90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 20 Plot

Wang Bo counseled Lili for Mathematical Olympiad. Because of the limited time, he decided to take a quick improvement method. Lili had to finish the prescribed questions for ten minutes. Lili felt that this was an impossible task. Wang Bo patiently explained to her The basic principles of Mathematical Olympiad. Lili is also counseling Zhao Lei at the same time, but her method is more humane. During the counseling process, the two of them unknowingly get close, not only the body, but also the two hearts.

Zhao Lei ran away a little bit shyly. Only Lili was left in the room. This was the best time for her to get her things back. But Lily hesitated at this time. When she saw the dusty travel bag, she had a strange feeling, and her tight mood suddenly relaxed. It seemed that Zhao Lei would not go to Hong Kong again, so neither would Move that travel bag, everything can be back to the way it was before. The result of the examination was announced. Class 2 passed the guidance of Lili and Wang Bo and everyone’s efforts.

The students were very excited. Before, Mr. Jin was worried that everyone would fail the exam, but now he can finally give the parents an explanation. Lily went to Teacher Jin’s office and found that several parents were clamoring to drop their children out of school and get the certificate of completion to find a job. Teacher Jin mentioned that the children had very good grades in the exam, and it was a pity that they asked to withdraw. Parents think that a good test is useless, because West Fourth Middle School is about to disband, and Teacher Jin hopes that parents should ask their children what they think first.

The classmates gathered together to discuss that everyone didn’t want to leave after passing the exam. They wanted to fight hard for the college entrance examination, but the parents didn’t get in, and they were helpless. Lily thinks that if they don’t want to leave, they will go back and confide their thoughts with their parents, trusting their parents will agree. Zhao Lei poured cold water on and asked Chen Jun to find his father to arrange training booths for those who did not know how to make money.

Lili was very angry with Zhao Lei’s attitude, but Zhao Lei said that she did not have to worry about studying well, but they didn’t have any trouble with them. When she chose, Lili was so angry that she ran away. Jasmine and Zhang Jing both accused Zhao Lei of not speaking to Lili like this. Zhao Lei caught up with Lili and explained that he didn’t want to leave the second class just like that, but it is not realistic for the children in the hutong to get into college. It is better to make money earlier to help the family solve the burden.

When Zhao Lei talked about himself, he said that there is nothing to keep him. He must go to Hong Kong to see his brother. Lili hoped that Zhao Lei would stay, and they would go to university together, which would be better than they are thousands of miles apart. Zhao Lei was very happy when she heard Lili say such things. She joked about how she could stick to her like this. Lili was a little embarrassed and hurriedly explained that she was with everyone in Class 2. Zhao Lei understood that Lili just didn’t want everyone to leave, so she had to write an article on the certificate of completion. ,

Because the parents are also pointing to the certificate of completion to find a job. Lili was very surprised. She thought it was the death notice of youth, so Zhao Lei asked Lili to ask Teacher Jin to issue the certificate of completion of the students who dropped out of the class, and then they dug a hole to bury these certificates of completion. To be able to delay the graduation from high school has achieved their goal. Zhao Lei’s father was waiting for Lili at the end of school, asking her whether she had given the watch and the letter in Zhao Lei’s schoolbag.

Lili was a little embarrassed to hear that, but Zhao Lei’s father was not here to investigate this matter, but I want to ask Lili to help stop Zhao Lei, and don’t let him go to Hong Kong anymore. Lily wondered why Zhao Lei’s father didn’t let Zhao Lei go to her elder brother. He said with some embarrassment that Zhao Lei didn’t know many things, and they kept keeping Zhao Lei from it. Lili came home listlessly, but Wang Bo was also at home.

He brought good news because he and Lili were both qualified for special recruitment by Tsinghua University. As long as they passed the interview, they could be admitted in advance. I can believe this is true. Time was pushed back to 2017. After Wang Bo underwent surgery, he found several missed calls from Lili on his mobile phone. He quickly called Lili. Lili told him very anxiously that she asked her sister to send NIKE to the airport, but he took the opportunity to sneak away.

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