90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 13 Plot

Chen Jun showed NIKE the jersey that he wore in high school, and he has not been willing to throw it away for so many years. NIKE took one of the No. 8 jerseys and asked who was wearing it, because when he was participating in a football game, his mother insisted that he wear the No. 8 jersey, saying that it would protect him. Chen Jun told NIKE that the only person who could really protect him was his biological father.

NIKE asked who was wearing the No. 8 jersey back then. Chen Jun stubbornly said that he had forgotten. The fourth middle school student kicked out Wang Bo who had been playing together. Wang Bo wanted to fight for his breath. He could play well without the fourth middle school and could also participate in the Xicheng District High School Student League. So he began to practice hard every day and let Lili help. He picks up the ball. But Lili wanted to watch “Zhengda Variety Show” and didn’t want to practice with Wang Bo, so she proposed to let Zhao Lei accompany him. Zhao Lei had kicked the ball from a long distance into the compound last time, and her footwork was very good. Only then did Lili get away, but when she got home, “Zhengda Variety Show” was over. Her mother complained that she came back too late, and Lily was annoyed that she could not catch up. The order in the geography class was very chaotic.

Zhao Lei stood up and stopped loudly to prevent the classmates from making any more noise and listen to the class. The geography teacher blamed Chen Jun, the representative of the geography class, because he answered the question incorrectly, and the geography teacher criticized him for writing the answer indiscriminately. Chen Jun argued that the answering question taught by Mr. Jin was not empty, and that there was hard work. At this time, Chen Jun’s geography class representative was also regarded as the end, but Zang Jasmine took the initiative to replace him as the geography class representative. Lili advised Wang Bo to let Zhao Lei participate in the football team, because Zhao Lei can still bring a bunch of people over to form the team, Lili decided to talk to Zhao Lei in person.

Zhao Lei said he was not interested in football and he still wanted to practice dancing after class. Zhao Lei did not understand why Lili helped Wang Bo so much. Lili explained that she was clearly helping herself by doing this, because Wang Bo pulled her all day and asked her to help pick the ball, and she almost became a ball picking machine. Zhao Lei agreed to her, but if conditions permit, let her do logistical assurance and cheerleading work. The most important thing is to ensure that she is on call. Except for Lili who wants to watch the hit “Zhengda Variety Show” on Sunday, all other conditions have been agreed.

But when the ball was really practiced, the venue became a problem. The school basketball court was not allowed to play, and after being moved to the street, he was driven away. Everyone was going to pool the money to rent the new stadium in Xicheng District for practice. Chen Jun refused to give the money and said that he didn’t bring it. Zhao Lei didn’t believe it because Chen Jun’s father always gave the money. Chen Jun, who had already hid the money, asked Zhao Lei to search his body to prove that he saw Jasmine’s arrival and immediately spoke up. He actually took out 20 yuan from the sneakers.

Everyone has collected 50 yuan, which should be enough for the rental fee. But when they arrived at the stadium, they encountered a delay in the maintenance of vegetation and the price increased to 100 yuan per month. Zhao Lei criticized the conductor should not Raising prices at will violates the original intention of building the stadium for the convenience of the people. The conductor said that this was a public regulation, and she could not change it personally. Anyway, on the day when the opening is restored, whoever gives the money first will rent it out. Except Chen Jun, everyone said that they would join together again.

Wang Bo saw that it was so difficult for everyone. He couldn’t bear to make everyone spend any more, so he decided to abandon the lease and comfort everyone that this was just a game. At this time, Jasmine stood up when everyone was desperate, and she said that she would find a way to collect the money. Chen Jun, who had always admired Jasmine, couldn’t help but worry. He wondered where Jasmine would collect so much money.

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