90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 18 Plot

Teacher Lu was riding a bicycle on the way from get off work, and was suddenly stopped by Jasmine. When the two came to the suburbs, Teacher Lu said that they almost collided just now, and she was shocked. Jasmine felt that Teacher Lu was actually afraid of dating students as a teacher. When Jasmine saw Teacher Lu evasive, she was relieved and declared that she could protect him. Jasmine asked Teacher Lu to play for herself as a friend.

Seeing Teacher Lu playing the harmonica was particularly handsome, Jasmine was immersed in the fantasy of happiness. Jasmine, who had fallen in love, decided to make it clear to Chen Jun that she would accept it if Chen Jun was the lighter given by her friend, and if Chen Jun had other intentions, please take it back, and said she already has someone she likes. Chen Jun knew very well in his heart, but he didn’t want to know this person from Jasmine.

In the end, Jasmine told him that she liked Teacher Lu. Chen Jun was very painful but helpless. Zhang Jing saw that Wang Bo was waiting for Lili not to go home, so she sat down and waited with him. Zhang Jing asked about the meaning of Wang Bo’s mathematics. Wang Bo replied that it was the best way to solve the problem. Wang Bo asked what the most beautiful thing she wanted to paint, Zhang Jing said seriously that she hadn’t thought about it yet. Wang Bo and Lili went home together, but saw that Lili was hesitant to say something along the way.

It turned out that Lili was struggling with one thing, whether to help Zhao Lei enter the Horn Band as an assistant to get the opportunity to go to Hong Kong. Wang Bo asked about Lili’s last movie. Lili said that he did go alone. Wang Bo said that he saw Zhao Lei’s ticket stub and was sitting next to Lili, so Zhao Lei must be watching from a distance. Holding her. Lili was a little puzzled. Wang Bo did not answer directly. He talked about the scene she experienced during swimming class. At that time, the water droplets on Lili’s cheek formed a beautiful appearance under the shining of the sun. I’m afraid that I will destroy this beauty after getting close.

Wang Bo’s undisclosed remarks made Lili even more confused. She did not understand Wang Bo’s deep meaning. Zhao Lei was practicing on the court and stumbled upon the person who promised to help with the pass last time. He wondered why he suddenly appeared after promising to come back half a month, and then realized that he must have been cheated. Wang Bo came to Zhao Lei and told him that Lili had been helping her sister as an assistant for him. Only then did Zhao Lei know that Lili had been working hard for herself.

Lili asked Wang Bo to talk to Zhao Lei and asked him to watch Afeng’s farewell concert. Wang Bo finally gave Zhao Lei the No. 8 shirt as a souvenir. In order to get Zhao Lei to go to Hong Kong, Afeng’s manager checked Zhao Lei’s personal situation. Since Zhao Lei is less than 18 years old, he will definitely not be able to apply for a work visa. He plans to apply for a visit card to let him go to Hong Kong with the band.

At the farewell concert, Ah Feng said that it was too late to create the farewell song, and decided to use a few words that he picked up by accident as the lyrics. He did not Knowing that these few words are exactly what Lili wrote about Zhao Lei. The song sang “The world outside the window has been silent until speechless, and the familiar street will grow crazy. Please don’t tell me that you really want to leave.”

Zhao Lei didn’t know it was written to himself, but felt a little numb. Under the rendering of the singing, Lili plucked up the courage and boldly expressed the hope that Zhao Lei would not leave, but due to the loud noise on the scene, Zhao Lei did not hear Lili’s confession. Many years later, Lili still often recalls this unforgettable past. One day she suddenly found out that her computer account was blocked by her son. The reason why NIKE did so was to coerce her mother. He wanted to know his life experience. Li blamed her son’s behavior for affecting her work and promised to tell him about his life after returning to China.

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