90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 6 Plot

Zhang Jing asked Li Lili, the class was rumoring that Wang Bo liked her and came to Xisi because of her. In fact, Li Lili didn’t know if it was true, so Zhang Jing asked Wang Bo inadvertently. After school, Wang Bo invited Li Lili home. Li Lili asked Wang Bo to go back under the pretext of publishing a newspaper, and then hinted at Zhang Jing. Zhang Jing was waiting for Wang Bo at the school gate on a bicycle. Wang Bo asked why Zhang Jing hadn’t gone to the hospital for medicine recently. It turned out that Zhang Jing’s grandmother was hospitalized before, and Zhang Jing didn’t have time to go to the hospital to take care of her grandma during the high school entrance examination.

It was the laboratory test sheet that Wang Bo helped her grandma get in the hospital. Because Wang Bo’s mother works in the hospital, Wang Bo will go to the hospital to review his homework, which helps. Zhang Jing wanted to help Li Lili, so she said she had something to ask Wang Bo. It happened that Wang Bo also had something to ask Zhang Jing, so Zhang Jing asked him after listening to him. Wang Bo said that he had liked a girl for a long time, and asked Zhang Jing how the girl would like to confess.

Zhang Jing thought that Wang Bo was going to participate in a table tennis match, and suggested that he win the match, so she would write a love letter to confess. Li Lili was very excited when she heard the news, and at the same time she was a little worried about what to do if Wang Bo loses. In the table tennis match, Wang Bo won the match again and again. In the finals, the opponent turned out to be Zhao Lei. After a fierce duel, Zhao Lei defeated Wang Bo. Wang Bo originally wanted to use the opportunity of winning the game to confess to the girl he liked, but he was very angry because he couldn’t confess after losing the game, so he went forward to fight with Zhao Lei. Chen Jun was implicated and his shoes were stepped on. He is especially precious to his shoes. Zhao Lei and Wang Bo were left by the teacher to write an inspection because of a fight.

On the way home from school, Chen Jun told Zhao Lei that he saw San’er asking about Li Lili. After hearing that, Zhao Lei knew something was going to happen, and told Chen Jun to go back and call someone, but he hurriedly chased in the direction of San’er and the others. San’er was discovered by Li Lili for stealing a bicycle last time, and then he was arrested by the Joint Defense Force. Li Lili was arrested in retaliation. Zhang Jing accompanied Li Lili and Wang Bo and was also arrested. Zhao Lei arrived in time and protected Li Lili. San’er mentioned Zhao Lei’s brother and mocked Zhao Lei’s brother as a counselor.

Zhao Lei did not allow others to insult his elder brother so much. He wanted to beat him three times, but was beaten by a group. Li Lili picked up a stick and hit San’er when she saw it. San’er was angry. At a critical moment, Chen Jun called her classmates and the two gangs fought. This day was September 22, 1990. It happened to be the opening ceremony of the Asian Games. It was just that all the students in the first and second high school missed the opening ceremony that the whole country was looking forward to, and finally got together to watch the replay of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games.

It was also on this day that Li Lili accidentally saw the love letter written by Wang Bo, but it was written to Zhang Jing. At this moment, Li Lili felt particularly uncomfortable. Back in 2017, Nick understood that what Wang Bo liked was not his Mother Li Lili. Wang Bo returned to Nick’s previous question. He had no son. Before Nick came, he didn’t know that Li Lili had such a big son. While Wang Bo was going to pay the bill, Nick peeked at a photo in his wallet.

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