90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 5 Plot

Nick heard Chen Jun call Wang Bo and inquired that Wang Bo is now the director of thoracic surgery in a hospital, so he pretended that he had chest pain and went to see Wang Bo to see a doctor. He took the opportunity to ask Wang Bo what kind of person Li Lili was in his heart. After Wang Bo watched the people behind Nick, he chatted with Nick and talked about him and Li Lili when they were very young. They lived upstairs and downstairs. In his eyes, Li Lili was a lively and serious girl. When talking about this, Wang Bo smiled. Wang Bo always thought that Li Lili was his best friend, but everything slowly changed after Upper West Fourth Middle School. Back in 1990, in the English class that day, the classmates were noisy, and Zhao Lei even took the lead and ran away the teacher.

Li Lili yelled at the classmates angrily, rebuking them that they could not go to university, and the road ahead would be very difficult. If they all look down on themselves, it’s no wonder people in the Fourth High School call them rubbish.

After the roar, Li Lili felt ashamed again and ran to the playground to stay alone. Wang Bo found Li Lili on the playground and teased her that she frowned when she became serious and looked like the director of the Women’s Federation who broke her heart for the people. Li Lili found that from childhood to adulthood, every time she was in a bad mood, Wang Bo would always be the first to accompany her. Wang Bo seemed indifferent to say that he was used to it. Teacher Jin, the head teacher, talked to Li Lili and mentioned that Zhao Lei ran away from the teacher in English class and wanted to expel Zhao Lei. Li Lili spoke for Zhao Lei. She felt that Zhao Lei was actually not as bad as it seemed.

Teacher Jin asked Li Lili if he knew what Zhao Lei liked. Li Lili said that Zhao Lei liked dancing. Soon, Mr. Jin appointed Zhao Lei as the literary and artistic committee of the class, and asked Zhao Lei to give out the latest blackboard newspaper of the class after class. Zhao Lei scolded Li Lili for not knowing breakdancing and stubble dance. He was given a pair of very precious breakdancing gloves. From the day he got the gloves, he vowed to be worthy of the person who sent him. After Zhao Lei scolded Li Lili, he returned to the class and gave a blackboard.

Li Lili came to the classroom and fell asleep when she saw Zhao Lei lying on the table. On the blackboard, there was a picture of gloves and blackboard newspaper, and she couldn’t help laughing. Li Lili put down her schoolbag, and then began to publish the blackboard. Zhao Lei woke up and looked at Li Lili who was earnestly publishing the blackboard. The corners of his mouth rose. He looked at Li Lili quietly, uncharacteristically, as if something was changing in his heart. Wang Bo’s mother was at work in the hospital.

On this day, the teacher at Wang Bo Junior High School took the blood pressure. The teacher mentioned that Wang Bo failed in the middle school entrance exam because most of the Chinese papers were empty and did not do anything. Deliberately smashed. In the school office, Mr. Jin is supervising Chen Jun when he receives a call from his parents while he is doing his homework, to ensure that the issue of premature love will be discovered and resolved early.

Soon, Mr. Jin changed Wang Bo and Li Lili’s position, Li Lili accidentally became Zhao Lei’s front table. When playing ping pong, Chen Jun told everyone that Mr. Jin had changed positions for Wang Bo and Li Lili, saying that they had a premature love, which began in junior high school. Zhao Lei on the side felt uncomfortable. When he played with Chen Jun, he beat Chen Jun with one goal. At the time of the blackboard, Li Lili told Zhao Lei to have an appointment with Wang Bo to practice. Zhao Lei was jealous and asked Li Lili if he liked Wang Bo. It was spread in the class, saying that the head teacher adjusted their positions because they fell in love early. 90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 5 Recap

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