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Chapter 004 Little Fox

Tang Yu hurriedly begged, “Xiao Qiao, I think about it, only you are the most suitable. You have such a good relationship with Xiao Jing. Even if you let her know about this, you can explain it, and she will definitely believe you. If I find someone else Women go, let Xiaojing misunderstand, I’m completely hopeless.”

“You think too much, really.” Xiao Qiao glanced at him pityingly, calmly wouldn’t care about it.

“Sister Xiao Qiao, now my life is in your hands. If you don’t save me, I will hang myself at the door of your dormitory on Sunday to show my innocence!”

“Then you go to death now!” Gong Xiao Qiao Kicked over and said, “

I’m so skilled, and I’ve learned to force it to death!” “Xiao Qiao, Sister Qiao, please!” Gong Xiao Qiao was pulled by the trousers as soon as he was about to leave.

“You’d better be in a group now, while playing, sister is busy! I don’t have time to care about you!”

“Where are you going, take me with him, hey——” Tang Yu howled from behind.

Charm bar.

The place was too big, and the light was dim. Various lights made her dizzy. Gong Xiaoqiao knocked over two or three waiters, asked four or five people, turned six or seven turns, and was wiped eight or nine times. Finally found the backstage, never knowing that his every move has fallen into the eyes of the caring people.

“Oh! Guess who I just saw? Isn’t that the little fox raised by Mr. Gu?” Shen Letian hugged left and right, squinting to look at the little guy who got lost and broke into the wolf pack not far away.

“I saw it as soon as I walked in.” Sheng Yu also looked interested. In this kind of place, dressed like a high school student, and still so dynamic, can it not attract people’s attention.

“Do you want to inform the boss?” Shen Letian looked afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

“Ato, what do you think?” Sheng Yu asked.

Both of them looked cold.

Pushing the glasses coldly, “Let’s find the manager to find out what she is doing here.”

Shen Letian snapped his fingers and called the waiter.

The poor little waiter walked over with trepidation, “Mr. Shen, what do you have to order?”

No wonder she is so cautious. The three sitting here are all S-rank beasts. Don’t count on A if you provoke them. The city has gone down.

Several gold masters often come here to play, and Mei Se can’t wait to treat them all as bodhisattvas.

“Go and call your manager over.”

“Yes.” In

less than half a minute, the manager stumbled over. “What’s

the order from Young Master Shen? Are you dissatisfied with our service?” “The little one just now ? Is the fox your employee?” Shen Letian asked.

“Little fox?” The manager was puzzled.

Shen Letian thought about it pretentiously, and then changed his words, “Little Rabbit.”

“Rabbit…Rabbit?” The manager became even more confused.

Sheng Yu glanced at Shen Letian’s wicked taste, “The white T-sleeve, jeans, and baby face just now looks like a girl from high school.”

“Oh…” The manager suddenly realized that he wiped his sweat and his face was full. graciously said, “this really is our employees. but she first day at work today, a little later will be performing on stage, several if you like, the end of the next and so on, I told her to come over to accompany a few.”

cold through the Organization Frowned, “She accompanies the guests?”

“She is just an actor in this drama and is not responsible for accompany the wine, but it is naturally her honor to show love to a few people.” The manager spared no effort to foul.

As soon as the manager left, Shen Letian immediately took out his cell phone excitedly, “No, I must ask Brother to come over and take a look!”

“Hey, brother, don’t you come to be charming? Brothers are all there.”

“No, you guys play.” Over there, Gu Xingshen replied coldly.

“Really not coming? There are special programs! Very special, very special!”

Looking at Shen Letian’s humble appearance, Leng Tou and Sheng Yu both turned their heads and pretended to be unfamiliar.

“I’m not interested.”

“The little fox is here or not?”


Shen Letian immediately knew that there was a scene. He rolled his eyes and deliberately said, “I just saw her and I’m doing a part-time job here. It is said tonight I want to perform a superb pole dance…”

Gu Xingshen: “…”

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