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Chapter 2 Shock

A week later

Mengyu sat on the makeup chair of the bridal shop, letting the makeup artist dust her face…

“Oh, Meng Yu is so handsome…” Xu Liqing looked at the daughter-in-law in the wedding dress with satisfaction, and nodded happily.

“Thank you for the compliment…” Mengyu smiled faintly, very helpless. The first time she wore a wedding dress, she was forced to marry someone she didn’t like because of the so-called right?

Xu Liqing smiled happily, very gentle: “Hehe, really polite…” I didn’t expect my father to find such a good daughter-in-law. When she first said that, she was still very worried about whether Miss Qianjin would be temperamental. Not good.


When Mengyu walked into the auditorium, she met her husband who she would face every day from now on. She seemed to think she had met him somewhere, but she couldn’t remember it. The flash of her mind felt cold towards him…

Xu Hehan looked at Mengyu who was walking towards him with the help of his bridesmaid, his eyes flashed with surprise, and then he was mocking again.

Mengyu looked at him for a moment, as if she had seen him somewhere, thinking hard, thinking hard, but couldn’t remember anything…

All the celebrities who came to this wedding…

“It’s so beautiful…” Someone looked at the bride on the court in surprise.

Mengyu was brought to Xu Hehan by his father, and he put Mengyu’s hand in Xu Hehan’s hand: “He Han, I will leave my daughter to you today, take good care of her…” Shen Ci was full of no.

Xu He nodded coldly…

“Mr. Xu Hehan, would you like to marry Ms. Shen Mengyu as your wife, and take care of her forever?” The priest held a notebook and said to the two of them.

Xu Hehan was silent and Xu Fen: “I am willing to…” His words were very stiff and uncomfortable.

The priest wipes the sweat from his forehead~~

“Miss Shen Mengyu, you are willing to marry Mr. Xu Hehan… (omitted)


Meng Yu was thinking hard about where she had met him before, and she didn’t even notice the pastor’s words… She didn’t come back to her senses until after N points. Seeing the strange gazes and Xu He’s cold and indifferent gazes, she blushed : “I, I am willing” is really true. Where have you seen him, Benzene, Benzene, Benzene, Shen Mengyu, when did your memory become so bad?

Sitting on the newlyweds’ bed, Shen Mengyu didn’t pay attention to the others, but kept thinking hard about where he saw him.

Xu Hehan walked in quietly, looked at her in a daze, swept away indifferently, and walked over.

Shen Mengyu noticed that someone had come in, and when he recovered, he was shocked when he saw Xu Hehan, “How did you come in?” She dare to forget that she is now his wife.

Xu Hehan walked up to her and looked at it for a while: “Don’t forget that you are my wife in name.” His indifferent tone did not contain any emotion.

“In name?…Oh” Shen Mengyu nodded as if he didn’t understand, suddenly thought of something, and looked at him vigilantly: “You don’t want to sleep here too?”

Xu Hehan looked at her mockingly: “Not sleeping here? Where to sleep?” He didn’t know if she was pretending or really didn’t know anything.

“You…can…” Shen Mengyu looked at him cautiously, pointed her finger behind him: “Can you sleep there?”

Xu Hehan turned his head and took a look. Suddenly, his dark dark eyes were faintly shining with anger: “Sofa?…” He was so bold that he actually asked him to sleep on the sofa.

Shen Mengyu felt his anger, hurriedly returned his hands, shook his head: “If you don’t want to…” It’s a big deal to go to her to sleep in another room…

“Impossible…” Xu Hehan saw through her thoughts at a glance, and said coldly, “The rooms here are all under surveillance…” In order to prevent him from leaving her, his mother went to sleep in another room and separated Surveillance systems are all installed in the house, except for this room.

“What?” Mengyu’s eyes widened. Suddenly Shui Ling’s beautiful eyes turned and looked at him mischievously: “Then you can buy another bed?” That’s right, buy another bed, everything All resolved.

“I said, my wife, what do you think? Don’t forget, you are my wife now…” As he said, he gradually approached her with an evil smile on his face.

Mengyu watched him approach, and stepped back vigilantly: “I, I don’t want to marry you.” She was forced by her grandma and mother, so she didn’t want to marry a stranger who had never made a living. .

“Really?” Xu Hehan stopped and looked at her: “Your acting is so lifelike, I was almost fooled by you…”

“What?” Mengyu looked at him in wonder, what’s the scene?

Xu Hehan looked at her with a puzzled look, and didn’t consciously doubt it. Did he think he was wrong. Looking at her, he tentatively asked: “Did you forget?” Looking back now, when she saw herself at the wedding, she was completely He was confused.

“Forgot what?” Mengyu looked at him suspiciously, why did he always say inexplicable things?

Xu Hehan looked at her and didn’t seem to be pretending, and smiled coldly: “Very good”, the first person who saw him but said that he had forgotten.

“What’s so good?” Meng Yu pouted and looked at him inexplicably. What’s so good, now she is very bad.

“In that case” Xu Hehan suddenly took out a piece of paper and handed it to her: “Signed it…”

“What?” Mengyu took it over in confusion. Seeing the content above, her eyes widened suddenly, her head was raised, and she looked at her puzzledly.

“From now on, you are my wife in name. You must play your role well. I will not have any relationship with you.”

“What do you mean?” Mengyu was full of question marks.

“You and I are both forced. If this is the case, we will treat it as acting. You only need to perform your role well. I will pay you one million yuan every month,” Xu He said coldly. .

“I don’t care about your money…” Meng Yu glared at him, and looked at him angrily. Someone actually used money to slander herself.

“Not rare…” Xu Hehan was taken aback for a moment, and then sneered: “Whatever you do, anyway, we are only in a contractual relationship now. You must pretend to be your daughter-in-law in front of my family.”

“Oh…” Mengyu was slightly overjoyed, saying: “Can I continue reading?” She raised her head and asked cautiously.

Xu Hehan was taken aback for a moment, and then he didn’t have a good temper, “You…” These things have nothing to do with him.

“Oh, thank you… I signed.” As soon as she heard that she could continue to study, she immediately signed her name on the contract paper, acting, it would be better, anyway, she didn’t want to marry him.

Seeing her quickly signing her name without hesitation, Xu Hehan was a little puzzled…

“No…” After Meng Yu signed the contract, she handed him the contract: “Okay…” She only needs to play the role of his wife. It should be very simple.

Xu Hehan took it and took a look… He laughed mockingly, as if laughing at himself and at her, he turned around to leave… Suddenly Mengyu stopped him: “Hey, wait.”

Xu Hehan turned his head and looked at her indifferently: “Something?”

“We?” Mengyu looked at him in confusion, with a confused face: “Have you seen it somewhere?” She always felt that she had seen it again, but she couldn’t remember it.

Xu He coldly smiled: “I’m not calling hello, my name is Xu Hehan, remember, since I’m going to act, I’ll do it completely…” He didn’t answer her words, and after warning her indifferently, he closed the door with a “bang” , Strode away.

“What, don’t close the door quietly,” Mengyu muttered. She looked at the room, then looked at the door, and went out. Then she can sleep in bed at ease? Thinking of this, she smiled happily, great, long live.

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