a good time to glance at Shen Letian, “I know it’s Xiao Qiao, don’t stop. He also asked me to come and watch the show. Well, Shen Letian, you are getting more courage now!”

Shen Letian shivered, poured a half glass of red wine in his hand, “Boss, it’s not fair, Sheng Yu and Leng Tou are here, but also There is Tang Yu! Why only…”


“No…It’s all my fault, the boss, I will never dare anymore!” Shen Letian looked sadly at the other innocent Wangtian-like costumes, like a frustrated concubine. Three men.

Damn it! Too unsatisfied!

Obviously someone had already notified, and the lobby manager just now rushed over to ask for peace. “Mr. Gu…”

Before the manager started to pour out the enthusiastic and ebullient words that he had just brewed, Gu Xingshen spoke with no expression on his face. Gong Xiaoqiao, let her come over and see me.” The

manager was stunned, and then nodded again and again, “Yes, yes! Furong Pavilion has been kept for you all the time, and a few of you will go inside and wait for a while, and I will tell her to go there.

” Wait a minute.”

“Mr. Gu, what do you have to order?”

“Don’t tell her who I am.”

“Yes, yes.”

Sheng Yu tilted his head to the cold side, “This is over.”

Shen Letian Wiping a lot of sweat, it’s all right, as long as the fire doesn’t burn him.

Tang Yu squatted contentedly and sucked the juice.

There seems to be no one on this floor, and the sound of ticking high heels hitting the ground is echoed, and it looks a bit empty.

Gong Xiaoqiao walked to the end, confirmed the location, then knocked on the door, opened the door-

a pair of slightly confused water eyes swept over the five men sitting in different styles one by one.

Shen Letian raised his head first and sprayed a sip of red wine on the spot.

Tang Yu hurriedly pulled the tissues to stop the nosebleeds.

He turned his head away with a cold cough, and there seemed to be a suspicious blush on his face.

Sheng Yu was shocked.

The surprise in Gu Xingshen’s eyes for a moment turned into flames in the sky, and he sat there silently, his deep black eyes like a bottomless pit.

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