90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 23 Plot

In Chen Jun’s heart, he always thought that Wang Bo was NIKE’s biological father. Wang Bo felt he was ridiculous, but Chen Jun felt that NIKE’s biological father was at least one of Wang Bo and Zhao Lei. Knowing that Wang Bo was about to uncover this secret at the upcoming class reunion, Chen Jun finally breathed a sigh of relief, because NIKE kept asking him to drive him crazy. In the several gatherings of classmates organized by Chen Jun, everyone failed to come together for various reasons. This gathering was different.

Chen Jun called almost all his classmates, including Zhang Jing, who left early that year. The past reappeared in Wang Bo’s memory. At that time, Mr. Jin was very dissatisfied with the two top students, Wang Bo and Lili, who gave up Tsinghua’s special offer. Lili was even more surprised that Wang Bo did not go to the interview like herself. Zhao Lei said strangely. The college entrance examination is still one year away, and Mr. Jin said that he would be slapped in the face by saying this carefully.

Because it was Zhao Lei’s reason for Lili to give up the special move, Mr. Jin accused Zhao Lei of ruining a pot of good soup with a mouse poop, and then left the classroom angrily. Chen Jun said to herself that Lili gave up the interview for Zhao Lei, but for whom did Wang Bo give up the interview. Lili sent a note to ask why Wang Bo gave up the interview, but he just received a note from Wang Bo, saying that he wanted to graduate with Lili. It’s been more than 20 years since Lily’s youthful experience that year. After receiving the invitation letter from the second class of the third grade, Lili was a little excited.

She asked Zhang Jing through the computer if she would participate in the class reunion. She remembered that time with Zhang Jing. The unforgettable parting, Lili still remembers new. In class that day, Lili suddenly discovered that Zhang Jing did not show up, and when she heard the teacher say that Zhang Jing was leaving school, she felt flustered and wanted to ask Zhang Jing face to face. Lili arrived at Zhang Jing’s house.

Zhang Jing’s house was very messy. She was packing her things and preparing to move. It turned out that Zhang Jing’s house was in Sichuan, and she wanted to go back to Sichuan to find a teacher to learn painting. Zhang Jing painted a portrait for the class and entrusted Lili to pass it on to everyone. Lili saw the love letter Zhang Jing gave to Wang Bo at that time. She knew that Zhang Jing had always liked Wang Bo. She asked Zhang Jing why she didn’t tell herself earlier. Zhang Jing said that she saw She also likes Wang Bo and can’t bear to make herself a competitor to her best friend. What they didn’t expect was that Wang Bo also quietly came to Zhang Jing’s house and heard their conversation. He wanted to leave, but he ran into a chair in a panic and had to come out to face Zhang Jing and Lili awkwardly.

After Lili left the house, she was still angry at Zhang Jing’s goodbye, and she did not understand Zhang Jing’s failure to express her feelings boldly. When Wang Bo saw Lily saying this, he wanted to boldly express his feelings for Lili. He also said that he had a long time to say to Lili, but he was repeatedly interrupted by Lili’s words. When Wang Bo heard Lili Say that I just treat him When I was young, I swallowed what I wanted to say. Zhang Jing was about to leave. Grandma told Zhang Jing to pack lightly and not bring paint boxes and other items, but Zhang Jing was reluctant to leave it because it was given to her by Lili, and it was a precious memory that Lili left for her. The parents have been asking for Zhang Jing’s opinion.

Zhang Jing answered in the affirmative whether he was really sure to leave. Zhao Lei and some of her classmates bid farewell to Zhang Jing. Zhao Lei gave her snacks to eat on the way, and Wang Bo gave her books to help her draw. The time has come for her parents to urge her to leave, but Zhang Jing has been reluctant to leave, she has been Zhang Wangyuan. There, waiting for Lili to appear, but Lili did not come because she could not stand the parting scene. Zhang Jing asked Jasmine to tell Lili, very sorry that Lily was disappointed by her departure, and then left by car.

Lili came to Zhang Jing’s seat in the classroom, quietly lying on the place where she had sat, reminiscing about the moments when she was with Zhang Jing, she sighed that Zhang Jing was her real best friend, and wanted to return Before, she had a lot of things to discuss with Zhang Jing. Lili had been unable to let go of someone for many years, and she was undecided whether to start over with this person. Twenty-five years later, while Chen Jun was talking with Jasmine, a long-lost face that Chen Jun marveled at appeared, and she was Zhang Jing.

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