90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 21 Plot

Jasmine was worried about the actor’s inadequate performance. The director asked her to call Nike, who had an outstanding performance last time, to audition. At this time, Wang Bo came to her and wanted to pick up Nike according to Lily’s intention. Wang Bo guessed that NIKE might be here. In exchange, Jasmine took the opportunity to ask Wang Bo who was NIKE’s biological father. Wang Bo did not answer on the excuse of personal privacy. Jasmine was still as unforgiving as she did in the past, digging into Wang Bo’s privacy.

She feels that NIKE is very pitiful. She hasn’t known her own life experience for more than ten years. Wang Bo promised to wait until their classmates reunion before revealing it. Then she will know the truth. Time has been pushed back to the school days, the winter vacation has passed quietly, and school is about to start. Lili was worried that the number of people still enrolled in school would decrease, and sure enough, when they came to the class, there were a lot fewer people. The classmates were all talking about it.

Chen Jun expressed his concern about the dissolution of West Fourth Middle School. Teacher Jin immediately denied it. Teacher Jin comforted everyone that the situation in their class was still the best, and that more people dropped out of other classes than here. Thanks to Lili’s loss of her graduation certificate last time, although she was criticized by the principal, it turned out to be a good thing, and it made the parents who had dropped out of school dispelled the idea of ​​not letting their children continue to study.

The Academic Affairs Office has issued a notice, and all students who have not registered and have not paid the tuition will be deemed to have automatically dropped out. Zhao Lei did not appear in the class either. Lili and the others were most concerned about Zhao Lei’s whereabouts. Lili asked Chen Jun to no avail. Under Jasmine’s severe pressure, Chen Jun had to say that Zhao Lei was on his way to Tianjin Port. Zhao Lei prepared Taking advantage of his parents’ travel far away, he wanted to transfer from Tianjin to Hong Kong to meet his brother. Lili hurriedly contacted Zhao Lei’s parents, who were returning after hearing the news.

Lili promised that Zhao Lei’s parents would stop Zhao Lei for them first. Many classmates didn’t understand Lili’s actions. Since Zhao Lei wanted to find his brother, he would let him go. He didn’t know that Zhao Lei’s brother was not in Hong Kong at all. Jasmine, Chen Jun, and Lili went to Tanggu to stop Zhao Lei together. Wang Bo and Zhang Jing provided cover for Lili and kept Lili’s parents away. Zhang Jing disguised himself and pretended to be Lili, and Wang Bo pretended to send “Lili” home. Zhang Jing saw Lili’s photo album in Lili’s bedroom, and she couldn’t help but paint many beautiful moments.

Jasmine, Chen Jun, and Lili arrived at a hostel. Since they could not stay in the hotel without an ID card, Chen Jun asked Jasmine and Lili who had ID cards to go to the room to sleep and make do with them in the lobby. Jasmine claimed to come out to breathe at night, so that Chen Jun didn’t get me wrong. They chatted together. Chen Jun asked Jasmine’s previous boyfriend and learned that the other party didn’t leave a phone. Chen Jun didn’t understand why Jasmine was thinking about each other since he didn’t care about her. ,

He said that he could understand Jasmine’s feelings, because he felt the same way, thinking about Jasmine unrequitedly in this way. Jasmine still couldn’t forget. She played the song she liked, and at the same time wept sadly. Although the harmonica was not well played, she still hoped to capture the breath of the other person and her inner position in this way. Jasmine, Chen Jun, and Lili went to the site to look for them separately. Zhao Lei was waiting for the bus. He found out the watch and the letter Lili gave him.

Lili also happened to find Zhao Lei at this time. She asked Zhao Lei why she had broken her promise since she had promised not to leave. Zhao Lei laughed at that time and only agreed not to leave for the time being, and then changed the subject and asked about Lili’s Olympiad. In the end, Zhao Lei had to go to her brother. Seeing that the car was about to start, Lily had to tell Zhao Lei the truth. It turned out that Zhao Lei’s brother was not in Hong Kong at all. He stabbed someone many years ago and was about to flee to Hong Kong.

The report resulted in a 15-year sentence and was still serving his sentence in prison. Zhao Lei thundered when he heard it, disappointed and angry, not allowing Lili to follow him, Lili looked helpless. Lili called Zhao Lei’s father to explain the situation. Although Zhao Lei was kept, she had to tell the truth about Zhao Lei’s brother. Zhao Lei and his wife hurried home. After meeting Zhao Lei, the two of them were speechless.

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