90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 22 Plot

Zhao Lei’s parents told Zhao Lei how his brother Zhao Xin had an accident. Zhao Xin started serving his sentence five years ago. He told his parents not to tell his brother what he did in prison, so that his younger brother’s youth would not be shadowed by his brother’s mistakes. Let parents lie that they have arrived in Hong Kong. At the same time, in order to prevent his younger brother from suspicion, he asked his parents to ask acquaintances to often give Zhao Lei some gifts, especially the breakdancing gloves that he had promised his younger brother, so that his father must find a way to get them. Zhao Lei asked his parents about the person who reported his brother, but he didn’t expect it to be his father.

Zhao Lei blamed his parents for concealing the truth and didn’t let him meet his brother. Zhao Lei’s parents explained that they followed his brother’s wishes, and Zhao Lei turned away angrily. Lili ran for a day without seeing a figure and was still wearing other people’s clothes, which aroused the suspicion of her mother. Lili panicked that she went to Zhang Jing’s house to try on her clothes and forgot to change it back. Lili’s mother specifically pointed out that she would have an operation on the day Lili was recruiting for an interview.

She hoped that Lili would pass the interview successfully and she would feel at ease. As soon as Lili left, Lili’s father blamed Lili’s mother for not deceiving her daughter. In fact, Lili’s mother did not have any important surgery at all, just received acupuncture treatment. But Lili’s mother’s thoughts can be learned, and she is also trying to put pressure on her daughter and let her pass this special move with all her strength.

Lili and Wang Bo discussed the special recruitment. She expressed that she did not want to go to Tsinghua University to study a major she didn’t like. Tsinghua’s special recruitment this time was mathematics, and she always wanted to be a reporter. She felt very entangled, but Wang Bo expressed that she understood her very well and encouraged her to say that the more capable people will face multiple choices. He hopes to see Lili appear in the examination room as scheduled, and hopes that she will follow her true thoughts.

Lili came to the classroom and was delighted to see that many of the students who had dropped out returned to the classroom. The classroom immediately regained the warmth and happiness of the past, and after this short parting, everyone became more mature and sensible. When everyone turned their attention to Lili, they wanted to know if Lili, who had passed the special recruitment, really wanted to leave everyone. Lili said that he had not considered it yet. Everyone was happy for the possibility of graduation together.

Only Zhang Jing did not laugh. It seems that I can’t wait for the day of graduation. Zhao Lei’s father found Lili again, and before he could thank Lili for his help last time, he wanted to ask Lili for further help. Zhao Lei wanted to go to the prison to see his brother, but he was very resistant to his parents and did not want to visit his brother with his parents. Zhao Lei’s father wanted Lili to accompany Zhao Lei to visit her elder brother, because her brother had already had an accident, and he didn’t want to have anything to do with Zhao Lei, Lili agreed to this request.

Zhao Lei took the tape recorder to see his brother and prepared a dance for his brother. Lili and him went together, but they did not see his brother. Zhao Xin entrusted the prison guards to talk to him. He doesn’t want to meet him at this time. My brother’s explanation was that he didn’t want Zhao Lei to see how lonely he was at this time. He asked Zhao Lei to live a down-to-earth and truthful life for him. The remaining ten years in prison will soon pass, and the two brothers will finally meet one day.

At this time, outside the interview and examination room specially recruited by Tsinghua University, Wang Bo was waiting for Lili’s appearance alone. Although Zhao Lei could not see his brother, he wanted to continue to complete the dance that he originally planned to dance for his brother. He believed that although his brother was within the wall, he would still feel his brother’s emotions. Lily sympathized with the lost Zhao Lei and said that she would always be with him. Since she decided to accompany Zhao Lei to visit her brother, she has decided not to go to Tsinghua University. She will graduate from high school with Zhao Lei and create a future with different responses. Zhao Lei was moved to tears, and the two embraced.

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