90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 7 Plot

Nick looked at Xiao Kui’s signature on the postcard and called Xiao Kui in the direction of Wang Bo who drove away in a hurry. When Wang Bo heard this Xiaokui, he braked suddenly, but felt it was a hallucination. He laughed at himself and shook his head before driving away. Back in 1990, the students in Class One and Two of High School went to Liyuan to study farming for one day. On the way to learn agriculture, Mr. Jin hoped that the students would cherish this rare opportunity, and the TV station sent a photojournalist to follow them throughout the process, reminding the students to pay attention to their speech and behavior.

As a result, the photographers who have been photographing are the students of No. 4 Middle School, and they are not shooting at West No. 4 Middle School. Teacher Jin gave the principal an idea and asked the students of West Fourth Middle School to rush to do the dirty work and leave all the easy work to the Fourth Middle School. This can reflect their hard work and positive attitude in West Fourth Middle School. Can attract photographers. Teacher Jin arranged for male and female students to work together.

Zhang Jing is especially looking forward to partnering with Wang Bo. In fact, Wang Bo also wants to partner with Zhang Jing, but he is embarrassed to say it. Since Li Lili knew that Wang Bo liked Zhang Jing, she quickly avoided saying that the teacher had asked her to control Zhao Lei. Li Lili was absent-minded, and almost got Zhao Lei’s feet when digging with a shovel. Zhao Lei couldn’t help but scold Li Lili for hurting his neck last time, whether he wanted to hurt his foot this time. Zhao Lei accidentally discovered that Li Lili had flexible legs and feet, and suggested that she should learn breakdancing from herself.

Li Lili wondered why Zhao Lei liked breakdancing so much. Zhao Lei thought it was the same as Li Lili’s love to learn. Li Lili said that only by studying well can he be admitted to a good university, and only by finding a good job in the future can he serve the motherland. Zhao Lei and Li Lili talked like the dean. When he mentioned that he saw his brother break dancing, he thought it was really cool, so he asked his brother to teach him break dancing. No one didn’t know his brother. Li Lili asked what happened, but Zhao Lei suddenly became lonely after hearing it. When it was time for lunch, Li Lili had no appetite to eat because she thought that Wang Bo liked Zhang Jing.

The classmates guessed what kind of dishes Li Lili was in the lunch box, and they all greeted her. Li Lili had no appetite, so she handed the lunch box to her classmate. Mr. Jin heard that Li Lili’s mother’s cooking skills were good, and she wanted to taste it. He took the lunch box from the student and tasted it. This made Zhao Lei and Chen Jun especially nervous. Mr. Jin praised Li Lili’s mother’s cooking skills while eating, and then found a pack of cigarettes hidden under the lunch box. Zhao Lei and Chen Jun knew they were over.

Suddenly it rained heavily and everyone hurriedly went to the farmhouse to hide from the rain. Teacher Jin scolded Zhao Lei and Chen Jun and punish them to stand in the corner and reflect on them. There is a sunflower in the back mountain. Wang Boyue, Li Lili and Zhang Jing, waited for the rain to stop and went to have a look together, but the three of them had too big goals, so he decided to go there first and let the two of them come back later. , And Li Lili and Zhang Jing have their own concerns. Chen Jun complained that the Fourth Middle School did such an easy job and eat pears.

They did dirty and tiring work, but they didn’t even smell the pear. Zhao Lei invited Chen Jun to steal the pear. When the rain stopped, Li Lili asked Zhang Jing to go to Houshan to find Wang Bo. She went to see the farm tools, and met Zhao Lei and Chen Jun who were stealing pears in the orchard. Li Lili especially despised them for stealing pears, but was forced to help them. The fruit farmer heard that someone had stolen the pear and brought a wolf dog to chase him. The reporter hurriedly set up a camera to take this scene.

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