90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 16 Plot

On the way to the toilet, Wang Bo asked Li Lili if Zhao Lei got the movie ticket, would she go to see it. Li Lili likes Leslie Cheung so much, she must go to see it. Wang Bo talked about a novel he read, in which the hero and heroine first dated in the cinema. Li Lili was a little embarrassed to hear that, saying that Wang Bo was thinking. Suddenly someone called an earthquake, and people in the alley fled around. Zhao Lei didn’t see Li Lili, he was nervous and looking around, but he happened to see Wang Bo holding Li Lili, and he felt very unhappy. Li Lili was afraid of being misunderstood by Zhao Lei, and left quickly.

Wang Bo asked Zhao Lei if she wanted to invite Li Lili to watch the movie. Zhao Lei was a little embarrassed to say that the buddy agreed to help get the tickets, and Wang Bo asked if there were more tickets because he wanted to watch it. Zhao Lei said that the buddy was a bit unreliable, and waited until he got the ticket. I heard that the area where Zhao Lei and the others lived had an earthquake. Chen Jun was worried about Zang Moli and pulled her out of the house. Zang Moli apologized to Chen Jun for leaving temporarily on her birthday.

Chen Jun smiled awkwardly and then took her out of her pocket. I took out the lighter I bought a long time ago and gave it to Zang Moli, so that she didn’t think too much, just wanted to say happy birthday to her. Zang Mosmine accepted the lighter, but her mood was very complicated. Zhao Lei went to ask Brother Qiang for two movie tickets, and Brother Qiang told Zhao Lei sorry that Hei Pi also wanted these two movie tickets. Brother Qiang knew that they liked stubble dance, and he suggested that the black skin came for a while, and the two of them could stubbornly dance, and he would give the movie ticket to whoever wins.

Zhao Lei and Hei Pi stubble dance, Hei Pi has been provocative and mocking Zhao Lei. Suddenly, Zhao Lei’s mind remembered Li Lili’s sweet smile. He was full of strength and extraordinary level. He won the two movie tickets as well. Chen Jun knew that Zhao Lei had obtained the movie tickets, so he gave Zhao Lei an idea to dress himself up, and then asked Li Lili out, falsely claiming that he did not get the movie tickets.

Zhao Lei didn’t understand why he did this. Chen Jun explained that he first lost Li Lili, and then accidentally let Li Lili get a movie ticket and felt that it had nothing to do with Zhao Lei, but she was lucky. Then, as long as Li Lili went to the cinema and saw Zhao Lei, Once the atmosphere came up, then they became. When watching the movie, Zhao Lei followed Li Lili into the arena, but he didn’t have the courage to sit next to Li Lili.

He just looked at Li Lili silently from a distance. Li Lili finally saw the idol’s movie and was moved to tears. Zhao Lei secretly helped Li Lili fulfill her wish, and couldn’t help being happy. At night, Li Lili could not fall asleep for a long time because of excitement, so she got up and wrote a diary, wrote down her mood at the time, and then took the movie ticket in a daze.

At the same time, Zhao Lei also picked up the movie ticket, thinking about the future and thinking about the feelings. thing. Time to push back to 2017, Li Lili was drinking in the bar, after the doctor’s psychology After enlightening, she wanted to start, knowing that some people could never be replaced. Yu Shang called her sister to tell her that NIKE was in Beijing, and she decided to tell her son the truth.

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