90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 12 Plot

Li Lili woke up in the middle of the night with a flashlight to look for the videotape. Unexpectedly, her mother came out with the videotape she was looking for. Her mother accused her of bringing her classmates back to watch the video instead of doing homework, and asked her to follow that. A few classmates stay away, especially Zhao Lei and the female classmate with earrings. Lili said her mother was biased against them. Her mother warned her not to take her classmates home again. Li Lili agreed but wanted to get the video tape back, but her mother refused to give it to her.

At this time, my sister came to rescue her and helped her get back the video tape with the excuse of her neck being twisted, but she told Lili that her military assassin had been lost and asked her to find it before her father came back, otherwise it would be a big trouble. On the way to school, Chen Jun saw Jasmine asking for money from a woman next to the ballroom. After seeing him, Jasmine warned him not to follow her or talk nonsense.

Li Lili brought Zhang Jing her favorite watercolor pen, and then returned the video tape to Zhao Lei. She kept asking Zhao Lei if she had taken away the army stab at home that day. Zhao Lei was a little annoyed and said that not only did she not take it, Chen The army won’t take it, I really regret that I went to her house that day. Li Lili explained to Zhao Lei that military stabbing was something her father valued very much. If he found out that she would be unlucky. Chen Jun told Zhao Lei that there was a video recorder in the ballroom, where he could watch the video. Zhao Lei said that San’er was there to watch the scene.

They went to find Baer. Chen Jun told Zhao Lei somewhat mysteriously that we have a relationship in the ballroom. When Jasmine heard about it, she accused Chen Jun of having a big mouth and said that she could not take them to the ballroom. Li Lili brought Wang Bo review materials. Wang Bo asked about the videotape. Lili mentioned that Jasmine was unwilling to take them to the ballroom. Wang Bo remembered seeing Jasmine picking up the army thorn that day, so she asked Lily to look for it alone. Jasmine, tell her that she asked Lily to find her. She would definitely agree to take them to the ballroom. Lily was surprised, but she went to Jasmine and told her about it. Sure enough, Jasmine agreed to take them there, but they needed to dress up again.

Zhao Lei and Chen Jun were waiting at the entrance of the ballroom. Zang Moli came with the well-dressed Li Lili and Zhang Jing. The two were surprised by the stunning dress of the three of them and praised them as being very beautiful. After they entered the ballroom, they found San’er with a few people watching the scene. San’er stepped forward to beat Zhao Lei with words, and Jasmine stepped forward to stop him. It turned out that they had known each other a long time ago, and San’er said they would give Jasmine face. Zhao Lei was surprised at Jasmine’s face, and asked Chen Jun what Jasmine came from. Chen Jun shook his head straight.

After Jasmine let everyone into a bag box, she saw her mother sing in duet with a guest named Boss Cao, and Boss Cao’s hands were still very irregular, so she rushed up and had a dispute with Boss Cao, calling him an old man. Pervert, after San’er stepped forward and pulled her away, she still refused to give up. After returning She took out the army stab and said that he must be killed today. Zhao Lei took the army stab. Li Lili was stunned when she saw it. This army stab was the one lost by her family. Everyone pulled Jasmine out, and Jasmine’s mother went straight to boss Cao to accompany him.

When Lili came back, she contacted Wang Bo and told him what had happened in the ballroom. Wang Bo mentioned that he saw Jasmine take the army thorn that day. Lili said that she would not pursue this matter again. Jasmine was walking in the front, and Chen Jun was afraid that she would have an accident and followed behind. Jasmine was sad, and accused Chen Jun and threw herself in his arms. Everyone discussed how to finish watching the videotape. Li Lili remembered the dance practice place they often went to, so everyone performed their duties, volunteered to take on the task, and prepared video recorders, TVs, speakers, etc. separately.

After putting together all kinds of equipment, there was a problem with the power cord. Li Lili went home to get the toolbox. By the way, she gave Wang Bo a lesson, saying that he would only hide in it and play melancholy. Wang Bo thought about prying the lock for a long time. Joined the tongs to their team. Everyone watched the video, danced happily with the screen, and enjoyed the hard-won happy time together. Zhao Lei gave the video tape to Chen Jun and asked his dad to ask how much it was worth. He wanted to buy a missing monkey ticket for Li Lili. At the same time, Li Lili sold her collection of stamps, and she bought a pair for Zhao Lei Thunderbolt gloves. The two of them smiled knowingly while holding a gift from each other.

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