We haven’t learned to back down! We haven’t learned to kneel! We haven’t learned to surrender! Taejong Tang, trying to get the world under his hand, mobilized hundreds of thousands of troops to invade Goguryeo’s outskirts Ansiseong. 200,000 Tang Dynasty’s strongest army VS 5,000 Anxi Province soldiers. Despite the 40-fold difference in power, Yang Man-chun, Seongju in Anxi Province and the warriors decide to fight against the Tang Dynasty… The Battle of Ansiseong, which led to the greatest victory in East Asian history, begins!

Ansiseong The Great Battle
Also known as:  안시성
Genre(s): action
Director: Kwang-sik Kim
Country: South Korea
Release: 2018
Starring: Park Seong-woong, Jo In-seong, Nam Joo-hyuk

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