90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 11 Plot

Li Lili agreed to date Edward, but only gave him five minutes. Edward bluntly said that she should understand her own thoughts, but Li Lili said that she has become accustomed to the life of a person, and that he still has such a large family business to take care of, so there is no need to spend more time on herself. During the conversation, Li Lili’s phone rang and Wang Bo talked to her about NIKE’s trip to Beijing and found her classmates in Xisi almost all the time. She asked her to go back and pick up the child.

At the same time, Edward also received a call from NIKE. He told Edward that he was Li Lili’s biological son, and he also knew that Edward was chasing his mother. In the swimming class of the third and second grade of senior high school, Zhao Lei, Chen Jun and others went crazy together. The teacher was afraid of danger and whistle to stop. Lily watched Jasmine walk out generously in a fashionable swimsuit, followed by some hesitation. The boys were stunned by Jasmine’s stunning appearance, and followed Jasmine to rush down the pool. Lily also let go of her restraint and happily followed her classmates. We swim together.

Zhao Lei took out the videotape sent by his brother. Everyone had different guesses. Chen Jun suggested to go to his home to check the content, and Wang Bo agreed to follow. Chen Jun returned home and closed the curtains. Because the security team was very strict in the past few days, Zhao Lei opened the curtains and said that he had done nothing illegal. Just when the video started, there was a knock on the door.

Chen Jun Fearing that it was a security team member, he picked up the video recorder and threw it out the window. When he opened the door, it turned out that it was a water meter reading. Zhao Lei and Wang Bo rushed out, but the video tape did not break. Wang Bo’s parents waited for him to return at home, threw the two books and the letter to Zhang Jing on the coffee table, accused him of deliberately failing the high school entrance examination for a little girl, and allowed himself to choose the punishment method, either confined or armed.

After fighting, Wang Bo chose to be detained. After learning that Wang Bo was imprisoned, Li Lili’s parents lamented that upright officials could not cut off housework, and Li Lili began to worry about Wang Bo. The next day, Li Lili asked Wang Bo for leave, knowing that when Zhao Lei was looking for a video recorder, she told him that he could go to his home, but he could not be alone, so he needed to bring a few more classmates. Everyone came to Li Lili’s house, but the video still couldn’t be played. Li Lili said it might be the cause of the power outage. Several people were very interested in Li Lili’s house.

Wang Bo cared about Li Lili’s photo album. Zhang Jing praised Li Qingqing’s sketches. Jasmine became possessive after seeing a dagger and put the dagger into the backpack when everyone was not paying attention. The video recorder was finally able to play. Everyone sat on the sofa and started watching. The video content turned out to be a concert of Michael Jackson in Japan. While everyone was attentively watching the concert, Wang Bo asked the wolfdog war song to signal that Li Lili’s mother came back from buying food. Now, everyone hurriedly cleaned up the battlefield.

After Mother Li came back, she saw Li Lili doing homework with her classmates. Mother Li saw that the book in Chen Jun’s hand had been taken down at a glance. She guessed that they must have done nothing but did their homework, but it was not easy to expose in front of everyone. Several people came out of Li Lili’s house. Jasmine accidentally dropped the dagger on the ground. She hurriedly picked it up, but Wang Bo watched it straight.

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