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Prelude Chapter 1

The taxi stopping in front of the resort, Ai Qing (艾情) saw a large banner with the words “WCG Asian Tournament Contestants Village” on it. She secretly let out a sigh of relief and casually pulled up her hair. She got out of the taxi, taking her the luggage from the taxi driver, and walked into the village.

There were many restaurants and shops along the road.

But it was already past midnight, except for the 24-hour supermarket and the bright McDonald’s sign, there were no restaurants open at this time. She stood at the crossroad, hesitating for 3 seconds, and decided to look for her team first.

This time there were 11 players from China. They all came as a group, but she was the only one who had come late.

When she walked into the lobby of the resort, there were only two receptionists chatting with each other. They were talking about the WCG Asian Tournament and were full of amazement. Basically, they just couldn’t understand how anyone could become a professional at playing video games and that there are even Asian Tournaments and World Competitions!

Ai Qing took out her passport and briefly explained, “I’m looking for the Chinese team; and my room key, please.”

The receptionist took the passport and looked at it. After pulling out some data, she quickly made a phone call.

Ai Qing took over the phone. On the other end there was a big boy bashfully asking who it was in English. She laughed. “Slide (滑梯,Hua Ti), no need to speak English now. It’s me.”[1]

“Good grief! Say it in the first place!” Slide said happily. “You’re 4 or 5 hours late. We’re about to call it a day.”

“You’re night owls, can’t be sleeping this early.” Ai Qing held the phone between her chin and neck, taking the paperwork handed over by the front desk and signed her name smoothly.

“Which cabin are you guys in?”

“We are at the westmost side of the resort, 3B. Room 207, at the end of the second floor.”

She acknowledged it and hung up the phone. Suddenly the receptionist, smiling, put a lei over Ai Qing’s neck.[2] “Welcome to the Singapore’s WCG Asian Tournament Contestants Village!”

Ai Qing just so happened to be wearing a beach styled long skirt. With the lei hanging from her neck, she transformed into a welcoming hostess…… She was quite uncomfortable for a while. Finally, following the direction Slide gave her, she slowly walked along the white stone path on the beach towards the westernmost side.

All the buildings in the resort were wooden structures, sitting on the beach on top of dark colored wood stilts. Each cabin was not far apart from each other.

It took her almost 20 minutes in the darkness to find the right place. She knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

It was 207, she made sure.

She knocked on the door again. As she was just about to call out to Slide, the door

opened from inside. A boy, with right hand on the door frame, appeared in front of her.

It’s Dt.

Three months ago, Dt was the most valuable player on the DotA championship team, at the Chinese Regional of the WCG Asian Tournament.

There were 9 teams competing at the final round. Her team was eliminated by his. She shook his hand after that game and regretfully gave him her blessings. “Don’t disgrace the Chinese in Singapore.”

She actually lost to a fifteen years old boy!


Alright, with those solemn words, she thought she had taken a perfect bow. She never would have thought that the first night in Singapore she would run into him.

He must have been just stepping out of the shower, wet hair fell down his face with blurry eyes. With the dim yellowish lights on the hallway, she could see water dripping from his face. When she recalled this scene many years later, it seems that it was from this point onward that his name becomes three-dimensional in her mind. He was no long just that big boy at the tournament wearing a black cap, with a calm, indifferent expression, and rapid fingers flying all over the keyboard.

For a moment, Ai Qing didn’t know how to greet him.

He suddenly grinned, seemingly to realizing who she is, but still remained silent.

“I’m Gou Gou (狗狗,Doggy).”[3] At last, she stretched out her right hand first.

His hand was wet as he quickly shook and released her hand. “Come to watch the game?”

Ai Qing grudgingly turned her head away. “I’m here for the Need for Speed finals.”

“Oh,” Dt replied while turning away from the door, signaling her to come in. “Is racing fun?”

“Quite fun. We can trade places if you want……”

If it wasn’t for him, perhaps she wouldn’t have had to settle on competing in a racing game?

As she pulled up her luggage, another boy came up behind Dt. “Man, Dt, we only just arrived and you’re already hitting on the local beauties?” While talking, he quickly pulled off the bath towel on Dt, then ran away laughing.

Ai Qing was completely dumbfounded. She stayed at the doorway with her mouth wide open.

The loud lapping of the ocean waves came from behind embellishing this embarrassing moment.

Dt and Ai Qing locked their gazes for two seconds. Suddenly, a shout burst from inside the room, “Damn! Head shot again!” Dt quickly picked up the towel on the floor and wrapped it around his waist. “I’ll go change.”

He walked back into the room without saying anything, grabbed the pair of jeans on the bed, and disappeared into the bathroom.

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