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Chapter 1 Encounter

“Master, everything is ready, the air tickets are booked, and you can return home the day after tomorrow.” The housekeeper Zhong Shu stood in front of Xu Hehan and reported the itinerary for these days.

Xu Hehan responded softly, and asked “What time is it?” His voice was cold, without any emotion.

“Ten o’clock in the morning.” Uncle Zhong raised his hand, looked at his watch and replied.

Xu Hehan stood up, picked up his jacket and walked out. Uncle Zhong, who was already used to it, walked to the table disapprovingly and sorted out all the spare materials.

Xu Hehan walked to a boutique store, took a look, and was about to walk in.

Suddenly, Xu Hehan hurriedly turned sideways, and a bullet quickly passed his hand.

Xu Hehan looked at the man in black attacking him, his eyes swept coldly.

After a few minutes…

More than a dozen people in black all fell to the ground, Xu Hehan clutching his bloody hands and panting.

“Mengyu, that’s it, I’ll go now…” Xiao Yao smiled and gestured goodbye to her.

“Well, bye bye…” Mengyu smiled and made a goodbye gesture, and happily walked forward.


Mengyu walked forward leisurely, and suddenly at the corner, an unknown object slammed into Mengyu.

“Woo~~~” Mengyu was knocked to the ground, she opened her eyes, looked at it, and was stunned.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” Mengyu was shocked when he saw Xu Hehan who was covered in blood, didn’t he, my God, he just hit him, why is his body so weak? Bleeding…ooh~~~

“Hey, you woke up!” Mengyu patted his face vigorously, and called him anxiously, don’t die, otherwise I will go to jail. == Fall in love

Hotel room

“Woo~~~ Who am I to provoke?” Meng Yu helped him wipe the blood off his body with a look of unwillingness. It was obviously that he hit him and was bleeding all over. If he died, his own. The next half of my life won’t have to be… When I think about it, Mengyu suddenly feels hairy.

She took out the gauze and gently helped him bandage the wound…

After being careful, she finally bandaged him, tied him with a bow, and breathed a sigh of relief… Wiping the sweat from her forehead, looking at him in his sleep, praying carefully: “Hey, don’t die. Oh, well, if you want to die, wake up first, then go to the hospital, and then write down the process before you die.” She muttered a prayer.

Xu Hehan on the bed moved a little, and opened his eyes hard. What greeted him was Xu Mengyu’s bewildered and handsome face.

“Ah, are you awake?” Seeing that he moved a little, Mengyu yelled happily when he thought he was awake, but he closed his eyes again.

“Hey, I’m hiring you. I provoke you. Don’t close it when you wake up.” Mengyu patted his face vigorously, but it was useless. She sat on the bedside in frustration.

The next day.

Xu Hehan slowly opened his eyes, and what greeted him was the white ceiling.

The unfamiliar environment made him vigilant, struggled to sit up, and unexpectedly pulled the wound.

Mengyu walked in with the eight-treasure porridge and saw that he was awake. He was overjoyed, but saw him struggling to sit up, rushing over, and helping him sit down: “Hey, I said you can rest assured?” I was so restless when I woke up. If I pull the wound and bleed again, it will be me who is unlucky. It’s not fun.

“Who are you?” Xu Hehan looked at her vigilantly.

Seeing his attitude, Mengyu replied in an annoyed manner: “Why should I tell you.” That’s true, so that I was worried about being afraid for a day, so I asked such rude words when I woke up.

“Where is this?” Xu Hehan half propped up, looked around, looking at Mengyu suspiciously.

“Good pull, let me tell you that, don’t move anymore…” Mengyu saw that he was moving again, afraid that he might pull the wound, so he helped him well and sat in a comfortable position.

“My name is Shen Mengyu. This is the hotel, where I live. When I was at the door, I accidentally ran into you and injured you. I was afraid that if you died, I would have to go to jail, so I brought you in.” No matter how many words Shen Mengyu said, he explained roughly.

“…” Xu Hehan looked at her, and he obviously ran into her by himself, but said that she ran into him?

“Forget it, you are hungry!” Mengyu brought the eight-treasure porridge to him and handed it to him: “You can eat it yourself…” She kept a certain distance from the stranger, looked at his injured hand, and hesitated. Yes, you can eat it yourself, right?

“Eight-treasure porridge?” Xu Hehan looked at her suspiciously. Wasn’t it supposed to be some light porridge or milk?

Seeming to find his doubts, Mengyu explained with a smile, “I don’t like to eat light porridge early in the morning. It has no taste, soy milk and the like. I have to go and buy it. It’s troublesome, so I just cooked this. If you don’t like it, I’ll go buy it for you separately.” She smiled, and was about to go out and buy it for him.

“No need.” Xu Hehan looked at the bowl and closed his eyes: “I’m not hungry, take it away…” How do I eat like this?

She seemed to know what he was thinking, Mengyu hesitated for a while, and finally picked up the bowl and was unwilling to feed him with a spoon.

Xu Hehan was stunned for a while, looked at her with a reluctant face, and the corners of his mouth raised: “You seem to be reluctant?” He opened his mouth, drank, looked at her expression, and knew that she was very unwilling. Willingly.

She used to maintain a certain sense of distance from strangers, but now she wants to feed a stranger to porridge. How can she adapt?

“Eh? By the way, who are you?” Mengyu finished feeding him, wiped his hands, put it aside, suddenly remembered something, and asked him suspiciously.

Xu Hehan was taken aback and looked at her blankly: “Don’t you know me?”

Mengyu looked at him wonderingly: “Why should I know you?” She neatly packed her things, then took them to the kitchen to wash them, clean them and put them away, walked back, looked at him, and waited for his answer.

Xu Hehan looked at her, seeing that she did not look like an ordinary person, and suddenly remembered something: “What time is it?”

“What time?” Mengyu suddenly thought of something and screamed in surprise. Oh my God, she forgot about going to school, so she hurriedly sorted out the books, and then ran to the door and put on white flat boots, opening the door. At that time, she suddenly thought of something and looked back at him: “If you are still hungry, there is something in the refrigerator for a while, you can eat it yourself.”

“Still a student?” Xu Hehan was taken aback, he got out of bed, looked around, and suddenly thought of something, took out his mobile phone, dialed a number skillfully, gave a few commands, and then hung up…

A few minutes later, a black car stopped at the door of the hotel, and two men in black walked to the door of Mengyu’s room and knocked on the door.

“Master, please.”

Xu Hehan glanced at the room, turned around and walked out… walked to the entrance of the hotel, got in the black car, and walked away.

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