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Prelude Chapter 3

Facing off against these ace gamers, death usually happened in an instant.

After one minute and 37 seconds, the last player took off their headphones.

Mian Bao gulped down some coke. “Gou Gou, exactly how good is your hearing? You ambushed me just when I started to move.”

Ai Qing stuck her tongue out, taking a quick look at Wu Bai.

He unexpectedly backed out of the game toward the end, without any explanation.

“It’s not hearing, it’s her sense of smell.”

“That’s why Gou Gou makes her name; her sense of smell of always knowing where the enemy is,” Slide mumbled through the unlit cigarette in his mouth.

That was how a gaming website in China summed her up when she was 15.

If she remembered correctly, that was another international competition three years ago, the ESWC Electronic Sports World Cup.

It was the Chinese Regional that year and all the top teams were gathered in Guangzhou from all over China. After two solid days of fighting, she won her first competition in her professional career.

Her specialty is in close quarters combat, particularly with a knife. She didn’t switch out her knife for the entire match.

In this kind of face-to-face, instant death confrontations, a player has to be merciless and relentless to survive.

Her fierce fighting style was taught hands-on by one person. But it was after that competition, she and that person gave up on professional CS.

All eleven people sat around making fun at each other. To be exact, it was ten people. The only one not participating in the group conversation was Dt. After he backed out of the game, he sat down near the outdoor bar, looking at a video of the qualifying games earlier that year.

Everyone was tired from the whole day long distance traveling, plus the 5 – 6 hours of intense training after settling down in the resort.

Even though they were having fun with each other, they were obviously tired.

Only he didn’t have any sign of fatigue. With a glass of ice water at hand, he put an ice cube into his mouth silently. He was fully concentrated on the video with headphones on, his eyes didn’t stray away from the screen. She felt her teeth freezing just by looking at him. She wondered why such a loner would choose to play a team game like DotA, instead of an individual game.

He was a person that had come from nowhere, who led a not so famous team, but their skills and strategies were absolutely amazing. As the captain, he was undoubtedly the final decision maker. No one would be surprised if he was a veteran player, but, he was a newcomer, just 15 years old. A newcomer with a bright future……

Without a doubt, after this Asian Tournament, many top teams would be chasing after him.

“How do you guys communicate with each other when you do your normal training?” She asked Mian Bao quietly, “ He doesn’t seem to talk too much.”

Mian Bao thought a bit. “We just need to listen……”

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