90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 17 Plot

NIKE was found by his aunt Li Qingqing, and she was about to take him to the airport to take him back to the United States. She received a call from Li Lili on the way. The two talked about telling NIKE the truth. Li Qingqing said that it is not the best time to tell him. NIKE heard The words to send myself back, because he hadn’t found a clue to his biological father when he returned home this time, so he took the opportunity to slip away. Chen Jun asked Zhao Lei what the effect of watching the movie was, and Zhao Lei hesitated to say that the movie is very good. Chen Jun said that he didn’t care about this. He had confessed to Li Lili.

Zhao Lei said he heard someone talk about his brother before he confessed to her. They said that his brother was with the underworld in Hong Kong, but he didn’t believe it. , I just want to go and see the situation in person. During class, Mrs. Jin proposed to visit home for some time. Everyone started to talk about it. They were worried that Mr. Jin’s home visit would be harmful to them, while Lili was even more worried about Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei went to the Twilight Bar and wanted to join the Horns. The main idea was that the Horns were about to perform in Hong Kong, so that he would have the opportunity to see his brother in Hong Kong. The person in charge of the band asked him what instrument he knew. Zhao Lei said that he could break dancing and he could provide them with the band dance. The person in charge told him to ask him if he needed the lead singer.

Zhao Lei ran out to see that lead singer A Feng turned out to be the one who sent Li Lili to school with Li Qingqing. Li Lili learned that Zhao Lei was going to Hong Kong and asked him what he could do. Zhao Lei wanted her to introduce herself to the band through her sister, even if she did not work, so that she would have the opportunity to perform with them in Hong Kong. I saw my brother. After returning home, Li Lili began to sneak up on her sister, cutting fruit for her. She also mentioned the relationship between Afeng, the lead singer of the Horn Band, and her sister. Li Qingqing asked her not to tell her parents.

Lily used this as a condition in exchange for her to watch the Horn Band rehearsal. Li Qingqing had no choice but to take her to the bar. Hearing that A Feng needed an assistant, Li Lili took the initiative to assume this role. Chen Jun approached Zhao Lei and gave him an idea that he knew someone who could apply for a pass to Hong Kong. So Chen Jun took Zhao Lei to find the person he knew. Unexpectedly, Zhao Lei also knew him. When he heard that he planned to go to Guangzhou to buy goods By the way, Zhao Lei took out all the belongings and said that although the money was not enough, even if he gave him a discount, he agreed to help.

Teacher Jin came to Li Lili’s home for a home visit and asked her to participate in the Olympiad to improve her mathematical ability. Lili’s parents expressed their full support. After the sisters came back, Lili was questioned by her parents, telling her not to always look after her classmates. She had to take care of her studies first, and told her that she had already enrolled in the Mathematical Olympiad class. Later, she would study with Wang Bo, Li Lili But he said he didn’t want to go. Zhao Lei is in gold

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