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Chapter 7 Long Time No See

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chu. Everything has been taken care of.”

The hotel manager was well-informed, and he knew for a fact that the Chu Group should not be neglected. Without wasting a moment more, he gestured for the person who had been standing by the door to come in.

Nicole shifted her gaze to see the person standing at the door, and her eyes widened in shock.

Fiona was clad in a small, pink mini dress with a strapless design that accentuated her hourglass figure.

The moment Nicole saw Fiona, she couldn’t help but laugh to herself. Even though Fiona was still quite young seven years later, it was obvious that she had been through several vicissitudes in life.

Meanwhile, the smile on Fiona’s face immediately faded when she caught sight of Nicole who was still sitting beside Kerr. She did, however, manage to regain her composure as she walked straight towards Jeremy’s left side and took her seat.

She nodded slightly and inched closer to Jeremy.

“Hello, Mr. Chu. You can call me Fiona.”

Kerr, on the other hand, immediately noticed the mockery in Nicole’s eyes as he turned to look at her.

“Do you know each other?”

Nicole shook her head slightly.

It’s not like she was completely lying. She really didn’t know this Fiona. The only Fiona she recognized was the one from her childhood, and the moment Fiona and Gregory sent her to someone else’s bed, she had decided to forget who they were.

Upon noticing the intimacy between Kerr and Nicole, Fiona’s jealousy rose yet again. After all, anyone could tell that Kerr was the most important person in the private room.

Even though she had no idea about who Kerr was, she guessed he must be some big shot when seeing how respectful even Jeremy was towards him.

She had never been inferior to Nicole. However, the man beside Nicole was superior to the one beside her, but in terms of body and appearance, she had always been superior to Nicole.

“Hi, Nicole. It’s been a long time, huh?”

Fiona raised her glass as she smiled at Nicole.

Kerr, of course, heard what Fiona said, but kept his expression blank. Deep inside, however, he knew that something interesting was about to happen.

“What do you mean it’s been a long time? I don’t understand. Do I know you?”

Nicole saw the hypocritical look on Fiona’s face and cursed the world for being so small.

With the glass still in her grasp, Fiona’s hand trembled a little and the smile on her face froze.

“Nicole, I’ve been worried about you since you left. After all, you just…”

“Wasn’t it you and my ex-boyfriend who sold me out? What is it now? I have already given up on your beloved man. Why are you still here?”

Since Fiona was unwilling to let the issue go, Nicole decided that she wasn’t going to let Fiona bully her like that.

Upon seeing Kerr’s nonchalance, Jeremy decided not to interfere when he saw how the two girls were treating each other. This was because he knew that Kerr was indulged in Nicole, and he couldn’t do anything to let him down.

“It’s not what you think. It was you who sold yourself out and abandoned Gregory. You are the reason why he got upset.”

Fiona didn’t dare to do anything reckless in front of Jeremy and Kerr. After all, she was well aware of the fact that the survival of the Song Group was entirely dependent on the man beside her, Jeremy.

“That’s the reason why you two got together? But why would you be here?”

With Kerr sitting right beside her, Nicole was careful not to bring up that night seven years ago in order not to arouse Kerr’s suspicion.


Fiona paused to glance at Jeremy and found that all of his attention w

as on her. She blushed and lowered her head shyly.

“We have split up.”

Of course she wouldn’t tell him the truth. She had, after all, come for the cooperation plan between the Song Group and the Chu Group.

Nicole merely sneered and decided to ignore Fiona.

She couldn’t care less about what Fiona had to say, not to mention how things were going between Fiona and her ex-boyfriend, Gregory.

Meanwhile, Kerr was absolutely surprised upon seeing the sharp side of the petite woman beside him, but his face remained as expressionless as ever. Instead, he simply turned to Jeremy and said,

“Women really are troublesome sometimes.”

Upon hearing his words, Jeremy raised his glass and proposed a toast to Kerr.

“You’re absolutely right, Mr. Gu. I propose a toast to you.”

Keeping his eyes fixed on the glass of wine on Jeremy’s hand, Kerr held up his own glass, and since he was not in a hurry to gulp down the drink, he took his time and spoke slowly,

“With regards to the cooperation between the Gu Group and the Chu Group, I have decided to hand the case over to the executive director of our group, Nicole Ning. I hope that our cooperation will be a pleasant one.”

Kerr clinked glasses with Jeremy. With his short speech, he had discreetly introduced Nicole’s identity and showed just how much he valued her. This, of course, made both Jeremy and Fiona feel quite afraid.

And as expected, the moment Fiona heard what Kerr had to say, her face immediately turned pale.

All this time, she had thought that Nicole was there to serve as a hostess. She definitely did not expect that Nicole now had such a coveted status.

Paying no attention to the astonished expression on Fiona’s face, Nicole took the initiative to drink and flashed a professional smile in the direction of Jeremy.

“I would appreciate your advice in the future, Mr. Chu.”

Jeremy nodded slightly. He now knew that Nicole was no ordinary woman.


“Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom.”

Fiona was still overwhelmed with shock at what she had just heard. However, there was nothing she could do but to insult Nicole in her heart.

The moment Fiona walked out of the room, her wrist was gripped hard by a strong hand that quickly pulled her aside.

“How is it going? Does he plan on cooperating with the Song Group?”

Gregory was determined to form a cooperation plan with the Chu Group today, or else the Song Group would be finished in no time.

“Of course not.”

As she hurriedly shook off Gregory’s hand, she suddenly remembered how arrogant Nicole had been just now, and couldn’t help but feel furious.

“You want to know who I saw? That bitch, Nicole. I never would have thought that she could lean on a tree. She pissed me off so much.”

Gregory was absolutely shocked at Fiona’s words. Ever since Nicole left seven years ago, he had heard nothing about her.

It was all because of a mistake they made about the room number seven years ago. Not only did they use Nicole, they also offended so many people back then and caused the entire Song Group to be implicated.

Now, the Song Group was in imminent danger.

“A big tree? Who are you talking about?”

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly saw Kerr walking out of the private room just a short distance away. He was holding his phone and was in the middle of making a phone call. Fiona winked at Gregory.

“That’s who you’re talking about?”

When he saw who Fiona was looking at, Gregory’s eyes brightened up at once. The man was none other than the president of the Gu Group, Kerr.

“You said Nicole Ning is with him? Let’s make good use of her.”

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