90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 8 Plot

Wang Bo waited alone at Sunflower in Houshan, but no one waited. Teacher Jin discussed with the photojournalist to delete the photos that were just taken, otherwise the TV station would have a bad influence on the West Fourth Middle School, but the photojournalist would not be affected. Zhao Lei saw Wang Bo give sunflowers to Zhang Jing, but Zhang Jing refused to accept them. He was very happy. He also secretly took the sunflower to borrow flowers to present the Buddha to Li Lili, and sat on the kang with Chen Jun and ate melon seeds. Teacher Jin is not happy anymore. They are babbling outside, and the three of them are doing well.

They are babbling sunflower seeds here. Teacher Jin told them that the mountain road was temporarily closed due to rain and they had to stay overnight in the farmhouse. He and the principal discussed with the No. 4 Middle School to have a party to make the villagers happy and just to make up for the heinous crime committed by Zhao Lei and Chen Jun. In order to punish them for stealing pears, Mr. Jin also specially arranged for literary and artistic commissioners Zhao Lei and Li Lili to preside. In the evening, everyone is preparing for the party. Zhao Lei looked at Wang Bo on the stage, and told Li Lili with a smiley face that he gave Wang Bo a nickname. As long as he called that nickname, Wang Bo would blush. Zhao Lei yelled Xiaokui towards Wang Bo on the stage. As expected, Wang Bo blushed.

Li Lili didn’t understand why Zhao Lei gave Wang Bo this nickname. Zhao Lei gloated and said that he saw Wang Bo picking a sunflower to confess to a girl, but was rejected by the girl, and asked Li Lili if she wanted to know which girl it was. Li Lili already knew that the girl was Zhang Jing, and quickly asked Zhao Lei not to say it. Zhao Lei was not very happy to see Li Lili, so he told her to break dance. Zhao Lei came to the stage to perform, but the song from the TV series “Journey to the West” rang out.

In order to make Li Lili happy, Zhao Lei played a monkey impromptu and made Li Lili laugh. A lot of things happened in Xuenong this time. Sometimes it made Li Lili sad and sometimes it made her laugh. The most important thing is that she figured out how to face her friends. Zhang Jing has been considering her mood, so she dare not confess about Wang Bo. At this age, they will cherish each other’s friendship more carefully than their first love. On the way back to the army compound, Li Lili was practicing how to tell Li Lili that she knew that Wang Bo liked her, but she happened to see Zhang Jing rejecting Wang Bo’s heart because of her.

Wang Bo saw Li Lili and confirmed to her whether he liked him. Li Lili felt uncomfortable, but tried to hide it, saying how they could like him since they grew up together. Wang Bo was relieved thinking that Zhang Jing had made a mistake, which made Li Lili very sad. Wang Bo rode away on her bicycle. At a critical moment, Li Lili’s bicycle fell off the chain again. Li Lili habitually wanted to call Wang Bo, but she held it back. Suddenly it rained heavily, and Li Lili was pushing her bicycle in the barbershop run by Zhao Lei’s mother. Hide from the rain at the door. Zhao Lei’s mother went to the mall to purchase hair dye cream.

Zhao Lei helped her mother to see the shop and saw Li Lili invite her into the shop. Li Lili asked Zhao Lei to help her with a haircut. Zhao Lei was embarrassed. He didn’t know how to do it. He thought he should wait for her mother to come back and help Li Lili. Li Lili doesn’t matter, as long as the changes are big, the less they are now, the better. Zhao Lei ironed Li Lili’s hair. Li Lili looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help crying because of her broken love. Zhao Lei thought that Li Lili was crying because her hairstyle was not good, and quickly comforted that she was very good-looking and cute.

As a result, Li Lili cried louder and more sad. Zhao Lei was at a loss. To make Li Lili happy, he put on a wig and finally made Li Lili amused. Nick found Teacher Jin and watched the video of the evening party at Xuenong that year. Mr. Jin felt that this was the best memory left to him by Class 2. 90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 8 recap

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