Pudong 大浦东 Episode 35 End Recap

Qian Chunsheng and Zhou Mei hosted a grand wedding on a cruise ship. Ou Hairong is about to sign a contract with Aussie, but Zhao Haiying thinks the contract is not perfect. Mayi felt that the content of the contract had been perfected, and there was no need to modify it. However, Zhao Haiying believes that wisdom is the key to smart finance. Before the contract was signed, he immediately asked Wu Kai to modify the plan.

At the Global Smart City Summit Forum, Zhao Haiying expressed his views on smart cities. Smart cities are to create a beautiful home for you and me, and the purpose of smart finance is to create a financial platform for you and me to share. It is the future direction of financial development. Du Li is going to work in Beijing. Before he left, he said goodbye to Chen Menglei. Chen Menglei saw his career successful, pleased him, and asked him to think about his personal affairs. Du Li was so obsessed with Chen Menglei that he teased that he wanted to find a girl like her. In fact, Du Li knew that Chen Menglei always had only Zhao Haiying in her heart, and the same was true of the other party. He advised Chen Menglei not to wait any longer. She and Zhao Haiying had missed it once, so don’t leave any regrets. Chen Menglei did not expect that Du Li would say this to herself. She promised Du Li that she would work hard and be happy.

Brother Zhao Haiying also bid farewell to Du Li on a cruise ship on the Bund. They chanted Pushkin’s poems together, and toasted to celebrate their friendship and good times. Everything is like dreaming. Zhao Haiying said passionately that Pudong will be more exciting in the future. Tong Nannan wondered why Chen Menglei didn’t live with Haiying’s father. She wanted to see him every day. Seeing that Chen Menglei didn’t speak, the sensible Nan Nan said that she was just talking, and now it’s fine.

Walking on the Oriental Pearl Tower, Chen Menglei gave Nan Nan a birthday. Nan Nan recalled the first time Chen Menglei gave her birthday at the resettlement site. She said that she wanted Chen Menglei to be her mother at that time. Then Nan Nan thanked Chen Menglei for giving her another life. Chen Menglei gave Nan Nan a word, to learn to be grateful, she did not ask Nan Nan for any return, only hope that when she grows up, she will become a self-reliant and effective person. Nan Nan told Chen Menglei her wish. She hoped that Menglei’s mother would be healthy and happy and find her own happiness.

The reportage published by Wu Yibai, the Great Pudong towards a new era, truly records the development of Pudong and the life of the people of Pudong at different times. At the promotion meeting, Wu Yibai’s memories and narration touched everyone present. In addition, Wu Yibai took out the hero pen that Zhang Xiang gave him, and emotionally said that the person who gave it to himself had a great influence on himself. He believed that after years of precipitation, whatever it was, it would invade life. . Wu Yibai wants to give this book to everyone in this city. In the end, Wu Yibai said affectionately that he loves Shanghai and Pudong.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China covers many aspects of the financial sector. Zhao Haiying and Xie Tianyang clearly realized that the government’s positioning of finance to serve the real economy is very clear. This fits well with smart finance, and their prospects are bright. The 19th CPC National Congress also proposed that free trade zones be given greater autonomy for reform. Zhao Haiying believes that in building a free trade port, software construction is often more important than hardware, and financial services are promising.

Wu Yibai also told Zhao Haiying that the good news is that the smart city plan has received great attention from the relevant government departments and has been included in the future city development plan, so he asked Zhao Haiying to give him an exclusive interview. Qian Qiansheng was going to make up a grand wedding for Zhou Mei on the yacht. Qian Chunsheng looked at the beautiful bride and said happily that being with her is like a new beginning every day, just like dreaming. Zhao Haiying also said with emotion to Chunsheng that it was not easy for them to come together for so many years.

For the wedding, Zhao Haiying and a group of old friends from Caida gathered together. They accompanied Chunsheng and went to the four-eyed barbershop to get a haircut. Brother Siyan started by himself, and he was very handsome. Qian Chunsheng and Zhou Mei’s wedding has finally started. Qian Chunsheng thanked many people, especially Zhao Haiying. He said affectionately that if he did not have Zhao Haiying, he would not be able to walk today. Zhao Haiying wished Chunsheng and Zhou Mei lovers finally become dependents, hoping that everyone can lead a happy and happy life.

Everyone took a group photo on the cruise ship, Zhao Haiying looked at Chen Menglei, remembering their years of ups and downs, couldn’t help holding Chen Menglei’s hand, hugging her tightly in her arms, Chen Menglei looked at Zhao Haiying affectionately, her face revealed a happy expression.

Picturesque scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River, China is on the rise, and Shanghai is increasingly prosperous. People like Zhao Haiying and Xie Tianyang are fortunate to be in a good era of reform and opening up. They have witnessed the rapid development of Pudong and will certainly seize this historical development opportunity to make the Pudong construction site more beautiful.

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