90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 14 Plot

The way Zang Mosmine came up with was to steal money from the dance hall. After being spotted by the man her mother was looking for, Zang Mosmine cursed. Zang Mosmine refused to show weakness, picked up something on the side and hit the man. At the critical moment, Chen felt something was wrong. Jun and Zhao Lei came, and Chen Jun was very arrogant at first, but after Zang Moli left, he immediately admitted to counseling, and quickly took out the hidden money from the sole of his shoe to pay the man’s medical expenses.

Zhao Lei was so angry that he slapped Chen Jun on the head, scolding him that he had money but kept hiding. Li Lili counted the money in her hand over and over again, but no matter how she counted it, the money would not come out. It was still forty yuan short, and Chen Jun was talking about the summer vacation. Zhao Lei suspected that Chen Jun still had money hidden in him. Chen Jun quickly took off his shoes to prove it. Chen Jun wanted to get some money from his father, but in any case, he couldn’t let Zang Moli get any more money.

Zhao Lei asked Wang Bo if they rented the stadium, would Wang Bo have the confidence to train everyone. Wang Bo is very confident. He believes that the physical fitness of West Fourth Middle School students is much better than those of Fourth Middle School. A summer vacation will definitely win the Fourth Middle School. Now that Wang Bo was confident, Zhao Lei came up with a way to make money. It turns out that an uncle came to Zhao’s mother’s shop for a haircut yesterday. He is a small boss. Zhao Lei wanted to use him to find some work to earn the cost of renting the stadium. Zhao Lei and Wang Bo approached Uncle Wu.

At first he thought that the students could not do much work. Wang Bo said that they could help distribute advertisements or something. Uncle Wu remembered that there was something happening. The Children’s Palace in Xicheng District was going to hold a quiz contest. There was a lot of people there, and the TV station also went there. Let Zhao Lei go there to help with the promotion. This is much better than posting an advertisement on the street. Uncle Wu asked Zhao Lei to choose two people to participate in the competition. They must get the first place, and then they will show up on the stage wearing a cultural shirt printed with their products. When the TV station will be released again, the entire Beijing city can be seen.

I gave them fifty dollars. Wang Bo asked Uncle Wu what product he was selling. Zhao Lei thought it was not important what product he was selling, and agreed. Zhao Lei asked Wang Bo and Li Lili to compete on stage. Li Lili was a little nervous. Wang Bo gave her a picture of Astro Boy with an iron arm to encourage her. On the day the stadium was opened, Zhao Lei, Chen Jun, Zang Moli and others went to guard the stadium early in the morning, because no one was allowed to rent the stadium before Wang Bo and Li Lili returned.

Zhao Lei and others, who were guarding the gate of the stadium, saw several people from the Fourth Middle School team, and knew that they were also renting the venue, and fought with them. When the two sides were fighting fiercely, another group of people came. Zhao Lei and the people from No. 4 Middle School temporarily reached a united front. After repelling the group, the people from No. 4 Middle School had another idea and called another group of people. Chen Jun asked Zhao Lei to rush to see if Wang Bo and the others won the game. He is here to guard.

Wang Bo and Li Lili really lived up to expectations and won the first place, just when Zhao Lei arrived Hearing the announcement of the result, he was immediately happy. For fifty yuan, Wang Bo and Li Lili had to spare the money, put on the cultural shirts mentioned by Uncle Wu and went to the stage, and they made a heart gesture together. Seeing Wang Bo holding Li Lili’s hand tightly, Zhao Lei was a little disappointed and left alone. Uncle Wu kept his promise and gave fifty dollars. Li Lili and Wang Bo, who got the money, rode their bicycles to the stadium happily. They finally rented the venue and were able to practice and prepare for the game.

At the time, they were wearing the number 8 jersey. That person is Wang Bo. NIKE went to the hospital to find Wang Bo. Wang Bo told him that because the team lost in the end, he didn’t get the trophy. NIKE doesn’t care about winning or losing. What he cares about is who wears the No. 8 jersey. Wang Bo said that he was wearing it, and he was curious about how Nike would ask this. NIKE was also a little surprised. He just wanted to answer and ask if he was his biological father, but Wang Bo was called away because of the incident.

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