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Chapter 2 Come Back Home

Nicole stopped midway, and turned around slowly. “I’ve received the notice from the Manhattan University. I got into Business Management. I was thinking about how I to break the news to you, but now you’ve made it so much easier! And, before I leave, I have one other thing to tell you…”

Nicole paused, amused at how Fiona looked so jealous at that moment. “I stayed in Room 1101 last night.”

Meanwhile, in Room 1101, Kerr was sitting on the bedside and looked at the money in front of him with a sullen face.

He even counted the money twice. It was 2462. ‘Did that woman shell out all the money she had on me?’ Kerr thought incredulously.

He had lived for more than 20 years, but he had never seen such a woman who was so audacious. She left money and ran away!

Anger rose in his heart. With a cold face, he called his assistant.

“Ask the hotel manager to get the surveillance video. I want to find someone who was in my room last night.”

The assistant’s obsequious voice on the other end of the phone rambled on as Kerr’s eyes narrowed at something small glinting on one of the pillows. It was a small studded earring. A foreboding look flashed in his eyes.

‘When I find that unscrupulous woman, I’m going to teach her a lesson!’


At an airport several years later…

A flight delayed more than half an hour because of the weather. The people in the hall were starting to get somewhat impatient. There was a man in a light gray shirt, however, who looked especially calm. He wore gold rimmed glasses, and looked gentle and handsome, attracting most people’s attention.

‘Is that Baron Fang?’ Several girls around had recognized that this handsome gentleman was the heir of the Fang Group, which ranked second in A city. In all of the city, the Fang family was only considered inferior against the Gu family. But even so, it didn’t really matter since they were still incredibly rich. “Aaah! He’s so handsome!” a girl squealed in a hushed voice.

It was no doubt that Baron Fang was much more amiable than the ice man, Kerr Gu!

It wasn’t every day that anyone could just meet Baron. A woman strode over to him to seize this opportunity. The woman hesitated for a while. She was beautiful, and was wearing a gorgeous Valentino dress. Gathering up her courage, she smiled at Baron and cautiously introduced herself.

“Hello there, Mr. Baron. I was wondering if you would do me the honor of having a cup of coffee with me.”

“Well, I’m lucky to receive such a beautiful lady’s invitation,”

Baron said as he smiled mildly. “But I’m sorry. The person I’m waiting for has already come.”

When they looked in the direction he pointed, a beautiful girl in her mid-twenties was walking up to him. She had long hair hanging over her shoulders, and had no makeup on her face. Even her clothes were clean and simple — a simple white shirt and faded, blue jeans. Despite her simplicity, she stood out in the crowd. It was none other than Nicole.

Strangely enough, she only carried her bag on one hand… Beside her, a cute and innocent boy tottered after her, dragging a small suitcase.

As soon as Nicole came out, she noticed that that young woman was looking at her enviously and hatefully. ‘That guy is a dead man for using me as hi

s stupid shield again!’

She was cursing in her heart how Baron made her so angry, but she still pretended to be a sweet wife and good mother and smiled sweetly. She quickly walked forward, held Baron’s hand and called him in a soft voice.

“Honey, have you been waiting for a long time?”

Baron put his arms around her naturally and called her “honey”, of course. The little boy beside him also put his arms around Baron’s legs and called him in a sweet voice.

“Dad, Jay missed you so much! Why are you waiting for us here? Your body smells so stinky!”

The girl around him coughed awkwardly and fled away in dejection. With a broad smile, Baron asked Jay to sit on the suitcase, dragging it with one hand and holding Nicole with the other. As soon as they got on the car, Nicole pinched hard on his cheek.

“I swear this will be the last time you can use me as a shield from your fan club!”

“Come on, Nicole! Let’s be like good old friends like before in Manhattan. Besides, who else can help me aside from you?”

He looked at the suitcase behind Jay with a raised eyebrow. “Really? You and your son haven’t come back for six years and that’s all you brought with you?”

“Mom said that we can just buy the things we need here. I think this is the most efficient way,” Jay said.

“Yes. We can save too much energy and space by getting rid of something unnecessary. That’s what efficiency is.”

Nicole agreed with her son. But Baron didn’t look too pleased.

“Hey, Jay is only six years old. Even if he is a genius, you don’t have to teach him in such a cold way! In my eyes, silly babies are the cutest.” Baron then reached out to tickle Jay’s leg.

The little boy shook his two short legs and shook away Baron’s hand in disgust, looking at him coldly.

“This is a safe zone and there are no other women to come and bother you. I don’t have to pretend to be your son, Uncle Fang.”

“Jeez, Nicole Ning! What kind of boy are you raising here?”


With a smug smile, Nicole shrugged and looked out the window at the familiar scenery.

She was barely 18 years old when she left for Manhattan seven years ago. Living alone, Nicole was in low spirits. And then, her whole life took a turn. Because of one crazy night she had seven years ago, Jay was brought into her life. Luckily, she was good friends with Baron and he did help her a lot then.

Sometimes, she wondered how that man was doing today…

Although she couldn’t remember clearly what he looked like, she was sure that he was a handsome man. If he knew that a stranger had his son, he would be shocked!

Before coming back home, Nicole worried about Jay. Jay was smart and mature for his age, and he had long accepted the reality that he didn’t really have a father. Even still, it was uneasy for a child without the love of having a father around. ‘There’s nothing to worry about if I can find that man and he accepts Jay as his son. But if I can’t find him, or he’s already married to someone, what should I do?’

When she thought about this, she frowned with worry. Jay had already seen through her, so he patted her shoulder with comfort.

“Don’t be upset, silly mother. I know it’s good to have a father. But either way, it doesn’t matter that much if I don’t have one!”

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