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Chapter 4 Don’t Let Him Know

“Since you have to deal with them, how about you dance with me?”

Kerr stared at her with his dark eyes for a few seconds. Then, he took her hand and led her to the middle of the dance floor.

They danced with their bodies almost touching each other, and a strange feeling arose in Nicole’s heart. Suppressing it, she skillfully and elegantly matched Kerr step for step.

Who knew…if she made Kerr lose face during such an occasion, he might even kill her!

After several months of spending time with him, Nicole knew him to some extent. Although he was handsome and rich, he was a horrible man. He had a lot of power and influence over both the government and the criminal gangs. All in all, he was a lot more intimidating than he looked.

After all, a man with no emotions like him was destined to be ruthless. How could he not strike fear into the heart of anyone who was unfortunate enough to meet him?

Nevertheless, Nicole quickly calmed herself down. ‘His dark side had nothing to do with me,’ she thought optimistically. After all, he was just her boss. As long as she did a good job, she didn’t need to be afraid of him.

“What are you thinking about?” Kerr’s deep voice suddenly penetrated the air, frightening Nicole.

She looked up at him and saw him staring at her with an air of indifference.

She rolled her eyes on the inside but smiled on the outside. “I’m just thinking about everything. It’s just a small business, and you treat me so well. I’m really grateful.”

When she spoke, her voice was low and gentle. With her body so close to his, Kerr felt himself burning up.

However, his voice was still as cold as before when he replied, “It’s just a clear distinction between reward and punishment.”

Soon, the song came to an end. Just as Nicole was about to offer a casual response, Kerr took out his mobile phone, frowned at the screen, and quickly walked out.

Seeing him leave so abruptly, Nicole shrugged and breathed a sigh of relief.

Every day, she felt like she was being tortured with a cold-blooded devil like Kerr.

It was already nine o’clock in the evening, but the event was still in full swing and it didn’t seem like people would start leaving any time soon. Worried about Jay, Nicole sneaked out and made a call to Baron.

“Relax! Jay’s mind works so fast. Now, he is reading the books in my study!”

Hearing Baron’s words, Nicole couldn’t help laughing with pride.

“When it’s half-past nine, remember to give him a glass of hot milk and let him sleep,” she said gently.

“Yes, I know. This is not the first time that I have taken him with me!” Baron’s voice sounded soft on the phone.

Then, he continued, “It’s already late. How about I pick you up, and drop you and Jay home?”

Nicole immediately refused his offer without hesitation and hung up. No matter how close she was to her friend, she couldn’t make him go to such trouble for her. While speaking on the phone, she had wandered over to the fountain and sat next to it. Now, a cold breeze blew past, making her shiver. She decided to go back to the warm hall as soon as possible.

Just then, she heard Kerr’s voice.

“The baby?” He chuckled, but his laugh sounded frightening. “Do you think you can threaten me with just a child?” he asked the person on the phone.

Nicole turned to t

he direction of his voice and saw him standing under a phoenix tree.

She couldn’t make out the details of his face in the dark, but the disdain in his voice was clear.

‘Damn it! He’s such a bastard. He’s a scumbag who got a woman pregnant but doesn’t want to take responsibility for it,’ Nicole thought to herself in a mixture of anger and disgust.

As if to live up to the title of “scumbag,” Kerr continued,

“So, don’t ever dream of getting anything else from me. My assistant will send you ten million dollars in five minutes. You know what to do with the rest. And, I’m warning you, don’t try to do anything stupid. I can’t guarantee what the consequences will be.”

Even with the night breeze, his voice rang loud and clear.

“Have an abortion,” he finally said.

‘Damn it. Just as I thought, this man is a heartbreaker!’ Nicole grumbled to herself.

At that moment, Kerr hung up the phone and walked over to her. In the darkness, she could only see his tall figure approaching her. Her heart began to beat faster, and something seemed to flash through her mind. The next second, Kerr was in front of her, looking at her with a frown on his face.

“Why are you here?”

“It’s so hot inside. I came out to get some fresh air,” Nicole lied without batting an eye. Kerr glanced at his watch, obviously not caring about whether she had overheard his conversation.

“It’s too late. Let me take you home,” he said.

Nicole nodded hastily. As long as she could go back as soon as possible, she was willing to travel in the same car as Kerr.

“Please drive me to Riverside Garden, Mr. Gu.”

“Riverside Garden?”

Kerr vaguely remembered that the house the company had prepared for her was not there.

Noticing his confusion, Nicole said casually, “Since I had to come tonight, I let my son stay at my friend’s house. I have to pick him up.”

Kerr nodded. For some reason, he felt a slight sense of loss in his heart.

‘She’s married? What about her husband?’ he thought.

The two of them got into the car silently. As soon as he was seated, Kerr asked the driver to turn off the lights. Then, he leaned against the seat and closed his eyes to rest. Beside him, Nicole felt like she was on pins and needles. The more she thought about Kerr, the stranger she felt.

His figure and his demeanor were exactly the same as the man from seven years ago!

She remembered that there had been a very small black mole on that man’s earlobe. Swallowing nervously, she opened the car window and fixed her eyes on the flashing lights outside.

Then, she took a deep breath and turned to Kerr. He looked even more handsome with his eyes closed. His features were relaxed, and yet somehow cold. And…there was a small black mole on his earlobe.

Nicole froze in shock. She had never expected that Kerr would be the man from seven years ago!

She finally knew where the inexplicable familiarity and uneasiness she had felt had come from. Until now, she hadn’t been able to remember the man’s face, but now, as she stared at Kerr, she was sure that it was him. Then…that meant that Jay’s father was none other than Kerr!

If Nicole had ever dreamed of finding the man from seven years ago so that Jay could enjoy a father’s love, then the idea had completely vanished from her mind at this moment.

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