90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 9 Plot

Nick found Zang Moli, explained to her that he was Li Lili’s son, and showed her a photo on the phone. The man named Edward has been giving gifts to his mother since last year. Nick suspected that Edward was chasing his mother, but his mother did not agree. Nick asked Zang Mosmine if his father was Wang Bo. Zang Moli said that she was just a transfer student from West Fourth, and she didn’t know who was Nick’s father. Back in 1990, Zang Moli transferred to West Fourth Middle School, and was seen by Chen Jun when she passed the basketball court. Chen Jun unexpectedly Zang Moli appeared in their school.

Chen Jun hurried back to the classroom, when Wang Bo was called by the teacher to the podium to do an experiment on dry ice. The teacher criticized Chen Jun for being late again. Chen Jun returned to his seat with a smile on his face, and excitedly told Zhao Lei that he had seen the beauty of the iceberg and was probably a transfer student.

Before she could finish her words, Zang Moli walked into their classroom. Chen Jun saw Zang Jasmine coming out of the fog, just like a fairy descending to the earth, his mouth was so startled that he couldn’t remove his eyes from Zang Jasmine. Zang Moli walked to her seat after the teacher introduced her, and Chen Jun immediately approached her to talk to her, asked her if she still remembered him in kindergarten, and talked about the kindergarten things endlessly. Zang Mosmine turned around and let Chen Jun shut up blankly.

After class, Zhang Jing went to books, newspapers and periodicals, and asked the boss for the latest poster of Leslie Cheung that he had ordered. In the end, the boss told her that this poster had been ordered by someone else and let her look at other people. Zhang Jing was emotional and accidentally tore the poster. Li Lili appeared at this time. It turned out that Li Lili bought this poster and wanted to give it to Zhang Jing. Seeing Li Lili seriously glued the torn poster, Zhang Jing was a little embarrassed to confess to Li Lili about the love letter written by Wang Bo.

Li Lili explained that she already knew and figured it out, and advised Zhang Jing not to reject Wang Bo because of her. Zhang Jing explained that she only had Leslie Cheung in her heart. Seeing Zhang Jing’s lonely expression, Li Lili sang Zhang Jing to make Zhang Jing happy. Zhang Jing got better, and went crazy with Li Lili. Chen Jun pursued Zang Moli, but Zang Moli ignored it. Chen Jun remembered that Zang Jasmine came out of the fog, just like a fairy descending to the earth, so he asked Zhao Lei to help get dry ice. Zhao Lei asked Li Lili to borrow dry ice from the laboratory, but Li Lili refused, accusing Zhao Lei of stealing something.

Zhao Lei proposed that as long as Li Lili helped to get dry ice, he could offset the pair of gloves that destroyed him. Li Lili vacillated and agreed to help, but she also had one condition, that is, the midterm exam was approaching, and Zhao Lei’s grades were so poor that she would review it with her. Although Zhao Lei was complaining, he still agreed. In the geography class, the teacher used the harmonica to play an Irish tune. Zang Moli, who was sleeping on the table, heard the song Zi actually shed tears, she slowly raised her head, staring blankly at the geography teacher who was playing the harmonica.

After class, Li Lili and Zhao Lei sneaked into the laboratory to steal dry ice, but accidentally knocked over a bottle of chlorine gas and splashed into Li Lili’s eyes, causing temporary blurred vision. Li Lili’s mother was very worried because of this. Mr. Jin suggested that Li Lili go home and rest for a while, and then come to school when her eyes are completely healed. Li Lili was thinking about the midterm exam soon. She didn’t want to miss the exam and insisted on going to school. Teacher Jin originally wanted to arrange for Zhao Lei to take care of Li Lili, but Li Lili’s mother disagreed. She thought Zhao Lei was a little rascal, and Li Lili was a good boy, so she focused on studying. The next morning, Wang Bo rode a bicycle with Li Lili to school.

On the way, Li Lili asked how Wang Bo and Zhang Jing met. It turned out that Wang Bo had been reviewing his homework in his mother’s hospital when Zhang Jing’s grandmother was hospitalized. Zhang Jing, who he knew at that time, knew that Zhang Jing could only go to West Fourth Middle School with Zhang Jing’s grades, so he deliberately failed the exam. Li Lili and Zhang Jing went to the cafeteria to fetch the lunch box. When they left, Li Lili’s clothes were hooked up by the chair. Zhang Jing couldn’t untie it anyway. In the end, Zang Mosmine burned the thread with a lighter. Zhao Lei and Chen Jun had a meal together, and saw Li Lili who was coming, so he pulled her over and planned to take her to and from school starting today.

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